Sergei Glazyev, "US Is Militarizing Ukraine to Invade Russia"

I believe that every word he says is 10 TRANSCRIPT Regarding the policies of Kiev, let me say this: Kiev is clearly conducting a policy of genocide to eliminate the whole population of Donbass. They are unashamedly destroying the social infrastructure. They’ve smashed Europe’s finest airport without batting a eyelid. Aside from the monstrous number of victims, this was a gigantic infrastructure project, the pride of Donbass. They’re destroying hospitals, kindergartens, schools. The fate they’re preparing for the people of Donbass is serfdom, which they make no secret of. Just listen to the statements made by Kiev’s chief ideologists, such as Liashko. Poroshenko’s position is not significantly different. They see Donbass purely as a source of income, a place to pump out profits from, by horrific exploitation of the people. As it is, the population is already being exploited brutally: wages are low – and paid in envelopes, the pension funds are bankrupt, safety conditions for the workers are worse than in the last century. It’s a merciless exploitation of the people. Conditions are being established to make people leave the place. Those who are not tied to work in the factories and mines are being driven out. They are the refugees whom we are receiving in our country today. The Kiev authorities are brutally destroying the social infrastructure of Donbass. They’re not interested in the region’s manufacturing and science potential. So they have no sympathy for the engineering industry there, which is closely integrated into the Russian industrial complex and otherwise would cease to exist. It’s obvious that the United States is fully controlling the Kiev Nazis, Poroshenko personally, and the government, and is pushing them to pursue this war against Donbass to the very end. I disagree with Feodor, who said there is some kind of limit. They have no limits. They’ve already deployed Grad rocket launchers. Tymoshenko has threatened to nuke them. This is not simply an expression of emotion. It has triggered a certain reaction from the Nazis. If they had a neutron bomb, they probably would have used it already on Slaviansk. I have no doubt about that. They are using all means at their disposal and will wage this war until the resistance in Donbass is completely eliminated. Why? Because this is a war by the United States against us. They are pushing the war, providing the weapons and finance, and directing the campaign. I agree with Mihail Remizov: time is on the side of the Nazis, strangely enough. On the one hand we’re anticipating the collapse of the regime from the wreckage of the insurmountable socioeconomic problems. But in Georgia that didn’t happen. By a huge effort they managed to get rid of Saakashvili. But that wasn’t brought about by a rebellion in society. It happened by democratic processes, which in Ukraine is already an impossibility. Why is time not on our side? To be more exact, not on the side of Donbass. The Americans, and their puppets in Kiev, have set a course of militarization of Ukraine, construction of a Nazi dictatorship, total mobilization of the population against Russia. Although the population is not currently very enthusiastic about the mobilization, consider the dynamics: In December (2013) there were 2,000 Nazis in Kiev. By February there were 20,000 armed Nazis. By May the number was 50,000, along with the new army recruits. During the summer it will reach 100,000. In September there will be 200,000. We’re talking about the plans for the call-up of people of military age. By the end of the year they will have half a million armed people at their disposal. Their military equipment is being brought out from storage. Ukraine possesses a large army, which had been removed from operation. But the Kharkov industries are now working at full capacity, restoring tanks and armor. Bringing these tanks out of storage, resurrecting and modernizing them is really not difficult. 200 armored vehicles are engaged in the war. The number is increasing every day. The same is happening with their aviation, which is being brought out of storage in Odessa. So what will we face? A very powerful military machine targeting us, fired up by Nazis, ideologically indoctrinated against Russia, who will push the army into war, then block them from behind to prevent retreat. Their goal is a war against Russia – that’s not something we can just sit out. Having lost Donbass, we will also lose the peace. The next target they will declare is Crimea. I’m not joking. Ukraine will be pushed brutally, resolutely and across the board into a war against Russia on the pretext of Crimea. Poroshenko has stated officially that his intention is war against Russia. How else would they get Crimea back. Nuland said very clearly in Odessa that they expect their Ukrainian agents to go to war against Russia for Crimea. This armada of half a million people will invade Crimea. There is no doubt. In conclusion, let me remind you of the words of Churchill: “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.” We’re talking about a modern war, which doesn’t mean that our tanks have to roll into Kiev. But we have the right under international law to at least stop the genocide. All that is needed is to close the airspace, and use the same mechanisms to shut down the heavy weapons which are being used against the population, as the Americans themselves did in Libya: They closed the airspace, then fired at their armored vehicles, artillery and aviation. As a result the regime they were fighting against was unable to engage in battle. We still have the chance to do that. Half a year from now that chance will be gone. Lugansk and Donetsk have established parliaments and authorities uniting the two republics. Kiev’s unwillingness to negotiate with them is a result of their having no independence: they are in reality subordinated to the United States. Therefore it’s very important that we identify Ukraine as an occupied territory of the US, except for Donbass, which is resisting. Once we start using the correct terms and frame of reference, then it will be clear what we need to do. If Ukraine is occupied by the United States and their mercenaries, who are manipulating their marionette regime to hold the population at gunpoint and make them fight against Russia, to unleash firstly a civil war and later a world war, dragging in Europe too, and ultimately all of Eurasia, then it’s very important to determine the correct terminology. We’re encouraging other regions not only to join the federation but to liberate themselves from occupation and to find the courage to take the kind of steps as has been done in Donbass. Let’s be clear again about our frame of reference: The Kiev leadership is not independent. Essentially they are a network of American agents – American puppets. Poroshenko didn’t win the presidential election. Experts have computed that not more than 4 So we need to talk about their illegal occupation of the territory and its liberation, and how they’re using the mass media to drive up the Nazi hysteria, by which the Americans will unleash the 4th world war, considering that the 3rd world war was the cold war against the Soviet Union. I invite you in our next discussion to highlight the reasons for this war, why the US has been cultivating Ukrainian Nazism and is now unleashing it against Russia, why they launched this war in Ukraine as a pretext to pull Russia into a direct military confrontation with Ukrainian armed forces, in order to create a regional war in Europe, and after that what is essentially the fourth world war. This aggression is directed not only against Russia. In the first instance the objective is Europe. The Americans have gained from every war in Europe – the first world war, the second world war, the cold war. The wars in Europe are the means of their economic miracle, their own prosperity. It’s also a war against China.Now Japan and Korea are being pulled into the arms race. The missile defense systems will be modernized and upgraded in Japan and on the Korean peninsula, the Americans have announced. This is directed at both Russia and China. So we have to understand that the key to resolving the catastrophe of Ukraine is to be found in Washington. That’s where Nazism has to be defeated.

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22 thoughts on “Sergei Glazyev, "US Is Militarizing Ukraine to Invade Russia"”

      1. The T-80 main battle tank. Supposed arch nemesis of the M1 Abrams. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, Russia switched over to an improved T-72 called the T-90. This was do to the fact that the “superior” T-80 was manufactured exclusively in the Ukraine, and could no longer be seen as a reliable source in time of war.

    1. Shut up, Banderist Nazi.
      Stupid. You have a state, you have an official language, it’s used in all the schools, spoken by most everyone, especially Kiev to the West. You have even have an official state, everything from Kiev to the West, that everyone is willing to grant you. The rest of the country to the east of Kiev is more or less just Russia and always has been. The Novorussians do not consider themselves to be part of the same country that the Banderists are part of.

  1. The Ukraine can’t invade Russia. Russia could nuke it into the stone age. However, Russia cannot nuke America, and this whole shabang is really about “Russia vs the USA”.

  2. I think this whole thing is going to end very badly, no matter which side you are on. Can’t we all just get along and play nice? Make love not war, and all that good stuff.
    You know what else I think is going to end badly? Rick Dyer’s bigfoot hoax 🙂 Speaking of which, he says he is leaving the public spotlight. Wonder how long it will take him to return? I have a poll up on my site. What do you think?

    1. Way too late for peace. Russia either fights the Nazis in the Donbass or fights then in Crimea. Russia really doesn’t have much of a choice. This is an existential war for the Russians. They must win or die.

    1. They won’t. They will get their Ukie Nazi proxies to do it for them, starting in the Crimea. The Nazis have already been shelling across the Russian border into the Rostov for 5 weeks now. Since the Nazis are controlled by the US, apparently the US has given them the go-ahead to fire artillery at Russia like that.

  3. I decided to take you up on your offer 🙂
    Your last statement belies every statement proceeding it. Nazism (“National Socialism”), like every other “ism” out there, will never be defeated. ALL “Ism’s” are authoritarian belief systems which haven’t yet admitted to themselves that they are actually religions. They come in enough different flavors (national socialism, fascism, communism, progressivism, globalism, etc etc etc) to appeal to a wide variety of ideologues. “ism’s,” like all other organized religions, are mere control mechanisms used by the power elite to subdue a society, either by militaristic conquest or by behavioral programming (or, if you prefer, by hook or by crook, haha).
    A glance at both world history and current events prove that human civilizations have always, and will always, gravitate toward slavery. Because when all the psychobabble bullshit (which I love to indulge in, don’t get me wrong) is stripped away, you are left with two very basic personality types: the sheep and the wolves. Idealists may prefer to think of these as the leaders and followers.
    Despite your ending remark, I don’t think you really believe that Nazism will ever be fully eradicated, because you can never eradicate an idea. Remember the last time we”defeated” Nazism? Remember the cold war that followed (AKA the “my Nazi scientists are smarter than your Nazi scientists” war)? Ideas don’t die; they go into hiding to regroup, silently infiltrate a society, and then eventually re-package themselves with a fresh sales pitch. And people, be they sheep or wolves, jump on it like bitches in heat. Freedom, an idea itself, is a mere blip in human history. Washington can’t stop the coming war. It’s inevitable. It’s human nature. Hell, it’s our biggest export.
    I’d like to hear your ideas on Israel, as well.
    P.s. I am quite pleased with my own restraint in not quoting Ferris Beuller 🙂

    1. Well said there Chelsea, I wish I only knew what quote you’re talking about because I haven’t seen Ferris Beuller since the 80’s

      1. ” it’s not that I condone Fascism, or any ism for that matter. Isms, in my opinion, are not good. A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in himself.” –Ferris

  4. Hey do you all know why they call Poroshenko the chocolate king? because he likes it up the ass!

  5. Russia has to be far weaker than the US, for the US to even consider using proxies (to literally attack the Russian homeland). If this was back in the 60s or 70s, the US wouldn’t dare attempt this scheme.

    1. The last time the US tried to “indirectly” attack the Russian homeland was during and after World War I, when they were aiding the “White” Russian fighters.

    2. Russia is the strongest now as it has ever been since the fall of the U.S.S.R. It’s in the middle of a complete rearmament and modernization program for it’s military, that will take at least another ten years to complete. America knows this, hence the timetable.
      As for proxies, America had no problem using direct proxies against the U.S.S.R in the past…Remember the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan?

      1. Communism is a fucking farce and wont work in any society. There are several countries that remain stranded in primitive like Cuba, Bolivia, Vietnam, North Korea because of that shitty ideology. Russias downfall also started with COmmunism. If russia had embaced free market capitalism and right wing economics then it wouldnt be in its position right now. Russia has no shit to take on Ukraine.Support for Ukraine….Support for the Republicans…..

  6. Yes Bolivia, Bolivia is also another cuntry ruined by communism shit.
    refer links land educate yourself
    without close relationship to communist countries bolivia would have been infinitely better,
    These communism shit where ever it goes destroy the fundamentals of the society and lays its poisonous seeds. It has been doing that for decades in China and Russia right from idiots like Lenin period. Karl marx himself would have not benefitted out of communism. He must have been a closeted failed lazy capitalist who couldnt sustain the competition that arose out of capitalism and in a smeary vengeance on his compatriot and his failed life he should have coined the shitty idealogy communism. I see no other way how people could support this shit. If you see people digging their own pit and trying to bury them under it, you obviously wanna give them a helping hand, thats how i feel when about a communist country. Putin must be very careful not to repeat the mistakes that evil predecessors like Stalin did in their primal years.
    That is why i repeat that Republicans like cruz, ryan are better than any democrat out there. they have a vision unlike the left wing idiots who just fiddle around without any ideology.

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