Two Americans Infected with the Ebola Virus!

Two American health care workers, a physician and another volunteer, have become infected with the Ebola virus while working with Ebola patients in Liberia. The physician, D. Kent Brantly, is in very serious but stable condition, and the woman, Nancy Writebol, is in serious but stable condition. For a lot of conditions such as war wounds, serious condition is often something you will survive. But for Ebola, serious to very serious condition is quite grave because it is a bird of a different feather altogether. Ebola has a mortality rate of up to 90 The recent Ebola epidemic has hit Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. It has killed 672 people so far, making it the deadliest Ebola outbreak so far. One of Liberia’s top physicians recently died of the disease. Ebola is harbored by some sort of an animal, possibly a bat or rodent. To date, no animal carrier or reservoir for Ebola has yet been found. Destruction of jungle and especially the killing of large fauna, much of which has already been exterminated in West Africa for something disgusting called “bush meat,” has the effect of radically increasing rodent populations in disturbed habitat in which megafauna have been removed. Man’s encroachment into the jungles of Africa and especially the disturbance of intact jungle habitat and ecosystems is thought to play the most important role in the emergence of these new diseases. For instance, HIV jumped from the chimpanzee SIV virus to humans, in turn transforming itself to HIV, via the stupid practice of slaughtering monkeys and apes for bush meat. In butchering up bush meat from these animals, bush meat hunters invariable get monkey or ape blood all over their hands and arms at the very least. It was in this matte that HIV moved into the human population.

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0 thoughts on “Two Americans Infected with the Ebola Virus!”

  1. Ebola is proof that God invents unique ways to punish sinful human beings.
    Luke 21:11 – There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events….

    1. West Africa is probably the most conservative Christian place on earth.
      Maybe it’s the animist’s gods punishment for wrecking the environment. Black rhino’s revenge?

  2. You wrote that the chances of surviving are lower when the disease is caught early. Surely, you meant to say that they are higher.

  3. Some people have said the CIA manufactured AIDS. That conspiracy theory is common among some blacks, like the Rev, Jeremiah Wright.

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