Top NRA Second Amendment Attorney is a Convicted Murderer

After previous armed robberies, one night Robert J. Dowlut shot and seriously wounded a jewelry shop owner in a robbery. Later he went to the home his girlfriend Camille shared with her mother Anne Marie Yocum. Dowlut had never gotten along with his girlfriend’s mother, and the mother did not approve of Dowlut dating her daughter. He walked into Anne Marie Yocum’s house. She looked up, startled. He shot her once and then shot her again, this time dead, on the stairwell. Then he ditched the murder weapon, a Webley Mark VI revolver, in a cemetery. The investigation was botched, his right to an attorney was repeatedly denied, and he was repeatedly threatended with physical harm if he did not confess. It’s amazing they did not beat the conviction out of him. He was convicted and served six years in prison but was released when a judge voided the conviction due to massive prosecutorial misconduct in the course of his interrogation. The DA declined to try the case again as much of the evidence revolved around his confession after he was arrested, evidence which would now not be allowed in court. Dowlut went on to become a successful attorney. At age 68, he is one of the NRA’s top attorneys and is recognized as one of the country’s leading experts on the Second Amendment and state gun laws. As you can see, he has a very good reason to believe in the right to bear arms.  

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0 thoughts on “Top NRA Second Amendment Attorney is a Convicted Murderer”

    1. There are many liberal media attempts to demonize the NRA. It is if course NRA’s fault to not polilically police its ranks. The NRA doesn’t condone murder with any weopon. If anyone took a minute to read gun control measures , for and against, and present policies , they would easily see that this attorney doesn’t set policy for the NRA. The fact that somebody dug up this info and somehow attached it to the second amendment is a sure tell that not only does the liberal media have nothing for their battlebut they do not understand the battle. The nNRA believes in the right to keep and bear arms for defensive protection. Period. All the rest of this bull must be for a different argument. I also believe that if the mother in law had a gun she would be alive today. It was her right to protect herself from this lawyer and the laws that he is protecting now secured her that right. So your article should have read lawyer now protecting rights that( should all citizen excersized) would have killed him earlier in lifeas an aassailant. Judjing by the excellent investigation and beating I’d say during the middle 60’s maybe. That’s a long trip to prove nothing. The NRA doesn’t believe in gun use beyond protect ion and any statement aimed to prove otherwise is false and an attempt to educate the populous using lies. Which is why we have the liberal media.

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