Novorussian Army Video Great video of war footage of the Novorussian Army. Really cool song in the background by a Swedish heavy metal band called Sabaton. This is off their 5th album called The Art of War. Most of Sabaton’s songs are about war and while this one takes the POV of the German Panzer Division, Sabaton’s songs talk about the wars of the 20th Century with focus on WW1 and WW2 and take the point of view of all sides in the conflicts. Just so you know this is not a Nazi band. I must say, at the risk of hyperbole, that this Novorussian Army looks like one of the best armies in Europe based on battlefield performance anyway.

The Marriage of Profit, Imperial Power and Fascism

From here. I was always a bit mystified at the alliances between Western capitalists and politicians, all the way to the most liberal Western politicians, with out and out fascists. Apparently they share similar ideologies. I also suspect that fascists are good for business. And as all Western politicians and capitalists have a “Kill the Left” mindset, it’s useful to note that there have been no better killers of the Left than the fascists. So, repugnant as these folks are, it seems that they come in handy.

But the ‘European identity’ to which Odnorozhenko aspires is one estranged from mainstream European and American liberalism That statement is completely absurd, a fine example of how even fairly intelligent western journalism can lapse into direct rejection of reality in favor of official mythology, despite self-evident contrary facts. In reality, “mainstream European and American liberalism” has never had any problems cozying up to fascist elements when that has seemed expedient, from Franco and the Greek colonels to Pinochet, Videla, the Guatemalan genocidal dictatorship or the Ustasha. The liberalism of the white empires has never been allowed to overshadow their real core values: profit and imperial power. That’s the real “European identity” of capitalist imperialism, which is shared by fascists and liberals despite their differences. More particularly, it’s a simple fact that the neo-fascists in Ukraine are not “estranged” from their US and EU patrons. They are in a strong alliance, the very opposite of “estrangement.” US imperial official Victoria Fuck-the-EU Nuland, a main author of the coup, had no problem with the fascists when assigning posts in the new regime. Nor are the EU “liberals,” who a few years ago were tut-tutting about any fascists being elected to the Ukraine parliament, now expressing any concern whatever about the fascist paramilitary gangs they are backing in Ukraine. The truth is that the US empire and its European satellites openly support the far-right/fascist Ukrainian coup regime, and their state officials and servile media are actively promoting it and working to conceal its fascist character (and that includes the liberal UK paper The Guardian, Mr Luhn’s employer). Talk of liberalism is just childish in this context. Serious matters are at stake here, and there’s no time for journalists to indulge in cheap talk or play with ideological baubles like liberalism instead of aggressively fighting as the empire’s media wing against Russia. For the US empire, what is at stake in this conflict is nothing less than its unchallenged world domination; for the EU, what is at stake is its monopoly as the center of international integration in Europe. For both, Russia must be crushed for its unforgivable crime of setting up the Eurasian Union, and, to that end, pushing Ukraine under the juggernaut of war and fascism is a price they are entirely willing to pay.

Bizarro Western Media Headline of the Week

Preparing for War with Ukraine’s Fascist Defenders of Freedom. Via the utterly despicable Deep State publication Foreign Policy. If I am not mistaken, it is published by the Deep State stink tank The Council on Foreign Affairs. Do not underestimate this institution. They control the US state as much as the CIA does, if not more. Then again, the CIA and the CFR are pretty much the same thing anyway. Yeah, that’s the real headline. What the actual Hell? The Western media keeps trying to bake their fancy wedding cakes out of secret ingredients like this. It was a flawed project from the start, and it’s starting to collapse under its own glaring contradictions. It’s hard to believe that a single literate American can read a headline like that without bursting out laughing. And don’t forget the article itself. It’s worse than the headline.

The EU Is Pathetic

I cannot believe the EU is led by such a bunch of pathetic idiots who act like they are in kindergarten. Once upon a time, Europe had some real leaders. I didn’t like a lot of them, but they were still real statesmen, not fools. Let us compare. Margaret Thatcher (statesman) vs. David Cameron (pathetic) Francoise Mitterrand (statesman) and Charles De Gaulle (statesman) vs. Francoise Hollande (pathetic) Helmut Schmidt (statesman) vs. Angela Merkel (pathetic) Francisco Franco (statesman) vs. José Manuel Barroso (pathetic) I can almost sympathize with Nuland when she said, “Fuck the EU.”

Islamist Militia Takes Over US Embassy in Tripoli

Here. All US Embassy personnel were evacuated under armed guard to Tunisia on July 26 due to the chaos in the country, so there was no one at the embassy. All sensitive materials were either removed or destroyed before evacuating the embassy. A video posted on Youtube showed armed Islamists relaxing in the embassy and romping in the pool. Libya is a totally failed state. I must say even Ghaddafi was better than this. What is US foreign policy anymore? To overrun functioning countries and create chaos, mass casualties, destruction and the ensuing failed states? How is it US imperialism  benefits from the creation of failed states all over the place? I am not really getting this.

200 Polish Mercenaries Captured at Donetsk Airport

Here. That report is a lie. The rebels say that 200 Polish mercenaries just surrendered at the airport, and I believe them. Obviously they were there with the consent of the Polish government. So really NATO is already fighting in Ukraine. There have been huge battles at both Donetsk and Lugansk Airports. The airports have been very hard to clean out. They are full of underground passageways and many of the junta forces are underground. The Ukies have been trapped at the Lugansk Airport for a very long time, but they have never been eliminated. Both airports are to the south of their respective cities – Lugansk Airport is quite a bit to the south of Lugansk.

Argentina, Iceland, Greece, Etc.

From the Internet, regarding money owed by sovereign nations to the banksters:

The banking corporations expect full payment for this debt. This money will be funneled into the International Bank of Settlements to the delight of the ultra rich families. If a country chooses to not pay its debt then war is imminent. Also, if a country is unable to pay their debts, then that nation is then asked to hand over its physical wealth including seaports, oil reserves, gold and copper and gas and fisheries and clean water and tracts of lands. This situation is occurring in Greece where banker heads received islands of Greece as partial payment of Greek debts. However in countries like Iceland the bankers were rounded up and jailed. In response, international bankers promised to divest from Iceland and they did so in hopes Iceland would begin to feel the financial pressure. Luckily Iceland pulled through and is now experiencing steady economic growth despite the economic blockade promised by the grumpy bankers. I foresee a war against Iceland in decades to come, or perhaps some sort of other action by the bankers/industrialists who are still very displeased with Iceland’s course of action. History shows that nations who don’t conform with central banking and paying of those debts end up being targets of war and destabilization by the ruling families who don’t take being dismissed as acceptable. Otherwise all nations will begin to not pay their debts. I hope Iceland remains vigilant as the bankers are vengeful indeed.

I think it is quite clear that the banksters are the enemies of all mankind. Why we villagers with torches have not put their heads on pikes yet is beyond me. There are quite a few books that have been written on the lines of “banksters control the world.” A great one is Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope. His theme is that the whole world is controlled by a group of banksters, mostly Anglos, and mostly operating out of New York and London. I am not wild about conspiracy theory, but this one has legs. A similar thesis is: All wars are bankers’ wars. A bit simplistic, but there is something to that one too. The very idea that nations pay off their debts to banksters by selling off sovereign national territory to the banks is insane. This is war of aggression and imperial conquest by Finance Capital, all done without firing a shot. Incredible.

Novorussian Army Destroys Ukrainian Navy Ship!

Absolutely amazing video. That is a Ukrainian Navy ship off in the distance there. The booms you hear are Novorussian (or Russian Army?) artillery shelling the ship from the shore. As you can see, one of the rounds hits the ship and destroys it. What are the Novorussians shooting? Don’t you need to shoot anti-ship missiles at a ship to kill it? The attack took place off of a city called Shirinoko. I am still figuring out where that is. Some people are saying that Russian aircraft hit the ship. It does appear that way, but if you look closely, those are seabirds, not a plane.

Pussy Riot Are Traitors

I had always heard that they were more or less US agents, but now I know this for sure.

The Kremlin is facing intensifying international condemnation over its stance. Two members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot told an audience in the Australian capital Sydney on Saturday that Russia should be excluded from G20 talks scheduled for November, AFP reported.

What a bunch of traitors. Not that they should support the government – it is always permissible to oppose any government of any state on principle – but these people are traitors to the Homeland. I don’t take too kindly to that. My attitude is sort of a nationalist one – Other than the Homeland, what else is there? That’s the way I see it.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Terrorist?

Found on the Net:

Governments are not totally obsessed with terrorists. The voters of a country can do a lot more damage to the power structure and privileged ruling class than terrorists ever can. Take 9/11. Some 3000 people killed. Privileged ruling class still in power? Yes. Power structure still the same? Yes.   Terrorism is never gonna hurt the ruling class. It just keeps the citizens scared. Are the ruling class scared of terrorists? No. They don’t fly on commercial planes for one thing. The ruling class are scared of citizens. Citizens, if they weren’t obedient sheep, could oust the ruling class in one day. Terrorism is a diversion. Sure, it might be real, but it is an insignificant part of most people’s lives.

Bolding is mine. Actually things are even worse. The ruling class gained vastly in strength, power, venality and corruption after 9-11. It was a huge boon to them. Condi Rice and Netanyahu both remarked on what a great opportunity 9-11 was. 9-11 just fell right in the lap; a dream come true. We are obedient sheep, and of course we could oust our leaders in a New York minute, but we won’t.

War Spreading to Transcarpathia!

There is breaking news, as yet unconfirmed, that chaos and mass unrest is spreading across Transcarpathia. So the region is now apparently in open and obvious rebellion. Wow! The Transcarpathian region, known as Zakarpattye Oblast, declared their independence from Ukraine a long time ago, but not much followed from there. Recent reports said that half the oblast was in open rebellion, armed with checkpoints everywhere that won’t let you past unless they know you. Then we heard that the junta had sent an army detachment into the region. Not much was heard after that. A large number of recruits from Transcarpathia recently defected from the war zone in the east. They hopped on buses and rode west. At some point they were stopped at a military checkpoint where it was determined that they were deserters  who were fleeing the war zone. At first the soldiers at the checkpoint told them to go back, but then they changed their minds and said those who want to go home, sit here and those who do not want to home, sit here. Quite a few opted for each group. Then the soldiers allowed the troops to go back to Transcarpathia.

Zalarpattia Oblast in the Ukraine, home to Rusyns and Hungarians.
Zakarpattia Oblast in the Ukraine, home to Rusyns and Hungarians.
Transcarpathia is mostly home to people called Rusyns, who speak a language similar to but not the same as Ukrainian. It is actually a separate language. The junta says that there is no such thing as a Rusyn language and that instead they speak Ukrainian. The Rusyns have not taken kindly to Ukrainian nationalism and the truth is that they want out of this new Ukraine. In the west, there are many Hungarians who still speak their language. They also want out of the new Ukraine.
The extent of the Rusyn ethnic group in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia.
The extent of the Rusyn ethnic group in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia.

Robert Stark Interviews Luke Ford

Interview here. Robert Stark interviews returning guest, journalist, and blogger Luke Ford. Topics include:

  • Why Luke does not view racism as a legitimate concept
  • How writings on topics such as white activism is associated with a low social status
  • How writings on topics such as white activism is associated with a low social status
  • How Luke is unique in the sense that he has ties to both ethnopolitics as well as entertainment culture
  • Luke’s interview with comic Rachel Bloom
  • Luke’s appearance at Tom Sunic’s upcoming speech in Beverly Hills on September 21st
  • Why not every group is compatible with Western Civilization
  • Robin Williams’ suicide and struggle with addiction
  • How the root cause of addiction is lack of attachment and insecurity
  • How paranoia is also caused by lack of attachment and insecurity
  • More on the Santa Barbara killer and how open displays of sexuality highlight sexual differences
  • Luke tells a story from his high school years where he was rejected from a party
  • More on Luke’s one man play Eroticized Rage
  • Why men are attracted to teenage girls
  • Masters of Sex TV Show
  • Is It Anti-Semitic to Say Jews Are Good with Money?
  • Why Is Los Angeles Falling Apart?
  • Jewish Women Are Hot
  • Men who are attracted to intelligent women

Men – Ignore Masculinity at Your Own Peril

Homer Simpson writes:

If anything, it’s the women whom are the true gender enforcers, for what they find sexy in men is among the things that keep men behaving as they are. If you step out of line, then you won’t get any, or even get into the friend zone.

I was never really into hardcore masculinity. I was always a soft-spoken, rather androgynous type guy in the good sense of androgyny. After many years of that, I finally figured out that it doesn’t work. I got tired of getting called gay and bi and gay and having bi guys hitting on me. Incredibly enough, I even got gay-bashed a few times! I lost jobs when queer bosses fired me for not sucking their dicks. I got tired of my very own girlfriends accusing me of being gay or bi or neverendingly questioning me about whether I was gay or bi. I got tired of girlfriends mocking me, laughing in my face, humiliating me, openly cuckolding me and trying to wear the pants. I got tired of being a pussy-whipped idiot. I always had a deep masculine core, but it was sort of hidden. But anyone with half a brain could always see it pretty fast. I decided to get a lot more into that masculine core. I actually enjoyed it, because that had always been an important part of my self, even if it wasn’t always out front. I also got a lot more dominant with my girlfriends in bed and also out of bed. I started cussing out my girlfriends when they misbehaved, and even threatening them sometimes when they attacked my Achilles Heels with “attacks that I never allow anyone to make.” I started making a lot more decisions. We are going to use this car rental agency. We are going to stay in this motel. We are going to eat at this restaurant. Instead of getting angry, my girlfriends looked relieved. I figured out that most if not all women and girls want to be dominated in bed and even out of bed to some extent. My girlfriends started acting openly submissive in and even out of bed. Some started calling me Daddy and wanting to play Daddy – teenage daughter sexual age play games with me. They started asking me to play out rape fantasies, which in a couple of cases involved me “breaking into the house,” accosting them and having sex with them “against their will.” After I “raped” them, they would tell me that the sex was incredible. The sex got a lot wilder and way more more perverted. My girlfriends would get these little girl voices with scared eyes in bed as we wrapped up in each other to go to sleep. I started fighting with girlfriends a lot more, and the fights got extremely wild and even crazy. My girlfriends fought me harder and dirtier than they ever had. Some started physically assaulting me for the first time, something I had to figure out how to deal with. My relationships also got a lot more intense and lasted a lot longer. Women fell more deeply and wildly in love with me than they ever had before. Girlfriends started fighting over me and actually threatening each other. I would meet a new woman, tell her I was dating two other women, and immediately she would give me her phone number. Girlfriends started spending a lot of money on me and showering me with gifts. They became insanely jealous of other women and demanded that I be with them only. They acted like guard dogs around me, defending me against the depredations of other women. For the first time in a while, women started asking me to marry them. This grew more common. There also a lot of requests to move in with women. Women hopped on airplanes to come see me from very long distances. They bought plane tickets for me to some see them thousands of miles away. Girlfriend A would be over at my house and Girlfriend B would call on the phone. Instead of getting furious Woman A would pick it up, laugh and say, “It’s your wife,” and hand the phone to me. I would be lying in bed Woman A at 11 PM when Woman C would call me on the phone. I would get out of bed and take the call outdoors. When C asked me what I was doing, I would tell her that Woman A was visiting me now and I was in bed with A when C called. Woman C would get visibly excited and start talking dirty to me. I would go back to bed, and A would ask who it was. I would tell her it was Woman C and instead of getting angry, she would start laughing. I started reading Game blogs and realized that these idiots who I had castigated before were actually right. They were still narcissistic misogynistic shits, but they had actually managed to figure out women. I started realizing that there was something to this masculinity stuff after all. I got a much more Gender Realist and biological idea of gender, which was endlessly confirmed to me by women in my life. I realized that all the leftwingers and feminists who had castigated masculinity and played a role in me downplaying it while playing the role of a “modern feminist man” were simply dead wrong, so I trashed the Left and feminist view of sex and gender. I started realizing that most of us are slaves to Mother Nature and that Mother Nature always bats last. And once I figured that out for real, as you can see above, my life got a whole lot better. Men, I do not care how leftwing or feminist you are, you ignore and downplay masculinity at your own risk. I am warning you.

Radical Feminism Is Wrong Right off the Bat

The radical feminist definition of sex and gender. Briefly, sex is what you are born into – a male or a female body. Gender in most cases is what happens when a male turns into a boy or a man or a female turns into a girl or woman.

Patriarchy is a caste system which takes humans who are born biologically male or female and turns them into the social classes called men and women. Deep Green Resistance

This is so wrong. Gender is as real as race. In fact, my own philosophy at the moment is that Gender Realism has a lot more going for it than Race Realism. I guess Gender Realism would say something like: Gender is real, it is not socially constructed, and much of it is in fact biological in nature. How many of you are Gender Realists? I would imagine that the vast majority of the older generation are. Every woman and girl I have ever dated was? Where are all these morons who insist that gender is socially constructed?

What Language Is This?

This is not an obscure language at all, and all of you have certainly heard of it. I doubt if any of you speak it though! What is it? Tasiok txetnikok omendu gaitu gaur. Aizue!! Gogoratzen al zineten Sotxiko Jokoei egin behar zitzaien boikotaz. Ukrainari boikota noizko? Ukrainako saskibaloi selekzioak AEB-etako taldearen aurkako partida jokatuko du Barakaldon, munduko saskibaloi txapelketaren baitan. Donbas komiteak, selekzio ukrainarra boikoteatzeko deia egin du, “Kieveko gobernua Novorossijako herriaren aurka burutzen ari den operazio militarra” salatzeko. Irailaren 4ko partida egunean izango da mobilizazioa, BEC aurrean. Iheslarientzako Nazio Batuen Goi Mandatariak (UNHCR ingelesez) salatu du bi siriarretik batek etxea utzi duela “egoera geroz eta beldurgarriagoengatik”, BBCk jaso duenez. “Gure aroko larrialdi humanitariorik handiena da”. “Gaur egun UNHCRen ardurapean dagoen munduko errefuxiatu talderik handiena Siriakoa da, eta kopuru hori Palestinako hamarkadetako gatazkak bakarrik gainditzen du. 64 urtetako operaziorik handiena da Siriakoa”, adierazi du UNHCRek ohar batean. UNHCRen datuen arabera, zortzi siririarretik batek muga zeharkatu du, iaz baino milioi bat gehiago, eta 6,5 milioi pertsona herrialdean barrena lekualdatu dira, erdia umeak. Errefuxiatu gehienak gertuko herrialdetara joan dira: 1.175.504 Libanora 832.508 Turkiara 613.252 Jordaniara 215.369 Irakera 139.090 Egiptora 23.367 Afrikako iparraldera Siriatik ateratzea geroz eta zailagoa dela ohartarazi dute: “Askok muga-postuetan eroskeriak ordaintzera behartuta ikusten dituzte euren buruak, eta Jordaniako ekialdera iristeko basamortua zeharkatzen dutenek 100 dolar edo gehiago ordaindu behar izaten dizkiete kontrabandistei leku seguru batera iristeko”. UNHCRen izena eman duten azken errefuxiatuek segurtasun eza, lana aurkitzeko zailtasuna, oinarrizko produktuen eta janariaren prezioen igoera drastikoa eta zerbitzuen gabezia aipatu dituzte Siriatik ihes egiteko arrazoien artean. Beste askok herrialdea utzi behar izan dute ez dutelako euren gaixotasunentzako tratamendua jasotzeko aukerarik. UNHCRek jakinarazi du 4.100 milioi dolar jaso dituztela, baina 2.000 milioi gehiago behar direla oraindik Siriako krisiari aurre egin ahal izateko. Ikusi albiste hau ondorengo hedabideetan Ukrainako saskibaloi selekzioak irailaren 4an jokatzekoa da Barakaldon. EH-Donbas elkartasun komitearen esanetan, aldiz, “onartezina da genoziden arteko kirol ekitaldi bat normaltasun osoz lehiatzea”. “Are gutxiago Ukrainako gobernu kolpistak errusiar zein beste gutxiengo etnikoen kontrako garbiketa egiten duten bitartean”, gaineratu dute. Kieveko gobernua aurrera eramaten ari den operazio militarraren “ordezkari eta erantzule zuzenak” boikotatzeko, partida egunean, irailaren 4an, mobilizazioa deitu du elkartasun komiteak. 17:00etan Barakaldoko BEC aurrean egin dute hitzordua. Donbasseko gertaeren harira Debako Gazte Asanbladak ondorengo bideoa sareratu du egunotan. Zer kontatua daukazu eta bloga irekiko zenuke?  blog komunitatea zabaltzen jarraitu nahi dugu eta bertako kide izateko aukera eman nahi diogu edozein pertsona edo kolektibori. Eta zergatik ireki bloga.  Gairen batean interes berezia duzulako, bidaia baten ingurukoak kontatu nahi dituzulako, ikastera kanpora joan eta hango esperientzien berri eman nahi duzulako, hainbat albiste, burutazio, analisi eta gogoetekin eztabaida sustatu nahi duzulako, parte hartzen duzun talde edo kolektiboaren berri eman nahi duzulako… Oso erraz egingo dugu. Zuk blogaren izenburua eta bertan zer egiteko asmoa duzun pentsatu behar duzu. Teknikoki ez duzu ezertaz ere arduratu behar, guk sortuko dizugu, eta nahi izanez gero, hasieran irizpide batzuk emango dizkizugu blogaren abentura hau abiatzen laguntzeko, bai idazketa aldetik, bai estilo aldetik… Denoi interesatzen zaigu sarean ere jende euskalduna aktibatzea, eta horretarako blogak tresna eraginkorrak dira. Orain arteko blogosfera indartzen laguntzeko apustua da hau, eta iruditzen zaigu, honekin euskal komunitate osoa ateratzen dela irabazten. Gainera, aniztasuna ere ekarriko du horrek, garrantzitsua baita bakoitzak berea kontatzea, bere ikuspegi propiotik. Gainera, nork daki, bloga abiatzea interes bereko pertsonekin harremanetan jartzeko aukerak biderkatzea da. Formatu guztiak onartzen ditu: Testu labur eta luzeak, argazki-bloga, bideoak… kontua behin hau abiatzean, koherentzia mantentzea da. Lehenengo gure erredakzioko kazetari gutxi batzuk hasi ziren blogintzan, gero erredakzio osoa, 2012an hamaika kolaboratzaile ere bildu zen taldera eta dagoeneko euskal blogosferako komunitate sendoenetakoa dugu. Badakizu beraz, euskaraz komunikatu nahi baduzu  lekua duzu. Animatu eta jar zaitez gurekin harremanetan ondorengo helbidean: Udako lehen brigadista taldearekin egin bezala, Marokoko poliziak Askapenaren Saharako bigarren brigada kanporatu du. Beste behin, Aaiun hirian sartzeko kontrol batean atxiki eta taxi batean Marokoko lurretara bidali dituzte. Gertatutakoaren kronika bidali dute euskal brigadistek. Mendebaldeko Saharako bigarren brigadarekin aurrera egitea erabaki zuen Askapenak, udako lehen brigadak izandako oztopoen gainetik “Marokoko Gobernuak Saharar lurretan ezarritako blokeoa gainditzeko borondatea” jarriz. Abuztuaren 15ean abiatu ziren, eragile sahararrekin plangintza moldatu ostean. Egun batzuk “diskrezio osoz” turismoa egiten aritu ostean, astelehenean abiatu zen brigada Aaiunera. Bidean zazpi kontrol polizial igaro zituzten arazorik gabe, baina azkenengoan euren zain zeuden kalez jantzitako 40 poliziarekin egin zuten topo. Oso aztoratuta zeudela azaldu dute brigadistek, leku batetik bestera korrika eta brigadako kideen irudiak hartzen. Aaiunera sartzerik ez zutela jakinarazi zieten,”inolako argudiorik gabe”.  dispositiboaz eta debekuaz galdegin zieten, baina poliziaren aztoramena areagotzen zihoala ikusirik, taxian sartzea onartu zuten. 700 kilometro inguru egin zituzten sei lagunek taxi bakarrean Marokoko Agadir hirira iritsi arte. Hala ere, euren eginbeharrekoa ez dela amaitu eta Marokoko zenbait eragilerekin elkartzeko asmoa dutela adierazi dute brigadistek. Poliziaren kontrola Mendebaldeko Saharara sartzeaz bat, poliziaren presentziaren ugaritzea begi-bistakoa dela diote brigadistek eta lehen egunetan bisitatutako herrietan poliziaren jarraipenak izan dituztela. “Kontrolak, kalean militarrak, armadaren eraikinak, harresiak… non nahi daude”, diote. Brigadistek bidalitako gutunean, Herriko kaleak Saharar herriaren aldeko aldarrikapenez betetzeko deia luzatu dute. Gazan su-etena ospatzen duten bitartean, Israelgo politikari gehienek ez dute albistea hainbeste poztasunez hartu. Ministro-batzorde erdiak, askok koalizioan, su-etenarekin desadostasuna agertu dute. Jerusalem Post egunkariak bildu ditu erreakzioak. Haim Yellin Eshkol eskualdeko lehendakariak adierazi du su-etena ez dela “benetazkoa”, eta bertako herritarrei etxera ez bueltatzeko eskatu die. Ministro-batzordeari Eskholen geratzeko eta erabakiak bertatik eta ez Jerusalemetik hartzeko eskatu dio. Uri Ariel etxebizitza ministroa (Bayit Yehudi) ere su-etenaren kontra agertu da. “Israelgo herritarren gaineko mehatxua ezabatzea eta Gaza desmilitarizatzea barne hartzen ez duen edozein akordio beharrezkoa denaren erdia baino gutxiago da”, esan du Arielek. “Ez dugu Hamas garaitu. Ez dugu arrakasta izan”, adierazi du Likud alderdiko Danny Danonek. Hamas garaitzea beharrezkoa zela uste du, bere hitzetan, Ekialde Hurbil osoak jakin dezan (Hezbollah, Estatu Islamikoa eta Iran barne) “ezin dutela Israelgo jendearen kontra egin”. Shas alderdiko Eli Yishaik salatu du Gaza ez desmilitarizatzeak okerragoa izango den beste borroka batera eramango duela Israel: “Hamasek orain denbora izango du armaz hornitzeko eta Israelen kontra erabiltzeko”. Ezkertiarrek Benjamin Netanyahu Israelgo lehen ministroaren jarrera kritikatu dute. “Su-etena oso berandu dator. Azken hilabetetan Netanyahuk egin zitzakeen akats diplomatiko guztiak egin ditu”, adierazi du Zehava Gal-On Meretz alderdiko buruak. Israelgo Gobernuari iniziatiba hartzeko eta negoziazio diplomatikoei ekiteko eskatu diote.

Robert Stark Interviews John Robb on Open Source Warfare

Interview here. Topics include:

  • John Robb’s book Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization
  • The Four Generations of Warfare theory
  • How Open Source Warfare became predominant when nuclear weapons deterred conflicts between major nations
  • How decentralization is the asset of non state actors such as ISIS
  • Why John does not view ISIS as a proxy for nations such as Saudi Arabia
  • How ISIS got its start during the Syrian conflict
  • His prediction that we will never win in Iraq
  • Hamas and Hezbollah
  • How an open source movement is not an  organized organization
  • iWarfare
  • Why it’s inevitable that Open Source Warfare will spread will spread to the West due to economic stagnation
  • How an economy based on financial institutions is unsustainable
  • How a managerial economy is a zero sum game
  • Why education and healthcare costs have gone up is because of an increase in loans
  • How the FDA shut down the 23andme website which does genetic testing and could of revolutionized medicine
  • The commercial use of drones
  • Edward Snowden

Robert Stark Interviews Sebastian Ronin

Interview here. Sebastian Ronin is the founder of the Renaissance Party of North America and the President of the Canadian branch. Topics include:

  • Mr. Ronin’s involvement with the Green Party in Canada in the 1980′s
  • How he ran for office under the Green Party on a Soft Nationalist Plank
  • Why he broke ways with the Green party over the issues of decentralization and bioregionalism
  • Why he opposes the reactionary right
  • Why we live under deracination which means to be pulled up by ones roots
  • Why we have to reinvent instead of recreate the past
  • How he was involved with the original North American New Right
  • Building a movement where the radical right and radical left overlap
  • How the issue of race creates a barrier to the left and right working together
  • How Peak Oil will restructure society
  • How deindustrialization caused by Peak Oil will return the earth to a carrying capacity of 2 Billion people
  • Global Warming
  • His book Anschluss
  • His response to the reactions over his comments on Anders Breivik.

Statement about the "Russian Invasion of Ukraine"

I am very close to rebel sources. The truth is this. The rebels were on the ropes and on the verge of being defeated all through July to the start of August. Then things began to change. From 8-1 to 8-15, things were stalemated. From 8-15 to present, the rebels have been winning. Why have they turned it around? Not sure, but it does seem to have coincided with a large movement of Russian troops into the zone. Strelkov recently said that the rebels’ number of units had just increased by 3-4X. Overnight? How did that happen? I am 10 They bring them in in a couple of ways. One way is active duty volunteers. These men are serving their time in the Russian Army. They are given the option of serving part of their time in the Ukraine the same as if they were serving in Russia. They still get salary, bennies, everything. There are quite a few of these there. Others are more or less drafted in. The units are simply ordered into Ukraine. Some are told where they are going, others are told that they are on a training mission in Russia. There is a town near the latest southern Cauldron southeast of Donetsk that has been taken over by a unit of Russian military, who even set up checkpoints. The Russians in Ukraine often paint over their vehicles and have unmarked uniforms. Some have white armbands. Is this an invasion? Well not really. If Russia really invaded Ukraine, you would know. They would be in Kiev in a day or two. It is more of a small calculated incursion. The model is the “little green men” model that was used in Crimea. The Russians have also been shelling Ukie units near the border from across the border since ~August 1. As far as the Western story about moving artillery units into Ukraine and firing from inside Ukraine? Well, I do not know. But they have moved whole columns in and no doubt they are using them for shelling. To some extent, it is hard to tell a Novorussian column entering from Russia from a Russian column entering from Russia. They both fly the Novorussian flag. They both use unmarked uniforms and unmarked vehicles. The Russians tend to be more decked out in full-fledged gear, but the rebels lately are also quite decked out and often look official soldiers of a nation. Sometimes you can tell by accidents. When a whole unit speaks with accents from all over Russia and doesn’t know the name of the town next door, you can be pretty sure it is a Russian unit. The Novorussians speak Russian with an accent particular to the Donbass. The rebels also bring in very large columns from Russia. The rebels have a rear base in Russia where they train. It even has barracks, and there are supposedly reserve forces back there. A 150 vehicle column along with 1,500 men came across the border two weeks ago. Whether they are Novorussians or Russians is not clear. OCSE observers on the border said they did not see any Russian vehicles going over the border that was controlled by the rebels. However, they did see a lot of men in military uniforms simply moving across the border into Ukraine. I would assume that these are either the Russian active duty volunteers above or they are civilian volunteers going in. If you are a civilian volunteer, you go to Rostov and there are folks there who will give you a uniform and everything you need. They will ever train you at a base. These men going across the border, often singly, probably meet up with the rebels soon after they are inside and then are perhaps assigned to a unit. At some point a history of this war must be written and the Russian role must be determined. The Western media is useless in this regard due to all the lying. The Russians are denying everything. It is hard to get good info out of the rebels due to a lot of denials and obfuscation. However, some can be learned from their coded language. Some excellent evidence though has come out of Russia from enterprising journalists and an organization called The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers. Have the Novorussians been kicking ass? Yes, for some time. Have they had Russian help? Yes, some, but not a full scale invasion. What role has the Russian help played in the Ukies’ reversals of the past two weeks? Unknown but possibly substantial.

The CIA Is Everywhere

You know, I used to hate this guy, but I think now I am actually starting to like him. For some reason, he reminds me of Oliver Stone. The former governor of Minnesota and former US Navy Seal has some interesting tales to tell about the CIA. It seems they are everywhere. They are probably under your bed as you are reading this as a matter of fact. Personally, I think the Agency is completely out of control. We never used to have a CIA. We went through all of WW2 without one and we one anyway. The birth of the CIA occurred in 1946 when Wartime Intelligence was folded into the US state as a permanent entity. That is around the time when the National Security State was birthed. It’s nice to blame rogues like John Foster Dulles, but I really blame Truman for this whole mess. Truman birthed the CIA, the National Security State, and he really ramped up the Cold War like crazy. I used to be fond of him as a domestic liberal. But like most Democratic Party domestic liberals, he was completely reactionary when it came to US foreign policy.

More Live Combat from Ilovaysk

This is shot from the Ukie side. The Ukies are shooting from a school that they are holed up in. Later they go on patrol with a tank and run into the enemy who they fire on from a barricade. Judging from their uniforms, these look like National Guard troops. Those are probably some of the best soldiers in the whole Ukie force. Good God, war is terrifying. One thing you notice right away is how loud it is. War is so loud! Further, in war, everything around you is in chaos. Most things, natural and man-made, are destroyed or damaged. There is horrible noise, chaos and simple destruction everywhere you look. One thing you notice in these videos is that the enemy seems to be invisible. So how do you ever figure out where they enemy is anyway? The enemy always seems like ghosts. How do you shoot at a ghost? How can you tell from what direction the fire is coming? An interesting thing about this video is how calm these guys are. This is literally a life or death situation and these guys seem awful relaxed. They kick back, joke and take it easy. When the fighting starts, they seem very excited and seem to almost be smiling, having fun and enjoying themselves. Sure it’s exciting, but how can you enjoy yourself in live combat? Also, I do not think that reporter realizes what a dangerous situation he is in. Same school a while later. Apparently the Ukies either left it or were driven out of it. The rebels now occupy and fire from it. Crazy. Whole buildings change hands within a day.

Live Combat Video from Ilovaysk Live combat from Ilovaysk. There has been very heavy fighting here for days on end. Much of the town is in ruins, but there are still many civilians, mostly hiding in shelters and basements. They only come out once in a while. The rebels said yesterday that they Ukies were surrounded in this area. However, the Ukies said today that they had conquered the city. As you can see from the footage, the Ukies have not conquered the city. It really looks like both sides are fighting like mad over this city and no one really has it. After this battle, the rebels said that this shows a battle where the rebels were trying to clear the Ukies out from the train terminal area across the railroad tracks. So, Ukies on one side of the tracks, rebels on the other. The rebels said that out of a Ukie force of 100, only 20 survived. The rebels took only very light casualties. They are using automatic weapons here, mortars, RPG’s and what look like anti-tank guns. There is a large gun that sits on the ground that I cannot identify about halfway through the clip. Frankly, this is absolutely terrifying, and it is very dangerous for that journalists. War correspondents get killed all the time. However, these guys almost seem like they are having fun. No doubt it is very exciting. Do men actually get off on fighting wars? They actually like the thrill and excitement of live combat? I cannot see it.

Answering Western Propaganda About Ukraine, Part 2

Rantus writes:

Oh yeah, and the separatists were losing up until august 1st and then what happened? Russia sent in support, that’s what. And the reason that Putin denied integration to south Ossetia and these other flyspeck countries is because they have no value to him. They’re nothing but fragmented, balkanized countries with no intrinsic value but a lot of whack-jobs that can create havoc through terrorism. Ukraine though? Now that’s the real prize. Food from rich soil, energy, borders with NATO countries, hell, now that’s some good shit right there. That’s the exact reason why Hitler went after it and hence fucked up the invasion of Russia; because Ukraine is just too pretty for any tyrant to pass up.

Let us answer these one by one:

Oh yeah, and the separatists were losing up until august 1st and then what happened? Russia sent in support, that’s what.

Thank you. For once the commenter says something that might be true. The paragraph above has actually been a thesis of mine, but it is very hard to figure out if it is true. The West is almost useless due to all the lying, and the rebels are not exactly forthcoming about Russian support. I am close to the rebels, and I have been able to figure out a few things based on coded language they use, but it’s been hard. Anyway, all revolutionary groups get outside support. What’s the big deal?

And the reason that Putin denied integration to south Ossetia and these other flyspeck countries is because they have no value to him. They’re nothing but fragmented, balkanized countries with no intrinsic value but a lot of whackjobs that can create havoc through terrorism.

Yes but Western propaganda says Putin is trying to re-establish the USSR. Those areas were part of the USSR. If he is trying to re-establish the USSR, why doesn’t he annex those places? You see how the West’s argument makes no sense?

Ukraine though? Now that’s the real prize. Food from rich soil, energy, borders with NATO countries, hell, now that’s some good shit right there.

This is just crazy. Putin does not want Ukraine. Russia grows plenty of food and has lots of energy already. Honestly, Ukraine is such a gigantic money hole and basket case that Putin wants nothing to do with it. It will take $160 billion to bring the Ukies up to Western standards. Putin won’t pay it, and the West won’t pay it either. The Ukies are screwed. Sad. Putin does not want a border with NATO! Are you kidding? What Putin wants on all of his borders are non-NATO states – preferably neutral states. Ukraine was a fairly neutral state from 1991-2014, but then that all changed when the neocons got involved and ruined everything. Putin simply cannot tolerate this genocidal, fanatically Russophobic Nazi state on his border. It is unacceptable. What Putin wants for Ukraine is one thing: regime change. Putin doesn’t even want Novorussia! More land, more people, more problems. He has enough of all three already. Furthermore, Novorussia is in ruins. Who wants that?

That’s the exact reason why Hitler went after it and hence fucked up the invasion of Russia; because Ukraine is just too pretty for any tyrant to pass up.

See this is the Putin is Hitler lie again. Look, if I thought for one second that these Western lies were true and that Putin was really the new Hitler, I would be echoing the commenter in a heartbeat. But I just do not believe it.

Answering More Western Propaganda about Ukraine

Rantus writes:

“Whether or not I would like to live under Russian rule is irrelevant. Why this is an important question?” Er, because the majority of Ukrainians don’t, that’s why. They were polled and it came up that they want a single, unified state. Kind of like how Canada wants all the benefits of being America’s neighbor while not being American. But you’ll say that that’s just western propaganda. Ukraine stood to become very rich in the position of being a go-between state. They would have raked in massive amounts of money facilitating energy and goods transfer between Russia and the west. They were also on a solid path as an industrial manufacturer. But Russia didn’t like that, and now all that is gone. But you’ll say that that’s just western propaganda. Now there’s only the gangster Putin and his agenda, same as it was before under the gangster USSR. Ukraine has no future now, because their real self determination was just pulled out from underneath them. For somebody who is basically a Russian cheerleader, you seem to not really know much about Russians and how they really do things. If he steps foot in Poland, or rather when he does, what will you say then?

These are all just Western lies. Let’s go through them one by one.

“Whether or not I would like to live under Russian rule is irrelevant. Why this is an important question?” Er, because the majority of Ukrainians don’t, that’s why. They were polled and it came up that they want a single, unified state.

The people in the East sure don’t. Maybe they did at one point, but no way to they want to live in one state now. No way. In Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lugansk, the vast majority of people want to separate from Ukies on a permanent basis. They don’t even want federalism. And even those folks will not be living under Russian rule, although apparently most of them wanted to do just that recently. They will be living under the rulers of their own state, Novorussia. I have read reports from Ukie soldiers that said that 7 Crimea also wants to be part of Russia. They voted 9

But you’ll say that that’s just western propaganda.

The commenter is playing games with language to trick people. Western propaganda always does this. Here there is an attempt to conflate the results of a poll of the entire Ukraine with the feelings of those in the Donbass. I am quite certain that most Ukrainians at the moment want to live in a single state. But no way does Kharkiv, Lugansk and Donetsk and neither does Transcarpathia or Crimea for that matter. Now as far as oblast by oblast for the rest of the Ukraine, I am not sure. But there has been guerrilla war in Kherson and Zaporozhye for a while now. People from Kharkiv, Kherson, Zaporozhye and Kharkiv come to the Donbass, gain fighting experience and then go back to their own regions and start guerrilla war. I would be interested to see a poll about how Odessa, Kherson and Zaporozhye feel about being ruled by the Nazis.

Ukraine stood to become very rich in the position of being a go-between state. They would have raked in massive amounts of money facilitating energy and goods transfer between Russia and the west. They were also on a solid path as an industrial manufacturer.

All of these are lies. The EU’s package to the Ukraine was a poison gift. Ukraine would have had to shut down her entire industrial economy, which would then be bought up on the cheap by Western capitalists. One condition was a doubling of gas prices and a 5 The Ukies owe $17 billion, mostly to Western banks. The West was going to loan them billions more or less so they could pay off the $17 billion they already owe. Putin estimates it will take $160 billion to bring Ukraine up to European standards. He is right. The thing is, the West is simply not going to pay that bill. The future for the Ukies is very bleak. They have been facilitating gas transfers to Europe forever now. Where are the riches? The Ukies owe Russia $5 billion for gas. Mostly what the Ukies have been doing for a long time now is siphoning off Russian gas from the pipeline. In other words, the Ukies have been stealing Russian gas for years now, and they are still broke. Russia already does a lot of trade with the West. Anyway, only 35-4

But you’ll say that that’s just western propaganda.

It is Western propaganda. Nothing written above is true.

Ukraine has no future now, because their real self determination was just pulled out from underneath them.

Oh now the West are champions of self-determination!  Does the Donbass and Crimea have self-determination too? If not, why not? Putin isn’t going to conquer Ukraine and make it a part of Russia. He’s not stupid. Western Ukraine could never really be conquered anyway.

If he steps foot in Poland, or rather when he does, what will you say then?

He isn’t going to invade Poland. This is the Putin is Hitler lie. Putin isn’t Hitler. Why would Putin invade Poland? Was Poland part of the USSR? This is crazy. No way in Hell would Putin do that, and he has no need to anyway. Also Poland is NATO, and treaties say that a Russian invasion sets off an automatic war between Russia and NATO. In which case, by the way, I would be supporting NATO of course.

Answering Western Lies About Ukraine

Rantus writes:

No, I’m not a “Ukrainian Nationalist Guy”, and let me ask you a simple question: would you want to live under Russian rule? Because if you can’t see that all that’s really happening here is Putin attempting to reconstitute the old Soviet Empire then you’ve got blinders on. Everything about the current Russian govt is dirty. Their fire sales of state owned industries and assets to their own oligarchs makes American pay to play look squeaky clean in comparison. The bottom line is they invaded, and they didn’t invade because the separatists were winning. They invaded because they were on the ropes and getting their asses kicked. If Putin could have pulled if this coup by proxy without ever putting boots on the ground do you really think he wouldn’t have? It would have saved him all kinds of face. But he couldn’t , so he invaded. Its simple tactical logic. Now you’re gonna see what him and his gangster government are really about.

The commenter’s talking points are straight from the Ukie nationalist playbook. I wonder what his ethnic background is? Whether or not I would like to live under Russian rule is irrelevant. Why this is an important question? He is not trying to reconstitute the USSR, but I was a fan of the USSR anyway, so I would not mind if he was. Anyway, the USSR was a country for a very long time. Why would it be so bad if they all merged into one country again and called it the Russian Federation? The truth is that there are all sorts of places that are clamoring to be part of Russia because they hate living under their present rulers. South Ossetia and Abkhazia have been pleading to join Russia forever. Ditto with Transdniestria. Russia has been turning them all down for a very long time now. If Putin wants to recreate the USSR, why didn’t he annex Transdniestria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia? The “expansionist Putin” argument is insane. Also the Novorussians pled for a long time to join Russia. This is what most of the people genuinely wanted. Russia turned them down. How is turning down people who want to annex themselves onto you expansionist? This argument is crazy. True, Putin took Crimea back, but it’s always been part of Russia anyway. Then it was always part of the USSR. It ended up in Ukraine by accident after 1991. The Crimeans have been clamoring to get back into Russia since the first day of Ukie independence. A recent poll found that 9 Do people have something against self-determination? As a matter of fact, the separatists have been winning since the middle of August but the Western media has been lying all this time and saying they were losing. If you only read the Western press, you will truly end up thinking that up is down. The rebels were indeed on ropes up until August 1, which then turned into a stalemate from August 1-15, which has then turned into a rebel romp from August 15-now. It’s not a coup. The Novorussian people simply do not want to live in the same state as these Nazis. The Novorussian forces have 7

Critique of Putin

From here.

Putin is neither a communist nor socialist. Russia’s social safety net is pathetic to non-existent, and the economy is basically a capitalist (and crony-capitalist) free-for all riddled with organized crime. If right-wing is defined by economic policy and reactionary attitude to social issues (which is the standard definition), Putin is, in fact, the right-wing authoritarian dictator the Foxbots would kill to have in the US, the vanguard of the fascism Putin is always accusing Ukraine of having. Putin is wish-fulfillment for the American right, and oh, so manly to boot.

So Putin is basically a rightwing authoritarian? How much of this critique is true? Can any of you on the Left critique this paragraph? I do know that much of the economy is still state-owned and the state also owns partial (often 1/2) share in many other enterprises. The KPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) supports Putin. The state still spends a vast amount of money at all levels. How is this US-style neoliberal/laissez faire economics? Someone clue me.

About That Russian Invasion

First of  all, it isn’t a true invasion. It is just an incursion of a small force. If this were a true Russian invasion, you would know it. Not only that, but the Russians would be in Kiev and Lviv within a day or two. The Western media is all awash with reports about a “Russian invasion.” For once in their lives, they are actually not lying this time. I am convinced that the Russians have moved a considerable number of men into Ukraine. How many? An organization called the Soldiers’ Mothers Committee says there are at least 10,000 Russian soldiers fighting in the Ukraine. That figure is surely correct. How long have they been there? I would say that most of them have been there for a good two weeks and possibly longer. There have also been Russian casualties, probably also mostly in the last two weeks. The same organization of Russian mothers says that there have been 400 Russian casualties (KIA and WIA) so far in this war. I imagine that that statement is true. We also have reports of an armored column entering Ukraine near Novoazovsk. Reporters on the scene said that all markings on the vehicles had been painted over and that the men looked for all intents and purposes exactly like Russian Spetznatz troops. They were decked out to the hilt. Obviously this is nothing less than a column of Russian soldiers. There is another report from near Amrovsievska of a group of what appear to be Russian troops and an armored column who entered a village and set up a checkpoint. The residents asked what they were doing there, and the soldiers said, “We are here to protect you.” This is exactly what the little green men in Crimea said when residents asked them what they were doing there. The men had accents from all over Russia and there was not a single Donbass Russian accent among them. The residents asked how they were supposed to get to the next town over and named the town. The soldiers acted like they had not heard of the town. Obviously, this is a column of Russian soldiers from the Red Army who have moved their armored column into this  town and set up checkpoints. The ten Russian soldiers captured by the Ukies appear for the most part to be actual Russian paratroopers. Why their commanders did not tell them where they are going, I have no idea. There are a couple of ways that Russian soldiers have gone into Ukraine. One method is the “volunteer” method. Indeed, quite a few active duty Russian troops simply volunteered to spend part of their time as a Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine. They remained part of the Russian Army and continued to receive their salary and benefits. This method was the typical way that Russian soldiers were fighting in Ukraine until recently. The other method is simply sending in ordinary Russian soldiers into Ukraine in columns. This has been done more recently. Some of these troops were told where they were going and what they would be doing, but others were lied to and told that they were going on a training exercise inside Russia. How many Russian soldiers are fighting in the Ukraine? Surely the mothers’ organization figure of 10,000+ is correct.

What the War in the Ukraine Is Really All About

From the web:

This isn’t about Ukraine. This is about encircling and weakening Russia so NATO and the US can go in there, split up Russia into Western-friendly portions, and get at their oil and natural resources.

Well of course. It’s been about that since Day One of this craziness. And in the process of pulling off this scam, these NATO morons are willing to risk a shooting war with Russia. Not only that, but this US/NATO plot has been ongoing for over 20 years now since the breakup of the USSR. The Russians know this plot like they know the backs of their hands. Whatever else the Russians are, they are not stupid. They are some of the ultimate masters of geopolitical chess. Sure, Russia’s involved. Poke the Bear enough and it fights back. Look at the plot unveiled above. You actually think that Russia would sit back and take this without fighting back? Come on.

If the Ukies Are Losing the War, It Is Their Own Damn Fault

Or, Revenge of the Ukrainian Jews. From here.

Poroshenko and Kolomoisky are two great men. These two Jews managed to take revenge on the Ukrainians for everything: for pogroms, for the Jewish pale of settlement, for Babi Yar, for the burned ghettos. They managed to arrange things such that the Ukrainian Pinocchios gave them their money for not perishing in the carefully prepared cauldrons of the separatists. In no place and never was there such a mastery – the citizens who collected money for the army were given faulty armor vests for a triple price, the uniforms for a triple price, their oil was stolen from the oil pipeline and sold to the army for a triple price. And now for a third time in the same place the most Ukrainscious battalions of the Ukies perish on the positions that were long since trained by the militia, on which they were led to death for a third time by Poroshenko and Kolomoisky. Glory to Ukraine, glory to the imbeciles!

Absolutely. One wonders if there was ever a more incompetent and venal military as this Ukie one. The Ukies deserve everything bad that is going to happen to them. Too bad, that.


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