Obama on the Ukraine: Stumbling from One Crisis to the Next

Listen to Steven Cohen. He is one of maybe two policy experts remaining who is sane on the subject of the Ukraine. Cohen says he has never seen such hawkish uniformity in his life. Even the Iraq War was not nearly this bad. In the run-up to that war, there were many experts arguing that it was a bad thing to do. Now there is unanimity across the entire media spectrum, from right to left, the left being represented by MSNBC (not really the Left, more like the voice of the Democratic Party, which is not a liberal or progressive political party). Further, all foreign policy experts are very hawkish on the Ukraine.
Obama has isolated himself, exactly as Bush did and is only listening to his yes-men, who do not know what they are doing. Most of Obama’s advisors are out of academia and few of them have actual diplomatic street smarts from years in service to the state. Although I despise the man, Obama also refuses to listen to Henry Kissinger, who is actually saner on the Ukraine than the Obama Administration. Even the horrifying Brezhinski makes more sense than Obama’s aides. Sure there are brains in the Administration such as the CIA (but considering how much they lie, how can they be trusted?) but the smart folks and the intelligence guys are locked out by a huge firewall at the State Department.
Obama appears to have outsourced most of this crisis to Joe Biden and John Kerry, both of whom have behaved horribly. In the past few days, I have seen photos of John Kerry where he looks pure evil. This is his alter coming out, the one  that set fire to villages in the Mekong Delta and shot civilians as they ran out of their burning grass huts.
The Republican nutcase Congress has just introduced a bill that would force Obama’s hand on the Ukraine. It would make Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova “NATO-associated US allies” thus triggers arms aid to them in addition to an alliance. The alliance is dangerous because an attack on one is an attack on any other. A Russian attack on the Ukraine (which would be a great idea) would be an attack on the US. The US would be obligated to help Georgia and Moldova “get back their stolen lands” in Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Transdniester. The bill would give Putin a short period of time to vacate the Crimea before massive sanctions would kick in all but severing trade between the US and Russia.
It is hard to say how many DINO’s there are in the Senate whose votes would be needed in order for this bill to pass. If it passed, Obama might be forced to sign it by the principle of expediency and political necessity.
I hate to agree with Republicans for once but I think they are right when they say that the Obama Administration simply does not know what it is doing a lot of the time. Not knowing what you are doing is not necessarily the worst thing. Bush knew what he was doing but what he was doing was pure evil. Incompetence is better than malign intent.

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2 thoughts on “Obama on the Ukraine: Stumbling from One Crisis to the Next”

  1. Dear Robert
    All of this is profoundly depressing. The US needs Ukraine as much as it needs Nigeria. What is totally amazing is that so many Europeans, instead of telling the American hawks to get lost, are going along with them. What has Russia done to any European country since 1990 that justifies a bellicose attitude by Europeans against Russia. If I were a European, I would want an immediate end to NATO. But then, hardliners seem to have a psychological need for enemies. How else can they follow a hard line.
    Regards. James

  2. This is all driven by the Jews hatred of the Russians and the Jews completely control the US. The Jews took over Russia and Stalin rolled back some of their power. They gradually increased in power. After the fall of the USSR they completely took control of the State and looted it in the most ferocious way. Putin stopped this. It shows the true psychopathic nature of the Jews. If you don’t let them loot you, you will be destroyed. You keep calling the Junta in charge of western Ukraine Nazis but they’re Jews. All the major players of the Junta are Jews. Their goal is to cut Russia off from the sea and pipeline distribution. Quarantine. I know people think I’m overplaying it but if you look at the Jews through the idea that the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths and act like it you will never be surprised. The things they do which didn’t make sense, do. If you are a psychopath or can recognize their patterns of behavior.
    You should look at the clapping for Netanyahu in the US congress and compare it to the clapping for Stalin in the Soviet congress. Hmm…

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