Raw Video: Pancake House Fight York Pennsylvania

In the future, a great man will stand up on a podium before a vast grade spread across a verdant glade. He will give a speech that will resonate for decades afterwards as one of the finest speeches of his era. This short video will be playing in the background. With this thunderous prose, the speech begins:

Four score and seven years ago these niggas brought forth at this Pancake House great mayhem, conceived from self hatred and dedicated to the proposition that all Black people are not created equal.

Whatever you do, don’t show this video to Obsidian over at Just Four Guys. He will devote a huge post to just this video with a long screed about how all Black women act like this and this is why no White men will touch them with a 10 foot pole. Atta boy Obsidian! Keep those sisters on the plantation! That Underground Railroad out of the ghetto is dangerous indeed. Black ladies best stay home and not risk it.

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0 thoughts on “Raw Video: Pancake House Fight York Pennsylvania”

  1. Classy people, on a side note, what`s with all the people out supposedly socialising and yet permanently on their cell phones ? Why bother going out if all that`s what you`re going to do ??

  2. My answer to racism of any kind has always, and will always, be this. For every 1 woman you show me like this, I will show you5 more just like her. It has little to do with skin color and much to do with environment and family upbringing. In my humble opinion anyway.

      1. That altercation didn’t even end badly. Actually, although you can probably find any behavior you’re looking for in any demographic, large black women do seem to have a greater tendency to “clown” in public. I’ve seen this many times. I heard one black female acquaintance jokingly refer to such antics as “acting black” in a conversation with a friend of hers.

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