Hamas Shoots RPG at Israeli Soldier in Gaza

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYlMEsBt9sw From July 21 in Gaza. Apparently there is an IDF soldier in the building behind that window. An RPG is fired at his position. Look what what happens when you as a ground soldier get an RPG shot at you. Not a pretty picture at all. I would not want to have been behind that window. Not sure what sort of an RPG, but I believe Hamas uses RPG-29’s and RPG-32’s. Both are excellent and are made by Russia.

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5 thoughts on “Hamas Shoots RPG at Israeli Soldier in Gaza”

  1. The whole thing is a disaster. I hate the Israelis but I don’t want them all dead. If they would have worked out a deal years ago when they could have they could both live in peace. Not happily but not blasting each other to pieces.

    1. Israel missed its chance to make some sort of deal with the basically secular PLO, PFLP, and so on. Now both sides are dominated by people doing it for God, who hasn’t given any new instructions for the past couple millennia.

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