The Internationale Wobzi Khroskyabs Version

Really nice. My favorite song of all time, The Internationale, the international anthem of socialists, anarchists, Communists and other Leftists, is still one of the greatest songs ever written, no matter what you think of the Left. Very interesting version, sung in a strange Tibetan language that is only spoken by ~50,000 people. Nice photos from the Chinese Revolution too. Revolution is not a dinner party! Serve the people!

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0 thoughts on “The Internationale Wobzi Khroskyabs Version”

  1. Communism will never work because psychopaths will always rise to the top and oppress everyone. Monopolistic Capitalism is no better. Same result. A mixed republic with protection against monopolist is, what ever it’s faults, better than the alternatives.

  2. Communism puts too much emphasis on the environment, while the far right puts too much on genetics. Especially in regards to the US, I see people (families, individuals, culture) choosing a bad path as the primary reason for failure.

  3. Where are the white people in the picture? See, I told you this was an anti-white Jewish conspiracy (sarcasm), LOL.

    1. Oh, wait they’re all supposed to be Chinese. I was thinking at first, maybe the one the left was black, and some were Latino.

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