An Alternate View on US Tourism to Nigeria

Tulio writes:

I still don’t buy it. I can go on expat forums and find plenty of people who had no issues in West Africa and enjoy living there. I trust people who actually LIVE there *long-term* and have to actually deal with normal people on a regular basis than someone dealing with scammers or someone flying there short-term to collect money.

Tell you what. I will be completely honest. I read a story on the monger forums about a White guy who went to a village in Nigeria and had the time of his life with 10-15 rotating women all fucking him the whole time he was there. They were very sweet, feminine and kind. I guess they wanted marriage. He experienced no crime, problems or anything like that. Understand that rural life in parts of Nigeria has not yet been destroyed. And the North was always a safe place to go, except now there is a war on. But before the war was on, the North was a very safe place, almost no crime, no corruption. It’s the polar opposite of the Christian and animist South which is pretty much morally nuked. I also went to some cool pickup forums – really monger forums (these were really cool places just full of regular guys, often single, roaming around the world trying to get laid). I believe they are still around if anyone wants a cool PUA site that’s not ruined by the recent Manosphere PUA types. There was virtually no Roissy/Roosh dickery/assholery going on, and why should there be anyway? We are all just guys trying to get laid, come on. Why fight? There was a section on Nigeria, and I went there out of curiosity. There were some Black men in the US who were very street-smart fellows (draw whatever conclusions that you will), and they could handle themselves very well in dangerous US Black ghetto situations and had been doing so for many years. They admitted that Nigeria was a highly dangerous and chaotic place but said that if you were Black and street-smart, tough, and knew what you were doing, it was doable. But even these men admitted that from the time you stepped out of the airport, people will try to rip you off and scam you right and left. Most if not all recommended that no White men go to Nigeria, but that Black men could visit a lot there easier than White men. These Black guys had figured out the games, culture and rhythm of the streets of Nigeria, and they were able to travel there regularly with minimal problems. But it was not for the naive or people who were not hard and tough-minded. These Black guys were really into Black women, and they said there were many beautiful Black women in Nigeria ripe for the picking. I would say that if you are very tough and street smart US Black man who wants an adventure, you might be able to do Nigeria with minimal problems. But I would not recommend that any White man go there. For one thing, Nigerian Blacks are unbelievably racist against White people. Remember Band on the Run?

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14 thoughts on “An Alternate View on US Tourism to Nigeria”

  1. A white guy could go into Nigeria with a smart, trustworthy tour guide. But as I said before, that’s true in any third world country. However, West Africa might be different from the Philippines, cause Africans are a lot bigger. Therefore, your guide would need to be tough also. You can go it alone in the third world, if your Rambo.

    1. The tour guide would need to be tough and armed, in the case of West Africa, regardless of what race you happen to be.

      1. Actually, sorry to drag this on and on, but you would probably need a few armed and tough tour guides for a west African trip.

  2. A white female travel adviser based in Africa, “Anouk Zijlma is an experienced travel agent, travel editor, and international traveler. She’s lived in Malawi and Kenya, and has traveled extensively throughout the continent.”
    She says:
    “Violent crime against tourists in all African countries is quite rare, and personally I feel a lot safer walking around Accra than Amsterdam. As a visitor you are much more likely to be killed with kindness than anything else.”
    Amsterdam is really safe so I don’t know why she said that and I think its probably safer than Accra but it shows she feels safe there.
    “Petty theft is probably the most common crime you are likely to come across when visiting Africa. As a tourist with cameras and cash, you just have to be careful. Violent muggings are quite rare for most African countries. Dakar, Nairobi and Johannesburg are probably most notorious for violent crime, car-jacking and murder.”
    “Regardless of your budget, when you are traveling in Africa keep in mind that you are much richer than the majority of local people around you. While most people are honest, the sight of a tourist with cash to spare and cameras dangling is too tempting for some. To avoid being fodder for con-artists, petty thieves and opportunists keep some of the following safety tips in mind…”
    I guess the thing is that a white person stands out like a sore thumb. If 1000 people spot you, that might include a couple of con artists and a psychopath. They know you probably have money. Anywhere you stand out, you are vulnerable. Imagine being black…you’d be less scared in that crowd. Its human nature to be aware of that vulnerability of looking different, which is one reason white people are more scared than black people in a black ghetto.

  3. On the other hand, I know a female flight attendant who stayed over in Nigeria and she was required to have security men posted outside her hotel room because of the risk of burglary and rape.

  4. Not sure if you guys have heard of Naughty Nomad, but he’s an Irish dude that has gotten a reputation as the Indiana Jones of the pick up scene. He travels all around the world and goes off the beaten path in his quest for new pussy. He’s been all across Africa, even insanely dangerous places like Mogadishu to get laid and post detailed trip reports. Interesting stuff:
    He even fucked an African woman with no condom who had HIV! Yikes. Well he only found out about her HIV status after the fat. He said his HIV tests came back negative. He dodged the bullet there.

    1. It’s a known fact a large percentage of hookers have AIDS. Anyone who dabbles in this stuff is suicidal.

  5. I wouldn’t be whore-monger, period, not trying to be religious or self righteous, though. The threat of AIDS is too large. Of course, you can lose your money in the third world, or even get beaten up. However, you can possibly recover from it, unlike with AIDS.
    If your into sexual fantasies, I would just leave it with porn.

  6. As I said before, race isn’t a big deal going to Nigeria. It’s more about protection. You have to bring a few tough, armed bodyguards.
    Now, you can manage in the Philippines with only an average tour guide. The one I had, honestly, wasn’t that tough. He was very weak looking. He just put on a manly front with a lot of cigarettes and drinking.

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