Breaking News: Putin Is Going In!

Just came in over the news wires.

Putin Defies Western Warning, Will Send “Aid Convoy” To East Ukraine

From the article:

Following days of loud warnings by the West that Putin should not take any moves to send “humanitarian” aid into East Ukraine, due to western fears that this would be merely a pretext for invasion, Putin said on Monday that Russia will go ahead and send an aid convoy to eastern Ukraine anyway.” I hope it will happen right now…

Russian convoy with humanitarian aid will depart to Eastern Ukraine shortly without any military escort – Kremlin spokesman.
Amazing stuff. Samantha Power just threatened Putin and said that sending any humanitarian aid in would be illegal and would cause serious problems for Russia. Poroshenko also said that any aid would be illegal. Both also said that Russia was going to use humanitarian intervention as a pretext for a military invasion. Gee, the US never does that, does it?
What is truly repulsive is that the US has been saying during this whole thing that there shall be no humanitarian aid coming to the Novorussians. The Gazans and Hamas get humanitarian aid, but the Russians? Hell no! Unbelievably cruel and callous, but the US’ attitude since the start of this thing has been nothing more than, “Kill the Russians.” I have talked to quite a few Americans about this in meatspace, and the general attitude is, “Kill the Russians.” Even liberals tell me this!
Not only that, but most people I know are openly cheering on the slaughter as the Ukies shell these cities of Lugansk and Donetsk. Of course the US media is cheering on the slaughter too. I do not know what has become of Americans. I think we have turned into monsters, or maybe we have always been monsters. I am not sure.
Putin has now massed 45,000 troops on the border with Novorussia. A while back, it was only 10,000, then it quickly went to 20,000. Now in the blink of an eye, it is up to 45,000 just like that. Something is up. No way are they massing all those forces on the border for no reason.

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