Pakistan Is Israel

Yeah, Muslims are hypocrites. No kidding. Muslims are about the biggest hypocrites of all. I think they way worse hypocrites than Jews actually. Jews actually have a certain sense of universalism and wanting to take the high road.
Of course, Judaism as a religion is as shitty as any other religion. I think it might be one of the worst religions of them all.
Judaism is based on double standards. It’s right there in the Talmud, on every single page. There are two sets of rules, one set of rules for the Jews, the Chosen People, and another set of rules for the goyim. Everything a deeply religious Jew does is based on this system of dual morality.
Islam isn’t much better in this regard, in fact, I think it is even worse.
Two sets of rules, right? One set of rules for the Muslims and another set of rules for infidels living under Muslim rule, no?
Infidels living under Muslim rule are the victims of dual morality the same the goyish victims of Jewish scoundrels are are.
The more you think about it, these two religions are very similar.
They are both ancient tribal religions that starkly split the world into the Elect, the believers or Chosen versus the Forsaken, the goys or infidels. The only difference is that Jews treat the goys around them a lot better than Muslims treat the infidels among them.
And Judaism isn’t about taking over the world. All they want is a piece of a sandbox in the middle of the desert. The Muslims want it all, global conquest. Scary people.

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0 thoughts on “Pakistan Is Israel”

  1. Similar to windows version I see.i suppose judaism is like vista.christians is like windows 7 while islam is windows 8

  2. You got it, finally. There is no comparison really, Jews of Israel are a much better specimen of humanity compared to those Arab-Middle Eastern savages such as ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, murderous Talibani Afghans or hypocritical Pakistanis. You need to take into account the depravity and barbarism that these people are capable of: female genital mutilation in the 21st century and summary executions – gimme a break: even hellish backwaters of India couldn’t possibly be that unsafe.
    Even with the current Gaza conflict taking such an ugly turn, Israeli humanitarians do not hesitate in sending convoys of food, medicine and relief aid to this ungrateful bunch of people. It has been proven beyond doubt that Hamas is using women and children as human shields: the more die, the easier it is for Hamas to point the finger of blame at Israel. Instead of fighting like men, they resort to cowardly tactics in an attempt to shame their enemy.
    Sure, Israel has launched rockets and artillery fire at schools, hospitals and places of worship: so would any country in a STATE OF WAR. Wars are ugly business anyway and Israel is well within its rights to protect its citizens from terrorist intimidation and wanton killings.
    I have never seen Israelis indiscriminately hate Goyim. I’m member of a pro-Israeli Facebook community and experienced lot of bonhomie from real Israelis who seem like regular, nice people and Christians should take a leaf out of their religious conviction and ethical behavior.

  3. White nationalists tolerate Muslims cause, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Nonetheless, Muslims do want to control the world, and want to terrorize the west. However, the elite class will protect US citizens from terrorism, but at the cost of slavery. It’s really a no win situation here.
    Yep, terrorists can’t nuke the USA, just like rebels can’t win in Colombia. Of course, in one way, obviously, I’m happy, but then another thought comes up.

  4. Anyone can become a Christian or a Muslim but the psychopathic gene of being Jewish you’re born with.
    Jews believe that EVERY person on the planet is in-human except them and that every thing owned by them is the Jews and they only exist to serve the Jews. When did a Christen or Muslim ever have such a belief. Never. They would however be more likely to serve others as a duty. Fat chance on getting that out of a Jew. The Jews say they want “Tikkun olam”, to heal the world. Know what that means? It doesn’t mean what people think it means. Since no one but them is human Tikkun olam means killing everyone not Jewish. That’s healing to them.

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