The US War for the Dollar, 1988-Present

The crisis in Ukraine is all about two things: The desire to preserve US hegemony (US World Dictatorship) The desire to save the dollar or preserve the dollar’s role as fiat currency. Look at the following evidence: In 1988, presidents of Libya, Iran and Romania start talking about creating a more honest bank for countries. One year later, the only leader killed in Eastern Europe was the president of Romania. It was done on purpose on Christmas Day as a strong warning for the other two. The judges were ordered at gunpoint to the courtroom, which looked more like a high school classroom. The trial in the kangaroo court was over quickly and both Ceausescu and his wife were executed on the same day. The two judges were so traumatized by what they had done that soon both men committed suicide. Soon before the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Saddam Hussein had been talking about halting the denomination of his oil sales in dollars in order to put them on some other currency. Very soon after he made those remarks, Iraq was invaded for many phony reasons. Very soon after the US conquered Iraq, one of the first acts of the new colonial dictator Paul Bremer (I am so sorry that the Iraqi resistance never killed this man!) changed Iraqi policy and began to denominate all Iraqi oil sales in dollars once again. In 2010, president of Libya starts talking again about creating a bank for North Africa. Two years later he is killed as a strong message. Concerning Iran, the US has been more or less at war with Iran for the past 35 years even since the Islamic Revolution. This has gotten worse and worse to the point where due to sanctions, Iran is locked out of most international trade. A very important reason for this war has been Iran moving off of denominating its oil sales in dollars. Lately it has been accepting gold for its oil. Turkey and India both have recently conducted quite a bit of trade with Iran in gold. Putin’s Russia is now threatening to go off the dollar and denominate its oil sales in some other currency. Hence the current US War on Russia. The message is quite clear: Go off the dollar, and your country will be attacked. Not only that, but the US will execute you personally.  

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  1. It seems that that overthrowing the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency is one of the primary goals of BRICS, (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). When the US Dollar finally looses that status then the U.S. economy will be decimated.

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