Gaza Update August 1, 2014

IDF reported that 5 soldiers were killed in the Eskhol District at a staging area just outside of Gaza. The 5 soldiers were killed by mortar fire and I can now give the exact location via Islamic Jihad as the Kerem Shalom border crossing with Sinai, Gaza and Israel where there has been heavy fighting for days now. IDF reporting a “security incident” in the Kerem Shalom area. A closed military zone is in effect in the area. No idea what it is all about. At 8:30 AM Friday, a huge battle took place east of Rafah according to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. I do not know exactly where as the Arabic names make no sense. According to some sources, the attack took place behind IDF lines. IDF was inspecting some tunnels when militants popped up out of tunnels out of nowhere and and opened up with grenades, automatic weapons and RPG’s. A suicide bomber blew himself up amidst IDF troops, wounding at least four soldiers. A huge battle took place during which two IDF troops were killed. In the commotion caused by the suicide bomber, Hamas 1st Lt. Hadar Goldin, took him  POW and dragged him down into a tunnel. The IDF says Goldin is alive, but they do not know his condition. He may or may not have been wounded in the battle. The IDF then bombarded the area with planes and artillery. 20 Palestinians were killed and 100 were wounded in this bombardment. Of the 20, at least 8 were militants. Hamas says that the attack took place before the ceasefire that was due to start, but Israel says Hamas broke the ceasefire. The ceasefire allowed Israel to keep on destroying tunnels. That bizarre version of a “ceasefire” could only exist in the minds of Israel and the US. This crazy ceasefire was the one that Kerry has been trying to negotiate for days now. Many of the talks have been held in Egypt. Of course, Hamas and the other militants routinely violate all ceasefires, whereas Israel has been trying to keep to them. As soon as a humanitarian ceasefire is announced, Israel often stops firing, but pretty soon Hamas shoots another missile. Militants say  that if the IDF is going to continue to destroy tunnels during the ceasefire, the militants are going to keep firing on the IDF. I suppose that is reasonable. South of Nablus, automatic weapons fire from a Palestinian village wounded one IDF soldier. Special Forces soon raided the village and attacked a home and a store. In Jerusalem, a Palestinian on a motorcycle was stopped by police. As he was being questioned, he tried to go for the cop’s gun. The Palestinian was wrestled to the ground and Tazered. Arabs continue to riot across the West Bank, especially in Jerusalem. There was also rioting in Hebron yesterday. A Palestinian bomb car was stopped outside a Gush Etzion settlement just inside the West Bank near the 1947 boundary and not far from Jerusalem. Palestinians hung a PLO flag at a locale only five minutes from the Wailing Wall. Jews complained and the cops said the flag was illegal. Two Jewish women came with tools to cut the flag down, but they were suddenly surrounded by 30 Arab youths throwing rocks at them. The women made it away safely. Later, police came and cut the flag down. Then they went to the woman’s house and gave her the flag. She said she planned to set it on fire. Huge numbers of Israelis support the operation, up to 9 Reports indicate that Israel may be planning to end the Gaza incursion in a few days. Then the IDF will pull back just outside of Gaza where they will stay in large numbers. No doubt militants will attack these large IDF formations on the Gaza border. So a small scale war of attrition will replace this huge war.

1st Lt. Hadar Goldin, taken POW by Hamas today. This is one of the first photos of him published by a news source. Photo was very hard to find.
1st Lt. Hadar Goldin, taken POW by Hamas today. This is one of the first photos of him published by a news source. Photo was very hard to find.

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  1. What cracks me up is what a bunch of mushy pussies Jews are in the real world…It’s only the incompetent Arabs and hapless Palestinians they could ever beat. They’re even worse than Hindus/Indians.
    I used to see IDF personnel on U.S Army bases in the 1990’s…Most undisciplined loudmouthed bunch of unshaven skinny faggots any professional soldier has ever seen!
    Leads me to believe that if the Israelis were fighting anyone else but the Arabs…Israeli would have long since ceased to exist.

    1. Exactly. It’s one thing to drop bombs on unarmed Palestinians from an F16 50k feet up in the air but it’s another thing to take on an enemy face to face on equal terms.
      The world saw what happened when the IDF fought real men in Lebanon back in 2006. 8 years later, history is repeating itself in Gaza.

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