The World Left Is with Putin

Tulio writes:

Thank you. I’m convinced some hacker is trolling Robert’s account and posting all this pro-Putin stuff. I just can’t believe a progressive is a fan of Putin.

I have told Tulio numerous times that Hard Left and the True Left in the US and in much of the world is with Putin. Counterpunch website is with Putin. Most of the world’s Communist parties are with Putin. Many leftwing websites in the US are lining up with Putin. The KPRF and the KPU (Communist Party Russian Federation and Communist Party Ukraine) are both with Putin. It’s not that I think Putin is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I doubt if he’s evil incarnate. Geopolitics is an ugly game, but you have to play it or get creamed. There are few angels in geopolitics. Putin is a patriot though, he’s looking out of his people, and I respect him for that. He’s not a nation-seller like most Americans and most US allies are. I like people who stand up for their country against the aggressors, invaders and attackers. I like patriots, and I hate country-sellers. Also Putin is part of the anti-imperialist bloc that is standing up to the US Empire, trying to defeat the US World Dictatorship and end US unipolarism which has been a catastrophe. We need to go back to a balanced multipolar world. Unipolarism never works due to the selfish nature of mankind. Also there is the principle of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, which comes into play here.

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0 thoughts on “The World Left Is with Putin”

    1. More liberal media BS.. Robert lindsay, you must seriously stop believing liberal and communist lies….You appear pathetic in defending the indefensible

  1. Great Article Robert, Unipolarism will be a global catastrophe as you rightly pointed out, The fact he’s standing up for his country and holds his own rigidly, inspite of being bullied by the global forces allover is an ample testimony of the man’s Iron Character. He’s a hero in my books anyday…

  2. It’s already well on its way to being multipolar, if not already.
    The west shouldn’t have been so hung ho about going against Russia and imposing sanctions on them as if they are a minor power that we don’t need to respect. Pundits were talking like if we don’t oppose them strongly they’d be swallowing up the Baltic States next, which I don’t believe. They were talking about militarising the polish border and all sorts of extreme measures. It’s like the older generation never got over the Cold War and they want to get right back into it. Those Americans don’t even have to share a continent with them! Your neighbour is Canada.

  3. I needs to get that off my chest for a while. *gung ho
    If you see them as the nazis then letting then it’s 1937 and letting them have the Crimea or whatever is appeasement. But they aren’t the nazis and I don’t think they’re marching on Poland next. But maybe I’m wrong.

  4. The choice is to either accept a multipolar world or force the world to become bipolar in the quest for unipolarity. The opposition pole would most likely be centered on China and Russia, with China as the leading partner. Iran would likely fall in. South Korea could also be pulled away from the western bloc if China gets serious about settling issues on the Korean peninsula. North Korea is a bargaining chip for the Chinese, nothing more, and there are increasing business relationships between China and South Korea.

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