More Charges About the War in the Ukraine

Here are some of the latest Ukie charges, somewhat parroted by the US Free Press (TM). I will also go over some questions about the war.
The Ukies (Nazis) have long been saying that the Russians shell these Novorussian cities in order to blame the destruction on the Nazis. There is no evidence at all that this is occurring and anyway, the Russians and Novorussians are simply not that depraved. False flags are a fascist or imperialist thing. Russia is not an antifascist, anti-imperialist country that is leading the world battle against fascism and US imperialism.
The main reason this is not happening, other than the moral angle, is that there is no reason to fake such things. The Nazis are doing plenty enough damage on their own! When the Nazis start shelling a city, they often avoid shelling Novorussian troop concentrations and instead focus on residential areas. The reason is to terrorize the civilian population. Also the Nazis always shell only working class and peasant districts of cities and towns.
Many of these Novorussian cities have significant wealthy neighborhoods, but the Nazis never shell the neighborhoods of the rich. That is because the Nazis are a classic fascist grouping, a dictatorship of financial capital that wages war on unions, workers and peasants.
In addition, the Nazis have long been shelling and bombing the industrial infrastructure of Novorussia. The purpose is to destroy the economic infrastructure of the region.
The self-defense forces recently re-opened a corridor between Donetsk and Lugansk that had been temporarily closed. As civilian vehicles began to use the new corridor, the Nazis began shooting at civilian vehicles as they drove by. They have done this many times in Novorussian cities and towns. All of the civilian population is being treated as an enemy population. Snipers in occupied towns pick off Novorussian civilians as they go about town.
In the occupied town of Mariupol, the civilian population lives in fear. The Nazis loot and steal anything they want to at any time they want to. Cars are often stolen. People disappear all the time, apparently taken away by the Nazis. The city is now full of blatant Nazi propaganda. The people of Mariupol feel that they have been conquered by a hostile invader.
Below is the first time that I have ever seen anyone spell out this exact lunatic argument that the self-defense forces and the Russians are shelling the cities themselves in order to blame it on the Nazis! It’s crazy but here it is:

In the Donbass, snipers and small groups of (Ukie) guerrillas are fighting against the (Russian) terrorists. They seek out and eliminate small groups of (Russian) terrorists appearing in residential areas of Donetsk and Luhansk. Early in August one of these (Ukie) guerrilla groups eliminated the crew of a Grad missile battery that was shelling Donetsk.
Russian mercenary terrorists regularly shell Donetsk and Luhansk and often impersonate Ukrainian soldiers to attempt to blame the Ukrainian army. The type of Russian accent that they have identifies them as not from Ukraine.This is why many of the Russian mercenary leaders are gong back to Moscow. They are afraid that the next bullet may have their name on it.

It is hard to believe that people actually believe this crap.
Donetsk is surrounded. The MSM has been yelling this since August 3. The last report I heard was 30 hours ago. As of one day ago, Donetsk was not yet completely surrounded. However, I would say that it is nearly surrounded. The self-defense forces do not seem to be particularly worried about this matter, although it isn’t exactly optimal. They are not going to leave Donetsk, and they are going to fight to the last man.
The real battle for the surrounding of Donetsk is taking place to the east around the city of Krasny Luch between Donetsk and Lugansk. The very heavy battle is taking place in this area at this time. If the self-defense forces lose this battle, the situation in Donetsk will be grave indeed. However, if they win it, the Donetsk situation will be much better.
One of the reasons that the self-defense forces are not particularly worried about Donetsk is because they just completed a massive defeat of the Nazis in an area called the Southern Cauldron along the southern border of the region with Russia. 6,000 Ukrainian troops have been surrounded there for a long time. 700 fled into Russia to surrender. 1,000 managed to break out of the Cauldron and these appear to be the troops that are around Krasny Luch. The other 4,300 were casualties. The number of Nazi KIA in this area was very high.
In addition, the self-defense forces seized a lot of armor, up to 50 vehicles. A great deal of artillery was also seized, including a lot of artillery ammunition. Seized artillery included howitzers and GRAD multiple rocker launchers. These MLR’s are devastating weapons. It will take 2-3 days to move the seized weaponry and the self-defense forces out of the Cauldron and north up to other areas. The 3rd, 79th, 72nd and 24th Nazi battalions were all decimated, and the Azov battalion suffered heavy losses.
With the decimation of the Southern Cauldron, the self-defense forces will have a wipe open supply corridor from the Russian border extending for many miles, including control over many Ukraine-Russia border crossings.

The Southern Cauldron.
The Southern Cauldron. The red arrows are self defense forces. The arrows are pointing in the direction of the Southern Cauldron. The Cauldron itself is the territory in light coloring enclosed by the red arrows. The pink and red areas are more or less controlled by the self-defense forces. Up in the far right, the 3rd and parts of the 72nd Battalion retreated into Russia and surrendered.

Russia is sending massive supplies to the self-defense forces. This is another lie in a sense. Russia has been supporting the self-defense forces with humanitarian and nonlethal aid for sure. That much is beyond doubt. However, they are not giving them much in military aid. If Russia was truly throwing their weight behind military aid to the  self-defense forces, why are the self-defense forces so massively outgunned? It makes no sense.
Russia could make up that weaponry deficit in a few days if they wanted to, but they don’t want to. So what’s going on? Russia is giving the self-defense forces some military aid but not a lot of military aid. I would argue that they are not giving them enough to win the conflict, but they are giving them enough to stay alive.
Russia is sending huge convoys of tanks and armored vehicles to the self-defense forces. The Nazi government and the US Liar in Chief John Kerry both say that they have evidence of massive Russian weaponry flowing in to help the self-defense forces, including columns of tanks and armored vehicles. But the last time I checked with Wikipedia, the self-defense forces  have only three tanks! Presumably all of them were seized from the Nazis. Where are these columns of tanks? Where are they going? If they are going to the self-defense forces, why don’t they possess them?
What weaponry is Russia giving the self-defense forces? This has been very hard to determine as I discount all US and Ukie government sources as lies until proven otherwise. I can confirm that Russia is supplying the self-defense forces with small arms, including a fancy sniper rifle. They are also probably giving them a lot of small arm ammunition. And I am quite certain that they are giving self-defense forces a lot of artillery shells for the MRLS and howitzers. Beyond that, we simply do not know. The rebels possess MANPAD’s and  self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, but no one knows where they came from. They have a lot of GRAD’s and howitzers. Where did they get them? Seized from Nazis or supplied from Russia? No one knows.
The self-defense forces are flooded with active duty Russian soldiers and officers. For a long time, I simply figured this was a lie as I saw no evidence that this is true. Sure, there are plenty of Russian volunteers who have gone over the border of their own free will. Russian nationalist organizations have been sending in volunteers for some time now. Of course there are retired Russian military personnel there.
But active duty Russian military? That has been hard to prove. However, recently I have seen evidence that there are at least some Russian active duty military in Novorussia working with the self-defense forces. They are stationed at bases on the border and they go into Novorussia sometimes, to do what, I have no idea. We know they are there because they have posted to social networking sites photos and geotagged locations bragging about being in Novorussia on missions. So there are surely some active duty Russian troops there. How many? No one knows. What are they doing there? No one really knows this either.
The self-defense forces have no support. Nope. They probably have 70-80% support in the region at the moment. 20% of the population may be pro-Nazi, and perhaps 5-10% of the population is neutral. Really the whole civilian population is against the Nazis. There have been many cases where the Novorussian civilians seemed to be working with or helping the self-defense forces. Many civilians are acting as spies for the rebels. In addition, the self-defense forces have a highly developed spy network all through the region.
Both sides are equally at fault for the civilian deaths caused by shelling. From what I can tell, almost all of the civilian deaths from shelling are being caused by the Nazis. Few if any of the deaths are being caused by the self-defense forces. However, there are some Ukie forces who are reluctant to shell civilian areas.
Russia is shelling into Ukraine. This charge is definitely true. Mostly they are shelling into the Southern Cauldron. As you can see in the map above, the Cauldron is just north of the Russian border.
Russia is shooting down Nazi planes over the Ukraine from anti-aircraft batteries in Russia. I have no idea if this is true or not. Awaiting confirmation.
Russia is violating Nazi airspace by flying planes and helicopters over Nazi territory. No idea if this one is true either. Await confirmation on this one too.
Russia is helping the self-defense forces with intelligence. Absolutely true. I am quite certain of this, though I have no direct evidence.
Russia wants to stir up separatism and trouble in various places on the periphery of Russia. Putin certainly does not. This whole thing is a gigantic headache that he neither wants nor needs. The US forced him into this role by attacking, so he has to fight back against the Empire. However, the Russian nationalists would like to stir up separatism in some nations adjacent to Russia. Latvia in particular is one. To be honest though, the Latvians treat their Russian minority horrifically.
Russia is flooding Novorussia with forces. Not at all. There are quite a few volunteers coming in to fight with the self-defense forces though. This includes many Russian nationalists in addition to Serbian militias and some antifa fighters from countries such as Germany. Russia isn’t pouring these forces into Novorussia and they have nothing to do with recruitment or movement of them. All the Russians are doing is not stopping them from going on. The government has nothing to do with the Russian volunteers. They are just Russian nationalists acting on their own.
Russia is giving Buk missiles to the self-defense forces. Nope, sorry. The self-defense forces do have four Buk batteries seized from the Nazis. However the Nazis disabled them before they fled the base as it was being overrun. So they do have several Buks, but none of them work.
The self-defense forces get supplies from Russia. Oh they absolutely get supplies from Russia, but exactly what kind other than ammo and small arms, I have no idea.
The self-defense forces are using Novorussian civilians as human shields. Oh, they are absolutely doing that.
The self-defense forces are fighting dirty. They are fighting very dirty, using a lot of trickery and subterfuge and engaging in classical devious guerrilla warfare.

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