FARC Attack, 2013

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx0a8IM8fbQ FARC attack somewhere in the jungles of Colombia sometime in 2013. The lying MSM world media, excuse me the “free press” (TM), all speaks with one mind about the FARC. The FARC are evil narcoterrorists, and the government of Colombia are freedom fighters battling evil Commie thugs. In recent years, all under the phony lying guise of the Drug War, the US has pumped massive amounts of money into the fascist, murderous Colombian state. The US is virtually the only nation on Earth that supports Colombia, though Israel does send some trainers to help train their death squads. Israeli trainers have been sent to all fascist rightwing dictatorships on Earth, where they trained the reactionaries how to slaughter and torture the people. Israelis worked training death squads in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Colombia at the very least (let me know if you can come up with some more). The Israeli excuse for this is that Israel is the attack dog of the US, so when the US tells Israel to go in and train death squads, Israel obeys. Personally I believe that the fascist Israelis, deeply allied with US imperialism, simply see themselves as serving the interests of imperialism by setting up death squads to attack people’s movements. This also shows that the Israeli state has been deeply reactionary for a long time, extending back to the 1980’s, and that the Israelis, even “Labor” Israelis, have always worked for the banksters and the elite world controllers to attack, torture and kill the ordinary masses fighting against oppression. Do you see a corollary with Israeli behavior training death squads and the colonial treatment of the Palestinians? The lying world media has been saying for some time now that the FARC is nearly defeated, have lost almost all their fighting force, are no longer able to launch attacks and are in retreat everywhere suffering heavy losses. Part of the problem is that the massive US aid to the elite death squads of the rich attacking the oppressed poor people has included much intelligence gathering aid, in particular – the Pentagon is now operating in Colombia doing sigintel. They have forward that information to the Colombian government who used it to raid and bomb the headquarters of some rebel leaders. It is true that some rebel leaders have been killed in the past few years, but they are always quickly replaced by the next in command. FARC has a huge leadership structure that is very organized. When one mode is knocked off, they simply promote the next in command, and everyone moves up a notch. No problem. In addition,  Colombia now has a large air force provided by the US, and the rebels lack good anti-aircraft weapons to down these planes. It’s a major disadvantage as Colombian forces did not use to rely on airpower very much. Looking at this video here, in which the FARC overrun a small Colombian Army camp and seize a great deal of equipment while killing some of the enemy, tell me if you think this looks like an army on the verge of defeat.

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17 thoughts on “FARC Attack, 2013”

  1. Rebels of any sort (libertarian or left wing) stand no chance against the elites, military wise. As far as history goes, they could be finished. Fighting them is a joke. You can be the biggest pro-gun country fellow around, but you can’t fight the government. Even Rambo couldn’t fight them, with all his training.

    1. One reason the NWO forces are invincible, is because they don’t need US ground troops. They are needing them less nowadays. In the days of Vietnam, of course, that wasn’t the case.

  2. Of course, you don’t see any white nationalists commenting on these posts, cause they’re all for the Colombian government They think FARC is some Jewish/Communist conspiracy, as with any other third world rebel group.
    If you want soldiers who really believe in the cause, not like those anti-war US soldiers in Vietnam, then hire white nationalists, lol.

      1. Nah White nationalists are for the Colombian government because it is run by the “Whites,” and rebels are “mud people,” mestizos and mulattos, Blacks and Indians and Zambos. But actually many of the rebels are pretty damn White too. Especially the leadership is quite Iberian.

        1. Being called a “mud person”, would obviously be much more insulting and degrading, then being called a “monkey”, which can often be laughed off.

        2. If white nationalists think blacks and browns are “mud”, then obviously they have no respect for them, unlike on Stormfront where posters pretend to respect them (in a “separate but equal” kind of way).
          If they are mud, then why not just make them slaves like back in the 19th century? They’re just begging the question.

        3. NO White nationalists support Blacks and Browns. Pretty much 0%! I mean, you might find one…
          That is one of their Stormfront lies. We respect these people, we just want to be separate but equal. I hung out on those forums for a long time, and it took me a while, but I finally figured out that this whole, “We like these people just fine, we just want to preserve our race,” was a big lie.
          Almost ALL of those people HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE most if not all nonwhites.
          Some of the milder ones do not hate Amerindians. Respect and even love for NE Asians and even SE Asians is fairly common among Light WN’s, but the real hardcores on Stormfront – no way. 100% pure solid hate!

  3. Amazing footage! though it’s a shame the quality is no better than the average bigfoot video, I like the female voice you hear throughout the video and I wish I understood spanish so I’d know what she’s saying!

      1. Yes I know. Do you know if they look for non bias western photojournalists to document their struggle?

        1. Of course. It is very hard to get embedded with them. That may have been shot by the FARC’s own videographers. There are so many journalist spies, and the FARC’s locations are secret, so anybody who goes out there to film or talk to them has to be very carefully vetted.

        2. Yes with all the shit the CIA does I can imagine why the Farc carefully chooses which outsiders to document their side of the story.

  4. It’s interesting to note what Chomsky has to say about Columbia and the world today:
    What is your analysis of the social movements in Colombia against free trade, extractive mining and privatization of education?
    The first thing to do is to stop using the phrase “free trade.” If we observe these treaties, we realize that they are far from free trade, are highly protectionist, and much of the agreement has nothing to do with trade. Basically, they are agreements on investment rights. So the social movements in Latin America are stunning developments. Rural movements against mining in particular are of global significance. Anyone with some degree of literacy should be aware that today we face the possibility of destruction of life on the planet. It is a serious and imminent risk. Scientific reports are tremendously dire. One only has to read the news today to realize there are certain groups trying to deal with the crisis and others trying to accelerate it. At the forefront of confronting the crisis are those who have been considered backward –indigenous peoples of Latin America, Canadian First Nations, Australian Aborigines, the tribes of India and many others. And who are those leading the world deeper into crisis? The U.S. and Canada. The paradox is exceptional: the most economically advanced countries, which have enjoyed the greatest advantages, are the most powerful, and are supposedly better educated, are leading the world to disaster, whereas hitherto considered primitive peoples are trying to save the planet. Unless rich countries learn from indigenous peoples, all are doomed to destruction.

  5. You look so intelligent, but yet you are so stupid…To think that the U. S. and the Israelies are the cause of the Palestinian suffering…..Go back in history you morron, and learn the thruth….You have to go back in history for ONLY around 2000 years….You just have a big mouth!

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