More Anti-Russian Lies

rantus writes:

First off: according to whom? Well, according to my wife’s grandfather who lived through it. When he was a kid he watched Russian troops massacre people out in the woods for days on end. He hid in the trees until it was over. He grew up in Poland, and was a staunch anti-communist because of what he saw them do to the Polish people.
He spent three years in a communist prison because he refused to join the Communist Party. The reason I bring up Stalin is because he’s the one who populated Ukraine in the East with Russians. Ukraine is not Russia, that’s just another fairytale that Russophiles promote. Russian has been terrorizing Ukraine into submission for quite a long time. I bring up Stalin because he literally reshaped the nation of Ukraine through his policies of ethnic cleansing and the execution of the native intelligentsia, just like the soviets did in Poland. Oh, that and systematic rape and murder.
Putin longs for that empire to be restored. You romanticize it because you think that the US is corrupt. It may well be, but I’ll take it any day compared to living under a despot like Putin. And if you actually paid any attention, the vast majority of Ukrainians want an independent country, not a Russian satellite state.

These could be considered Cold War lies of US imperialism, but more properly these are the Cold War lies of those in Eastern Europe and parts of the USSR who hated the USSR. So it is East European anti-Soviet propaganda.
Now I see! Rantus is a Polish Russophobe by proxy! I get it now. Never listen to a Polish Russophobe. Or a Baltic, Finnish, Ukrainian, Czech, Romanian or Bulgarian one. They hated Communism, and to them, Russia = Communism. They are not rational, will never be rational, and many of them are fascists, especially the Nazi type of fascists. This is especially true of Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian nationalists, most of whom are fascists and in particular, Nazi-type fascists. In East Europe, many to most Russia-haters are fascists, often Nazi-type fascists.
However Polish nationalists are not Nazis. They had a very bad experience with Nazism, worse than with the Communists. But Polish nationalists definitely hate Jews.
Many Hungarian and Romanian nationalists are fascists, typically Nazi-type fascists. With Czech, Slovak and Bulgarian nationalists, I do not think they are so fascist and Nazi-like. Czech nationalists in particular are quite progressive. Check out Milan Kundera.
Of course, Russia abandoned Communism long ago and is now just another capitalist country. The Poles have always hated Russia and have long harbored an official policy to destroy Russia by breaking it into small pieces. This policy was officially dreamed up around 1920, and many documents were written in support of this policy. You can still read them to this day. At the moment, Georgia, Poland, the Baltics and Ukraine still support this “Destroy Russia” plan as official government policy.
The Poles have been attacking Russia forever. This goes all the way back to the 1600’s and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Poles have conquered parts of Russia, mostly the Western Ukraine, many times. The conflict goes back to West versus East, Catholicism versus Orthodoxy, Rome versus Antioch. There is more to it than that, but you get the picture. Bottom line is that Poland is a long-term deadly enemy of the Russian people and the Russians have a right to be wary of them. The Poles have never dropped their “Destroy Russia” plan, so I do not see why Russia should be nice to them.
In 1920, the Russia-Polish War was fought. Although the West has been lying about this war forever, the truth is that Polish attacked Russia out of the blue for no good reason during this war.
There really is no such thing as the Ukraine. It has never really existed as an independent state, except for two years from 1919-1921 and a few years during World War 2 when a Nazi puppet state, similar to the French Vichy, the Croatian Ustasha and the Romanian Iron Cross regimes, ruled for a few years.
Western Ukraine was only connected to the Eastern Ukraine by Stalin’s annexation of part of Poland in 1939. Before that, this fake Ukraine country was always part of Poland. Everything from Kiev east was always part of Russia, known as Malorussia and Novorussia. There was a Ukrainian SSR that was part of a the USSR, but it was just a state in the USSR, not a nation-state. It was put together by gluing all sorts of strange regions together for no particular reason. The present borders of Ukraine have no legitimacy whatsoever.
However, I will grant that in terms of a real Ukrainian nation exists in the sense that nations exist independent of nation-states. Therefore, everything from Kiev west I would call the true, pure Ukrainian nation, now the Ukrainian nation-state. The rest is just Russia. Crimea was always a part of Russia. So was Novorussia.
However, I am willing to grant the Ukrainian nation any territories to the east of Kiev that want to join it since rejoining Malorussia to Russia does not make sense logically. However, central and east Ukraine may not want to be part of this Nazi regime.
Already Transcarpathia is in open rebellion. They have declared independence and there are armed roadblocks all over the land. They only let authorized people through. The Transcarpathians want nothing to do with this Nazi regime.
There are strong signs that Kharkiv does not want to be part of this Nazi country either, but they decided not to have an independence referendum.
It is true that the USSR committed many crimes against Poland under Stalin. I do not condone that. And forcing Communism on the Poles never worked. Stalin said it was like trying to put a saddle on a cow. This very Catholic country never liked Communism, however most Polish nationalists are socialist-type people.
I also agree that the USSR committed many crimes against the Ukrainian people, including a genocide of 390,000 people during the anti-kulak campaign. The leading figures and intellectuals of most nations of the USSR were decimated by Stalin in 1938 during his purges. The Ukies were not singled out.
There was no Holodomor. It never even happened. There was a famine, but it was not a deliberate or terror famine. Anyway the Western Ukrainian Ukies were not part of the Holodomor as they were living in Poland at the time.
After Stalin died, Khrushchev came in. He was a Ukrainian and he did many good things for the Ukrainian people. He annexed Crimea to the Ukraine, riding roughshod over history in doing so.
It is time to let bygones be bygones. The USSR is over and done with.
The West Ukies were Nazi sympathizers who worked closely with the Nazis, set up a Nazi government, and participated gleefully in the Jew roundups and Jew-killing. And the commenter’s relative may be interested to know that his cherished Ukie nationalists (the direct ancestors of the present Nazi regime) slaughtered 100,000 Poles in West Ukraine while their Nazi state was in power. The man who did this was their national hero, a man named Stephan Bandera. Bandera is the finest hero of Ukrainian nationalism, and there are statues of him all over the new Ukraine. The Ukies have never apologized or renounced Banderist doctrine. In fact, a good name for the new Ukraine would be “Banderistan.”
It is beyond me why Russia should tolerate a psychotic, murderously hostile Ukie Nazi government on their border. In fact, they should not and cannot tolerate it at all. They really need to overthrow that Nazi government in Kiev. Let the Nazis go back west of Kiev to Banderastan where they can seig-Heil until they get tired of it and return to their senses.
The commenter makes a typical patriotard comment when he asks, “Where would you rather live, the US or Russia?” If you say the US, then you must support the US and hate Russia. If you say Russia, then they will tell you to leave the US and go live in Russia. This is the way the patriotard thinks. Nations fighting for good against evil should be supported whether you want to go live there or not. Your own nation should be opposed when it fights for evil against good (as the US usually does) even if it is a pretty nice place to live.
To the patriotard, “nice place to live” means “the foreign policy is perfect” and “my country right or wrong.”
Similarly, “lousy place to live” means “evil country with evil intentions that is an enemy of America.”
It’s insane, but US patriotardism never makes sense anyway.

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11 thoughts on “More Anti-Russian Lies”

  1. Wow, you’re actually harder on Stalin than I am over the nationalities issue. BTW, while the anti-kulak campaign was brutal and repressive, it does not fall under genocide. There was persecution of “kulaks” belonging to several Soviet ethnicities.

  2. I didn’t lie and you’re delusional. Russian war crimes and mass executions are well documented.
    At first I thought that maybe you just had a chip on your shoulder against the US for some reason. Now I see that you live in a fantasy world.
    Have at it I guess. Fiction can be fun.

  3. No, you’re not right. He was from Lublin, you know, where the Soviet installed communist government was set up, which basically consisted of NKVD.
    “The Soviet-installed communist government in Lublin mounted a campaign of arrests, killings, and deportation of opposition members.”
    That’s what he witnessed, with his own two eyes. And you have no idea of how good of a man he really was, far better than any of you.
    And i don’t particularly have a problem with the Russian people, I have friends who are married to Polish Russians. But the way you act like the Russian Government’s intentions in Ukraine are so noble is laughable. The Russian govt has always victimized the Eastern Bloc satellite states, and you’re trying to whitewash all of it.
    Not to mention what they did to Poland when they divided it up with their allies, the Nazis. Did you conveniently forget about that? You wanna know what Russian troops did at that point? They would roll into Polish town, set up shop, get nice and drunk and then rape just about every female in the village. Anyone that resisted was shot.
    It’s all true, and you whitewash it all.

    1. Interesting article in the first link from our Russian-hating friend. Too bad he neglected to include the passage preceding his quote:
      “There was tremendous unrest in the countryside. Soviet troops were still battling the Germans. Polish Home Army units inside Poland and other militantly nationalist groups, some linked to the conservative government-in-exile in London, also fought the Germans but intermittently turned their guns on Polish communists and Red Army forces.”
      The interwar Polish government really shit in its own nest, first with its 1919-1921 expansionist war to the east, then with its failure to settle the Danzig corridor issue with Weimar Germany under the terms of the Locarno Treaty. They never considered that those issues could be revisited if their weak opponents got stronger. Then, once it became established in France in late 1939, the PGIE considered itself at war with the Soviet Union over their counter-seizure of territories seized in the 1919-1921 war. And they never renounced that war, even after Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin agreed on the postwar boundaries of Poland. And acts of war against Polish Communists and the Red Army were committed in the name of the PGIE.
      So let’s see…. those allied with the reactionary PGIE that had previously waged war against the Soviet Union and was currently not at peace with the Soviets, and who killed Polish Communists and Red Army soldiers, were entitled to come to power and re-establish a hostile state on the Soviet border. Yeah, sure. When Churchill and Truman advocated that position at Potsdam it was definitely not the way to get the Soviets to trust their intentions.
      If we’re going to discuss atrocities by invading armies, we should at least discuss the pogroms against Jews committed by the Polish army in 1919-1920. They were serious enough to draw the attention of the Wilson Administration. Then there was the mass starvation of Russian prisoners in that war, then the subsequent pogroms in Poland during the 1920s – 1930s. But we don’t hear about all that because they don’t support the west’s narrative about Poland being the good little country with the evil neighbors. The interwar Polish government, with its derivative PGIE, has been the beneficiary of a major whitewash by the west.

      1. The Polish war of expansion actually began in 1918. It was first waged against the West Ukrainian People’s Republic. The notorious Lviv Pogrom was initiated by the Polish Army during that war.
        * * *
        I feel badly for the Polish soldiers who fought so bravely at Cassino and Falaise. They bled and died for a government that had put them into a political dead end. All they got for it was some measure of revenge against their Nazi tormentors.
        * * *
        The linked article has a lot of interesting stuff on the Soviet view of the Cold War. Its dynamics were a lot more complicated than we had been led to believe. The use of the atomic bomb was seen as a threatening gesture intended to intimidate the Soviets…….in the following years, innocuous moves in the west were perceived as threatening……Mao was seen as a rival by Stalin…..the Soviets got played for a patsy by the East German government and by Kim Il Sung……

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