Ukraine Sitrep July 29, 2014

Not sure what sort of sense you can make out of all of this, but make what you will of it. I will also include a map of the area, but it is all in Russian, so it is hard to figure out. Suffice to say that whatever you are reading in the MSM about huge Ukrainian Nazi victories is just not true. It is a fact that the Nazis have gone on a huge offensive in this area. This is very dangerous for the self-defense forces as they are outmanned 2-1 and also heavily outgunned. However, the good news is that for the most part, the offensive has not achieved its objectives. The area around Torez where the jet went down in still up for grabs. The Nazis are still surrounded at the Lugansk Airport where they have been encircled for some time now. The main objective of this offensive is to cut through the very heart of the self-defense forces’ territory, cutting off Lugansk from Donetsk. Another goal is the encirclement of Donetsk. As you can see, the Nazis do have Donetsk partly encircled and it is possible that they may be able to surround the city. The self-defense forces continue to control much of the border with Russia, and yes they are resupplied via that route. Resupplied with precisely what I am not sure, but for sure they get humanitarian aid, medicine, food and uniforms. They probably get weaponry too but this has not yet been proven. If if they do get weaponry, we do not know how much and what kind. All in all, things are neither good or bad for the self-defense forces. The Nazis are on the offensive, but the major goals of the offensive have not been reached and the Nazis have had to stop far short of their goals. However, the Nazis have attacked pretty far into self-defense forces’ territory and they have taken at least one major town in the north.

Sitrep Novorussian War July 30, 2014.
Click to enlarge. Sitrep Novorussian War July 30, 2014.

LPR and DPR Military Briefings, July 28, 2014

ORDER of the Commander-in-Chief of the Donetsk People’s Republic Militia July 27, 2014, in the City of Donetsk

With respect to the introduction of measures to be applied to the voluntarily surrendering servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Recently, we have been observing a sharp increase in the number of servicemen within the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces unwilling to continue fighting a fratricidal war against their own people and refusing to obey the criminal orders of their command. Despite being subjected to various types of punishment by their commanders and to violent duress by the Nazis, all the way up to extrajudicial executions, such servicemen, nevertheless, do not surrender to the forces of the DPR Militia, fearful of being subjected to repressions by the latter. Guided by considerations of humanity in the name of stopping the bloodshed and saving the lives of Ukrainian servicemen, who were forcibly sent into the area of the fratricidal war, I HEREBY ORDER: All the commanders and the fighters of the forces of the DPR Militia not to open fire on groups or individual servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that have raised a white flag or signified their intention to surrender in another manner. After disarmament and inspection to ensure that they carry no weapons, such persons are to be permitted through the battle ranks of the Militia and concentrated in special collection points for further transportation to the deep rear under guard. Those persons are to be assigned the status of POW [Prisoners of War]. In accordance with the Geneva Conventions “Rules of Conducting Warfare”, and the additional protocols thereto, such persons shall be provided with such nutrition and medical assistance as may be required. The use of executions, torture and humiliation in relation to them is prohibited. Any contravention of this part is considered to be a military offense and shall be punishable in accordance with the Laws of Wartime. There shall be a formal accounting of all the above-noted persons and information regarding them shall be sent to the Staff of the DPR Militia for the determination of their future location in accordance with three schemes that are based on personal choice. Persons that voluntarily lay down arms and surrender to the forces of the DPR Militia and that have not committed grave crimes in the course of the hostilities on the territory of Novorossiya may choose: to return to their families in Ukraine; to join the ranks of the DPR Militia; and, to be sent to the territory of Russia as a temporarily interned person (an option – as a refugee). Minister of Defence Commander of the Militia Of the Donetsk People’s Republic Colonel I.I. Strelkov 00:55 – July 28, 2014 – Overview of the Military Situation In Shakhtersk, the battles are continuing at this time (00:55 MSK), there is shelling, artillery strikes are being conducted also against Gorlovka, and Gorlovka was also hit with an airstrike today. So far, there is little information from the locations of battles. In Donetsk, high tensions persist; in the second half of the day the Junta conducted strikes using Uragan MLRS from Elenovka. Battles occurred in the area of the airport; in the evening, a column of smoke was rising above it. Ukies continue to block the work of the OSCE monitors and are preventing them from traveling to the site of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing. While on the Lugansk front its has been relatively quiet (without taking into account the constant artillery shelling in the course of the night), then the night on the Donetsk front is expected to be far from calm. And for the nightcap, for better sleep – our forces shot down a Su aircraft over Antratsit. And so we hope that, despite everything, the night in Donetsk will be calmer than the last several days. July 28, 2014 – Briefing from the Staff of Aleksey Mozgovoi for July 25-27 Our “ghosts” are again at work. After the withdrawal of the units from the closing ring of encirclement, among the personnel of the battalion and of separate units of the Militia certain measures were taken aimed at reforming our troops and changing the tactics and the performance quality of the operations aimed at eliminating the forces of the enemy. July 25th – Fighting near Lomovatovka – a column of the enemy that was moving in the direction of Bryanka was stopped using the forces of one of our squads. Three BTR’s, a tank and several Ural trucks with enemy troops were unable to break through a defense barrier organized by 6 men. Ukies were forced to retreat … July 26th – Through the joint efforts of the mortar crews of our battalion and the artillery of the Cossack hundred, an area of enemy fortifications near Pervomaisk was destroyed. Apart from that, over the past two days, the following was destroyed on the Pervomaisk front: transportation trucks – 2 Urals and 1 GAZ-66; armored vehicles – 4 BMP’s and 2 tanks; and an ammunition depot. With respect to Komissarovka – one tank, 3 BMP’s and 1 Ural truck were destroyed. Overall, the enemy suffered manpower losses of over 100 men. Our losses constitute 2 lightly wounded, who have refused to leave their positions. July 28, 2014 – Information from the Media Agency ANNA-News It is July 27-28, and the battle for Shakhtersk continues. Fighting continued all night and, as of 10:00 on July 28 was still ongoing. In the 8th district there is no telephone service or electricity; the battles are being fought in the area of the 12th and the 15th mines. The militiamen are spread out around the city and are firing at the enemy; the strikes are being conducted using tanks and automatic rifles. On July 27, a maneuverable armored group of the enemy attacked the city of Shakhtersk in the deep rear of the DPR army. Heavy clashes began on the outskirts of the city. While the miner units of the DPR army were repelling the attack, the staff of the Militia urgently sent reinforcements from the side of Krasniy Luch and from other directions toward Torez and, from there, to Shakhtersk. The city was entered by tanks, BMP’s, Grad MLRS, trucks, minivans, and light vehicles transporting fighters of the DPR Army. Among them was one of Igor Strelkov’s main assault units – the special purpose, Spetsnaz Battalion “Kalmius”. Having dispersed, they entered into battle with the Kiev occupation forces. Civil defense sirens were sounded in Shakhtersk, and several mobile communication providers ceased operations. The streets emptied. There was heavy fighting on the outskirts of the city; powerful blasts from artillery and tank fire could be heard. There were also the sounds of automatic weapons. In Shakhtersk, there are fierce street battles between the Militia and the Nazi-guard. Columns of armored vehicles were moving from various sides on the outskirts of the city; eyewitness told us that lots hardware had passed through Stashovka. A particularly heavy battle occurred in the area of the Militia’s positions near the 20th mine, as a result of which several houses burned down and enemy hardware was destroyed. At the turn toward Torez, on the outskirts of Zhuravlyovka, there were intense tank battles, and short bursts of automatic weapons’ fire sounded constantly. Some time following the arrival of the reinforcements, the enemy started to retreat. As a result of the battle at the DPR positions near the 20th mine, the Ukrainian armored vehicles that remained operational retreated, together with the infantry, toward Ol’khovchik. Have sustained manpower and military hardware losses, the enemy was expecting fire to come from any private housing. National Guard would aim their weapons at every fence. Ukrainian flags were taken off their armored vehicles and hidden. Having gained a foothold in Ol’chovchik, near Polevaya Street, the Junta soldiers started to dig trenches near the forest plantation not far from the 15th mine. In the morning of July 28, he clashes continued. At approximately 02:00 (MSK), a new battle commenced near Rassypnaya, the fire is coming from tanks and automatic weapons. The decisive moments of the battle for Donbass have arrived. Recall that Shakhtersk is located on the second line of communications between Lugansk and Donetsk, and its loss could have catastrophic consequences for the defenders of Novorossiya. The decisive minutes of the battle for Donbass have arrived. The essence of what is happening is that the Ukrainian military has begun a long-planned operation involving simultaneous strikes on converging directions from the south and from the north, bypassing Donetsk, in order to create a large Donetsk cauldron. From the south they are attacking the Shakhtersk-Torez area. From the north they are attacking Gorlovka and Debaltsevo. Diversionary attacks are being made on Pervomaisk and Donetsk. The goal is to cut off the lines of communications and to close the ring of encirclement in Enakievo. This is the very scenario that Igor Strelkov had warned us about. And it is precisely this tactic that explains the sacrifice of the punitive forces in the Southern Cauldron. Dying as cannon fodder, the hundreds of conscripts nevertheless distract the forces of the Militia. As they are usually wont to do, the Ukrainian side has already reported about a fantastically successful operation. According to their statements, Shakhtersk has already been taken and purged of militiamen. Allegedly, they are simultaneously attacking Debaltsevo, Torez, and Snezhnoye, and hoisting their flags everywhere, all the while moving around mechanized columns and hordes of tanks. 12:02 – July 28, 2014 – Information from the Media Agency “Novorossiya” There was an airstrike on Shakhtersk; enemy aircraft are in the air over the city. Ground attack jets appeared over Shakhtersk. The Militia met them with MANPAD fire; however, the aircraft were able to escape being hit by deploying heat traps. After then, one of the ground attack craft conducted an airstrike presumably in the area of the 20th mine. 11:57 – July 28, 2014 – Information from the Media Agency “Novorossiya” In Donetsk, following a night of shelling, there are again casualties among the civilians. Once again there again was fighting in Donetsk in the night of July 27-28. Explosions and shooting could be heard in all areas of the city. The private housing sector of the Kuybyshevskiy district, within the perimeter formed by the Stratonavtov, Marshala Zhukova, and Artyomovskaya streets, became the epicenter of the artillery shelling. Private housing was completely destroyed at the following addresses: 64 Kovalko St., 69 Gradostroiteley St., 19 Velichkina St. As well, in the garage cooperative “Zenit”, located at 3 Shakhterskaya Slava St., 7 metallic garages were destroyed. Apart from that, electrical lines and the gas pipeline were damaged. As a result of the fighting that occurred at night, 8 civilians were harmed, of whom 3 were mortally wounded. As of 09:30, explosions again can be heard in the city. This is being reported by the residents of the Proletarskiy and the Budennovskiy districts. Today in Donetsk, communal services and emergency crews are working. Public transport appeared on the city motorways. July 28, 2014 – Information from the DPR Press-Center Over the past day, fierce battles have been continuing in the area of Dmitrovka. This is being reported by the special correspondent of the Committee for Social Communication (KCK). The DPR Army has withdrawn to the neighboring Pavlovka; the forces of the sides are unequal. The militiamen were forced to retreat under massive mortar fire. A group of 20 reconnaissance volunteers stayed behind in Dmitrovka. At this moment, there is no communications with them. According to operational information, the Ukrainian military units under the command of the Praviy Sector leader, Dmitriy Yarosh, are digging in near Dmitrovka and Marinovka. According to the direct participants of the battles, if they are stopped, the border with the Russian Federation will be under DPR control, and, therefore, it is advisable not to retreat, but to prepare a massive attack. 11:40 – July 28, 2014 – Briefing from the Staff of the DPR Militia The enemy was attempting to advance in order to cut off the Militia, and it was partially successful because the offensive was large-scale in nature. However, despite the overwhelming forces of the enemy, the Militia was able to repel the attack. To the east of Shakhtersk the enemy sustained colossal losses. July 28, 2014 – Information from Journalists Last night, another attempt by the punitive forces to break through in the vicinity of the Lugansk airport was registered. It was repelled. Those that could returned to the airport. July 28, 2014 – Military Situation Overview from Militiaman Prokhorov The fighting continues – at 09:40 (MSK), a skirmish was ongoing in the area of Rassypnoye (near Torez). In Shakhtersk, skirmishes are also continuing; there was a battle in the area of the 7th and the 8th districts of Shakhtersk. Fighting also continues on the outskirts of Snezhnoye. In the area of the Saur-Mogila, a heavy battle was occurring. By the way, DPR reinforcements have arrived in Torez. Everything also is in order in Snezhnoye, so the danger to Saur-Mogila has been neutralized. In Pervomaisk, the punitive forces have entered onto the territory of the city (in the area of the school near the Novaya road). The situation in the occupied territories is of interest. We received information that yesterday, at approximately 23:00, a checkpoint of the Nazi-scum in the vicinity of the Golubiye Lakes (near Seversk) was shelled using ATGM or RPG, following which Ukies pummeled the forest from the mountain using Grad missiles. 11:31 (MSK) – With respect to Shakhtersk, we were informed that 2 Ukies Su aircraft tried to bomb the city, but were chased away with MANPAD salvos. With respect to Donetsk – the city is not surrounded. You will laugh, but the Ukrainian command has no idea what positions their soldiers occupy or in what condition their units are. For example, yesterday 2 Ukies tanks stopped near the Yasinovatovskiy overpass in Donetsk. They stayed there several hours until the locals (who emerged from the cellars) asked them: “What is it that you are doing here, in the rear of the DPR troops?” (and at the same time ripped off everything that they could from the tanks). Following this, Ukies quickly faded away, running before they could get into trouble. And this happens where things are more or less in order. As for what is happening in the “intestine” – this the Ukie command finds out from the relatives that get calls from the besieged troops. For instance, the flight of the 75 Nikolayevka paratroopers was a complete surprise for the ATO staff. Same with yesterday’s gang fight in the city of Shchastye between the Alpha unit and the mercenary Battalion Aidar (with the eventual participation of paratroopers from the 80th Brigade). At this moment, there is no clear line of front, and, as we can see, settlements easily pass from one side to another. The main outcome was yet another failed Ukie offensive that was intended to de-blockaded the units surrounded in the “intestine”. They threw their last reserves into battle, and, by the looks of it, have now exhausted their offensive potential until the commencement of the third wave of mobilization. Small local victories have had no bearing on the overall operational situation. 13:40 – July 28, 2014 – Information from LifeNews Information Agency The Ukrainian army has not taken the Saur-Mogila height; fighting is continuing. Earlier, the press service of the Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko disseminated information suggesting that the strategically important point came under control of the Ukrainian military. The Ukrainian forces were unable to take control of the Saur-Mogila height near the city of Snezhnoye (DPR), where the Militia of the DPR has been holding positions since the beginning of July. This information was provided to LifeNews by the coordinator of the information center “South-Eastern Front”, Konstantin Knyrik. According to his information, militiamen informed that fighting continues in the area of the strategic height and of the neighboring villages Marinovka and Dmitrovka, and that there can be no talk about surrendering Saur-Mogila. 15:00 – July 28, 2014 – Briefing from the Staff of the DPR Ministry of Defence

July 29, 2014 – Latest Hourly Briefings from Locations In Shakhtersk, fierce battles continue, there is no information about losses yet. Near Saur-Mogila, all the attacks have been repelled; Ukies are sustaining fairly serious losses, and the Militia has entrenched itself well there. For now, we have news that a tank company and several armoured vehicles have been destroyed. With respect to the 79th Brigade: Ukies, you spend your time [in this forum], so let your guys know. In Nikolayev, they are now arresting the mothers of the guys in the 79th Brigade, who are serving their “motherland”. They were rather harshly dispersed, and a number of criminal investigations have been opened. So tell them to think who it is that they are fighting for. 23:05 (MSK) – Information from Seversk: bursts of automatic weapons’ fire can be heard coming from the side of Chernogorovka, and explosions – from the side of the third settlement. 23:15 (MSK) – Intensive artillery shelling of Yasinovatoye has begun; a number of shells hit a technical school. Fierce fighting near Yasinovatoye, which began about an hour ago, is continuing. Battles near Shakhtersk have resumed. And no, Torez has not been taken by Ukies. 23:33 (MSK) – In Novosvetrlovka there is harsh shelling; eyewitnesse report that residential dwellings have been hit. 00:00 (MSK) – A strike using Uragan MLRS was conducted from the side of Elenovka in the direction of the Donetsk railway terminal. 00:44 (MSK) – In Lisichansk, shots can be heard; there is a skirmish at a check point located at the exist from the city. 00:55 (MSK) – Howitzer artillery strikes are being conducted on Mandrykino and Yasinovatoye.

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