What Country Is the Biggest Danger to World Peace?

The United States is the greatest threat to world peace. Surveys conducted around the world consistently found that the US and Israel were considered to be the greatest dangers to world peace. Only 8% rates Russia the biggest danger.
I get the feeling the world doesn’t like us very much.
Since 1980, US, a peaceful country inhabited by a peace-loving people and the greatest country on Earth, attacked:

  • El Salvador (1980)
  • Libya (1981)
  • Sinai (1982)
  • Lebanon (1982 1983)
  • Egypt (1983)
  • Grenada (1983)
  • Honduras (1983)
  • Chad (1983)
  • Persian Gulf (1984)
  • Libya (1986)
  • Bolivia (1986)
  • Iran (1987)
  • Persian Gulf (1987)
  • Kuwait (1987)
  • Iran (1988)
  • Honduras (1988)
  • Panama (1988)
  • Libya (1989)
  • Panama (1989)
  • Colombia  Bolivia  and Peru (1989)
  • Philippines (1989)
  • Panama (1989-1990)
  • Liberia (1990)
  • Saudi Arabia (1990)
  • Iraq (1991)
  • Zaire (1991)
  • Sierra Leone (1992)
  • Somalia (1992)
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina (1993 to present)
  • Macedonia (1993)
  • Haiti (1994)
  • Macedonia (1994)
  • Bosnia (1995)
  • Liberia (1996)
  • Central African Republic (1996)
  • Albania (1997)
  • Congo/Gabon (1997)
  • Sierra Leon (1997)
  • Cambodia (1997)
  • Iraq (1998)
  • Guinea/Bissau (1998)
  • Kenya/Tanzania (1998 to 1999)
  • Afghanistan/Sudan (1998)
  • Liberia (1998)
  • East Timor (1999)
  • Serbia (1999)
  • Sierra Leone (2000)
  • Yemen (2000)
  • East Timor (2000)
  • Afghanistan (2001 to present)
  • Yemen (2002)
  • Philippines (2002)
  • Cote d’Ivoire (2002)
  • Iraq (2003 to present)
  • Liberia (2003)
  • Georgia/Djibouti (2003)
  • Haiti (2004)
  • Georgia/Djibouti/Kenya/Ethiopia/Yemen/Eritrea War on Terror (2004)
  • Pakistan drone attacks (2004 to present)
  • Somalia (2007)
  • South Ossetia/Georgia (2008)
  • Syria (2008)
  • Yemen (2009)
  • Haiti (2010)

That settles it!
America fights terrorism and promotes peace and democracy.
If you don’t agree, we have drones over your country right now.

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22 thoughts on “What Country Is the Biggest Danger to World Peace?”

  1. The fact the US can be so bold in the Ukraine (on the doorstep of Russia) shows it has nuclear first strike capability.

      1. Well in Iran Jews are left alone. It’s the only Muslim country that lives in harmony with their Jewish population but you may be on to something since “Judea” or “Judah” is the Sumerian King of Lagash; Gudea who’s royal standard was the lion. “Tan” “Ton” “Tun, Dun” are all Celtic-Aryan denoting “land” or “place” so it would only mean, “Place of Jews.”
        “Tan” is still used in Irish-Gaelic and we know that the “Irish” are the red-haired Tribe of Dan since they called themselves the “Tribe of Danu,” Tuatha De Danaan.

  2. Well it’s the most powerful country. Any other nation that was number one would be no different. Plus just putting a list there with no context as to what happened doesn’t say anything. I could put a list of fist fights some guy got in during his lifetime and one might conclude the guy is a violent asshole, but if he lived in a ghetto where fights happened all the time and he to confront people constantly it would provide some context.

    1. Obviously, we shouldn’t have a unipolar world with a “most powerful country.” Let’s bring back the bipolar or multipolar world. It’s was a lot safer back then. MAD was a good thing!

      1. Obviously, we shouldn’t have a unipolar world with a “most powerful country.” Let’s bring back the bipolar or multipolar world. It’s was a lot safer back then. MAD was a good thing!
        Empire is ultimately damaging to a society’s long-term health, whether it’s in the form of mass immigration from former subject lands or the blood and treasure sacrificed to maintain a global empire.

      2. How is it safer? The bipolar world(Cold War) is the very reason we had all those interventions and war in Latin America and in Vietnam and Korea.

        1. Well as you can see, in a unipolar world, they are trying start Cold War Part 2 because Russia is not going along with US as Dictator of the World shit. That’s what is behind all of the attacks on Russia these days. Russia is not being a good boy and doing what it is told.
          If Cold War 2 starts we may indeed get into new conflicts, but there are already a ton of conflicts with the bull in a china shop US rampaging all over the world proclaiming itself Dictator of the World.
          Communism is dead.
          US imperialism will always find an enemy. America needs enemies. America cannot exist without enemies. If they run out of old enemies, they make up new ones, often out of thin air.
          Balance of terror is just fine with me.
          Proxy warfare is no big deal compared to hot wars between big powers, which MAD prevented. Two bullies on the block will keep the peace knowing if one gets out of hand, he will be destroyed. One bully on the block is what US wants. That’s never a good situation.

        2. Wars in the third world will soon become obsolete, as the US will gain enough power to exterminate rebels like cockroaches. As we all know a massive police state has been developed worldwide. In fact, at my college they will pay math major’s tuition, if he will promise to work for the police state (with “big data mining” etc..)
          Also, a unipolar world means the US will eventually have the means to wipe out the other nuclear powers.

        3. You know I don’t believe in this First Strike bullshit, Jason. Who knows what the Deep State believes? Maybe they THINK they have First Strike capability? I know we don’t.
          I know that the Pentagon does not think we have First Strike capability, but the civilian end of the Deep State US elite went insane a while back, and they’ve been crazy ever since. I am not too worried about the Pentagon, but i am worried about the civilians.
          Anyway, this unipolar world bullshit is fading fast. That’s the US is out to destroy Putin. No man is doing more to undermine US unipolarity than VV Putin. So he’s got to go. That’s why the US is acting so nutty these days.

        4. Even though the US might lack a nuclear advantage, it has won the terror war, but the losers are the citizens of the west, who have to submit to a police state, for their own good.

  3. Of course the world doesn’t like us, we’ve been kicking their asses around like it’s no big deal and then just have to sit there and EAT IT! Sucks for them. It would suck for us it their opinion really mattered all that much.

  4. Robert, did you support Honduras’ Zalaya? I’m assuming you did if you’re a leftist. What is your opinion on his removal? Did he try to make unconstitutional changes to election laws or not?

    1. No he didn’t! That’s a lie! He tried to put constitutional changes on a ballot to the people, which is 100% constitutional! Countries do it all the time. These new guys, Chavez, Morales, Correa, etc. have done it a lot, especially Chavez. If you want to change the Constitution, you need to do so via referendum.
      Of course I supported Zelaya! Do you know why they threw him out? He raised the minimum wage!
      The US was in on the coup too all the way. And after the coup, death squads have been roaming around Honduras, killing Zelaya supporters. They have killed over 1,000 people so far. This usually happens after a rightwing coup in Latin America. They run around killing Leftists for a while. The idea is to put it in people’s heads that this is what is going to happen if you are ever so stupid as to elect a leftwinger again.
      I do not understand why one has to be a Leftist to support Zelaya. For Chrissake, all he did was raise the minimum wage!
      Why do you ask that? That is the standard US media lie about why he was overthrown, right? Is that the standard US government line also?

      1. I just was curious about your opinion. It’s very much one of those complicated “he did/no he didn’t do” type of issues. I’m still gathering opinions.
        And what do you mean we were in on the coup? Exactly what do you mean by that? Gave them orders? Weapons? How were we part of it?

        1. The Supreme Court and maybe the Legislature hated his guts because they were all rightwingers. The general idea on the Left is that it was an unconstitutional coup. Looks like the US knew about beforehand and gave their approval. And just about everyone in the Hemisphere condemned it heavily, but the US did not say much. And US aid never stopped to the coup government. Then we tried to set up fake new elections, but Zelaya would not be able to participate. The US despised Zelaya and wanted him gone. In addition to raising the minimum wage, probably the biggest problem was that he allied with Chavez.
          After the coup, death squads have been running about slaughtering Zelaya’s supporters (this is what the US teaches you to do at the School of the Americas), 1,000 have been murdered so far, no has been convicted, and the US has not said one single peep. The coup government is a strong ally of the US. We never cut off aid to them despite all the murdering. Death squad regimes is a pretty good name for most US allies in Latin America. We are used to this sort of regime and it serves US interests very well by killing off and intimidating the Left.
          The murderers of the 3 priests in San Salvador right before the rebel offensive in 1989 organized their crime in the US Embassy.
          A woman married a Guatemalan guerrilla, and we got a lot of testimony from these imprisoned guerrillas. When one guy was down in this horrific torture pit, the US Ambassador to Guatemala came into the torture chamber and looked down and saw the prisoner in his pit.
          The US is up to their neck in all this killing down there, always have been.

      2. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/29/world/americas/29honduras.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
        “Leaders across the hemisphere, however, denounced the coup, which American officials on Sunday said they had been working for several days to avert.
        President Obama said he was deeply concerned and in a statement called on Honduran officials “to respect democratic norms, the rule of law and the tenets of the Inter-American Democratic charter. ”
        It didn’t sound like Obama supported the ouster and it says American officials were working to avert it. But you are saying Americans supported it. So why the divergence in facts?
        “The Organization of American States issued a statement calling for Mr. Zelaya’s return and said it would not recognize any other government.”
        The USA is a member of the OAS.
        You said what he did was Constitutional, but it wasn’t according to Honduras Supreme Court:
        “Early this month, the Supreme Court agreed, declaring the referendum unconstitutional, and Congress followed suit last week. In the last few weeks, supporters and opponents of the president have held competing demonstrations. On Thursday, Mr. Zelaya led a group of protesters to an Air Force base and seized the ballots, which the prosecutor’s office and the electoral tribunal had ordered confiscated.
        When the army refused to help organize the vote, he fired the armed forces commander, Gen. Romeo Vásquez. The Supreme Court ruled the firing illegal and reinstated General Vásquez. ”
        It sounds like Zalaya was another quasi-dictator in the making.

        1. All the rightwing Supreme Courts in Latin America are corrupt. The Supreme Court hated him, so they ruled against him over and over. Firing a general would seem to be under the purview of the President.
          There are no dictators or quasi-dictators down there. Putting a referendum on the ballot for the people to approve of is hardly something dictators do. That’s about as democratic as you can get. Whether he wanted to run again or not is irrelevant. If the people wanted to elect him again and the Constitution was changed, it’s hard for me to understand how that is a dictatorship. If a President is elected by the people a number of times in free and fair elections, can you explain to me how that is a dictatorship? Sounds like ultra-democracy to me.
          The rightwing in Honduras hated his guts and they wanted him gone. So they overthrew him in an unconstitutional coup. The corrupt Supreme Court was in on it.
          Court reform has been a big deal down there. Chavez has spent a lot of time trying to get rid of all those corrupt rightwing judges. During the peace process, the corrupt rightwing judges of El Salvador were ackownledged as one of the worst problems facing the country.
          We have a RELATIVELY noncorrupt Supreme Court here in the US that is becoming more and more corrupt with time (See Gore vs. Florida where they gave the election to a man, George Bush, who lost the election, and denied Gore, the man who won, the right to count his ballots. That court was run by that evil rightwing bitch, Sandra Day O’Connor. She knew full well that Gore won and that the Supremes threw the election to the man who lost, Bush.
          She made some statements afterwards that showed she knew what she was doing. She was a rightwing ideologue and her attitude was that she would do anything including overthrow the Constitution, to get Bush elected. Rightwingers are pretty much corrupt shit everywhere on Earth, honestly. They do this stuff everywhere. They never believe in democracy.
          You have this idea that the courts are fair and unbiased as this is traditionally more or less true on a world comparative scale here in the US.
          Let me tell you, in Latin America, those corrupt rightwing Supreme Courts are real rats nests. They’re the judicial equivalent of the death squads our buddies run down there.

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