Glory to the Heroes, To the Heroes, Glory!

Pregnant woman murdered by US proxy Nazis forces in Odessa.
Pregnant woman murdered by US proxy Nazi forces in Odessa.
This woman was murdered by US-supported Nazi forces in the Odessa Massacre. This massacre was planned in advance. The Nazi forces attacked a peaceful camp of pro-federalism demonstrators in front of the Labor Ministry. The demonstrators ran into the Ministry for safety. Their camp was then set on fire. The Nazis, along with their allies in the Odessa Police, then attacked the building with firebombs and guns. The people inside the building did not fight back at all, as they had no weapons. They had no guns and no firebombs, and they certainly did not throw any of the firebombs back at their attackers. The Nazis pumped some sort of a poison gas into the building which debilitated a a lot of those inside. Then they broke in. They murdered everyone they could get their hands on inside the building. All women were raped and then shot in the head or beaten to death. The woman in the photo above was simply a Labor Ministry employee who happened to be working in the building on that day. She was eight months pregnant. America’s proxy Nazi forces strangled her with a cord. Most of the people who were killed were set on fire. In general, only their upper bodies were set on fire before the fires were put out with fire extinguishers. The purpose was to destroy their faces and hands so the victims could not be identified. The investigation of this crime by the Ukrainian Nazi government was a complete farce. 100 I honestly think that the US Deep State, mainstream media and CIA must control Wikipedia. If you go to the Wikipedia article on this Odessa Massacre, you will read not one single true sentence there. All you will read are the lies about this incident perpetrated by the US government, the Nazi government in Kiev, and the corrupt, lying using MSM. It is quite a long article and what is amazing about it is that there is not even one single sentence in that article that is true. Wikipedia is completely controlled by The Hegemon and it is nothing but a mouthpiece for US imperialism and the American Empire. Worse than useless.

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5 thoughts on “Glory to the Heroes, To the Heroes, Glory!”

  1. If the truth is blotted out, how do you come by it Robert? Have you tried editing the wiki entry with irrefutable sources, as to not have the revisions reversed so quickly? Is there independent media you can reach out to more to spread the word?

    Aug 4, 2014 9:9 PM
    He and his regime has the blood of the thousands of Ukrainians on their hands, because of the neocon financed fascist revolution that led to the civil war.Add Iraq, Libya, Syria and others.
    William Kristol announced his total opposition to a possible Church Committee-styled investigation to rein in the NSA/CIA Police State. Claimed the original hurt our “allies” ,helped Islamic militance grow in the 1970s and 1980s. So for the neocons it’s Police State for US peons if Israel’s domination of the Mideast is at stake.

  3. Paychopaths are taking over everywhere with help of the “Great Psychopath” Jews.
    I wrote in another post how some say that the Malaysia plane was shot down over Ukraine by fighters. Probably wrong. A blogger posted that the plane said to be in the area is a SU-25. If so he says, reasonably, the SU-325 is a slower, lower ground attack plane. His comments. See the second one down by Scott Locklin. One thing we do know. The US press and the State Department are lying. How do we know? They’re agitating the air with their vocal cords and any time they do that lately they’re probably lying.

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