The Ghost of Ilya Ehrenberg Returns

God bless the People’s Republic of Donetsk’s (PRD) freedom fighters! They chose to stand against the Nazi beast that was released from its grave 70 years after the Red Army and Soviet Partisans had buried it in the SSR of Ukraine. That Nazi beast did not take control of state power on its own. State power in Kiev was handed to the fascists by foreign governments! Namely by US and EU imperialism (Western imperialism).
In the east, Russian-speaking Ukrainians could never accept for a second the return the Nazi plague knowing their very own grandfathers and grandmothers, 70 years ago, preferred death in combat over life under the fascist yoke. That’s why they rose up in a popular revolution and toppled Kiev state power in the Donbass without firing a shot. They formed their own republic which was approved democratically by a landslide. Porchenko refuses to recognize the fact that Donbass folks despise his fascist regime! He made the deliberate choice to start a war of annihilation against the PRD, armed to the teeth by a coalition of Western imperialist governments.
Anti-Nazis and antifas all over the world are enraged at the sight of Hitler’s admirers throwing their artillery and air force against the young free republic. Especially the Russian people who lost 27 million men, women and children to gut the fascist beast during WW2! Russian comrades will not stand idle watching Hitlerite black hordes massacre their Donbass brothers and sisters who would rather die on their feet than live on their knees. Russian comrades will provide the PRD’s freedom fighters all the weapons they need to match those of Obama’s Nazi stooges.
Your cause is just. Victory will be yours. Death to the fascist invaders!

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  1. Lets face it, those russians seperatist are probably a lot more nazi sympathetic than those ukrainians. Ukrainians are just USA-EU puppets not nazis. Most of those russian seperist leaders have nazi connections.

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