Computer Software Capitalists Are the Worst

Rantus writes:

Oh boy oh boy. Look, Microsoft sucks, it always has. Google at least innovates and Facebook was founded BT a backstabbing rat that double crossed two trust fund kids and stole their ideas. The software industry, and computing in general is still very, very primitive. You show me one emerging industry that wasn’t horribly ruthless at its inception. Once the industry evolves then it will at least become somewhat more equitable, but that will take some time.

There are lots of emerging industries in this land that are not run by scums. Software is a natural monopoly. That’s the whole problem right there. Show me one other industry that forces you to use their shit. Show me one other industry where competing products refuse to work with each other and try to actively sabotage each other. Could you imagine if you went to turn on your microwave and it refused to work or worked very poorly because it detected that you had a coffeemaker from a competing company? Could you imagine if Ford cars could only use “Ford gas” and “Ford oil” and “Ford parts” and would only run on “Ford roads?” This is what the world would look like if all the other capitalists were as scummy as the software capitalist criminals. Show me one other industry that forces you to upgrade your product even when it is working fine. Could you imagine if your microwave was working fine and then one it just stopped working by some preset mechanism and you were forced to go spend $500 to buy a new one? With all other products, you simply use them until they stop working, and even then, you can nearly always repair them to make them work again. Name one other industry where such a thing as abondonware exists at all? Name one other industry where you purchase a product that you cannot resell, and you can’t even see it in your hand nor can you fix it when it goes bad (Microsoft preinstalled OS). I used to be in newsgroups with these scums. I met a few decent people in the industry, but most of them were just pure garbage. I met a lot of the people who ran these companies. I thought a lot of them were nothing more than criminals. These are some of the shittiest human beings on Earth. A solution for the software industry: Open source is a model for the software industry that will force software makers to make money by being decent human beings and will prevent them from making money by being scums, which is what they have done all along. Notice I do not have much of a beef with the hardware industry except Intel, which is an illegal monopoly. In the hardware industry we have no forced upgrades, no abandonware, no planned obsolescence, no products you can’t hold in your hand, resell or try to fix, no products that refuse to work with competing products, no forcing you to use their stuff.

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0 thoughts on “Computer Software Capitalists Are the Worst”

  1. There isn’t a single business on the planet that doesn’t want to be a monopoly. They will do whatever they can to make it so (including locally owned and operated “family” businesses) w/o damaging their brand or status quo. That is why we have anti-trust laws and heavy regulation on monopolistic industries… SW is just the newest game in town and it will take time to reel it in.

    1. The antitrust laws have not been enforced in a long time. All of the capitalist fanboys don’t believe in antitrust laws. Neoliberalism/radical capitalism/Libertarianism doesn’t believe in them either, and that is the order of the day.
      We don’t have a monopoly problem in most industries.
      However, computer SW is a natural monopoly! And that is the whole nature of the beast and why computer SW will never sort itself out and will only cause more and more monopolies all the time.

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