Hamas RPG Attack on Israeli Tank in Gaza


Wow! That is really impressive. I am not sure if it was the tank that got hit or the other armored vehicle (whatever it was) that the tank drove by.

RPG-29 is a pretty fancy RPG as I recall. I think it is one of the newer models. I believe it is made by the Russians.

Firing an RPG is difficult. You an suffer ear damage to the ear that is closest to the side of your body from which you are launching the RPG. I have also heard that launchers can get burns on sides of their faces from which they launch the RPG. I am not sure what can be done to minimize this stuff.

Attack apparently occurred 10 days ago on July 22. Location unknown.

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One thought on “Hamas RPG Attack on Israeli Tank in Gaza”

  1. There’s another drawback to firing an RPG.
    It leaves a nifty smoke trail, leading right back to you.
    Pucker & run!

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