Is Wikipedia a CIA/Deep State Project?

Nominay writes:

If the truth is blotted out, how do you come by it Robert? Have you tried editing the wiki entry with irrefutable sources, as to not have the revisions reversed so quickly? Is there independent media you can reach out to more to spread the word?

Editing Wikipedia is hopeless. Wikipedia is basically a project of the US Deep State and US imperialism. Whether Deep State entities control Wikipedia or not is not important. What is important is that the editors of Wikipedia are deeply aligned ideologically to the US Deep State, the US Foreign Policy elite and especially to US imperialism. That doesn’t mean that Wikipedia is a project of the CIA, but it might as well be. If the CIA owned Wikipedia outright, the articles would not look 1% different from what they are now, since Wikipedia’s editors support the CIA view of society. Wikipedia has been a fanatically reactionary from the very starts. My friends who were early editors said that almost all of the top Wikipedians are “Libertarians.” The Libertarian bias is extremely strong on any article having anything to do with economics. Jimmy Wales is an extreme Libertarian, a diabolical monster of a man as all Libertarians are. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, this millionaire Hannibal fulminated about how the government should not have spent one penny or moved one man to help save people or clean up the mess in New O themrleans. Everyone was just supposed to fend for themselves. Of course this was pretty much the response of the somewhat Libertarian Bush Administration. So you see Wikipedia has been a fanatically reactionary institution since its earliest days. Wales also, like all reactionaries, has deep ties to Zionism and ultra-wealthy Zionist circles in America. He has appeared at pro-Israel fundraisers where he helps raise money alongside his uber-rich Jewish pals.
I am pretty good at analyzing a lot of different sources and figuring out what it truth and what is lies. The truth is not that hard to come by. Just assume that the US and allied world media is lying to you a good part of the time, especially about certain things, and go on from there. Mostly just quit reading the paper. Quit reading newsmagazines. Turn off the news on TV or the radio. Get all your information from Truth sites on the Net in the Alternative Media.
There are lots of writers out there who write stuff along my lines. Quite a few have more hits than I do. It’s just that all of that is tiny compared to the MSM and the voices of the two big political parties. Most Americans are lined up either with the stupid Democrats or with the stupider Republicans. They simply parrot whatever lie the Democrats say or the bigger lie the Republicans say, depending on which side of the toast they spread their butter. The MSM more or less parrots the views of both of the parties in one way or another.
Since WW2, there has been a “bipartisan consensus” on foreign policy. The two parties agreed to the same basic contours of an imperialist, wicked foreign policy. The Democrats chose a somewhat milder version of imperialism while the Republicans chose a more extreme, hyper-militaristic version. Democrats are always being pushed into militaristic positions because Republicans always scream that Democrats are weak because they hesitate when the Republican order them to slaughter thousands to hundreds of thousands of people. Not wanting to massacre tens of thousands of people for any no good reason means you are weak. The % of Americans who believe in this sociopathic “whoever murders the most is strongest; whoever hesitates to slaughter tens of thousands of humans is weak” is very high – tens of thousands of mostly conservative Americans believe in this “the biggest murderers and the best people” philosophy.
Bottom line is most Americans really don’t care about foreign policy, but what little they do know is generally a repetition of extreme brainwashing by the Deep State. Persons deeply interested in US foreign policy are usually hopelessly brainwashed by the Deep State as the more US media you partake in, the crazier and more brainwashed you get and the fewer facts you know and the more lies you believe to be true.

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30 thoughts on “Is Wikipedia a CIA/Deep State Project?”

  1. It stands to reason that if America’s elite, educated, upper class supply the government and C.I.A. and news media with their people then the C.I.A. doesn’t have to manipulate Wikipedia because the culture and values are already the same.
    They all think alike, act alike, have the same beliefs so naturally they will all follow the same by-lines and propaganda. That’s the beauty of American capitalism, it doesn’t require that you be an “American” just that you act like one; a follower, a sheep, a low-I.Q. minion.

  2. it’s a fucking kosher project bobby… its jewish…that’s all that it is…started by jews and run by jews…and the CIA has always been a jew run org since its earliest times

  3. The % of Americans who believe in this sociopathic “whoever murders the most is strongest; whoever hesitates to slaughter tens of thousands of humans is weak” is very high
    Sho’liz. I never understood that about the United States. Remember all of those lovely tunes that emerged after Iraq invaded Kuwait? Who can forget such gems as “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iraq?” But the all time award for chicken hawk war music goes to Daryl Worley and his angry shit-kicker anthem “Have You Forgotten?”

  4. Democrats are always being pushed into militaristic positions because Republicans always scream that Democrats are weak because they hesitate when the Republican order them to slaughter thousands to hundreds of thousands of people.
    Or maybe the whole thing is mostly just a charade. I have never believed that Democrats went along with military adventurism just because Republicans yelled “chicken!” a few times. They all serve the same masters in that arena.
    Bob, do you ever read “9/11 Truth” material? Just wanted to get your take on it. I don’t believe the US government was involved, but I don’t judge others who do. I’ve always wondered why that pisses everyone off so badly.

    1. Yes I have read a tremendous amount about it. I still believe the official story but there was an awful lot of funny stuff going on. I wonder about the Israelis. I think they might have known about it but maybe allowed it to happen? Really a lot of people had foreknowledge of this attack, there is a lot of documented evidence of that, also a lot of very questionable stock trades the day before the attack.
      I do not trust anything my government tells me anymore about this sort of thing because now I know how much they lie, but the 9-11 Truthers have not proven their case.
      However, I do believe that the Saudis were up to their eyeballs in this thing.

      1. Foreknowledge of 9/11 just Google “Able Danger” or “Tim Osman.”
        The United States is a fraudulent nation being run by criminals.

        1. Just so y’all know, when I refer to people who get pissed off, I’m talking about all of those people who get offended by 9/11 conspiracy theories, not the believers themselves.

    2. Stealth,”…I’ve always wondered why that pisses everyone off so badly…”
      I can’t speak for everyone but I can tell you why believing the government story pisses me off is because it’s scientifically impossible. It annoys me to no end that straight forward science is completely ignored for some cockamamie flying Arab bullshit.
      I’m going to tell you two things that are impossible to explain if you go by the government explanation. This are just two out of the massive amount of circumstantial evidence that shows the governments case, “as Vinny says in the movie My Cousin Vinny”, doesn’t hold water. Let’s forget all the people there reporting bombs going off and video where you can hear bombs going off.
      1. Molten metal of very high temperature pouring out of the buildings upper floors. The molten metal is steel. The government says jet fuel melted the steel. This is impossible. Use common sense. Why did it take so long for humans to get to an iron age(1200BC)?
      If a fire could melt steel the iron age would have started in 10,000BC or even earlier. And even then free flowing iron was not made until the Bessemer process in the mid 19th century.
      To get molten steel you need extremely high temperature.
      How do we know the metal was steel and how hot it was? Color temperature. Link below is a basic outline.
      The link below explains how different temperatures are different colors and how this is used in metallurgy to find out what temperature a metal is.
      There is actually an instrument made out of a incandescent light bulb, a variable resistor and a meter. Remember your old incandescent light bulb dimmer. How the bulb started low orange and got whiter and whiter. That’s the temperature. With a meter to measure the current flow through the bulb you look at a hot metal and match the bulb heat(color) to the melted metal and then read off the meeter to see the temperature. So this is not some idle bull shit. It’s straight normal technology that been around for decades and decades. The molten metal is too hot for jet fuel, paper and furniture. It’s looks like thermite which, surprise, surprise, unreacted samples of thermite were found in the WTC dust.
      2. The third building to fall that day was building #7. It was NOT hit by a plane. It some damage ONLY to the back. It did have some fire damage but it fell (this is important) at the same speed as a dropped rock next to it for 198 feet. It also did this level. If the damage to the back caused it to fall it wouldn’t have fallen level. It would have fallen over. This is impossible. The speed it fell was the same speed as if it had NO resistance. You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that there was some resistance below the top. The building was still standing and the fires had largely gone out. A lot of people are talking about building #7 for this reason. It’s impossible. Not unlikely, not well if this…or that…, it’s impossible. The link below covers building #7.
      The reason that people don’t want to believe that their government is responsible for 9-11 is…they’re afraid. It very frightening. It scares me. Very badly. It’s so frightening people just refuse to believe it. They just tune out anything that says that. Unfortunately it’s true. The Jews run the US lock, stock and barrel. They and their allies in the government did 9-11 so we would attack Israel’s enemies. We did so. They’ve moved all our manufacturing to other countries, looted our banks and used us as tools to fight their wars.
      Why? The Jews are a tribe psychopaths. People believe in such a thing as a psychopath but for some reason they can’t make the leap that there could be a tribe of them. If people can pass on red hair why not psychopathy. There’s no physical reason this can’t be true but people BELIEVE that everyone is like them. It seems beyond their comprehension that others could be completely different. Psychopaths have NO empathy for others. Psychopaths can twist the head off an infant and feel no more than you crushing an ant beneath your foot. This difference is high as to be beyond the comprehension of most people. Even when the Jews tell you they’re different. Even when the Jews say in their holiest books that no one but them is human. People don’t believe they can be fooled but actors and magicians do it all the time. Psychopaths have even fooled Doctors trained in psychopathy! What bothers me is the Jews have been thrown out of every country they’ve gone to and somehow it never occurs to anyone that it may be the Jews that are the problem. I think I’m not going to post on this any more. It’s a waste of time. The US will just eventually be taken over completely and all the hard fought for liberties will be dissolved.

      1. “Why did it take so long for humans to get to an iron age(1200BC)?”
        I offer you an answer that the Iron and Steel age began earlier than thought and you can look up two terms “Adamant” and “Orichalcum”
        Gavin Menzies talks about evidence of large-scale blast furnaces believed to be from Minoan times to forge metals in his book.
        They took apart a corner of the Great Pyramid once and found iron t-braces formed in depressions cut from the corner stones which hold the corner stones to the next stone in and above them.
        Ecclesiastes 1:9; “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

        1. “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”
          Wasn’t that on an episode of Welcome Back, Kotter?

      2. “The reason that people don’t want to believe that their government is responsible for 9-11 is…they’re afraid.”
        I can think of better reasons than that.
        Let’s be honest, if you consider the high-profile whistleblowing events that have gone on, the likes of Manning and Snowden, then either there is no way something as egregious as an inside job that kills thousands of your own citizens- including at the HQ of your own military!- would happen without someone blowing the lid on it, 13 years on, is hard to believe. To murder foreign nationals can be swept under the carpet to some extent- they’re not us, they can be passed off as terrorists or enemy sympathizers. (Note how drone strikes killing civilians is often said to be so much worse when it involves US citizens, as not!) To play the lives of your soldiers overseas, may be similar, as soldiers often die in the course of duty- indeed will be hailed as heroes. It would either have to be so tightly under wraps that no whistleblower could ever possibly out it, or what whistleblowing does occur is carefully planned either as disinformation, or to throw people off the scent.
        Perhaps given the nature of things it’s not impossible to imagine, but it’s a *huge* risk even for a psychopath. Killing your own citizens on your own soil is just plain “not done”, period- it cannot be excused once exposed. Furthermore, you have to suppose hat the perpetrators are so completely lacking in morals as to not care about this.

  5. Somewheres I had read that the investor group that funded facebook was
    a cia shell corporation. That kinda rang true to me. As well as not wanting various family and acquaintances to have easy access to me, it gave me another reason to be social media anitsocial.
    However, slowly I have come to realize I am but one person in this vast conspiracy. They probably already know about whatever borderline proclivities I possess. I am also great at telling people to fuck off , so I might just delve into that media yet.

        1. Being civilized is not just whenever it’s convenient for you. You either are or you’re aren’t. And yet, even when I have no illusions about being civilized, I’m still more civilized than you are. Take the comment I’m responding to. You’re more of a troll than I ever could be, because I have no desire to be a pathetic, potty-mouth like you. And … you don’t get to treat me like you do, and then scurry away like a rat. I am not going to leave you alone, because I cannot fight you in real life.

        2. So there I am posting a relevant comment on a thread.
          Then some Omega loser hammers me with;
          ‘Hey, you mean spirited foul-mouthed loser.’
          Realizing that the Omega is a sicko that likes to be talked down to,
          I indulge it. The subhuman cannot get enough and needs to feed the monkey a little more…. similar to a true junkie. So it responds attempting to be the transgressed one. Sick , depraved behavior for sure. A desperate cry for attention.
          Me. I don’t mind so much. I am used to being fawned over by peons.

        3. Regarding your psychobabble on me … you are incapable of refuting points made by someone in a debate on substance, on any issue.

        4. ‘you are incapable of refuting points made by someone in a debate on substance, on any issue’.
          Rofl. I already have . Over and over and over. You have some sort of
          can’t see the forest for the trees logic going on.
          Anywho. IF that is the way you feel…. stop engaging me. I will get over it
          real fast.

        5. “Saying so makes it so”, and in such colorful language, eh?
          “You’re such an idiot when it comes to guns, even though I don’t address how your points are wrong. Just trust me – you’re a subhuman piece of shit worthless scum die motherfucker abomination.”
          Gee, thanks Ed. I stand corrected!

        6. “Saying … I stand corrected”
          So , that was directed to me ? I waited awhile to respond, not sure if you had posted in the wrong forum.
          It would seem that I know when I have won whatever ‘debate’ with you when you devolve into nonsense. It’s very ‘ If you cannot dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.’
          The last post was apropos of nothing. Possibly you bursting a vessel and having keyboard diarrhea.
          As you have proven there is nothing to discuss with a lesser intellect , such as yourself, I will again remove myself from this conversation.
          I will however , request a question from you , before I shun thee….
          Do you live/work in a tall building ? Is there any way you could pry a window and leap ? I know it seems insensitive, I am a firm believer in thinning the heard of the weak.

        7. In the world of Edward Rudloph Toomey the 3rd, debates are “won” in his mind, and in his mind alone. Or it could be that he’s retarded when it comes to communication.
          “Do you live/work in a tall building ? Is there any way you could pry a window and leap ? I know it seems insensitive, I am a firm believer in thinning the heard of the weak.”
          First off, no need to space between word and question mark. But more importantly, you want my child to be left fatherless, and for my wife to be widowed. I suspect that they could care less about how I’ve harmed your positive vibes, so please excuse them.

        8. ‘But more importantly, you want my child to be left fatherless, and for my wife to be widowed. ‘
          It is funny that you mention it a second time. It is odd that you have a child. I thought you were a child.
          To be clear, the world would probably be a better place. There is every chance they would be better off. You seem like a complete loser with not a lot to offer.
          If you are soooo worried about the fam, maybe time to consider what actions you do that put them in jeopardy, instead of bleeting about others like a useless sheeple.

        9. That last comment of yours is such a joke. You’re a buffoon. I regard you as a clown. Join the circus you hateful freak.

    1. What better way to control and blackmail people than to make them think their communications are “private” when they are not? A smart American would intentionally say things that are not true painting a picture of themselves as “criminals” or “terrorists” just to waste the time of these idiots who think they should and can control everything everyone is thinking all of the time.
      I once heard a story of a guy who set up a phone dialer with a machine that rang random numbers and hung up when someone answered but stayed on the line if it heard a voicemail beep then it proceeded to say, in computer-tone speech, a list of N.S.A. terminology that was flagged just to give N.S.A. analysts something to waste their time on.
      What better way as an American to say, fuck you, to the government?

  6. When I was in middle school I did a report on censorship in the media and lies plus propaganda. During that time I found a good site for news. Project Uncensored don’t remember if it was com net or org?

  7. I don’t suppose there even need to be sympathizers of the “deep state” in order for Wikipedia to be so biased. The intelligence organizations of the richest and most powerful country in the world are bound to be well-funded and with plenty of resources and manpower at their disposal, to ensure that the world’s most prominent freely-editable information resource stays their way. It is well known even to people like me who rely on half-remembered trivia a little too much, that one of the biggest sources of Wikipedia edits is the CIA. ‘Nuff said.

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