A Statesman Appears

VV Putin, statesman. It is not to be expected at all that a US President, or any President for that matter, be a statesman. However, those Presidents who are statesmen are the best of the Presidents. I am not sure which US Presidents were statesmen. JFK certainly was, as Roosevelt. Beyond that, I am just not sure. Of course George Bush Jr. was not a statesman. Are you kidding? A statesman can also be a diplomat or an administration official, particularly a high ranking one. Henry Kissinger, as much as I feel he is The Evil One himself, was indeed a statesman. One thing I will agree with Obama’s critics is that Barack is not a statesman. But he doesn’t have to be. A President is only as good as his advisors. And Barack’s advisors are simply awful. When a monster like Kissinger and Brezhinski make more sense than you do, that is really saying something bad. That’s like being worse than the Devil Himself. If Barack is worse than the Devil Himself, it is not because he is evil. It is because he is incompetent. Many Presidents are fairly incompetent, but if a President is like that, he should at least have some excellent advisors and a good relationship with the Pentagon and the intelligence branch. Barack has neither. VV Putin, whatever you think of him, is definitely a statesman. And he proves that once again in this great interview. I love the part where the reporter says, “The EU just put increased sanctions on Russia today!” Putin cocks his head, looks confused, and says, “Really?” Classic stuff.

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9 thoughts on “A Statesman Appears”

  1. Clinton definitely stands out as a statesman … JFK was terrific … FDR of course .. Reagan was mildly a statesman (Gorbachev), even Nixon with China

  2. Putin is a man of many talents: Siberian tiger hunter, fighter jet pilot, ice swimmer, black belt in judo, jazz singer

    1. Answer me in the other thread, fucker .I. Maybe your mom didnt teach you to be a gentleman, however my dad did teach me to be TOUGH

        1. Haha that Was good Nominay, but guess what? I am also a leader among my group, really, Atheists aré the group with hightest Iq (mine is 120 ) and lot of people see me like kind of a princess Lol or if i compare to Putin, then a president 🙂

  3. So what Obama needs is one-part Samuel Jackson (Pulp Fiction), one-part Laurence Fishburne (Matrix) and one-part Morgan Freeman (Oblivion) and the ability to say “Hell No!” and we might have a President?

  4. It’s shameful that a country full of people in the US has to look to a dictator, of sorts, in Russia to find a leader. We have become a wretched, loathsome people. It causes me great pain.

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