The Patriotard Mindset of the Average American

Number One Douche (great name for a typical American) says:

Of course the world doesn’t like us, we’ve been kicking their asses around like it’s no big deal and then just have to sit there and EAT IT! Sucks for them. It would suck for us it their opinion really mattered all that much.

I cannot tell you how many Americans I have met with exactly this attitude. All conservatives think like this, but you would be shocked to find out how many Democratic Party liberals think exactly like this too. And the end of the day, most Americans are patriotards. Great big douchey patriotards.
I am curious though. What % of the population do you think really thinks like this guy in one way or another? Surely over 50%. 60%? 70%? 80%?
The number must be very high because I hardly ever meet an American who doesn’t think like this in one way or another. This thinking seems to be part and parcel of the American mindset and personality.
My response: But that’s not a very good attitude now is it? Did we kick Iraq’s ass around? Did we kick the Taliban’s ass around? The Baath is still extremely strong (in fact they just took over all of Sunni Iraq), and the Taliban have never been defeated. We have pretty much failed in both countries, most spectacularly in Iraq.
I do not think it is an intelligent attitude to think that you are the bully on the block who has been kicking everyone’s ass for so long that there is nothing anyone can do it and you don’t even care how your victims think. Nothing lasts forever. If all you do is make enemies, that’s not a helpful way to go through life. People who fight everyone around them don’t have long life expectancies.
Our enemies sure have been killing and wounding a lot of Americans in recent years, haven’t they. Furthermore they have bled us dry spending treasure trying to beat the unbeatable.

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0 thoughts on “The Patriotard Mindset of the Average American”

  1. Patriotism is an outdated, emotionally-based “ism” used by special interests to emotionally manipulate public opinion. It’s rampant on both “sides,” since warmongering control freaks will assume whatever mask necessary to gain support.

  2. W. Bush said something similar. “Well, if I was one of them, I’d hate us too.” Something like that.

  3. “All conservatives think like this…..”
    No, we don’t. I and many other self-identifying “conservatives” (for all that noise is worth) are dead-set against the empire-building and jingoism of the United States government. Hell, as a kid, I even opposed the FIRST Gulf War. Is Pat Buchanan not one of the most well-known doves in this country? Rand Paul, a man I don’t care for otherwise, has certainly spoken out against the United States’ warlike ways. So has his father, who’s not exactly an obscure figure.
    “…, but you would be shocked to find out how many Democratic Party liberals think exactly like this too.”
    I’d say most devotees of BOTH political parties are in favor of some war or another because the media tell them to be. Huffington Post, by the way, is up to its bright red eyeballs in anti-Russian propaganda these days. The Russians treat the gheys badly, you see.

    1. You can’t separate imperialism from modern US foreign policy. Now, you can try to be a friendly empire, like what Carter did. However, in that case, the Iranians simply took the kindness and made a mockery of it.
      I don’t favor empire, but if your going to have one, your going to have to be mean SOB. You gotta play people like a drug kingpin.

    2. Hi thank you very much Stealth. I think I could make alliance with conservatives like you actually. I could make alliance with some paleocons and Buchanonites on some issues for sure. I will take a paleocon like you over a Huffington Post liberal Democrat humanitarian bomber any day of the week!

  4. “…All conservatives think like this…”
    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
    I don’t think like that. Pat Buchanan doesn’t think like that. I know lots of people who don’t think like that. I believe that is a disaster that we’re attacking people all over. The reason people think like that is media propaganda and conservatives don’t run that for sure. The conservatives that believe in only protecting our country have been removed from the airwaves. Silenced. All that’s left is Israeli neo-cons who are called conservatives but are only a rah rah club for the psychopathic Jews. If different points of view were allowed there would be little support for the one world order. Most people are not stupid they just get all their news from TV. They work all the time and they’re tired in the evening. They plop down in font of the tube and relax. If you never hear anything but gov. aggiprop how are you supposed to have another opinion?

    1. It isn’t about the Israeli Jews, though they work with the empire. The US would seek out an empire, even if Jews didn’t exist. Do you think the Roman Empire existed due to Jews running it? No, they were a persecuted minority in it. The Chinese empire had no Jews, nor did the one of Genghis Khan.
      Empire exists for money’s sake alone, apart from the influence of an ethnic group.

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