Computer Software Capitalists Are Some of the Worst Capitalists of All

There is the mistaken belief, promoted by dishonest magazines like Wired, that there is something cool or hip about these new corporations, the IT corporations. This goes along with a reverent portrayal of the coders in the software industry as some sort of ultra-hipster type workers. I got fooled by this for a long time until I did a lot of reading, especially of the horrible Wired Magazine, and I came to realize that there was nothing cool or hip about these folks at all, and in fact they were just capitalists like any other.
They hate the working class, low income and poor people…They are really just Republicans with groovy clothes, cool haircuts, tattoos, piercings and other neato hipster attire. In fact they are actually much worse than your average US capitalist because many American capitalists, especially the Old Money types like George Bush Sr., always believe in a sort of noblesse oblige towards the rest of society. They were not ostentatious, and it was considered rude to flaunt money or even to talk about it. I have met millionaires from this group who had complete respect for working class and even poor people and had no sense of snobbery or elitism at all.
When the New Money folks came in, all that went out the door. Gratuitous waste of and flaunting of money is in. Light your cigar with a burning 100 bill, the one you just sniffed a line of cocaine with. Bragging is cool. Showing off is cool. Contempt towards working class, poor and low income people is hip ever since Ronald Reagan decreed it was when he created the new and more monstrous Republican Party. This new party is not your father’s Republican Party.
As an example of the callousness of these new software capitalists, we can note that many of them are engineering or STEM types. STEM type males do not show their feelings much and some are almost on the autistic spectrum. Engineer types have always been conservative, and STEM males are overly male and typically highly lacking in empathy as excessively male phenotypes seem to be. Hence the correlation between STEM types, the software industry and Libertarianism, probably one of the most evil, cruel, callous and non-empathetic forms of socioeconomic systems ever designed by man.
The God of these phony hipsters is a man named Bill Gates. Let us examine him.
Bill Gates is probably one of the evil businessmen in the US today. Microsoft tore up the contract of every company they partnered with, and then they stole their stuff. Almost all of their products are made of stolen tech. They backstabbed and betrayed everyone they ever did business with. Most Microsoft partners have sued Microsoft at one point or another.
And the whole time Microsoft has existed, they were always an illegal monopoly. I believe they are probably still an illegal monopoly, but I would need to check on that. The government’s lawsuit against Microsoft was settled on terms ridiculously favorable to the company. Illegal monopolies are illegal in the USA.
Microsoft destroyed the computer industry by forcing everyone to use their crap products when we could have had a choice of using the best product available like with any other product.
The software industry operates on the monopoly model, and the software scum are the only capitalists who actually force you to use their products. There is no other product that I can think of where you are actually forced to use the product of one particular company, and you don’t have a choice of a number of competing products to choose from. That is an evil that I will hold against them until the day I die
The US software capitalists are some of the worst capitalists in the US. The Internet capitalists (the dotcommers) are not far behind.
What have the software capitalists given us?
1. Forced upgrade. You are actually forced to buy the newer model and get rid of the old one. Can you think of one other product for which this is true?
2. Forced product use. These are some of the only capitalists who actually force you to use their products because of the natural monopoly nature of the industry.
3. Refusal to cooperate with other products. Software products refuse to work with each other and often try to sabotage each other’s products when installed on the same computer. One application will try to sabotage another application, or an OS will try to sabotage an application. If you put competing applications on your system, they will often attack each other.
Imagine if Ford cars would only go on “Ford roads.” If you wanted to drive “Ford roads,” you had to buy a Ford. If you drove any other car on the road, the road would attack your tires and try to destroy them or the car would not be able to drive on the road at all without causing damage or a very unpleasant drive. This is what the world would look like if other capitalists were as wicked as the software capitalists.
4. The total destruction of the concept of customer service and help lines. Most other industries still have various help lines, and most brick and mortar businesses have excellent customer service. Software customer service is often nonexistent. When it exists at all, they often charge you per incident, and it’s crap anyway even when you buy it. When the customer service is not nonexistent or crap, then it’s often downright evil. For software customer service, you have a choice between nonexistent, crap and evil products. Some choice.
5. Destruction of human jobs. The software industry has tried to destroy as many human jobs as possible. The notion of automated service where you call a company and instead of talking to a human being, you talk to a stupid robot that can’t understand you was an actual creation of the software industry. Now this lousy “no human beings” model of “customer service” has been adopted by a number of other crappy corporations.
I personally have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve to use in order to talk to an actual human being when I deal with these automated systems. The only way to get any sort of service is to deal with a human because the robots are still too stupid. It is also very insulting to call an enterprise on the phone and be rudely forced to speak to a robot instead of a human being. It is as if they are saying that you are not good enough to speak to a human, instead you are so unworthy that you deserve only to speak with a machine.
Computer software companies are so evil that I want all computer software to go open source. That way you will not be forced to use anyone’s product, and everything will be easily fixed. In addition, open source in general will destroy the software industry profit model. They can still make money – I understand that Open Office and Firefox are profitable – but they will have to be forced to make money by being decent companies instead of the equivalent of corporate serial killers.
The software companies had their chance to be good businesspeople, and they blew it. Instead they turned into one of the most evil industries in recent memory.
Death to the Software industry!
With Open Source, we can destroy this evil industry once and for all!

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21 thoughts on “Computer Software Capitalists Are Some of the Worst Capitalists of All”

  1. Imagine if Ford cars would only go on “Ford roads.” If you wanted to drive “Ford roads,” you had to buy a Ford.
    ROTFL Robert!!! That was really funny….

  2. Though some Indian and Chinese programmers are decent, majority fall under standards. We are forced to believe that your average Indian or Chinese programmer is on par with an American one. Quite crazy. The recent Photoshop was made by an all Indian team. It works well, but is all show; their code made it appear fancy, when it lacked some of the previous tools. Chinese programmers working at airports have also tried making things look flashy, but end up making it look confusing.
    Robert the reason for more instalments of programs is so the Corporations can drain every last penny from us.

    1. When Photoshop went to that stupid cloud thing I decided I would keep using Photoshop CS5 for as long as possible, now that I know that the most recent version is ALL INDIAN MADE I will REALLY use CS5 until it is no longer possible! Thank’s for the info Historia Nerd and FUCK YOU ADOBE! BASTERD OUTSOURCERS!

      1. Exactly Indian programmers are surviving in the Photoshop business by making small improvements each time. Not trying to sound arrogant, but White programmers are generally good. I’ve met some good Indian and Chinese ones, but aren’t as good.

    2. White man programmer is still the best but there are far too little of them that can be exploited by capitalist.
      You need some personality to study EECS. I am a software engineer and my major is EE. People who do not have the personality will find it tough in college and tougher in jungle world after graduation.
      Basically the life of an EECS student is study and study, while we watch the arts type go party and keep fucking.
      Not too many white man can stomach that.
      Those who can have certain personality.
      A lot of Chinese can endure that because the culture emphasize on scholastic achievements. But Chinese engineers may not be able to versus the white man engineer because white man are driven by passion, while the Chinese got into the field for better career prospect.
      Nevertheless the top Chinese engineers may be able to compete with white man.

    1. Anyone ever notice how the build quality of the inside of PC is so cheap compared to many other electronic devices, especially when compared to high end audio gear, PC is not designed to last very long, I think on average most PC users get a brand new computer every 3 years, I-Macs are much better built and are way more reliable than a PC but like me I have to change mine on average every 5 years and when I do change it’s because the screen is starting to die, I really need that for photo processing. Yes I know computers are still evolving and still get better by the year but man I hate spending money on this, and we all have to spend money on this on a regular basis to just keep up damn it! Anything else you normally buy will last for years, can you imagine if that every 3 to 5 years you would have to buy a new TV?, a new refridgerator? a new stove? a new microwave? a new telephone? a new water heater? a new toilet? a new bath? new stereo? new speakers? new furniture? new kitchenware?…. well I hope you all know where I’m going with this right? The whole computer and software industry is designed to get you hooked so you have to continuously spend more and more money all the time, just like the whole cell phone industry, I have always hated cell phones(now smart phones) and the more that evolves the more I hate it, I have never owned any of those God awful and annoying devices and still have no desire to own a device that everyone has become a slave to. Way back in time people would look into the future and dream how technology would improve our lives, well it has in many aspects, but a lot of horrible stuff has also come out of evolving technology. How I yearn for a much simpler time.

      1. The component life may not be too long. This basically got to do with Moore law.
        Your PC basically x2 in capability in 18 months. 10 years later, the new PC will be 100x faster than the one you are buying today.
        The component maker did their math and the rationalize everything out. Also you will not want to pay the kind of price for a super reliable component.

      1. They value their hip coolness so they cheer for the Democrats, but they value their money so they act like Republicans. They get the best of both worlds.
        Democrats support the rich too, they’re just better at hiding it, so high tech billionaires get the street cred of being leftist without having to sacrifice anything.

  3. The whole Microsoft rant seems like it was written by someone who hasn’t been paying attention since the 1990s. There has been much worse predatory and anti-consumer behavior by others since then. Privacy stomping by Facebook and Google, Apple’s attempts to suppress competition in the smartphone market with bogus patents, Oracle, just about everybody in the wireless industry at one point or another…… Hell, even Microsoft’s dominance in the OS field arose from the anti-consumer exclusivity of Apple’s overrated, overpriced hardware for their OS. A lot of the problems from the Bad Old Days of Windows arose from Microsoft accommodating third party developers who were unwilling to upgrade their standards.

  4. Just download pirated versions of any software you use that way you aren’t putting money in their pockets! I downloaded a graphic design app that costs something like 50 grand, not because i needed it just to see it. I couldn’t get my head around the fact people pay for this shit and in some cases a lot. Maybe burn loads of copies of pirated 50 grand app on disc and give them out to random people as free demos, just to be a cunt!

  5. The book “Brave New World” seemed to express this idea. in other words, a future society where people are controlled like lab rats, by monopolies. Of course, the monopoly is cheered on as cool. For instance, the founder of Facebook had a movie made about him. Of course, it was awesome he created Facebook from nothing, but he became just another monopolizer.

  6. When it comes to search engine optimization (getting your website to the top of search listings), Google has made an effort to make sure people can’t “buy their way to the top” or “scheme their way” (There used to be little tricks, that even ordinary people could master, to get to the top, without producing quality content.). However, note Google has the power to control who gets to the top, cause they have a monopoly on search engine listings.

  7. Oh boy oh boy. Look, Microsoft sucks, it always has. Google at least innovates and Facebook was founded BT a backstabbing rat that double crossed two trust fund kids and stole their ideas.
    The software industry, and computing in general is still very, very primitive. You show me one emerging industry that wasn’t horribly ruthless at its inception. Once the industry evolves then it will at least become somewhat more equitable, but that will take some time.
    Robotics is next. If we fail to own it this time around like we did previously then we’ve got real problems. Actually, if you want an answer to who is actually making the country fail it is bar none the banks. Their arrogance and stupidity has cost us more industries and more innovation than anything. They have no real concept of reality, everything is a numeric abstraction to them.

    1. QUOTE”Actually, if you want an answer to who is actually making the country fail it is bar none the banks. Their arrogance and stupidity has cost us more industries and more innovation than anything. They have no real concept of reality, everything is a numeric abstraction to them.”
      Banks have to make a profit like any other business. They can’t loan to everybody. If someone is interested in a more fair playing field in business, then they should try socialism. Capitalism simply works to make a profit. Of course, there is nothing wrong with socialism, but if you really want capitalism, then that’s the nature of the beast.

      1. I don’t think it was banks that destroyed the economy. It was investors, who had tons of cash to throw around, and had no responsibility to anyone. They played the economy like Vegas, but eventually lost.

  8. The software engineers have multiple personality but there is one thing is common for many of the good software engineers, extremely logical to the point of ruthlessness.
    When you come on board a software team, you will be judge by your ability to deliver. Once you can’t, you will be deemed a liability for the team and you will be asked to leave.
    I do not know if other industries work in such a manner.
    On the other hand, the life of software engineer can have quite a lot of freedom. Basically, you may have free food, free coke,..etc. You can take a nap.
    You can play games in office hours. You can disappear from office,
    You can argue and be disrespectful with your managers.
    However, one thing in common, you must deliver. Else out you go. It is kind of extreme merciless and extreme freedom.
    You will not understand the feeling until you gone through it.

  9. The asshole is not the STEM guys but the MBA types. In fact, the STEM guys resent the MBA types. The MBA are the most bastard people you can ever find in this planet.
    The STEM are just coldly logical. The MBA are extremely manipulative.
    Software engineers do seek to automate everything as far as possible because that bring well being to humanity.
    During the industrialization, the elites make people work for 18 hours a day. When the communist rebel, the elites reduce the working hour to 8 a day, by making use of more technology.
    Automating stuff is good in essential. The bad thing is the wealth due to advancement in technology is not shared with the people but pocket by elites.
    The modern networking technologies and logistic software is able to replace at least 10 office girls. Before you need a typist, the warehouse clerk, a despatch..etc. Today, emails, logistic software, networks are able to automate all these jobs.
    Since 1 girl is doing 10 person work now, why is her salary not increase by 10x, but drop? Else she should be working 1 hour instead of 10.
    The reason is the elite pocket the gain in productivity. Given the level of technology, everyone can work 4 hours a day. Instead of giving people good life, the elites make people go jobless.
    In future, when Robots are able to automate everything, be assured peasants are not going to sit at home and get served.
    The fact is peasants are allow to stay alive because the elites need to enslave and extract our labor.
    The elites will kill every single person, so that they themselves enjoy the fruits of technological advancement.

  10. QUOTE”Computer software companies are so evil that I want all computer software to go open source. That way you will not be forced to use anyone’s product, and everything will be easily fixed. In addition, open source in general will destroy the software industry profit model. They can still make money – I understand that Open Office and Firefox are profitable – but they will have to be forced to make money by being decent companies instead of the equivalent of corporate serial killers.”
    The problem with open source is marketing. The companies have a monopoly on marketing. Take McDonalds, they don’t have the best burger, but they do have the best marketing, hence many people buy it. Take online music lessons, I subscribed to a site, and the material was so simple, an average musician could have designed it. However, the website will make all the cash (not the average musician on the street), because they have power of marketing behind them.

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