0 thoughts on “The West Wants WAR with Russia”

    1. There were people who really disagreed with the war, and refused to fight. However, there were others who were simply cowards. They used their money to stay away from fighting, or get some military position away from the front line, whether it be in the National Guard, or some office job etc..

  1. They must be really high on cocaine to do this.
    I mean, if putin loses and chooses to commit suicide.
    He can take the whole world with him.

  2. Sorry go on and on about this again. However, boldness at this level (on the part of the US) shows it can launch nuclear strikes without real fear of retaliation.
    Who knows? Even though this might sound insane, who can say the US won’t eventually nuke Russia to make it comply totally with the elite’s NWO?

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