From Civil Rights to Modern Antiracism, a Moral Inversion

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After the chicken’s chicks were all killed at eaten by the fox, a liberal chicken then said to the surviving chicken “Ya know, not all foxes are like that.”

Nice. Increasingly, modern antiracism is simply becoming absurd, stupid, dangerous, belligerently abusive and pro-suicidal.
Thinking back to our salad days in the Civil Rights Movement, I remember how things were so much different back then. We Whites were fighting for good people! Good, fine, upstanding Black people, of which there were plenty at the time and even now.
Was James Meredith a dirtball? Of course not? Was Rosa Parks a slimebag? You kidding? Were the Little Rock a bunch of scumbuckets? Huh?
If you think of yourself as a good person, it feels good to be fighting for the rights of other good people. And it is painful to see good people being so mistreated merely because of who their parents were. It’s so wrong it hurts. This was the essence of the moral impetus behind the Civil Rights Movement.
We won most of our battles, and here it is, 50 years on, and anti-racism is so far away from the Civil Rights Movement that it seems like it’s on another planet altogether.
Now the antiracist movement does nothing but support criminals.
All of the modern antiracist heroes have been criminals, often pretty bad ones. Most of them are dead and in the ground now, which is really where they belong if you ask me. It’s hard to feel good about supporting a bunch of scumbuckets. It’s hard to feel sorry for them, even if they are getting their rights violated. And typically, the people who aggressed on the Black criminals were the victims in one way or another of the crooks, or they were law enforcement or school officials trying to arrest or discipline the crooks. The ultimate hero of the antiracist movement is none other than OJ Simpson, a narcissistic sociopath who decapitated his girlfriend with a meat cleaver before he sliced her boyfriend to blood-spattered bits.
Many of the antiracist cause celebres have involved Black criminals who get shot by cops, sometimes under dubious circumstances. One thing you will notice that everywhere Black folks move in the world, this racist phenomenon called police brutality rears up its head. There is  this mysterious phenomenon whereby cops all over the world want to fuck over and kill Black people for racist reasons and only racist reasons.
Here is what happens:

  • Lots of Blacks moved to a country, often a Western country.
  • Over a period of time, they start to commit lots of crime, particularly violent crime, including homicide. They also start joining gangs and dealing a lot of dope.
  • This goes on for a while, and the police start arresting a lot of the Black criminals, for good reason.
  • The Black community starts to hate cops for “taking so many of our good men away.” Police are seen as a hostile because they are doing their job, which is to arrest Black criminals.
  • Sooner or later, a Black criminal is shot dead or badly beaten under possibly dubious circumstances. There is nothing necessarily racist about this. Most Western police departments have wildly stringent anti-discrimination policies and are far more PC than your average workplace. Police commissioners are tired of getting sued for this stuff so they are taking pre-emptive action.
  • What happens is once Black people start committing tons of crime and getting arrested all the time, sooner or later there is going to be a questionable shooting. It’s the law of averages. If Whites committed crime at Black rates, there would be a lot of dubious police shootings of White people. Dubious shootings are part and parcel of a group that commits lots of crime.
  • Blacks start rioting because one of their criminals got shot dead or beat up badly by police, which is a pretty bad reason to tear down a city if you ask me.
  • Antiracist movements begin to take up the “antiracist” cause of police brutality, an issue that usually has little to do with race.

These antiracist movements spend almost all of their time defending the absolute worst of Black society, the scum of the Earth. These are their heroes. If you are on the Left, you are supposed to support the lionization of these sociopaths. If you point out what scumbags they are, you are accused or racism yourself.
You see how far we have come? Pointing out that the Black criminal cause celebre du jour who may have been victimized is actually a piece of dirt is racism! It’s racism for good people to call criminals what they are!
That’s pretty breathtaking.
It goes far beyond that. All criticism of mass dysfunction in Black America, typically in the more ghetto areas, is slammed as racism. Good people are called racists for complaining about bad people acting bad! Wow! That takes my breath away.
If you try to counter an anti-White myth such as that Whites are more likely to be child molesters or serial killers by pointing out that actually Blacks have higher rates of both serial killing and child molesting, you are a racist! Whoa! It’s racist to pore through crime statistics to try to catch people telling racist lies about crime rates of various races! It’s racist to point out that Group X commits way more of Crime Z than Group Y.
Pointing out the obvious is racist. Telling the truth is racist. Hard and fast statistical truths are racist. Apparently, The Truth itself is racist.
The only way not to be a racist in this modern era is to be a liar!
This idiotic movement extends to the rest of the world. Much of the 3rd World is very screwed up. A lot of it is non-White. Pointing out how lame, dysfunctional, and pathological these failed states and cultures are is racist. Damn! Good people criticizing bad people overseas for acting bad is racist. People from decent cultures criticizing sick cultures for being stupid and evil is racist.
Pointing out that Country X is swarming with crooks, liars, cheaters, frauds and thieves, not to mention violent crooks, is racist. Telling people to avoid these shitholes is racist. In fact, we are ordered to travel to these shitholes just to prove how antiracist we area. In this sense, modern anti-racism is pro-suicidal. They want good people to go to places were lots of terrible people who act awful and stay there a while (presumably until they get victimized, which won’t be long) just to prove their antiracist mettle.
If you say, “I don’t see why I should risk my life and limb to associate with this group just because a few of them are good people,” you are racist.
Modern antiracism does nothing but defend bad people.
All of its heroes are criminals, often very bad criminals. These are the leading lights of the movement. It is racist for good people to criticize the bad behavior of these criminal heroes.
The only cultures it defends are non-White 3rd World cultures where a large percentage of the people act terrible, where states are failed, where cultures are toxic when they are not flat out wicked. Yes, to modern antiracism, the worst, most dysfunctional, corrupt, amoral and idiotic cultures of all are actually the best ones of them. These are the “heroic cultures” of modern antiracism. Modern antiracism fetes barbaric cultures above all else.
Cultures are crappy because they are full of crappy people – who behave in lousy ways and think in even worse ways. There is no such thing as a crappy culture full of good people. Good people make good cultures. Lousy people make lousy cultures.
The bottom line is that antiracism criticizes good people for attacking the behavior of bad people. It’s racist for good people to defend themselves against bad people – I assume we are supposed to let them kill us to prove earn our antiracist stripes in the afterlife. Anti-racism attacks people from good, competent, successful cultures for attacking lousy, incompetent and failed cultures. Once again, it punishes the good for attacking the bad.
I could go on here, but I think I will stop. You get the idea.
All I have to say is that this is a complete inversion of the moral principles I signed up for in the Civil Rights Movement. We were the good guys fighting for the good people against the bad people. Now it’s the other way around.
Let me off this bus please, Rosa.

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0 thoughts on “From Civil Rights to Modern Antiracism, a Moral Inversion”

  1. I agree with you mostly(I don’t think you should blog while angry). We went from Rosa Parks and James Meredith to Trayvon Martin and OJ Simpson as black heroes.
    “If you think of yourself as a good person, it feels good to be fighting for the rights of other good people. And it is painful to see good people being so mistreated merely because of who their parents were. It’s so wrong it hurts.”
    That’s my opinion as well, but as you know the “anti-racist” doesn’t really care about that, they only care about what makes them Feel good on the surface level, while doing damage to good people of all races and genders in the west.

    1. I don’t think anyone considered Trayvon Martin a “hero”. He was considered a perhaps a martyr of sorts for defending himself against racial profiling. But nobody claims he was some wonderful guy. I think many black folks identified with him because that could’ve easily been their son. And how the hell does OJ get thrown in here? He was considered an Uncle Tom.

      1. If memory serves me right thousands of black people cheered and celebrated in the streets when OJ was aquitted, anyone remember that?

  2. “The ultimate hero of the antiracist movement is none other than OJ Simpson”
    I have to give Robert the side-eye on this one.

    1. He’s probably referring to the spectacle of blacks screaming and going nuts when OJ was found not guilty. Like he was ‘one of them’ or something. Like it was some sort of victory for civil rights that this white wannabe who had left the neighborhood so far behind he couldnt see it in his rearview mirror anymore had gotten away with butchering 2 people. He had overcome.

  3. “…Increasingly, modern antiracism is simply becoming absurd, stupid, dangerous, belligerently abusive and pro-suicidal…”
    One thing the Blacks I think are right about is the cops. You’re right that they’re going to be much more aggressive in a high crime area but I believe it’s more than that. I think their training has changed. I also believe large amounts of them are on steroids and they have no control over their temper. Most of the cops are HUGH now.
    Remember when Charlie Sheen went on that meltdown. He said that at the time he was using about five times the recommended amount of testosterone cream. I can believe this as he’s an addict and if a little is good, well a lot is better. I think the cops are acting the same way.
    The Blacks warned us but we didn’t pay attention. Now they’re killing people for selling non-taxed cigarettes. I saw a video where a cop shot a White guy once from many feet away. He was whittling on a stick with a knife and was deaf. He didn’t even see the cop or hear him tell him to stop. Shot him in the back. People film the police so they taze them. It’s ridiculous.

  4. The problem is black culture. It isn’t the same as it was in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. But then again, neither is the white one. Drugs have taken control of both leading to mass moral degeneration and crime. Myself, even though an anti-racist, don’t like this new culture.
    The civil rights movement was great, but the problem is got over-taken by the massive moral decline of the world, in general.
    Now racists, on the other hand, want to blame “black people”. However, it isn’t about race, you could just as easily blame “white people” who are full of divorce, are hooked on pain pills, and whatnot. Of course, the new culture has had a way harsher effect on blacks than whites, hence higher black crime rates.

    1. Of course, nobody expects anyone to go back to the “square” times of the 50s, even if there were no segregation. However, our current time is just too “dirty”, kind of like a polluted lake. I mean, listen to all the bad words in rap music. Look at the rise of degenerate porn.

      1. Even the 70s, with it’s freedom, seemed very innocent compared to now. The 70s had it about right, as far as values go. Not as square as the 50s, but still quite wholesome.

      2. Hey I’ll Take the 1950’s anyday man! women back then looked like women! except for the non-shaved pussies of course. Seriously speaking the 1940’s 50’s 60’s and 70’s was the hay day for the middle class, everything has been going downhill for us common folk ever since those cocksuckers Reagan and Thatcher took office!

      3. There was lots of creative energy and social idealism in the ’50s (the Montgomery bus boycott was during the ’50s). By the mind ’60s it had become like a supernova that quickly burned itself out. By about 1970 there was massive cynicism as “me first” movements like feminism and the Black Power movement took over the left.

  5. Of course, the breakdown of the family is a major thing in causing black crime. It’s destroys black America, like it also does the white and Latino ones. Kids, generally, don’t do well without both parents.

    1. Critisizing bad people is only racist when white people do it, so in the eyes of many people I would be called a racist.

  6. Liberal antiracists lost the moral high ground when they failed to call the race riots of the ’60s what they truly were – an expression of virulent racism against whites who still ran businesses in areas where blacks had moved in. It’s still taboo in a lot of circles to raise the fact that a big part of the 1992 LA riot was a pogrom against Koreans. Hate crimes by blacks against Asians are common.

    1. “Hate crimes by blacks against Asians are common.”
      Not that I’m denying it but could you post some links? From my experience most Black Hate crimes are towards Whites and Hispanics.

      1. I could definitely believe that about black on Hispanic hate crime, since they’re the two largest minorities and have a lot of contact with each other. It goes the other way too.

      QUOTE”The Kerner Commission issued its report in February 1967 (still before the King assassination). It became an instant best-seller.
      The report blamed the riots on white racism and lack of opportunity for blacks. As Stephan Thernstrom has noted, it failed “to confront the question of why liberal Detroit blew up while Birmingham and other Southern cities — where conditions for blacks were infinitely worse — did not.” It also failed to explain why the riots occur “didn’t occur in the 1930s, when prevailing white racial attitudes were far more barbaric than they were in the 1960s.”
      The Kerner Commission recommended large-scale government intervention aimed at improving the economic and living conditions of blacks. These included huge expenditures in housing programs to break up patterns of segregation, the hiring of significant numbers of blacks by police departments, and new government programs to provide services to blacks.” END QUOTE

      1. Of course, white nationalists will give the obvious answer about lack of black rioting in the south (despite conditions for blacks being worse). However, the fact is, that the south wouldn’t tolerate rebelliousness from anyone. In that sense, it was similar to an Islamic culture.
        However, looking at the north, even though conditions were bad, that wasn’t an excuse to riot. Rioters did so out of a spirit of rebellion, which actually, was sweeping over the whole country in the 60s, effecting all races. Seems the south wasn’t going to have the 60s.

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