Yankee Go Home!

How can anyone read this and say there is no such thing as US imperialism. Yet that is what most Americans will tell you.
How can anyone read this and say there is no such thing as US imperialism. Yet that is what most Americans will tell you.

Yes, Latin Americans have ruined Latin America, but they haven’t done so alone. They had a lot of help. One of the principal problems in Latin America now for a very long time has been the presence of the United States. Working in tandem with Latin American elites, the US has, over the last 100 years, probably done more to destroy that continent than any other factor.
Others have not been so innocent. As you can see, Britain ruined Guyana. All Guyana wanted was a social democracy like the UK had at the time, but the imperialist scum in the UK ruined that. Social democracy is good enough for the British, but we can’t let our neo-colonies (our slave states) have it.
The US mentality is similar. A typical reason for overthrowing a government in Latin America is that the President raised the minimum wage. Presidents both Democratic and Republican alike have overthrown Latin American governments for the simple crime of raising the minimum wage.
Barack Obama “liberal,” overthrew the government of Honduras. The main reason was because Zelaya raised the minimum wage. Barack Obama supports raising the minimum wage in the US, but in our neo-colonies, they don’t get that option because those are our slave states. Barack is no socialist, Communist, Maoist, Third Worldist or even anti-colonialist. What sort of socialist overthrows a government for the crime of raising the minimum wage?
Reactionary US foreign policy is a bipartisan project the world over, but this is especially true in Latin America. Democrats only pursue relatively liberal politics in the USA. Overseas, our foreign policy has always been far rightwing reaction. US Presidents never work for the people of the world. All US Presidents are the employees of the large US corporations and the rich, the 1%. The 1% call the shots in the US. The President listens, takes notes, stands up, salutes, and says, “Yes, sir.” That’s called “democracy.” LOL.

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  1. Goes back before the ’50s too. Remember Gen. Smedley D. Butler whom I mentioned in a comment some time back? He mentions being involved in this sort of thing (in an attempt to later expose it) even before WW2.

  2. You didn’t include the most well-known CIA coup – the overthrow of S. Vietnam’s President Diem on November 1, 1963.

    1. Tell you what. Why don’t you name some of the US interventions, CIA coups and overthrown governments, etc. in West Africa. Hint: there haven’t been any.
      Nope, no sympathy for nations for lying, cheating, thieving amoral sociopathic scums, sorry. I only sympathize with humans, not animals.

      1. There has been some in Africa, in general, though. In that case, you would have to blame outsiders to some extent. Mostly the African problem is a mix of bad leaders, bad people, and imperialism. However, the same is probably true everywhere else. For instance, I love the Philippines, but you can’t deny the massive corruption there. Corruption among the elites, but also among ordinary people.

      2. Really Robert? Are you just trolling on your own blog here? You’ve never heard of Patrice Lumumba? Shocking.

    1. I don’t really agree with any of this stuff. Not the factual veracity but rather the conclusions and blame to be laid. According to them, if it weren’t for America and its policies, Latin America would be so much better off. I’m pretty sure Latin America would be no different regardless of our policies. The majority of their problems come from within, culture of corruption, low education level, low human capital.
      Are we supposed to believe that the USA wasn’t getting swamped with illegals before NAFTA? Didn’t Operation Wetback happen in the 50s?
      And hasn’t Mexico also benefited tremendously from the United States? Look how many manufacturers and retailers employ people there. Look at how many remittances are sent down by their family members working here. I’ve read that as much as a tenth of their economy comes from remittances. Not to mention all their nationals here illegally getting free k-12 public education and healthcare that they wouldn’t otherwise have in Mexico.
      As for the war on drugs, what are we supposed to do? Make crack legal? If the very intelligent people who run these crime syndicates in Latin America devoted their brain power to solving the real problems of their countries and finding legitimate business activities, their nations might be much less violent places.

      1. No way! NAFTA destroyed Mexico! Mexico’s been going catastrophically downhill ever since NAFTA. The poverty rate shot up to 50% not long after NAFTA. 2 million farmers were forced off their lands due to NAFTA where they have crowded into the cities with little work.
        The Central American nations that most closely followed the neoliberal model that we enforce at gunpoint down there are the ones suffering the most poverty. These are the ones who are flooding all their kids up here in desperation. Much fewer are coming from Nicaragua because the Sandinistas have been in power since 2006 and they have done a great deal to support workers and peasants at a basic level. As long as people have basic level support, they don’t want to take off. The Sandinistas have only done this telling Uncle Sam to more or less go away.
        The presence of the United States has destroyed that whole region down there.
        Remittances? Free health care, free services? Yeah, we are doing great for Mexico. We took in 11 million Mexican parasites who suck and drain our great nation. The remittances are a huge ripoff of America. All their earnings go straight back to Mexico. All the rest is a ripoff too. I don’t do not see why it is so great that Mexico gets a few benefits while the US gets jack. Solidarity don’t work that way bro.

        1. “The Central American nations that most closely followed the neoliberal model that we enforce at gunpoint down there are the ones suffering the most poverty.”
          Really? Costa Rica? Panama?

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