"Donetsk Is Surrounded" – The Latest Lie from US Presstitutes

Sitrep Novorussian War July 31, 2014.
Click to enlarge. Sitrep Novorussian War July 31, 2014.
This is the Novorussian War as of July 31. The Ukrainian Nazi forces are in blue and the Novorussian self-defense forces are in red. The latest propaganda as of yesterday is “Donetsk is surrounded.” The media is supporting the Nazis 100 The Nazis are really only present to the north and northwest of the city. But see that blue arrow coming out of Nazi territory to the southeast of Donetsk? Now look at that large arrow in the center of self-defense forces territory to the northeast of Donetsk. Also see the small blue arrow to the southwest of the small blue circle with white inside. See what the Nazis are doing? They are trying to surround Donetsk. This is very clear. The situation is somewhat grave in that there is a large-scale effort to surround the city of Donetsk by the huge army of a nation. They have not yet succeeded, but if they do, things will be very bad. This was the situation as of July 31. US presstitutes are reporting that on August 1 that Donetsk is surrounded. Donetsk suddenly got surrounded in one day? No. That said, I do not believe that the situation looks good for the self-defense forces. Russia’s game is to sit around until the Nazi government collapses or is overthrown or the Ukie winter descends on the land and the Nazis can’t fight anymore. The problem is that NATO is totally committed to defending their Nazi proxies to the end. NATO will not let let the Nazi regime fall, and the people will not be able to overthrow the Nazis as the Nazis will not allow that to happen. Russia appears to be supplying the self-defense forces with modern weaponry and the self-defense forces have a fairly large army of ~32,000 men under arms. But the Nazis have twice as many men under arms. Not only that, but they seem to have an endless supply of equipment that will probably be constantly replenished by the Nazis Western friends in Poland and the US. Furthermore, the Nazis keep calling draft after draft, and despite significant casualties have managed to convince a lot of Ukies to die for the Nazi cause. Also, the Nazis just imposed a 1.5 There may be some Russian advisors working with the self-defense forces. However, the US is totally committed to supporting the Nazis. Both the CIA and FBI have large operations in Kiev to support the Nazis with their spies and gumshoes. The Pentagon is working very closely with the Nazi military. In fact, there is even one US general working with his Nazi partners on strategy. To sum up, from the self-defense forces’ point of view, things are not looking good. On the other hand, they are not looking bad either. They have now been on the defensive for most of the last two months. This is a small rebel band fighting a fully-equipped army of a nation. Such bands are always at a disadvantage if only in pure numbers. The Western pro-Nazi media has been reporting lately that the Russians have been shelling into Nazi territory from inside Russia. Some are saying that those images are faked, but my information is that they are true. I believe they are mostly shelling that Nazi force that is trapped in the Southern Cauldron. Do you see the numbers 3, 6, 7 and 11 on the map? Look inside those numbers, and you will see a small pocket of Nazi territory that is more or less hemmed in. Do you see that blue arrow coming from the west headed into the Cauldron dated 7-31? That is a Nazi force trying to break into the Cauldron to rescue the trapped troops there. To the south of the Cauldron, you see the solid green line of the Russian border? This is the southern border of the Cauldron, and it is from here that the Russians are shelling the trapped troops. The shelling is known as “harassment and interdiction fire.” You will have to go look up what that means if you have no military experience. It’s more or less random fire at enemy territory I believe. Nevertheless, artillery is a powerful weapon, and even harassment artillery fire can cause a lot of damage.

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  1. Your a complete and utter fool.
    Your the Nazis. Open your eyes. Your Russian thugs are surrounded and getting slaughtered.
    Death to Russia. Death to Putin.
    Death to you, Your propaganda is a laugh. Your so detached from reality you must be a retard seriously.
    Love the photos of your dead Comrades

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