The Moshe Feiglin Plan for Gaza

Scary stuff. This guy is the head of the major faction of the ruling party, the Likud. Most people do not realize it, but the Likud really is a hard rightwing party. It is nothing more than far right fascist political party, and it always has been. The roots of the party are in man named Jabotinsky, who wrote what amounts to the ultimate Likud party statement in 1921 (The Iron Wall) that has governed their philosophy ever since. Feiglin is considered one of the real hotheads of the rightwing of this rightwing party. Some of his party is embarrassed by him. The Israeli Left hates him. While Netanyahu is a “shadow fascist” (does not display overt fascism), Feiglin is the real deal, a hardcore, hardline ultranationalist fascist of the 1930’s type. He even admires Hitler (as many fascist Zionists did) except for the Jew-killing part of course. These fascists have more in common than you think. A Nazi and a Jabotinsky Zionist might be able to get along just fine as long as they agreed to separate homelands. Feiglin has also made some very ugly statements about Arabs. He has made some anti-gay statements, but lately he is sucking up to the increasingly powerful Israeli Gay Lobby. Feiglin of course is an Orthodox Jew. I honestly think he could get along with Hamas. Hamas are Muslim fundamentalists, and Feiglin is an Orthodox Jew. One’s as religious as the other. I think on some level they respect each other as deeply religious persons. And I have always felt that the real enemies of both the Muslim and Jewish fundamentalists were their secular brethren. Seizing Gaza and throwing out the Arabs would be nothing new. The Jews have been doing this in Palestine since 1932. It really accelerated from 1947-1949 and then again in 1967. Every month of the year, Israel steals more land and throws more Palestinians off their land. It’s as regular as clockwork. Zionism is a settler-colonial project that is still in its active settler-colonial phase. Think the US before 1890. Steal more land! What’s scary is that this nut is really in the Israeli mainstream now. Israel internal politics have become quite frightening in recent years. How much further to the right can they go?

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  1. What’s scary is that this nut is really in the Israeli mainstream now. Israel internal politics have become quite frightening in recent years. How much further to the right can they go?
    He’s simply the logical conclusion of Zionism.
    Keep in mind that it was the Labor Zionists who perpetrated the Nakba, expelled the Palestinians at gunpoint, destroyed many villages to preemptively negate the Right of Return, conquered the West Bank, etc. Not to mention that settlement accelerated under the leadership of Labor leaders like Rabin and Peres. Both the Israeli left and Israeli right have always closed ranks in order to preserve the “Jewish character” of Israel.
    Israel has always been characterized by a genuinely racist (I mean the real stuff, not the “microaggressions” that Social Justice Warriors gripe about), ethnocratic, and chauvinistic identity. There’s a fundamental incompatibility between democracy and Zionism, ie. “Jewish and democratic.”
    As the two forces continue to collide, most Israeli Jews have demonstrated that they prefer the Jewish part over the democratic part.
    Amazing, isn’t it? Just imagine if Alex Linder, Tom Metzger, David Duke (who would actually be a “liberal” by Israeli standards), and Don Black were the primary political elites and wielders of power here in the U.S. Well, that’s exactly what they have in Israel.

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