America's Lunatic Foreign Policy, August 2014

Israel bombing Gaza with American weapons = good.
The people of Donetsk defending themselves with Russian supplied weapons = bad
Syrian terrorists opposing the fascist dictator in Syria with American weapons = good
Ukrainian citizens opposing the fascist dictator in Kiev with Russian weapons = bad
NATO dropping bombs on Kosovo and Libya to prevent a humanitarian crisis = good
Russia  firing on Ukrainian troops in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis = bad.
Dropping bombs on the people our ISIS in Syria while they’re in Iraq = good
Iraq war = bad
Let me know when any of this hypocritical propaganda bullshit starts making sense.
I can’t believe all you guys swallow all this crap whole.

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0 thoughts on “America's Lunatic Foreign Policy, August 2014”

  1. We need to take into consideration that Hamas start this whole mess by firing 4000 rockets into Israel, while not being provoked.
    I am from Singapore which is surrounded by Sunni. You guys do not know the feeling of having Sunni as your neighbours.
    The next day, Sunni can just accuse you victimize them and suddenly they found that you deserve to die. And Sunni will think that they can please Allah by killing you,

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