What Is the Basis for Western Hatred of Russia?

Instead of Western or Anglo-Zionist hatred for Russia, really it is more the Anglosphere’s hatred for Russia. The Anglosphere is the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They all close allies, and whatever one does, the others quickly follow.
I do not agree with the term Anglo-Zionist to describe the Western enemies of the Russian people. Russian-Israeli relations are quite good.
Much of this is the traditional geopolitical animosity of sea powers for any large land power. The British acquired their permanent case of Russophobia shortly after the end of the Napoleonic War when the Russian Empire became the most powerful land power with the downfall of France.
From the beginning of the American republic, Russia was a distant but friendly power. US and Russian interests conflicted nowhere. During the US Civil War, Russia was the only European great power to diplomatically support the Union.
This changed in the 1880’s. Once the US completed its continental expansion, the US government decided to look abroad, at a global role, and began building a steel navy to replace the rotting wooden navy built for the Civil War. Russia was identified as a possible source of opposition to this process, especially as some in the US looked upon Manchuria, then a Russian sphere of influence, as the next “Wild West” for the US.
Writing in 1900, Alfred Thayer Mahan, the sea power guru, proposed an alliance between the US, the British Empire, the German Empire, and the Japanese Empire against Russia, to contain Russia until she collapsed.
That alliance (really the British and the Russians minus the defeated Axis Powers) has existed since the late 1940’s down to this very day, with precisely that objective.

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0 thoughts on “What Is the Basis for Western Hatred of Russia?”

  1. The jewish elite understand that their powerbase is the Anglosphere, especially the London, NYC and Washington Axis.
    Putin isn’t anti-jewish or anti-Zionist but he recognised that the Bolshevik Revolution and the first Soviet Government was made mostly of jews, a fact that the Anglosphere goyim are mostly unaware.
    Remember that Solzhenitsyn’s last book 200 Years Together about the jewish role in the Communist takeover of Russia wasn’t published into English.

  2. Before the cold war, there was really no concept about a military industrial complex. But Truman came in, reversed FDR’s detente with the Soviets, and antagonized Stalin, even to his face pretty much. Potsdam was no Yalta. Truman doomed us forever. From Israel, to the cold war, to Korea and the premise that set for neoconservatism, activating the CIA … the military was then radicalized, belligerent hawk civilians took over … that fucker Truman was the worst President ever. Ironic that FDR was among our best Presidents – his picking Truman over reasons of petty politics was possibly the worst decision a president ever made. Imagine if Henry Wallace had still been VP when FDR died. We can only imagine.

    1. Truman was Churchill’s lapdog at Potsdam. The Korean crisis was a spectacle of incompetence on all sides.

      1. FDR would’ve never had a war with Korea. Same with just about anyone else who could’ve been the veep who inherited the presidency. Truman was a follower, FDR was a leader.

  3. I don’t know that I would call it hatred, but anytime there is another power that has the capacity to challenge your worldview, there will be caution and suspicion. Of course some of that has to do with who exactly at the helm, in this case Putin. He has the ability largely to do what he wishes in his country and I’m sure that makes the West even more cautious.

  4. You just have to see the anti-Russian propaganda here in the Netherlands. Maybe the Netherlands also somewhat falls under the Anglosphere. Everybody speaks decent English. The empire starts to rise in the same time period.

    1. Thank you Jan.
      Jan, out of curiosity, how old are you?
      I love Dutch people very much, but I have nothing but contempt for the Dutch ruling class. They have been in deep with the Empire and US imperialism for a long time.
      The Netherlands mindset is something called “Atlanticism,” that is, alliance with the United States above all else. Norway, Denmark and especially the UK are all part of the Atlanticist alliance. They just follow whatever the US does blindly and never disagree. It is the mindset of an alliance.

  5. In Germany the far rigth(npd), medium rigth(afd) and the old school communist (die linke) are pro russia, while the parties in between (cdu= neoliberal; spd=a bit less neoliberal than cdu + moderate pc left; greens=moderate neoliberal + extreme pc left) are pro ukraine/usa.

    1. Russia is a great country! And now the Communism is done, there’s no reason to hate them for that reason anymore. All this hatred is left over from the Cold War. It’s the weight of 73 years of brainwashing. As far as most Americans are concerned, Russia is still the USSR, the Communists are still in power, and Putin is the head of the CPSU.

      1. That’s true, I won’t deny that. The Cold War is still strong in the minds of most Americans.
        But Russia is also a horribly corrupt oligarchy run by petro gangsters. Putin is a Russian mobster. Russia is one big mafia state. Read this, I believe every bit of it:
        I don’t think anything in that article is controversial. Any country run by the Mafia is a corrupt shithole.

        1. I do not think Putin is corrupt, and I also do not think he is a gangster. However, the oligarchs are very corrupt and they are also gangsters.
          What you just described, a corrupt, violent elite running a state mafia-style, is precisely the way many US allies have been running their states for many years. We don’t hate even one of them. If anything, Russia is better than those countries because Putin actually tries to help his people.
          I would like to point out that the Ukies are vastly more corrupt and vastly more Mafia-like than Putin’s government is. When it comes to corrupt mafia states, why are we supporting the worst one and trying to start a war with the much better one?

  6. The UK has had opposition to Russia at the center of their foreign policy since they both sought prizes in the decline of the Ottoman Empire. The Crimean War was fought over Russian demands against the Ottomans in the western Black Sea region, which the Russians backed down from under pressure from the UK and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But the Brits attacked them anyway as punishment for getting uppity. The British-Japanese treaty of 1902, which the Brits summarily shredded after WWI, was in large part about containing Russia. The Cordon Sanitaire after WWI was about using the new eastern European states as bases for attacking the Soviet Union. The Italian campaign during WWII was less about defeating Germany than it was about Churchill’s delusional vision of driving into the Balkans, drawing Turkey into the war, and extending British influence into eastern Europe. The Cold War started largely over Churchill’s insistence that the Polish Government in Exile, based on Poland’s prewar government that had been hostile to the Soviet Union, be instated as the postwar Polish government.

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