Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, "Everything America Says Is a Lie"

Paul Craig Roberts, who is basically a paleocon, shows why America is the enemy of mankind. Washington is threatening to blow up the world again. It won’t be the first time. The Shining City on a Hill has threatened to use nuclear weapons many times since 1945. You just never heard about it in the Free Press (TM).

Everything America Says Is a Lie

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The 100th anniversary of World War I is upon us. And the folly that caused this war is being repeated. WWI destroyed a civilized Western world, and it was the work of a mere handful of scheming people. The result was Lenin, the Soviet Union, Hitler, the rise of American Imperialism, Korea, Vietnam, the military interventions that created ISIS, and now resurrected conflict between Washington and Russia that President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev had ended. As Stephen Starr has pointed out on my website, if merely 10 Dear readers, ask yourselves, when has Washington told you anything that was not a lie? Washington’s lies have caused millions of casualties. Do you want to be a casualty of Washington’s lies? Do you believe that Washington’s lies and propaganda about the Malaysian airliner and Ukraine are worth risking life on earth? Who is so gullible that he cannot recognize that Washington’s lies about Ukraine are like Washington’s lies about Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, and Assad’s use of chemical weapons? Do you think that the neoconservative influence that prevails in Washington, regardless of the political party in office, is too dangerous to be tolerated?

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0 thoughts on “Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, "Everything America Says Is a Lie"”

  1. Robert,
    Please be honest,
    Are you racist or not beacuse I’ve seen countless replies of you being rude to Blacks,Asians etc.You aint a liberal.Youre more like a KKK or stormfronter.

    1. Banned Hindu.
      Those people came here and immediately started attacking. I don’t attack anyone of any race who is pleasant to me. If people come here and start fights with me, I will blast away at them with everything I’ve got.
      PS you’re banned, Hindu.

  2. It’s true. You can watch the news to tell the truth by believing the opposite of what ever they say.
    “…As Stephen Starr has pointed out on my website, if merely 10% of the nuclear weapons in the US and Russian arsenals are used, life on earth terminates…”
    Bogus. Go to.
    and plug in some numbers. Not that nukes aren’t bad but they would be hard pressed to destroy the Earth. Al US industry and civilization. Yes, but we’re not everything. A least to some people we’re not. A couple miles away with some shelter is survivable. Not that I want that or care to find out. Most radiation dies down to acceptable levels in two weeks. Acceptable meaning it won’t kill you right away. Lots of birth defects, cancer, etc. down the road but survivable.

  3. I wonder what the deal is with Veterans Today? Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes for them and sometimes they seem reasonable but sometimes they post the most bogus bullshit ever. I wonder if they’re another one of those disinfos that tell the truth then lie so ridiculously that people then doubt the truth they told last week?

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