Hamas Hits An Israeli Armored Vehicle with a Kornet in Gaza

Hamas scores direct hit on an IDF armored personnel carrier with a Kornet anti-tank gun. This is a superb weapon, not much used because they are hard to get. Very much cutting edge. Hezbollah used these a lot in the recent Lebanon War. I am not sure who makes them. France? Russia? Note it takes a while to hit the target. I think this is actually a “wire-guided missile,” but I am not exactly sure what that means. This vehicle was hit only four days ago on July 29 . Note how long it takes after being fired before it hits the target. I think that may have something to do with this “wire-guided aspect.”

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4 thoughts on “Hamas Hits An Israeli Armored Vehicle with a Kornet in Gaza”

  1. Robert, the 9M133 Kornet is certainly one of the best medium guided anti-tank missiles in the world. Maybe only the American Javelin system is better.
    It is a Russian designed and made weapon, with also a reverse-engineered unlicensed variant supposedly manufactured in Iran.
    I am 100% certain the Palestinians have Russian made examples procured via Syria and Hezbollah. Likewise the RPG-29’s are 100% Russian origin.

  2. A wire-guided missile has an actual spool of wire that unwinds out the back of the missile as it flies. The wire is used to send control signals to the fins on the rocket so the rocket is remote controlled by the missile operator/firer.

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