Who Are The Nazis – the Ukie Regime or the Novorussians?

asdfasf writes:

Lets face it, those Russian separatists are probably a lot more Nazi sympathetic than those Ukrainians. Ukrainians are just USA-EU puppets not Nazis. Most of those Russian separatist leaders have Nazi connections.

I don’t believe it, sorry. Those are our pet Nazis. We have pet Nazis, pet fascists and pet Al Qaedas that we unleash on our enemies. These are some of our Nazi proxies. The Russian separatists are simply those Ukrainian ethnic Russians who live in the Donbass. That’s all they are. The Russians in the Donbass do not have any Nazi connections at all. Although I would say that the Ukrainians are fascists, not necessarily Nazi-type fascists. For instance, there is evidence that some of them might be pro-Jewish. One of the leaders of the junta is Jewish and supposedly 3 They are Russiaphobic fascists. But they main hero is a guy named Bandera, who was a Nazi. In WW2, the ancestors of the people in the East fought the Nazis and the ancestors of the people in the West sided with the Nazis and worked alongside them. Both sides are unrepentant about this behavior to this day. One of the main reason the Donbass took up arms against the Ukies was because they thought they were Nazis. Their ancestors had fought to the death against these people and many had died fighting them, so they are not pro-Nazi at all. The Jews in the West tend to be fascist-like and support the regime. The Jews in the East tend to support the separatists. The Russian Jews tend to support the Novorussians. They think the Ukie regime are Nazis, and this worries them a lot. Israel is sitting out the war more or less. Rightwing Israelis and the Israeli mass media are with the fascists, as is all the West.

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    1. That’s Ukie propaganda sorry. Ukraine-truth is a very poorly named site, and Gateway Pundit are reactionaries who support US imperialism.
      I tell you what. Russians and Donbass people do NOT like Nazis. With the Ukies of Western Ukraine, their long history is one of being sympathetic.
      Also the people of the Balkans – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – have long histories of being pro-Nazi to this very day.

      1. Well that is your opinion, I know many russians since I live 40km from Russia border and I can say that it is pretty common among them that they understand or like nazis or nazi-ideology at least compared to western europe or USA. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo-Nazism#Russia
        Even wikipedia says: Pavel Yurevich Gubarev (Russian: Па́вел Ю́рьевич Гу́барев, pronounced [ˈpavʲɪl ˈjurʲɪvʲɪt͡ɕ ˈgubərʲɪf], Ukrainian: Павло Юрійович Губарєв), born 10 February 1983 in Sievierodonetsk, is a pro-Russian figure in Ukraine who became the “People’s Governor” of the Donetsk Region at the Regional Assembly on 3 March 2014, after separatists seized the building. Gubarev had earlier declared himself leader of the Donbass People’s Militia.
        Gubarev is an advocate of Pan-Slavism.[5] Gubarev was a member of the neo-Nazi Russian National Unity paramilitary group.[11][12][13][14] Gubarev has publicly given thanks to this group for providing him with military training.[15]
        That being said it, this is not a big deal. Both sides have nazis… so what?

        1. Yes but you are a Finn, and Finns hate Russians going back a long ways. And Finns have a long history of siding with Nazis themselves, going back to WW2.
          The Ukie regime actually behaves like fascists. The Novorussians do not. The Novorussians treat all POW’s with extreme humanity. Strelkov recently gave an order about the treatment of POW’s. Also the Ukies who fled to Russia were treated with extreme humanity. On the Ukie side, there are many calls for genocide that they are practicing class Ukrainian nationalism fascism. Ukie nationalism is simply classic fascism on the national unification type. It denies the existence of all minorities and their languages and orders everyone to speak Russian in their country. It denies the existence of minorities in their country. It is extremely Russophobic. It is Russiaphobic fascism of the worst kind. The Ukies are full of hate. They hate Russians, they hate Poles, they have Rusyns, they hate everyone. Timoshenko threatened to nuke Russia and Novorussia. A radio announcer said we need to kill millions of Moskals in the Donbass. That Jewish oligarch said he was going to kill all the Donbass people.
          In the Donbass, Ukies have set up concentration camps for Novorussian men. Novorussian men who fought for the rebels or helped them are being taken away. People say they are being executed. Mothers of rebels are being executed in public executions. Their children are being executed through crucifixion.
          The Ukie symbols are often of a Nazi-like character. The West Ukies have been Nazi sympathizers since WW2 where they fought alongside the Nazis against the Novorussians who sided with the USSR and fought the Nazis. Neither side has changed their views since 1944.
          Russian language is being banned. Russian books and literature is being banned. They are talking about taking away voting rights for Russians. Classic fascist stuff.

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