Ukrainians Burn Their Draft Cards Actually these folks are in Bukovina because I can hear Romanian being spoken in the crowd. Anyone else hear it? Bukovina is a part of Ukraine annexed by the USSR from Nazi Romania during or after WW2 as war spoils. These people are not ethnic Ukrainians, and they feel that they have no dog in this fight. They also say that they never wanted these Maidan uprisings. This is a part of the far west of the Ukraine, but as you can see, even far west is not united around the Nazis at all. This is the third Nazi major call-up so far. They keep having one draft after another. Penalty for dodging is five years in prison. The Nazi army is suffering heavy casualties in this war and the government seems to be under-reporting the figures. Many deaths are buried on the spot in the battlefield or found later by the self-defense forces and buried by them. I think after this war is over we are going to find that the Nazi death toll was a lot higher than we have been told.

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