Why I Stand with Putin

Tulio writes:

Okay Robert, your words are written in stone. We’ll come back a year from now and see if Russia is better off. We don’t need Russia for anything, really. My life goes on as normal.
I really don’t get Robert’s pro-Russia attitudes. Robert says he’s a leftist, but that country is a nightmare for anyone with progressive values. It has the worst income inequality in the world for starters.

Yes, and who created that situation? The US and the West did! They created that whole Wild West capitalism in the 1990’s when they colonized Russia (Russia was a US colony in the 1990’s), destroyed and looted the Russian economy. This is what’s left after all of that. Things were just as bad in the 1990’s, but the US media never said a peep because we had colonized Russia and were making a killing looting the place.
Tulio posted about Russian corruption the other day, but corruption and organized crime was far worse in Russia in the 1990’s when Russia was a US colony, but not a peep was uttered. We only started hating on Russia when Putin came in, freed Russia from colonial status, threw out the Western looters and instituted a pro-Russian patriotic government. That’s what all the hate is about.
Much of the Hard Left in the world, especially Communist Parties, are lining up with Russia in this conflict. Not because Putin is a great guy, but that they realize how evil our plots against the Russian people are. The KPRF and KPU (Communist Party Russian Federation and Communist Party of Ukraine) are behind Putin 100% of the way. The imperialist enemy, the Empire, is attacking Mother Russia, and one man is fighting back.
The sanctions are not intended to hurt the US as we do not do a heck of a lot of trade with Russia anyway. But especially those agricultural sanctions are going to be very bad for Europe. You can trust me on that one. In particular the Baltics and Southern Europe. And preventing US airlines from flying over Russian airspace will hurt our airline industry.
I am standing up for Putin because US and Western imperialism is trying to destroy Russia for no good reason, apparently because it is a rival! Russia is 100% correct on the Ukraine issue, and the US and the West is 100% wrong. Russia is arming Syria and Iran against Western-Zionist imperialism. They are allied with Venezuela and Cuba. They are starting to form another economic alliance, the BRICS, that will bypass the Empire entirely.
I really could care less about Russia, but the US and the West has been picking a fight with them forever. The US and West destroyed Russia completely in the 1990’s and looted the place, stealing everything that wasn’t locked down. They want Russia to go back to the good old days when it was a colony of the US and the West. Putin is a patriot, and he stands tall against US/Western imperialism, bullying and attempts to rule the world. Putin and some others are trying to form another currency to bypass the dollar, which US imperialism uses as a Dictatorial Currency to bully everyone into going with it.
It’s not so much that I like Putin but that I am mad at the US and the West for picking a fight with Russia for no good reason. Russia has always wanted to be allies with us, not a US colony. We have turned them down every step of the way. We started this fight. We picked a fight with Russia for no other reason than that the US is the Bully of the World.
I hope people realize that there is a significant opposition to Putin inside Russia. A lot of these folks are good, patriotic Russians, and they have some good points to make against Putin. However a very large % of the patriotic opposition has rallied around Putin now that the US declared war on Russia with this crazy Ukraine gambit. I am like the Russian patriotic opposition. Russia is being attacked by US/Western imperialism, and Putin is trying to fend off these attackers and stand up for his country. I support Putin’s right to defend his country against the Western Monster intent on destroying Mother Russia.

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15 thoughts on “Why I Stand with Putin”

  1. Here’s a good one for you Robert, apparently before the fall of the Soviet Union barely anyone smoked tabaco in the Ukraine, after the fall of communism western tabaco giants set up shop there, what they did was go from city to city, town to town and village to village handing out tons of free cigarettes to everyone to try out thus getting everyone hooked in the process, so many people there are now smokers and those psychopathic corporations might of done the same thing in Russia, an american ex-pat Iiving in the Ukraine told me this.

  2. You have a very distorted view of history. Aside from Stalin being a total monster, and the crimes that he committed while he was in power, you also very conveniently ignore the Russian policies towards communist satellite states after the war.
    Russian “trade” policy went something like this: you give us (the Russians) the best of everything that you have, and we give you back our worst. For the entirety that soviet Russia had dominion over all those other states, that was what was done. The only thing that Russia provided consistently that was of any quality was vodka (seriously). This was used as a population control mechanism.
    The only people in the eastern bloc who want Russia dictating their future is the Russians. Nobody wants them determining their national policies because of their long history of total abuse and corruption. You make them out to be some kind of noble people fighting the imperial facsists but that’s a construct in your own mind. Putin is a gangster, and he wants Ukraine for its strategic importance and its fertile soil. Who’s really the imperialist here?

    1. Thank you. I’m convinced some hacker is trolling Robert’s account and posting all this pro-Putin stuff. I just can’t believe a progressive is a fan of Putin.

      1. @ Tulio
        It’s actually not all that shocking. One of the general operating principles of anti-imperialist leftists such as Robert is that opponents of U.S. imperialism must be defended regardless of their actual behavior.
        During the crisis in Libya, many leftists decried American interventionism and supported Qadaffi against the U.S, despite the fact that he was a ruthless dictator. Jeffrey Blankort once wrote about this mentality in his article “The Left’s Double Standards on Libya.”
        As a white guy within the alt right, I’ll admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for Putin. People in my camp admire the masculine, nationalistic toughness exhibited by Putin. But Robert’s defense of Putin doesn’t actually surprise me.
        Without trying to criticize Robert or psychoanalyze the man, I can confidently say that absent American imperialism, he wouldn’t feel compelled to defend or praise Putin. It’s part of the reflexive left wing mentality to unconditionally support the underdog, no matter how flawed or brutal those underdogs may be.
        If Russia happened to be the global hegemon of the world and spent the past couple of decades bullying the relatively weaker U.S, Robert would be defending Obama against Putin.

        1. Lindsay, you have to read this article about Vladimir Putin
          This will change your opinioin that Putin is some kind of a messiah. Actually the media reports only 50% of what’s happenings in Russia, because the state is maintained in a closet that most of the events are not let out to the free world. The state is stuck up in a quagmire of communist shit till now. No putin has not changed anything . the same communism in a closet is being followed. Once Russia opens its market up and embrace free market controlled capitalism theres a good chaNCE the state has a chance to improve, embracing leftwing ideology will not bring anout any improvements. It will only enhance the disastrous situations.

      2. As a liberal who doesn’t like Putin, I don’t see how he is possibly more objectionable than Obama and the American govt.

  3. Well rantus, sure Ukraine is strategically important, sure it’s a breadbasket, but it’s…Russia. That’s history. Sure Putin is ruthless, sure he’s looking out for Russia, that’s sorta his job. Obama is no less similar.
    As to the soviet bloc countries getting the short end of the stick, according to whom? To them? Everyone thinks they’re not getting the best part of the chicken at the dinner table. For a clear view, look at how the east Germans lived before the wall came down and then after. They soon wanted a return to the good ol days. All except the oligarchs.
    As for Stalin, not sure why you want to go back that far to characterize Russia, but Robert did a good piece on the blog called “Stalin: Humanitarian?” You might want to search back for it and give it a read.

    1. First off: according to whom? Well, according to my wife’s grandfather who lived through it. When he was a kid he watched Russian troops massacre people out in the woods for days on end. He hid in the trees until it was over. He grew up in Poland, and was a staunch anti-communist because of what he saw them do to the Polish people. He spent three years in a communist prison because he refused to join the Communist Party. The reason I bring up Stalin is because he’s the one who populated Ukraine in the East with Russians. Ukraine is not Russia, that’s just another fairytale that russophiles promote. Russian has been terrorizing Ukraine into submission for quite a long time. I bring up Stalin because he literally reshaped the nation of Ukraine through his policies of ethnic cleansing and the execution of the native intelligentsia, just like the soviets did in Poland. Oh, that and systematic rape and murder.
      Putin longs for that empire to be restored. You romantisize it because you think that the US is corrupt. It may well be, but I’ll take it any day compared to living under a despot like Putin. And if you actually paid any attention, the vast majority of Ukrainians want an independent country, not a russian satellite state.

    2. Putin also has failed in extending Russian influence though, the rest of the BRIC, even India, have something going for them: Brazil produced a super telenovela (Avenida Brasil) which conquered by storm many countries and the same with 1 Brazilian song from Michel Telo. Even the stigmatized India have a few popular Bollywood films such as 3 idiots, and China despiste its aparent censorship had films such Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and the Chinese-Korean boy band Exo is getting popular in many countries, Russia has none of it.

  4. Dear Robert
    I agree with virtually everything that you wrote. Putin may not be a saint or an ideal ruler, but he is the best thing that has happened to Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Russian people of course realize that, and therefore Putin enjoys approval ratings that Obama can only dream about. But then, Western human rights imperialists and neoliberals only take those foreigners seriously who say what they want to hear.
    Not only has Putin been good for most Russians, he has done absolute nothing to hurt any Western country. The way in which Western Russophobes are exploiting the downing of the airliner for propaganda purposes is a disgusting exercise in callous cynicism. Let’s assume that the airplane was shot down by a weapon supplied to the East Ukrainian separatists by Russia. That still doesn’t make Putin responsible, no more than the owner of a gun store is guilty of murder if a man kills his wife with a gun bought in his store.
    Regards. James

  5. “When he was a kid he watched Russian troops massacre people out in the woods for days on end. He hid in the trees until it was over.”
    Trying to revive the Katyn myth, I see.
    The fact is, modern Poland at its inception was virulently anti-Russian and anti-Jewish, and one of the very first acts of the new Polish state was to wage a war to establish a Polish empire including a big chunk the Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania. You can bet that the Soviet government didn’t care for the Polish officials who committed atrocities in the conquered territories, or for Poles who held onto their right wing sentiments at the end of WWII. But that bit about genocidal policy towards the Poles is bullshit. Poles were taught by their government to hate the Russians and the supposed genocide by the Soviets was a post-facto rationalization of that hatred. The Katyn ruse was a brilliant piece of propaganda by the Nazis to recruit Poles to fight on the eastern front. They understood Polish attitudes towards Russia quite well. They shared many of them.
    You’re also way off on your claim that Russian settlement in the Ukraine is an artifact of the Stalin era. Kiev was the ancient capital of the first Russian state. In fact, the first name for the Russian people as a political entity was “Kievan Rus’.” There was also migration of Germanic peoples into the Ukraine, then more migration of Russians into the Ukraine with the expansion of the Russian Empire. What did happen in the Soviet era was industrialization of the eastern Ukraine, which caused migration of Ukrainians and Russians to the industrial centers. Part of the demographic picture of the Ukraine used to bolster the Holodomor myth was in fact migration of Ukrainians to new industrial centers. Your version of the settlement of the Ukraine is straight out of the propaganda of right wing anti-Russian, anti-Jewish Ukrainian ethnic nationalists. But that makes sense in a way, because of their similarities to right wing anti-Russian, anti-Jewish Polish ethnic nationalists.

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