Alt Left: The Indian Personality: Superiority and Inferiority Complexes Intertwined

A fine new Indian Hindu commenter named Janardhan has appeared on our blog, and he repeats some of the same things that other insightful Hindus such as ILOR, Rahul and Pranav have said. This shows us that not all Indian Hindus are bad people and that some of them are capable of looking inwards and trying to better their society. I consider both Rahul and Pranav at least to be strong Indian patriots who simply want the best for their country. As they see it, getting the best for India is going to require some massive changes, hence their critical patriotism.

Hindus have a strange mix of superiority and inferiority complexes. Deep down they massage their ego about how their civilization was ‘da greatest’ with a total ignorance about other civilizations and their achievements.

According to Hindus, Ancient India compared to the rest of the world is equivalent to comparing the city of Vienna during Mozart with highlanders in Papua New Guinea. As if Ancient India was like this huge Vienna while the rest of the world were primitive.

But during the last centuries they were first enslaved by Muslims from Central Asia/Persia (whom they consider savage bloodthirsty barbarians ignoring the intellectual side of Islamic civilization which itself was plagiarized to a good extent from Greek learning) and then the Europeans.

One difference was that in the case of Islamic invaders they could hide under the carpet the invaders’ intellectual side, and they are thus dehumanized as savage bloodthirsty monsters (this label is justified though as the Islamic rulers were quite brutal). But when the Europeans, especially the British, came, they could not ignore their obvious technological superiority with their steam engines and telegraphs.

Thus the conflicting superiority/inferiority complex feelings.

They were as per their myth Numero Uno Civilization in the world, but now they are nearly at the bottom. White people with their strange but seeming superior looks and behavior give us an inferiority complex. Besides, even the Japanese/ Koreans are way ahead of us, and now the Chinese are racing ahead. Mainland Indians just cannot accept the rise of China: “Those Chinkis like the Chinkis of Nepal and North Eastern Indians going ahead of us, not possible,” we say.

Thus the desire to prove ancient India being as technologically advanced as the modern world since the modern technological world is 90% a White creation and we cannot fathom a people other than us could have done so.

I think this is same with the Arabs with their Islam. Islam, the last word of God and having an Arab as its last and greatest prophet, has fallen behind the White nonbelievers. Oh, the horror.

Blacks, well most Indians consider Blacks as some savage monkey people anyways.

I would say we Indians are some of the most racist people in the world, but our racism is very subtle.

As someone who works in mental health, I would like to point out the obvious. A person with both a massive superiority and inferiority complex going at the same time is a common creature.

This is typical for Cluster B personality types: especially Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders. But it associated more with narcissism than anything else.
In fact, all proper analyses of narcissism begin with the supposition that what is going on in narcissism is often a huge inferiority complex which is apparently being compensated for by its opposite, a huge superiority complex.

My view is that the worse the narcissist’s inferiority complex, the greater their superiority complex must be to compensate for it. Whereas if one feels only a bit inferior, one has only to feel a bit superior to compensate as all human beings are trying to equalize things and get at what I call the “zero state” of perfect equilibrium where everything is ok.

Many analyses of the Indian personality on this site have noted the profound narcissism apparent in most Indian Hindus. In many cases, this also looks like solipsism, but then narcissism and solipsism tend to go together anyway (Look at the Jews, the most solipsistic people on Earth).

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197 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Indian Personality: Superiority and Inferiority Complexes Intertwined”

  1. I feel this especially applies to countries like iran, africa, mexico, etc. the reasons for inferior complex vary from place to place. in iran, for example, they used to have the great “aryan” civilization; now they are the most radical bloodthirsty muslims in the middle east living in dirt, and they hate arabs but look like them, arabs hate them, it’s complicated. mexico is a nation built off spanish rapists. africa is self explanatory. india’s reason is similar to iran, but mainly because it has been a land of the conquered for most of history

  2. The problem with our dear Indian friends, is that as highlighted by ILOR several times, is that India is a fictional socio-political creation entirely concocted by the Imperial British. It’s like how Romans/Greeks grouped all people North of them in the same category as “barbarians” while not realizing the differences and how Spaniards/Europeans grouped all Muslims as “Moors”, “Arabs” or “Turks” while also not realizing the differences.
    Same thing the Brits did with Indians without noticing or disregarding the differences while creating a political entity that was entirely fake and unsustainable from the very beginning; there was no real “Indian” country or civilization to begin with except separate squabbling petty ethnic groups and kingdoms.
    So it is really perplexing and confusing that these guys are patriotic and want the best for India when it’s a fictional country that doesn’t really exist in practice and “Indians” don’t even see eye to eye with each other. Also the Indus valley civilization only pertained to one part of India and not to the Aryans or the aboriginals elsewhere in the continent. The Aryan invaders also didn’t have an advanced technological civilization at the time they invaded the Indus valley, the Hindu Aryan contingent were simply South Russian steppe niggers……
    Look Europeans/Caucasians are just superior on a biological level in every way to Indians, and arguably all the other races on Planet Earth. With or without all the wealth and technological superiority they have demonstrated so many times on Indians, the blood and the entity/consciousness aka the race, that propels towards advancement, civilization, ascension, progress, building, proficiency is what matters in the end.
    Europeans/Caucasians are just superior looking, more intelligent, and more finessed then all the other races on planet Earth and real life has proved this over and over again. Even if “Indians” were to miraculously recover and somehow build a grand civilization of worth, it would still not solve the issue of their biological inferiority and how they look like a failed race that went in the wrong corridor of the human evolutionary line. You have to construct civilization in a way that all the individuals in it are going to be better off and are getting better cognitively and physically with each successive generation, so in that respect race and looks is of utmost numeric uno importance. Indians are just on a karmic quantum atomic level, a tragic failed racial ethnogenesis whom are doomed to inferiority or some sort of a sub-standard state of human existence from my finding information about them.
    Also Europeans/Caucasians are just too superior to all the other races of Planet Earth, they are too superior in terms of looks and cognitive capacity, in societal conduct and in the wheels of human progress. Europeans were too superior to Indians from the very start/beginning predating the Industrial revolution and too superior to be in their presence. I believe in the ancient alien hypothesis in that Europid’s were created by extra-terrestrials like the Annunaki/Nephilim albeit as some sort a intelligent slave race to mine gold from Earth. I have started believing this simply because of their apparent superiority in human attributes to every other race on Planet Earth, that they are simply otherworldly and ethereal for them to have a terra-cognitic origin.

    1. You seemed fairly reasonable up until the whole alien bit. Was that meant to be a joke? American humor confuses me some times.

      1. Why is that so hard to believe? Have you seen season 1 of Ancient Aliens or the movie Prometheus?

      2. Batterytrain is absolutely right.
        The problem is the way European Whites think. The European “consciousness”.
        Europeans have a definite racial ingroup. Which means that unless you are pure-blooded European, you are excluded. But if you are pure-blooded European from any one of the European countries, then you are considered “in the club”. Any non-European is an outgroup.
        That’s okay and fine. I understand that Europeans want to maintain their blood purity. It’s why European nations are so powerful. It’s sad that Eurasians, and mulattos are subconsciously excluded from the European family, despite having half-European genetics.
        This is the problem. There is no racial ingroup in subcontinent. When the British conquered India, they saw themselves as belonging to a definite nation. They saw the “Indians” as outsiders. But they made a mistake in thinking the “Indians” were a definite racial ingroup, and a nation. They are not.
        “Indians” are a collection of individuals of mixed race. Whites have a difficult time understanding this. There is no Indian ingroup. There is no outgroup. They languages they speak and their cultural traditions (the only thing that binds them) are largely brought in by foreigners who have long since disappeared by being absorbed.
        On the one hand, Indians can’t really be “racist” (they all look different). On the other hand, there is no real sense of belonging anywhere or of belonging to a definite ingroup. Living in India would be like living in New York City. If you can speak the local language, you’re basically accepted. If you are somebody who comes and speaks a language like Hindi, you put your life at risk.

        1. Dravidian, Hey you ugly asshole, i am a south indian and i do not feel like you. Which fucking world you live in scumfuck. From where do you get such wet dreams that Dravidian people want to secede. Dont kid us telling you’re moral as a fellow SI i know what morals you have. you fucking lowlife shit stain. Apart from Tamil Nadu every other people in the south can speak Hindi, even a rickshawwallah or Autowallah can speak good hindi in the other 3 states. If people have such an aghast from hindi then how could they speak so fluently. You’re flagellating a dead horse, you sad fucking little twit!!!

        2. jithu nair,
          Listen to me you little North Indian lapdog. We are not speaking Hindi. We are not going to allow a foreign language from a foreign people in the sacred land of the Dravidian people. And don’t try to play this game of isolating Tamil Nadu. We Dravidians, all of us, stand with the Tamils against the foreign invaders living in the North.
          Listen you little Hindi LAPDOG. Don’t bark at me for your Hindi masters, understand? If I saw you person, and you pulled that little suck to up to Hindi people routine, I would BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF YOU. I would grab you by hair, and after punching your face in several times, I would HURL you out of my country and into “Aryastan”, you piece of garbage. There’s is nothing I hate more than a “South Indian” who defends the North Indian occupation of our lands.
          Anybody who speaks Hindi or supports India or supports BJP/Modi will be very sorry in the coming future. They day will come when either Dravida Nadu secedes and wins its independence, or India will collapse permanently. The Dravidian people have only ONE enemy, and that is India.

        3. I guess the truth hurts again doesn’t it you vulgar little maggot?? You can’t see that the south hates each other with much passion than they hate others. Also stop lying that Hindi is not popular in other states, having lived in here i know most people in Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra know hindi and can speak hindi. The only state that remained defiant to disallow Hindi is Tamil naud. I bet I have seen thousands of people converse in hindi in kerala and reach to theatres whenever Hindi movies are screened. Yup they do love their own movies, but still iu have seen them flocking them theatres. This is mentioned so that yourr ugly beaner ass doesn’t make any silly assumptions again.
          “Listen you little Hindi LAPDOG. Don’t bark at me for your Hindi masters, understand”
          I know you’re shit for brains.i expected atleast you will be able to decipher a north indian name from a south indians Pundachimoanne!!!
          “If I saw you person, and you pulled that little suck to up to Hindi people routine, I would BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF YOU.”
          What you and army are gonna make me pee in my pants?If you try to lay a finger on me be rest assured your spine will be broken into two and one your ONE INCH PECKER WILL BE STUFFED THROUGH YOUR NOSTRILS and will leave you straddling on the street with beggars of your similar ilk.
          “I would grab you by hair, and after punching your face in several times”
          What you have hair pulling fetish eh?? Try pulling out from mom’s public hair, thats the best you can do. And regarding all other garbage stuff of you, one word YOU WILL FAIL.. We will not allow and We will pull you down no matter what it takes, you ugly rotten Mofu Bitch.

  3. The massive inferiority/superiority complex manifest itself in the delusion of grandeur and the belief that India is destined to be a superpower. India sustain this complex by the bullying of its neighbors.

  4. Robert,
    Dear friend, it seems like you’re forgetting about the Dravidian people. We consider the Indo-Aryan/Australoids (North Indians) to be foreign invaders. We consider them foreign barbarians. We consider Hinduism to be a foreign, barbaric religion. When you say “India”, to the Dravidians you mean, “North India”.
    We don’t consider ourselves Indians. We are certainly proud of our Dravidian achievements, the foremost of which was the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC). Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the Hindu Aryans.
    Why the praise of two moronic Indian Nationalists like Rahul and Pranav? As for “Indian racism”, that’s hard to comprehend given the fact that “Indians” aren’t even a race. Plus, I think even Africa is higher in some social/developmental indexes than North India. These Indian Nationalist cretins try to claim Dravidian/Keralite accomplishments as “Indian”. It’s not Indian, it’s Dravidian.

        1. Nope, it does not have any influence over in the south. South has enough regional politics based on caste no one has the time to carry about Hindutva. But as zeus pointed out in other thread they can be as nationalistic as the northerenrs. Funnyhow an outsider could point that where as the Dravidian who keeps shouting at each comments conveniently lies about it…Even a party which espouses this ideology in Maharashtra the western state where it has the influence, people reject it in all elections. they do not have any success in the political field.

        2. To RD Sultan and Historia Nerd,
          I can confidently assert that Hindu Nationalism is very weak in the South. Hindu Nationalism is very much a North Indian (Aryan) movement. There are many, many reasons why Dravidians (South) strongly reject Hindu Nationalism.
          Reasons why Dravidians reject Hindu Nationalism:
          1) Hindu Nationalism asserts that India is one nation. That India is a land of “Hindu Aryans” who are one people. We who know the truth reject the idea that India is a nation. It’s an artificial state created by the British. The Hindu Aryans are invaders and oppressors. We are not Aryans, but Dravidians. We reject the idea of India, and refuse to belong to it. We see North Indians as aliens, not fellow countrymen.
          2) Hindu Nationalism supports Hinduism as the “true religion”. We reject Hinduism as the religion of Aryan barbarian invaders. We see it as not only spiritually corrupt and evil, it’s also foreign. Hindu Nationalists lie and pretend that Hinduism and Aryans are native to India, which is false. Worshipping false gods is idolatry, and deeply offends God. Hindu Nationalists are hostile to Christianity, the one true path to salvation for humanity. They mock and scorn Jesus Christ, while we Dravidians accept Him as the Savior who died for our sins.
          3) Hindu Nationalists are imperialists, who not only support the “unity” of India, they also want to fulfill the idea of “Akhand Bharat” (Greater India). India would conquer and rule Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Tibet, and Southeast Asia! They would be “Hinduized”. This would glorify the upper caste North Indians, because when they see Hindu cultural dominance as reinforcing their pride and superiority. We support the breakup of India and the independence of Dravida Nadu. That would shrink India even more than partition has.
          4) Hindu Nationalists want to impose Hindustani language on the Dravidian people. This is a major offense. There are two types of Hindustani. Hindi is the type that uses Devanagari (Aryan) script. Urdu (official language of Pakistan) is Hindustani that uses Arabic script. We don’t respect or like Hindi. We are not going to speak Hindi. We speak our Dravidian language and English.
          5) Hindu Nationalists see China and Pakistan as enemies. We Dravidians have no such animosity, and could care less about Kashmir. If China and Pakistan can help us achieve independence, then they are our allies. We see the Indian Government as our main enemy, along with North Indians who intensely support it.
          narselvam, yes we can be as nationalistic as Northerners. For our own Dravidian people, NOT INDIA. The vast majority of Southerners (save for a few fags and traitors who sell out to North India) detest India. The feelings are for our true countries, which have been currently reduced to illegal statehood within the Indian Union. Any Dravidian who cares about India is a FOOL.

        3. “Dravidian nationalist”, my questions to you:
          1) How do you feel about south indian brahmins who speak the dravidian language? In the 1960s there was massive movement in tamil nadu against tamil brahmins, who were considered aryan invaders and “oppressors”. Despite speaking the dravidian languages, they were discriminated against for unique history and culture. What do you consider them to be, how do you differentiate them?
          2) Genes and DNA are often thought of as more important than culture. While culture changes and evolves, genes stay the same and pass down from generation to generation as a permanent mark. Which sets the dravidian people apart; what is your main reason for this nationalism?
          Follow up: How do you feel about north indians assimilating into dravidian culture vs. non-indians assimilating?
          All questions are connected to each other.

        4. Hi dont believe Ll the nonsense this prick says
          Even people from kerala wont belive in his lies, you can fool to outsiders but you cannot fool resident south indians about ur bs.. theyll spit on you face.. ask any southindian how he feels just stating a lie repeatedly cannot become a truth dravidian

        5. Be it charity or donations for any calamity South indians adonate the most for the country. Dont give theories that you only believe in and generalize it Nobody feels that way..

        6. passerby,
          Here are my answers to your questions.
          1) How do I feel about “South Indian Brahmins” like Tamil Brahmins? I guess intense disgust would describe it. These Tamils have sold out to a foreign Indic culture. Brahmanism is Aryanism, plain and simple. Tamils aren’t Aryans, so why are they copying the Indic caste system? There is no such thing as a Tamil Brahmin, all Australoid peoples are “untouchable”. A Tamil Brahmin is like an African or Asian Nazi. After having dealt personally with Tamil Brahmins, it’s clear they support Hindu Nationalism and Hinduism and India. They oppose the independence of Tamil Nadu and “want to join India”.
          If you read Hindu scriptures, you’re going to realize that most “Brahmins” are not true Brahmins. A true brahmana can only be identified by personality and character. These are the traits that identify a true brahmana:
          “Honesty, integrity, cleanliness, purity, austerity, KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM.”
          True brahmanas have an intelligence and wisdom that could only be described as ‘profound’ and ‘genius’. Issac Newton, if you read and study his life, would be what you call a true brahmana. They are very rare. 99% of the “Brahmins” in India are not Isaac Newtons. They are imposters and frauds.
          2) The Dravidian people in reality are a mixed people. We are mostly a Dravidian/Australoid hybrid race. During the rule of Delhi Sultanate, and later the Mughal empire, groups of Indo-Aryan looking people fled to the South and brought their customs with them. They brought Brahmanism with them. Long story short, there are “Aryan” looking people in the South. But they are not the norm. I consider the North Indians to be a Aryan/Australoid hybrid race that has completely adopted the Aryan language, culture, and history. They identify with Aryan invaders, and believe themselves to be members of the superior Aryan race.
          I am a Dravidian, not an Aryan. I oppose Hindu Nationalism’s attempt to “Aryanize” the Dravidian people. My main reason for Dravidian Nationalism is to protect the Dravidian languages and culture. Secondary reasons are to oppose Hindu Brahmin Supremacy and Imperialism. Anybody who learns the Dravidian languages, and supports the Dravidian cause, will be accepted into the Dravidian fold. We’re more like Hispanics in that while racially diverse, we have a common language and culture that is distinct.
          As for North Indians, for the most part, they are enemies. I have a visceral antipathy for them that isn’t always rational. If a Black guy learns the Dravidian language and supports the Dravidian cause, I would accept him. But even if a North Indian did, there’s still within me a instinctive hostility toward them. I would say it’s very difficult for us to accept North Indians. Honestly, we don’t even want them in the South at all.

      1. Ideology comes first. When India is finally rejected, and if they refuse to leave our homeland, then yes the Dravidians will begin to fight a war against India to expel them permanently.

    1. QUOTE”Hindu Nationalism asserts that India is one nation. That India is a land of “Hindu Aryans” who are one people”
      Hey, I know some Aryans, they live in a trailer, and just broke out prison LOL

    2. You Dravidian, wretched agent of Christian missionaries. Don’t try to split the Hindus into Aryans and Dravidians!!! Your language defies the logic of sanity.

  5. The problem with India is they are genetically diverse. The Indus Valley Civilization, as others have pointed out applies to some Indians. The Gupta period, Aryan-Vedic period only applies to certain Indians. Indians need to realize there are differences between one another and move on.
    I also agree with Passerby. We notice this complex in places like Mexico, where Mexicans created an advanced civilization, but later crumbled. Iranians and Greeks fathered some of the most advanced civilizations of the time, but both had fallen. What people need to realize is not dwell on the past; history is forever changing. Korea was once a land with little history or civilization. Now they are a power house. Canada was built up, from primitivism.

  6. Robert spot on. Solipsism is a characteristic of Hinduism and Judaism. Hindus (the extreme ones) and Jews (Zionist ones) are both ingrained with this thinking of ‘us versus them.’ I have to admit Ancient Indians and Jews had rich history and culture, but modern ones are quite opportunistic and manipulative.

      1. Also the Modern Indians both ASI and ANI cannot take the credit for Indus valley civilizations..even if it was it could have been only a tiny percentile of the population. Majority has to be people from other parts like Afghan or whatever played a great role in IVC, Apart from the few rich languages subcontinent has nothing to offer

        1. The Indus Valley Civilization was not “Afghan”. Afghans are an Armenoid people who have much in common with the Middle East. The IVC was clearly Dravidian. It’s science and learning reflects the Dravidian nature. It was the Hindu Aryans who plunged the Dravidian people into barbarism, backwardness, and ignorance.

      2. Wth Batterytrain?
        Who were the biblical jews then?They were obviously the ancestors of the jews who later left for Europe and became Ashkenazi Jews?
        What about the Mizrahi,Sephardi,Mountain etc. Jews.What have they got to do with Biblical ones.Another peculiar thing ive noticed about jews are that they have have nearly the same phenotypes as people from the area where they live or have lived.Look at an Indian Jew and a Ukrainian one.No commonality.Are they really a race or just a religious group like Muzlims?

    1. Lobsang,
      Dear friend, are you Tibetan? May I ask what are your feelings toward North Indians?
      Hindu Nationalism is a fascist movement. In the same vein as other fascist movements such as White Nationalism, Japanese Ultranationalism, and Nazism. It tries to portray Indians as being a “superior race” to Africans, in almost direct imitation of Southern White attitudes towards blacks in the American South. They are copying it from Whites, and trying to emulate White Supremacy.
      The Hindu Nationalists are supporting discrimination against Muslims. Instead of learning from British racism, they are copying it for themselves. No one sees Indians as above Africans. Why they are picking on Africans and opening themselves up to charges of being racist is beyond me.
      Indian supremacy stinks to high heaven. They are trying to be bullies and cultural snobs. Africans are far more decent and honorable people than these Hindu Nationalists will ever be.

      1. Dhobi ka kutta, ghar ka na ghat ka!!!! Dravidian is a hate mongering Christian. I doubt your nationality?? You can’t be Indian, maybe you are a cocktail of African and American parents!!!

      2. What a stupid retard, Hindus are way more welcoming than Africans, go look at Idi Amin first

  7. There is no Single Indian personality , If you live in india for Couple of years you will understand that Indian Personality can be surmised by Single Word : “Duplicitous ”
    India is a Feminine Centric Society, I understand that you cannot categorize entire Society with Gender, but India is a Feminine Centric Society
    Its fundamental World view is “Solipsism”,After all , Much of Upanishads and Metaphysics in Upanishads can be equated to “Solipsistic World View”
    Hinduism is only religion( I Don’t know much about Judaism) which preaches that this world and everything external to you is ” figment of your imagination”
    For example Upanishads like Mundaka,Mandukya and Mitrayani ( I have read these in childhood,in Brahmincal Tutelage) preach this world is an illusion and the every entity in this world is just a figment of your imagination, “its only because you exist this world exist”, “It’s you and you imagination that creates every entity before you”
    “If you see someone suffering, its is just your imagination that compels you to believe that he/she is suffering, in reality others suffering is an illusion, because everything except “you” in this world is an illusion(Maya)”
    Hindu solipsism is the root cause of misery of billions of people in indian subcontinent, you may shout and try to show the people of india the reality, but indians hate reality much of their life is built in a bubble, a perception…
    Where ever indians live,you will always observe one thing in their behaviourism,they have little or no loyalty to other Societies.
    Indian(Hindus Especially) believe that they are innately superior to entire human race and at the same time ,they like to be perceived as perennial victims, The Victim hood complex has lot to do with how their innate intellect and superiority has never been acknowledged mostly abused by others
    Even when Hindus display inferiority complex, they will mask it with innate superiority of their culture.
    For example , “Hindus believe that Muslims have imposed their faith on People of india and persecuted millions of Indians, “Since,Indians are innately moral people and have superior intellect they have never been violent towards Muslims(although there is great deal of evidence to prove contrary is even true)”,–This explains how hindus are highly moral and superior people and always were unjustly persecuted by almost every great empire
    India culture is a inward looking culture, they cannot understand or even realize that there are some other civilizations which are far more superior.
    Otto weininger has written a great book “Sex and character” in which he emphasizes that Hindu indian culture and Jewish Culture is extremely feminine and Solipsistic,not sure about Jewish culture but indians are highly incapable of thinking about others.
    I think it has to do with culture and Biology People in Subcontinent.
    Human Co operation,Empathy,Feelings for others , Trust.Social behavior etc all these features are associated with people with Larger regions of orbitofrontal cortex and amygdala and this is usually found in people in northern hemisphere.
    This makes an interesting Research Question, at least for any one who is into Biomedical imaging like me, We at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Katholieke University Leuven have observed this on several ocassions people who have evolved in Northern Hemisphere ,their Amydala and Orbitofrontal Cortex is larger than from the people in subtropical regions
    I am not into Social sciences, i believe human behaviourism,Culture and Much of the philosophy that humans espouse,Traditions of certain culture have lot to do with Biological make up of people who adapted to a peculiar climatic zone—In short i think ,both nature and Nurture decide human behaviourism cooperation, culture and philosophy.
    If my belief is valid, i think that Indian behaviourism ,their biological and cerebral development(Which varies differently among different ethnic and castes of modern india) has made them Survivalistic and Solipsistic
    Most indians are survivalist and Solipsistic people ,
    Survivalism and Solipsism has shaped their Personality
    Survivalism makes them opportunistic,ruthless,lying ,cunning, scheming,uncaring,duplicitous, inward looking,seeking their own ideology and believing in their own deluded convoluted ideas and lies caring only for their genetic(caste) progeny so that their genetic legacy will continue.
    I believe solipsistic world view (Philosophical / religious ideological view)emerged from this survivalist mindset, this usually happens when some ethnic group has always been under consistent threat and genetically weaker, Intellectually malnourished for confront the Invading tribes
    and if we view this in greater context, we will understand that indian subcontinent /behaviourism(or personality),culture is shaped by repeated invasions from central Asia,Europe ( from indo-Aryan(Migration/invasion) to British)
    I also believe that this behaviourism(Personality) will not change as its shaped by thousands of years of evolutionary process, no amount of strict doctrine or some Hindutva education will Transform modern indian personality
    What Hindutva does is create an aura of Fake superiority to Mask inherent Inferiority of much of indian culture
    India is a new nation, a nation with diverse ethnic groups, its extremely challenging to administer people of diverse ethnicities, and Hindu rulers who got the power from british after 1947 has found this very early
    They have to create an ideology which can instil a sense of superiority in the meek races of india, so they used their religious mythology and fairy tales to brainwash indian society,100 years ago there is no such nation called india, there use to be an entity known as british India with around 530 Princely states which were loosely administered by several kings who were at constant war with each other
    Hindutva seeks Social control, Much of Brahmin fairy tales( we brahmins have great ability to create fairy tales) have become History because india as a nation has no history,its an entity which was born in 1947, Yes each ethnic group of India have their own history(Tamils,Telugu,Maratha,Rajput etc) but we never had a monolithic and common history, we are not even aware of others existence before British built Railways,much of our society even today is not connected
    To surmise,The Personality of Modern Indians is neither inferior nor superior, if there is any word in English language which can describe accurately the Indian Hindu personality its “Duplicitous”
    Hindu superiority complex is actually a lie, its just a Mask to Cover up his innate inferiority and ugliness, your average Hindu will never accept this as he is extremely Solipsistic

    1. ILOR, Do you think whether the 4 South Indian states could coexist and be a separate nation? Just your opinion on it. I see the 4 states as much as Hinduized like the rest of the states and the conflicts between them with regards to water sharing, mass immigration (especially to Bangalore) certainly doesn’t seem to help the cause. The virulent hatred between them is far more than what they seem to exhibit towards outsiders…

      1. I don’t think 5 South indian states(add Telangana ) can form any Confederate Union , they are incompetent..Not sure if you are from south, i am from south, Much of my family comes from Tamil Iyers and Andhra Ni-yogi Community.
        If we examine Southern politics Especially Tamil politics and Andhra politics, most of the political system is dominated by castes, on surface every one denies it, but Andhra politics is all about Reddy, Kamma Political battle, the third one in this league is Kapu Politicians like Chiranjeevi. Chandra Sekhar Rao KCR of telangana, but much of Telugu politics and power centers are dominated by 2 castes and these castes are at constant conflict with each other , earlier they fought for land today they fight for Political and Mining Contracts.
        Both these castes were never ruling castes of Andhra, earlier it used to Brahmins who ruled Andhra, first Chief minister of Andhra is a brahmin,so is for Tamil nadu..Brahmin population declined rapidly in south and community of land owners who controlled vast agrarian land entered into political system.
        Andhra is badly Indebted to IMF and World bank,Chandra babu naidu (Kamma caste- also called Chaudary in some parts of Andhra)and Rajashekar Reddy borrowed lot of money from International Investment banks,much of mining contracts,especially coal,bauxite,Mica and manganese were now under Private contractors lease
        this is the sole purpose telangana movement suddenly came into lime light, bad debts created by Naidu and Reddy made KCR to part his ways as the mining contracts in the regions of Telangana went to Reddy Owned companies, KCR never liked it
        Without Indian armed forces and Indian Judiciary , Andhra and telangana will balkanize into alteast 4 more territories, Rayalseema,Seemandhra,Hyderabad(Muslim majority), Telangana ,
        Only thing that stopping this balkanization is not Love for bharat mata or patriotism,but self interest and threat of Indian armed forces.
        Now Tamil politics are completely different, Yes today Iyengar Brahmin Jayalalitha dominates the Tamil landscape,after Periyar started Anti brahmin movement no one imagined Brahmin ruling the state,but Tamil politics are entirely Different from Andhra
        But there are parallels,Tamil cultural Landscape is Still under brahminhood, but much of commerce in Tamil nadu is under dominion of Nader, chettiyar ,Vellar Castes. Most tamilian politicians like Chidambaram,Maran are Chettiyars .. AIADMK is Vellar dominated and DMK is Chettiyar dominated.
        DMK believes is Greater Tamil nadu with some srilankan tamil dominated region joining tamil nadu,including some Andhra region,
        Same is true with Karnataka politics,
        Now add Water sharing issues of kaveri river, Land issues between Andhra and Telangana ,It’s a complete mess,
        This is what is mean when i repeat,British made a mistake in creating India . Frankly indian union will survive as long as the interests of political and business elite are served _ This is the reason why indian political system will remain corrupt, i dont fall for propaganda of Modi, there are so many entities which have to be served and the Republic of india will survive as long as the Elite are served
        Take north east for example, people dont look like indians and have nothing in common with mainland indians , Northeast will remain with india as long as politicians in north east are served, if they join china, the lazy elite of northeast will become average joe’s in communist china and they have to work like common people,which most of them are not interested in.
        Political unions will remain as long as all the participants who have common economic benefits continue to be served,once interests are not served then unions will fragment same holds true with india,no amount of patriotism will change this historic truth

      2. One thing that happened in India since 1947 is the Central government has kept much of the state administration dependent on funds from center and made sure only stupids and opportunists are encouraged in politics.
        You may complain about abundance of idiots in Indian political and Judiciary but Indians learned a lot from British Viceroys. British always encouraged Opportunists and Corrupt into politics in India, in this way most of local Indian administrators always remained dependent on British for funds and Tax revenues. The administration policy of Indian government after 1947 is very much same.
        If a powerful state administrator knows the way to build foreign relations and expand trade on his own terms, then he would not need central government babus or request for funds from center.
        You may say Modi is different, but on the ground he is no different, actually much of Modi campaign is hype and built on perception. In Indian society, perception carries more weight than reality.
        As I said before, Indians like lies, mostly appealing lies, but when the facade disappears and overhyped the bubble bursts, Indians become insecure, inward-looking, suspicious and reactionary.
        It’s strange in a way, Indian society can be easily manipulated. All you need is continuous myths, lies and appealing propaganda. This will assure most Indians that they are a shining superpower, an emerging nation, or whatever, but once that hype dissipates and the bubble bursts, society turns deranged as it cannot accept reality. Society has invested too much in myth and self-glorified lies that it cannot comprehend reality.
        So Indian society continuously needs myth-creating politicians and lies. You have to continuously pander to the ego, and people need constant reaffirmation that they are great and intelligent. Without this, people are easily demotivated.
        What I see in Indian society from north to south, irrespective of language barriers, is that people have a slave morality, they have no identity, society and family dissolves their identity, people are driven by opportunism and hatred (subtle hatred – in some cases jealousy) against others (China, Pakistan, Muslims, Christians, West).
        What makes all Indians tick is their culture which encourages them to be duplicitous hypocrites, with a self-centered worldview driven by blind opportunism and callousness.

        1. So ILOR, is Kamma the dominant caste in AP? I heard they used to refer AP as Kammanadu once upon a time from my friend as he said Kammas used to be dominant force, but I see Reddy’s everywhere. A lot of reddy’s I know are financially well-off, Dowry dealings in their marriages is astonishing.
          Also are the Naidus subsect of the Kamma? or is it just the surname for the Kammas…
          Are Kammas and Reddy’s are on the same level of the Caste system, the equivalent to Vasihyas in the south?? What’s the reason for their grudge towards eachother?
          What about Rao’s ? Are they subsect of the Kapus or is it just the surname of all the Kapus? I have heard the surname Rao all over from AP to Karnataka to Maharashtra Are they all branched out from AP? Also what is the dominant force in Telangana?
          I have witnessed some bloody battles in my college (which happened to be a telugu minority college) between the fans of Chiru and Balakrishna triggered by the caste emotions.. Needless to say, you might be able to provide the real reasons for these

        2. Kamma caste became dominant force after N T Rama Rao, a Kamma Landlord who entered into Movie industry later became politician, my grandfather wrote several songs for his movies,
          Rama Rao was from Krishna District, born near Machilipatnam much of Coastal Andhra is dominated by Kamma Caste who were traditionally shudra caste and worked as Landlords and Servants under Brahmin Zamindars, Brahmins squandered their wealth and land,
          Kammas seized lot of the wealth, since they have greater control over Food Production houses, rice mills, Refineries they used the wealth to acquire large pieces of land
          Rama Rao promoted Kammas in every sphere, Andhra society is segregated society, caste influence played a great role in social mobility and Kammas generally preferred other Kamma for marriage, business and politics.
          Kammas are shudra caste, they started calling themselves as Vaishya, they promoted themselves in Caste hierarchy, 100 years ago. we never allowed them into temples. today they have become large donors to every devasthana in andhra.
          Reddys are actually much like Kshatriya, they are not shudra like Kamma, Most reddys were actually loyal armed soldiers of Kakatiya Dynasty, Reddys constituted much of army during Kakatiya rule, for their loyalty Reddys got land in return, Much of Brahmins use to serve in treasury and administration during Kakatiya dynasty rule
          Reddys and Kammas are fundamentally different ethnic people. Reddy army and some Reddy Zamindars actually conquered Kamma people once during Kakatiya War with Chola, much of Coastal Andhra was under Chola Empire, later they were under madras presidency while Telangana was under Nizam. Even during Nizam rule much of Private army and landlords are Reddys.
          N T Rama Rao changed the equation for Kamma,Kamma community has benefited a lot under Rama Rao period, when his cousin Chandra Babu took over the power, Kamma power was predominant in Andhra Pradesh, people use to refer andhra as Kammandhra Pradesh, Kammanadu Etc.
          Kamma people are ethnocentric, high degree of caste favoritism and Nepotism is common among Kamma political class, Kammas started entering into Mafia during late 1980’s and their mafia violence and assassinations, kidnappings, killings were common in Vijayawada, much of these events later became movie stories in “Ram Gopal Verma” movies like Shiva.
          Reddys never accepted Kamma dominance, its hard for a dominant caste to see their inferiors progress and dominate the political landscape, and outwit them in murder, assassinations, killings. Much of Reddy community has no Famous icon like Kamma have (NT Rama Rao, Balakrishna, Production houses, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh and several media icons, celebrities are Kamma, Most of Production houses, movie industry is Kamma Controlled) .
          Reddys remained predominantly in Telangana region, Comparatively they are less educated compared to Kamma nor do Reddys posses an aura and artistic skills like Kamma, Reddy community is good in violence.
          This changed a lot when Marri Chenna Reddy, Neduramalli Janadhan Reddy under congress party became chief ministers.
          Reddys understood that they cant stand on their own, nor they can form a political party like Kamma N T Rama Rao with his Movie fan following did in early 50’s. They took refugee of congress party, some converted to Christianity for power, slowly they became a viable opposition, Without congress support, Reddys have no class except exception skills in killing others.
          Most Reddy chief ministers were voted to power by Telugu people whenever Kamma political class became extremely corrupt.
          For example Food riots and Land Riots which became widespread in Telangana region gave rise to Reddy Political class, since most of go-downs and rice mills are Kamma owned, Reddys used this as leverage to shut down Kamma Owned enterprises in 1960’s in Telangana with Jai Telangana Movement, this movement as led to riots and most Kamma businessmen were kicked out of Telangana and most mafia who did this job are Reddys, then Neduramalli Janardhan Reddy became Chief minister (Congress party). This is the beginning of Reddy Kamma open confrontation for Land, political power and social status.
          Even today both castes flaunt their power through dowry, Land ownership, Gold, Building Engineering Colleges (Fake useless colleges under their names).
          Since Kammas supported Most Temple administration Devasthana in Coastal Andhra, Reddys competed for Social power, they started building temples and supporting Brahmins through which they have elevated their status in society as God fearing and noble men (truth is most of them are actually army men under Kakatiya). Reddys never accomplished a lot in education, but they have Land and money, so they built colleges in much of Telangana.
          Rao means “Raja” or sometimes it is addressed in andhra as Rayudu (also means king), Not necessarily it denotes Kamma caste surname. Many Brahmins have Rao as their Second/middle Name. Like PV Narasimha Rao.
          In south India many people irrespective of caste have Rao as their Second Name/Middle name.
          In middle ages only Brahmins and Kshatriyas used to address themselves as Rao in South India. Today it has become Common name, much like Murthy which is predominantly a Brahmin name in south, today Velama, Kapu and even Kamma use this name.
          Kamma people have very bad reputation in Andhra: We use to say “Kamma nidana, thumma nidana Edi peragadu”. Which means no one can sustain/live under the Shadow of Kamma.
          Kammas adopted different Surnames to cover themselves, today they call themselves as Rayudu, Rao, Naidu, Chaudary. Most Rayudu, Naidu, Chaudary are actually Kamma, they have changed their names, most Raos in andhra are Brahmin or Velama. But you Kamma Raos like NT Rama Rao. Ramoji Rao they started using Rao as their second name since they became prosperous.
          Kapu caste is another shudra caste, Kapus are house servants of Reddys in Andhra and Most Kapus worked as plantation workers in Kamma owned Agricultural land.
          Mostly Kapus are peasant shudra caste, they are not united like Kamma or Reddys, much like petty peasants they fight among themselves.
          But Kapus started entering into political landscape since their population has out grown every other caste in Andhra Pradesh during past 30 years.
          Seeing their outgrown Kapus started Entering into political landscape of Andhra recently with Chiranjeevi, Pavan Kalyan, Etc.
          First Kapu Politician is Chadrashekar Rao of Telangana, again don’t be confused with Rao as its used by every caste in Andhra these days, even Murthy, Sharma, were used to Velama caste and Kamma caste people as their second name.

        3. Seems this video will answer a lot of questions in South indian Especially andhra Castes and their wealth accumulation, power base and Social status

          Recent State Government Census show that Brahmins are 1% in Andhra and 2.3% in Tamil nadu( Only Iyer and Iyengar are Brahmin_ Recently Gouds started calling themselves as Brahmins in Tamilnadu and Karnataka. it seems funny for me. may be because we as a caste are becoming extinct others have started adopting our names,Surnames,Traditions including calling themselves as brahmins)

        4. Powerful stuff. Thanks ILOR, you just explained about the whole ANdhra Pradesh in your comment. Seems Andhra Pradesh was also a Naam ke vaaste entity that existed and was a ticking time-bomb that was about to explode any moment. I particularly was interested in learning about Andhra Pradesh for years from the moment as I described earlier when I witnessed a bloody battle between the fans of Chiru and Balakrishna. I always suspected that it was something more than the emotions triggered by adoration for stars.. Movies like Raktha Charitra, Shiva depicted the violent clash very well but it failed to dwell more about the underlying caste hatred prevalent in the regions like Rayalaseema.

          “They took refugee of congress party, some converted to christianity for power, slowly they became a viable opposition, Without congress support”
          Perhaps this explains about YSR and his rise to power. I heard he and his father acted like the uncrowned kings of Rayalaseema region. Also if Reddy’s were a major force in Telangana, how come KCR from Kapu community was able to land in power.

        5. Andhra and Tamilnadu are just mere entities, If indian federal Republic Collapses, Andhra and Tamilnadu cannot stand on their own feet
          There will be lot of infighting , I can assure you one thing Telangana will become a failed state, Rayalaseema will split ,Rayalaseema is Reddy dominated ,Actually Jaipal Reddy, wanted Rayalaseema separation aswell, i dont know what went behind the scenes with KCR and Reddy Polit buro,Probably KCR will be just a Figurehead and Mostly Violent Reddy’s will control much of Telangana Land,
          Possible Differences will emerge between KCR and Reddy’s in near future about the control of state assets and finances, possibly Reddy’s will start a new political party…I can’t predict the future
          But one thing is clearly visible,Reddy’s lack intelligence,Aura and mostly negotiating skills, Diplomatic abilities, they are unfit to become ruling class, Yes they are violent and can kill people,but you can’t administer a state with Machete
          KCR became Icon in Telangana because ,he has the Political Aura,He is actually from Coastal Andhra his family moved from Coastal andhra as a slave class to reddy Zamindar.
          When NT rama rao started Telugu desam Party he has no funds, he has charisma ,aura of a politician.
          Reddy’s lack this charisma , they have money ,they can kill, but they dont posses the charisma of a Politician or a Leader, when a reddy opens his mouth you can see he lacks confidence to rule, it looks like a thug bullying you.
          just see few speeches of NT rama rao and Rajashekar Reddy or Neduramalli Janardhan Reddy.. even if you dont understand telugu, you will see that Kamma NT rama rao, has charisma ,he may have no money initially be has an aura ,he can move the masses which no reddy has done so far, Reddy can kill the people but can’t become a great leader or negotiators
          Any one who sees Andhra politics knows this truth.
          Kamma,Kapu Leaders appeal to masses, perhaps People relate to them because both Kamma and Kapu are actually Shudra caste,they know how a peasant thinks,acts and behaves and what appeals to the emotion of Average Telugu..But reddy is a bully,a war lord..has no skills, even if reddy tries hard , he cannot control the Anger,thug like behaviour.
          This is what takes KCR tick, but KCR is an idiot with no Economic sense, he promoted his own family into this newly formed TRS.
          Telangana will end up like Jharkand or Chattisgarh ,much of Telangana is Semi arid and you have lunatics ruling the state, there are higher prospects that it will end as Complete basket case failed state in few years
          I can bet one thing, reddy’s cant form a new political party on their own, they can probably seek a new rayalaseema and possibly join either congress or BJP and work under the shadow

        6. Let’s be clear. There are some North Indians, who comprise the majority of the Hindu Nationalist movement, who WANT to have a racial/ethnic identity. They WANT to have a nation where they feel they belong. But as ILOR stated, they have no nation and have no race.
          They get angry and upset when we Dravidians tell them the truth. That we won’t accept them because they are foreigners. That India is not our country. And they wonder why we shun them, or won’t talk to them.
          If the peoples of the four South Indian states want to exclude or shun each other, I could care less. But we will have our independence from India. We are NOT Indians. We should be more than willing to fight against the Indian Armed Force if they try to force us to remain in the Indian Union. We hate the idea of Bharat, and we don’t want to be a part of it. For the sake of defeating this Hindustani beast, we in the Dravidian areas have no choice but to unite as one.
          In the newly independent Dravida Nadu, do whatever you want. Until that time, India is our sworn enemy.

        7. Hey Dravidian
          I had some recent interesting but bad experiences with Indians North? I was going to tell you about them and ask questions based on that which is why I asked for your email in that other thread. Do you have any spare time for that and to offer some of your expert analysis?

  8. So ILOR basically High Caste Hindus immediately understood the ethnic diversity of India and tried hiding this from the public, by using Hindu Nationalism as a guise? But why would they want to enslave their own people? That itself is worst thing one can do; to hurt your kith and kin is horrible.
    Time and time again, I have been told that Brahminism goes hand in hand with Capitalism.

    1. You have to understand that most brahmins these days may not be ethnocentric but Brahmins never considered other castes as their own people
      Not just brahmins, but even reddy’s dont consider non reddy’s as their own people,same holds true with kamma community..You have to live in India to understand how communities live separately from each other,how isolated people are ,although india is densely populated nation.
      People can’t relate with each other, and this is what prolonged multiculturalism does to society, People no longer can relate with each other and communities live in isolation, suspicion , there is little trust between 2 social groups.
      And about hindutva, Hindutva has nothing to do with brahminism, most brahmins in south are against it, fierce critiques of Hindutva in south are brahmins,
      Basis for Hindu nationalism is not rooted in Caste but in orthodoxy, its actually orthodox brahmins who are major proponents of Hindutva, the greatest Victims of Orthodox priesthood are other brahmins.
      I am ni-yogi brahmin we dont pray nor we follow rituals, we stopped it long ago, apart from Non-Alcoholism and vegetarianism,little Sanskrit Education during childhood and upaneya (thread ceremony ) we have nothing in common with orthodoxy, the fiercest critiques of Orthodox brahmin hood are non orthodox brahmins .
      Brahminism is a lost cause, its dead ,you cannot resurrect it, what you see today is phony brahminism, fake spirituality , fake ritualism, and a segment of brahmin priest hood trying to exert their social dominance using Hindutva and mythical Vedic civilization as a cause to reclaim the power that they lost during british and Islamic rule

      1. But by them using fake Hinduism as a guise, they themselves have insulted true Hinduism and other Dharmic religions, such as Buddhism and Jainism, to an extent. I’m glad you aren’t a Hindu extremist. But these extremists are basically destroying your country and culture. Are people afraid to speak up against this injustice?

        1. Historia Nerd,
          I concur with India_LandofRapes. (India is a land of rapes, but that’s another story for another time.) There is no true Hinduism, Buddhism, or Jainism. They’re all false paths.
          The only Light and Truth in this fallen world is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I remember linking you to both Rosenblit’s and Dr. Polo’s testimony. It’s only through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross that our sins are forgiven, and we are imputed with the righteousness of Christ.
          Historia Nerd, do you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior? Do you accept him as the Messiah?

        2. Hey Historia Nerd, would you like to be my bestie here 🙂 i have seen we are among the few female posters here and actually i like you a lot

  9. BraveAtheistGirl of course I would like to be your friend 😀 I was trying to find a female demographic on this blog, so it would be fun to have a gal to talk to 😀
    Dravidian I consider Jesus Christ as a messenger, not a Messiah. He is but one of the many patriarchs of Christianity who are trying to pass the Lord’s message.

    1. Wtf histroia?
      I never knew yiu still belive in religion.
      Did Jesus really exist? Because actual historical records are against.No Roman ever talks about a dude who came in to fix the jews,get mocked by them,and finally vanish into thin air?
      Why dont jews see jesus a prophet?
      When his own people nevrr accepted this guy then how did he rise in the eyes of others?
      Dont you think theres something fishy?
      That he never existed and is a folkhero makes hell of a sense.

      1. I’m kind of starting to have faith in religion. Just recently a cousin of mine survived a fatal car crash. He survived, escaping with minor injuries. I was in the back seat and avoided serious injuries. After this crash, we received an exorbitant sum of money, from the reckless driver. Suddenly, I feel as though such miracles are rare to come by. A pastor told me that things like this rarely happen; it must have been a sign of some sorts. So I began going back to Christianity.

        1. As your new bestie 🙂 I sincerely ask you, what is your IQ dear? i am sure of my Atheism, but i read is more common with high IQ ,this year i had my first test, done by a profesional, and i Was astonished, While my IQ is got genius, is pretty high, 120, i Mena ,i have an IQ higher than the average of all countries! Even China or Japan

        2. Historia Nerd? Whats wrong, i really consider you a friend, in fact, if not, i would have cursed you like a sailor like i did with SHI ,did i offended you? 🙁 if a friendship survives, trust me, it comes back much stronger even than it Was! What not kill you make you stronger

        3. 120 is not that high dear!
          130+ is pretty much the gateway into the realms of the far right bell curve cognitive IQ sphere of the population.

        4. Historia Nerd,
          First of all, I’m ecstatic that you’ve returned to the Light. But we have to be careful to avoid following heretical beliefs.
          Either God exists, or He doesn’t. You read both Rosenblit’s and Gloria Polo’s testimony proving that God actually does exist. God created human beings. Human beings are spiritual beings trapped inside physical bodies. They didn’t evolve from apes as the Theory of Evolution would have you believe. Only God can create spiritual beings.
          Not only does God exist, but He is a Trinity comprised of three distinct ‘Persons’. God the Father. God the Son. God the Holy Spirit. God the Son came down to earth in human form and incarnated as Jesus Christ. The Son is not the Father and is not the Holy Spirit. But the Son is God.
          Jesus Christ was the only pure, sinless human being to have ever existed on this Earth. He committed no evil, and there was no evil within Him. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, the penalty for all sins was paid in full. God and humans became reconciled, where they were once seperated by sin.
          When you truly accept Jesus Christ as not only the Messiah, but as God, and repent for your sins, then God the Holy Spirit will actually come inside of your body! The Holy Spirit will literally live inside of you. The real Christian path is to forsake all evil acts, words and thoughts. You strive to become perfectly good just as Jesus was!
          Jesus is the message. God wants us all to be like Jesus! Reread Rosenblit’s testimony if you’ve don’t remember.

  10. Actually, Life is because of Hindu Gods, No other Religion has representation in the Transcedental Plane other than the Hindu Gods, Got a Body, invariably you will get dirty and fall down even if it takes a Billion years. This is almost the end of fifth Manavtar, We are already into 4.2 Million Years into Fifth Manavtar. Means 86,000 years of Kaliyuga retrograde, Means its time to go back. We drop all, including the Fake Brahmins.

    1. Hindu gods are false gods. God is ONE. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the only TRUE God. If you worship false Hindu gods, you are committing idolatry.

      1. Here are some similar Jewish and Arabic Names
        Jacob :: Yakub
        Abrahman :: Ibrahim
        Joseph :: Yousuf
        David :: Dawood
        Solomon :: Sulliman :: English Sullivan
        there may be more,
        The Steins, Bergs/Burgs, Witz are all I think European maybe from germany

  11. Sorry for the late reply BraveAthiestGirl. My IQ is sadly 116-118. It’s not that high but not that low. I’ve received a lot of helpful advice on a career path I should choose from this blog and have found out that Business and Administration was my calling.
    You didn’t offend me 🙂 I would like to be friends with many on this blog 🙂

    1. You can be have a good career as a social worker, from whatever little I observed from your posts. Just my opinion

        1. Thank you 🙂 I’m doing Business major and minor in Resources and Management. I plan to do Social Work as a post graduate stream or Psychology.

    1. The Hindu Caste System today is a deeply corrupted, misinterpretation of what the original intent of caste was.
      The so-called “high castes” in what is likely North India aren’t really true high castes. They are probably commoners who pretend to be one of the Twice Born. Those lies have been passed down and accepted as truth, and the vast majority of the Australoid population is too dumb to see through it, or fight for change. They ignorantly accept their lowly fate because the IQ is too low.

      1. QUOTE”Those lies have been passed down and accepted as truth, and the vast majority of the Australoid population is too dumb to see through it, or fight for change. They ignorantly accept their lowly fate because the IQ is too low.”
        I suppose this is like the Eloi in the book “The TIme Machine”. They just blindly accept their place, based on lies generated long ago, by the so called “superior”.
        Of course, in my country, I think a lot of blacks have fought for change (especially in the south USA), but many (probably most) viewed it as a waste of time, and just accepted their place, and tried to make themselves as comfortable as possible among their own people (The Booker T. Washington way).

        1. I agree with Dravidian, so called Higher castes aren’t really higher castes, the pretend to be one, their phenotypes are majorly australoid , a good example would be politician Ravi Shankar Prasad who comes from the Kayasta caste, if you observe, it’s pretty evident that he has a lot of australoid in him.

          .. Its just the myth that has been passed over generations

        2. thats not true, atleast in south india i can easily identify Smartha brahmins to non brahmins,its true over the period most of Australoid Dalits have raped several brahmin women,
          Not sure if you are aware of this but in Tamil nadu Iyers consider themselves superior to iyengars, 300 years ago there are no Iyengars, Iyengars are actually by product of Mixture between Native Tamils and Brahmin women
          Since We brahmins have to swallow the shame, we created a new Branch of Brahmin hood
          Today there are no Pure brahmins, all are mixedm it was not same earlier, my Aunt looks different from me, she is vaidiki Brahmin, looks lot more Different to our family.
          Today most bramins are mixed, sadly there is no pure brahmin anymore, lots of brahmin women intermarried with other men, some even produced bastard kids by cheating, some were raped

        3. If you see mulatto kids you will notice how easily Caucasian features will disappear just in one generation of out-breeding,
          Thousands of years of Out-breeding and mixing with Lower caste Australoid’s has dented Indian subcontinent and its progress
          Unfortunately , we can do nothing , the race has dissolved , what is left today are some traces of its glory..This is the same future that awaits Europeans if they out-breed with Negros and other lower races
          Racial uniformity is paramount in japan, Japan doesn’t encourage much immigration of indians, America is dissolving fastly into Multicultural shithole much like india and nothing much you can do about it, i can bet that USA will end up like india, sooner or later if economy tanks you will see many warlords creating separate states which doesn’t allow blacks and indians to enter
          Utopian Racial equality has always ended in Something like caste system where lower races are delegated for menial tasks and upper classes completely isolated themselves in close groups, Utopian racial equality society later turned on to become corrupt hell holes where Trust deficit is much larger
          This fate awaits USA and much of the nations which encourage Multiculturalism as state policy,
          Multiculturalism is a jewish ideology m its a 21st century phenomenon, never in history of mankind the lower races intermingled with the higher ones so freely,Constructive Jewish propaganda Assured this Multiculturalism ,Racial violence and Isolated societies will become part of american life, those bastards who are born to mixed families will be castrated,
          The fate of Roman empire and dark ages awaits USA and probably much of Europe.

        4. “Today most bramins are mixed, sadly there is no pure brahmin anymore, lots of brahmin women intermarried with other men, some even produced bastard kids by cheating, some were raped”
          Why are you only blaming the women? Didn’t Brahmin men marry lower caste women who were hot? You know what men are like.

  12. Narcissism is common on among anyone who thinks their superior. Why pick on Hindus? Northeast Asians think they’re special, so do Germans, so do some white southerners (from the USA). Muslims don’t think they’re superior (in a racist sense), but they believe their God is superior.

    1. True, but I have noticed this pattern particularly amongst fairer Indians or High Caste ones and middle class/upper class Chinese. Rarely do I come across a Black supremacist, Mexican one or even White supremacist, these days. Just because India and China have 5000+ years of culture, both are still shit holes in my eyes.

    2. I agree. The Japanese/Koreans/Chinese do see themselves as some kind of advanced, superior race. All of the Mongoloids look up to Japan, because of its 1st World Status. Singapore and South Korea are close seconds. They have a weird fascination with White Supremacy and Nazism.
      Hindu upper castes (like Brahmins) also are very supremacist. They take great pride in Buddhism and the number system. They clearly long for an age where the Indo-Aryans are once again, superior.
      Muslims Arabs are also supremacist. This comes from the days of the Arab Islamic Empire, where Arabs invaded and conquered Persia, Egypt, Asia Minor, North Africa, and Spain. Arabs definitely see themselves as superior to non-Arabs.
      Finally, the Iranians/Persians are also highly elitist, at the very least. There’s no denying the Persians had great empires, the last being the Sassanian Empire. The fall of the Sassanid Empire to the vile Arab Muslims is seen as a huge humiliation to the pride of the Persians. Persians hate Arabs with a vengeance, and see them with a contempt and revulsion I think can only be matched by Whites for Hispanics/Mexicans.

      1. QUOTE”I agree. The Japanese/Koreans/Chinese do see themselves as some kind of advanced, superior race. All of the Mongoloids look up to Japan, because of its 1st World Status. Singapore and South Korea are close seconds. They have a weird fascination with White Supremacy and Nazism.”
        I come across as a doche to some people, by going off on northeast Asians all the time. However, I don’t hate a lot of them, in fact I love them, their food, and culture. Nonetheless, I did teach the kids of upper class Koreans, and that’s where my deep hatred comes from. The upper class there, are some of the most snobby pricks, you could imagine. You know so, from being around their children.

        1. QUOTE”True, but I have noticed this pattern particularly amongst fairer Indians or High Caste ones and middle class/upper class Chinese. ”
          Exactly, as I explained above.

        2. It’s not about being a wuss or oversensitive either. It’s just, a normal observation of upper class Koreans. Anyone would be repulsed by their behavior, if they had any heart at all.

    3. I dont think the Germans are narcissistic.Theyre making a huge progress since the end of the nazi and soviet era.Can give me any good example of racism in Geramny post-1945?They are more accepting than Indians,period.Indian Hindus are filthy narcissistic people especially the fairer ones who think they are superior to darker peoples.One of my Indian friends refused to have lunch with a black guy even when all tables were full and instead went without it.They wont even touch Blacks.As for Muslims,You see some levantine Arabs will easily look down on Indians and other south asians and black people and how can muslims consider their god superior when they think he is the only god.?

  13. The difference between India and Pakistan is quite profound, in that in one nation, elitism is absent, because it conflicts with Islam. On the other hand, India is based highly on the caste system. However, looking at both, they’re both very oppressive, in their own way.

    1. Since the religions are so different, and incompatible, It explains why India and Pakistan hate each other so much (and are both nuclear armed and ready to go off at a moment’s notice).

      1. It’d be interesting to see both blow each other up. Less tension from the “brown” part of the world 😀 I’m only joking 😀 If they blow up each other, it would be disastrous, for surrounding countries.

        1. I hate it when white nationalists pretend to be sensitive. Oh I’m just joking. Oh, did I slip in a n word joke? LOL
          Come on, as sick as it sound, we know white nationalists want the browns gone.

        2. Whatever, I’ll accept people are human, with all their faults. I know a lot of people want other people disappear. FIne, no big deal. But I find it amusing, when they try to hide these feelings.

      2. Try to remember that “Pakistanis” are mostly likely Hindu Lower castes to converted to islam to escape the oppression of the Higher Castes. While most Pakistanis are most likely of Australoid heritage, their hatred for India mostly likely stems from a hatred of the racist Hindu Indo-Aryan invaders.
        So Pakistanis take great pleasure in seeing the “Hindus” defeated and humiliated. Subjugated, oppressed, raped, enslaved, and murdered at the hands of the various Middle Eastern Islamic invaders. The Hindus first faced defeat at the hands of the Arabs. Later, the Turko-Afghans invaded and conquered much of North India. India (Hindus) were under Islamic Turko-Afghan subjugation for over 800 years. The most famous of those dynasties was the Mughal Empire.
        So while the Australoids (in Pakistan) were too weak to fight the Indo-Aryan bully, the Muslims were more than a match and defeated that Indo-Aryan bully. So the Muslims are big heroes to the now Islamized Australoids of Pakistan. Being of Arab, Persian, Afghan, or Turkish descent makes you a “noble” in Pakistan, and is especially prestigious.

        1. QUOTE”Try to remember that “Pakistanis” are mostly likely Hindu Lower castes to converted to islam to escape the oppression of the Higher Castes. While most Pakistanis are most likely of Australoid heritage, their hatred for India mostly likely stems from a hatred of the racist Hindu Indo-Aryan invaders.”
          Pretty scary thought. You can see a parallel to the non-whites in the USA vs the whites. It seems everywhere is a racial struggle for domination.
          Of course, in my area, where there are few blacks, things are cool. There are some blacks, but they love white people, and a lot of them are married to whites. However, it isn’t the same in more heavily black areas.

        2. In other words, the “religious” struggle is really a racial struggle. Interesting, most people though, in the west, just see it as religious, and hence blame “religion” for the problem, especially liberals will blame religion.

        3. All of the low caste islam converts are in bangladesh. Pakistan is not full of australoids, you must really be crazy to think that. They are the result of forced conversions from muslim conquests and are mixed with central asian genes

        4. I have heard that all the Islamic countries in South Asia practice caste in a de facto way b/c they are Hinduisized and this pertains to all the castes in these countries. So how can that theory be true? I have also heard that there were converts from all the castes to Islam when the conquests began and the lower castes were just as oppressed under the new Muslim conquerors as the Hindu ones b/c the same system simply transferred to a new name of order?

        5. Passerby,
          Do a google image search of Pervez Musharraf. Then do one of Narendra Modi. They look far more like each other than they do Central Asians. Pakistanis are mixed but have an Australoid racial base. There is a caste system in Pakistan, but it is not the Hindu caste system.
          There are two groups. The Ashraf and Ajlafs.
          Ashrafs are foreign born Muslims like Turks or Arabs. Ajlafs are native born Australoid converts. Ashrafs are higher because they are descendants of the Islamic conquerors (the ones who fought and defeated the Hindus). Despite this, the animosity toward Hindu (Indo-Aryan) India is universal. Foreign races like Arabs and Turks hate Indo-Aryans, as well as native born Australoid converts who came to Islam to escape Hindu oppression.

        6. Zeus, You are right they are indo aryans and look down on the basis of genetics as well as the religion. This idiot lives in his own world unaware of whats currently happening in the current world and india. Lives in his life in hatred, lies, filth. Leave him in his own pigsty. What he says is the ultimate truth, what he thinks is ultimately right, a totally authoritarian mindset that he borrowed after reading about Hitler and Mussolini. Truly a douche unworthy of any attention…

    2. Zeus,
      Here’s a Youtube video of Pakistanis protesting in London.
      They are Aryan/Australoids, much like their North Indian brethren. What the Spanish would call mestizos, or mullatos. They are not true Indo-Aryans. The Indo-Aryans have been absorbed into the predominantly Australoid gene pool of South Asia. There are more purer Australoids in the South, because foreign invasion wasn’t as prevalent. Make no mistake, Pakistanis are mostly Australoid, not Caucasoid. The ruling classes might be more mixed with Central Asian/Middle Eastern, and Pakistani culture is HEAVILY Middle Easternized.

        1. Zeus,

          Pashtuns, I believe, are an Armenoid race. Similar to Turks. Their language, Dari, is related to Persian. But Armenoids are different from Persians and their distant, savage cousins, the Indo-Aryans.
          “Every nation which contains a considerable proportion of people of Armenoid Race soon establishes for itself a reputation for cruelty treachery, dishonesty and delight in power for the sake of power. That is why such nations never flourish for long in their own territory. They are not allowed to by their neighbours.”
          “The Aryan mind grasps with difficulty the idea that any human race can have an instinct towards sadistic sacrifice, for the Aryan has himself no such instinct. The Englishman does not realise that the Jew, the Afghan, and the Armenian are differently constituted from himself, and it is his own good-nature which has largely been responsible for the Judaisation of mind which he himself has acquired by allowing Jews to control him for so long.”

        2. Dravidian: the Pashtuns (or Afghans) are originally of an Arab tribe that emigrated to modern day Afghanistan/Pakistan.
          They speak Pashto, not Dari.

      1. Dark skin doesn’t equate to australoid. Watched the whole video and didn’t see any australoids. Some of them look indian, most don’t; the boy and man at 2:08 for example.
        Some “pakistanis” really are just indian muslims who migrated in the 20th century. Tennis star mizra is another example of an indian whose family was originally from hyderabad, but grew up in pakistan. Pakistanis native to that area look more “middle eastern” than anything else.
        Gujuratis, compared to other indians, have the highest amounts of west asian in them. That whole north western part of india was subjected to many invasions over time. Since pakistan is the most north western part and not even hindu, one can assume they are mixed with central asian.
        Their behavior also reflects on this. When pakistanis immigrate to other places like the u.k. they cause violence, riots, and rape gangs. This is how turkish and lebanese muslims in australia behave. Bangladeshis are also muslims from their own state, but because they are farther down india without as much middle eastern blood they don’t cause riots and violence. If behavior is a good indicator of race, then I am telling you pakistanis are only south asian by geography.

        1. Also, when I say “central asian” and “west asian” I basically mean the same thing. The middle east is like india in that there is a genetic continuity throughout the region

        2. Had no idea Pakistanis were such trouble makers in the UK.
          The Pakistanis in the states are well integrated, successful, well educated and law abiding.
          What can explain the discrepancy in behavior?

  14. It’s odd that hippies (the Beatles) and whatnot took such a liking to Hinduism. Because the philosophy is more akin to Jim Crow, then some form of racial liberation. I guess, they just never thought about it that deeply.
    I can imagine “The Beatles” going to India, getting all the phony ass white worship (along with the “fan worship” they were already getting), and then coming to some “spiritual enlightenment”.

    1. Hinduism is quite a broad term, as I have learned while being on this blog. There are different sects or groups of Hinduism. The Beatles were into Hare Krishna movement, one which empowers and liberates those from the shackles of Brahminism. They also had interest in other Indian philosophies, such as Mahayana Buddhism. Or maybe the Beatles were into yoga and felt that they needed to follow Hinduism?

      1. Who knows what the Beatles were into.
        “Yeah, groovy, far out man! I’ve just come to an epiphany of Hitler, LOL Gnarly, Dude. This LSD is ‘out of sight'”

      2. I don’t think the Beatles understood what Hinduism really is. Here are a few excepts from the “Laws of Manu” to show you how oppressed Lower Castes really are. A “Sudra” is a lower caste.
        “103. But he who does not (worship) standing in the morning, nor sitting in the evening, shall be excluded, just like a Sudra, from all the duties and rights of an Aryan.”
        ” A once-born man (Sudra) who insults a twice-born man (Aryan) with gross invective, shall have his tongue cut out; for he is of low origin.”
        — [ Manu VIII.270 ]
        ” If he mentions the names and castes (Jati) of the (twice-born) with contumely, an iron nail, 10 fingers long, shall be thrust red-hot into his mouth .”
        — [ Manu VIII.271 ]
        ” If he arrogantly teaches Brahmins their duty, the king shall cause hot oil to be poured into his mouth and into his ears . ”
        — [ Manu VIII.272 ]
        Who are the Sudras you ask? The true natives of India: the Dravidian/Australoid population. This is what the Hindu Indo-Aryan invaders did. They set up a racist apartheid system as detestable as slavery in America. Hinduism is racism, it is evil. That’s not even going into how Hindus treat women. Now you can see why Hindu Nationalism is evil, along with movements such as the Hare Krishna movement.

        1. Hey, these are few quotes from the bible
          “The Jews, who have both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men: Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.” 1st Thessalonians 2:14-6

          . 1st Corinthians (14:34-5) says “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak: but to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame to speak in the church.”
          See the Israelites came to the “promised land” only to find other people were living there. So God told them to drive them out and “destroy their altars, break their sacred pillars, and cut down their wooden images.” (Exodus 34:11-4) (So much for respecting other people’s religion.) This is one of the earliest examples of ethnic cleansing, of the murder of another people for the simple reason they belong to another ethnic group. And we are supposed to worship this God?
          “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death.” (Leviticus 20:13)
          Those who claim the Bible is great book filled with love that we should all live by, should stop and reflect on the fact the Bible commands the execution of people just for being gay.
          Regarding slavery
          “You may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way.” (Leviticus 25:44-46)
          Not some might say that was all in the past, that Jesus replaced this hate and bigotry with love. However even Jesus looked down on other people.
          “And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil. But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying; Send her away; for she crieth after us. But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me. But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs. And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table. Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.” Matthew 15:22-8

        2. Chandru,
          How about modern Hindu bigotry?
          ‘Another book cites India’s late president Radhakrishnan telling a British man how his fellow countrymen were created by the Gods from uncooked rotis. “The second one (roti) stayed longer on the fire and the Negroes were born”. The Indians were made from the third when the Gods had mastered the method, it said.’
          Africans will be far more decent human beings than you Hindus will ever be.

        3. Hey dravidian, good you pulled something from your big rounded ass. here some verses for you, chew it
          When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it. Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children. – Matthew 27:24-25
          The anti-Semitism continues in the Book of Acts, where the apostle Stephen is made to say what would become a common Christian refrain against the Jews – that they had always been a sinful and stubborn people with a history of killing prophets, culminating in the supreme atrocity of their killing God’s only son
          “For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.” —Titus 1:10-11
          The first epistle of Thessalonians, in what may be a later interpolation, alludes to the Roman destruction of Jerusalem as a deserved punishment from God:
          “For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judaea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews: who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men: forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.”
          And the Book of Revelation repeats John’s accusation that the Jews were secret demon-worshippers:
          “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

  15. People reap what they sow. Snobby behavior and oppression will cause resentment and rebellion. So we see this in Pakistanis, whose ancestors were lower caste Hindus. We could eventually see this in the USA, and other countries, as the whites become more elitist, and push the non-whites to the limit. Yep, this sounds pretty anti-white, but how else can you say it?

  16. QUOTE”They mock and scorn Jesus Christ, while we Dravidians accept Him as the Savior who died for our sins.”
    So are most Dravidians Christians? It’s interesting how that appeals to the most humble Indian citizens.

    1. It’s hard to say. My dream would be to see all of the Dravidians convert to Christianity, and turn away from a false path such as Hinduism. Christianity is the path of humility, and respect. There is no need for Hinduism anymore.

      1. Hey Dravidian, am I you? or are you me? I share the same thoughts you have man! i live in Chennai btw. God bless you.

    2. Jason Y, this is the break up of the percentage of the population religion wise of the 4 dravidian states, you check it for yourself
      Andhra Pradesh Population Hindu Muslim Christian
      76210007 89.2 9.17 1.55
      Karnataka 52850562 83.86 12.23 1.91
      Kerala 31841374 56.16 24.7 19.02
      Tamil Nadu 62405679 88.2 5.56 6.07
      This is the fact, hindus are byfar a clear majority in the south. Muslims have a significant representation, christianity not so much,,,,

  17. You could do a study, on the twisted workings of the tyrannical Hindu mind, but could just as easily, study another race with similar traits. Also, every nationality practices some form of elitism, due to the fact we’re all human.

  18. Jason not all White Nationalists hate the brown community. Many are into that pan-Aryanism belief, where all Caucasians, whether White or Brown or Dark Brown, are all equal. Others like myself are interested in “brown” achievements like Mathematics, Architecture (specifically Persian and Classical Hindu), Spirituality, but don’t like the modern “brown” community (ones affiliated with religious extremism and arrogance). The browns in US and Canada appear friendly and wealthier than their companions back home, but when one sees their true personality it is quite dangerous.
    I respect East Asians for their cultural achievement and spirituality, but like browns, they are arrogant, pretend to be stoic and quite classist. Many I have met look down on the White community, but surprising many want to marry us and become like us.
    Jason if I had it my way I would simply erase Arabs and Jews off this planet. Both of these Semites have caused nothing but destruction. Jews have implemented diversity programs in Western nations and Arabs have destroyed some of the greatest Caucasian civilizations (Persia, Assyria, Egypt, Classical India/Pakistan, etc) .

  19. Also Jason many dislike West and Central Asia a lot, along with Africa because most of the rapes in Europe and Australia are because of horny Afghan, Arab, Iraqi, Jewish, Syrian Moroccan, Lebanese, Somalians, Liberians, Nigerians, ,Turkish men who believe they own White women. Sweden, for example, used to be close to a utopia, until they started bringing in Somalians and Arabs, who began massive rape waves. When was the last time, in Europe and Australia, have you heard of the Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Fillipino rapist? This is exclusively a problem amongst the Muslim community and Blacks. I’m tired of Liberals saying that “Diversity is our Strength!” It isn’t! Many immigrants simply leach off of White achievements! They escape their hell hole to make our place into a hell hole.

  20. Jason and others this is why I hate “browns, light browns, tanned, etc.” Check out these mudslims in action 🙁
    The above website is unadulterated, non-PC stuff. Check it out
    Also check out the above.
    I hate how in Europe, when they use the word Asian for crimes, it is only the Muslims. No Indians, Chinese, Nepali, Japanese commit the crimes in Europe as much as Muslims.

    1. Well I know in the US, the culture has a lot to do with it. The degenerate culture causes the worst in people, not sure about Europe. I doubt blacks in the US were as bad in the 50s, as today, with the hip hop music.
      Also among whites, divorce is skyrocketing. While there might not be an violence now, broken families and drug use (pill use etc..) are laying the seeds for it in the future. For instance, I had a teenage nephew from a broken home, and he was a very angry person because of it.

    2. Historia Nerd,
      Try to not hate a whole race of people because of the actions of a few. You said you were a Christian. A Christian’s enemy is all sin and evil. As servants of Christ, we need to turn people away from all evil acts, words, and thoughts.
      I won’t deny that Islam is spiritually corrupt. Muhammad was a false prophet who served Satan, not God. Jesus Christ said that if you even look at a woman with perverted intent, you’ve already committed the sin of adultery. Islam on the other hands, actively promotes sex slavery, pedophilia, and rape.
      I feel bad for those who were forced to convert to Islam, like the Persians who were invaded and enslaved by the Arabs. I know they hate their Islamic Clerics who rule them, and I think the time is ripe for the Persians to be introduced to Christianity.

    3. Instead of just saying “muslims”, say middle easterners. The violence is in the genes. Indians hate being confused with “muslims” (arabs) because we both have brown skin. Bosnians are white muslims, you never hear them causing the same amount of violence and rape. Same goes for indonesia (progressing muslim country but east asian) or bangladesh (low caste indian muslim).

      1. It is true. I`ve wondered why it was confined only to West Asia and Central Asia. I`ve never heard of psychotic Bosnians, Indonesians, Malays on Bangleshi people.
        Also, Dravidian I apologize, but as Christians, Islam is considered our spiritual enemy. They go against what Christ and his patriarchs have taught us.

        1. Iranians and Bosnian muslims are the best. Dont believe when some one say Iranians want to go back to Zoroastrianism, this is the propaganda of jews. Iranians are happy with their religion. They could be a model migrants anywhere .. Only problem is those wahabist shitholes like Saudi, Pakistan… Also quran preaches eglitarian society and Mohammad certainly was not a false prophet, his teachings on some of the topics are second to none.. If anybody is a false prophet it is the one who is continuously proselytizing here.

        2. narselvam,
          You’re so obviously full of crap. Iranians are happy with Islam? I really want to know where you get this nonsense from. Iranians HATE Islam because it was imposed on them by the Arabs at the pain of death. Iranians hate Arab Muslims because after the Conquest, we have no idea how many Persian women and girls were enslaved to be used as sex toys by the Arab conquerors. The Caliph himself certainly had the finest women, kept in chains, for the use of his own pleasure whenever he desired. Egalitarian society my ass, unless you were in the Arab ruling class.
          Narselvam, you’re an idiot. The Arab atrocities against the Persians are as clear as day. They had to endure brutal oppression at the hands of the Arabs. Nothing could make them happier than to see the heavy yoke of Islam on their necks broken to pieces. Second to none?
          “Once Allah’s Apostle went out to the Musalla (to offer the prayer) o ‘Id-al-Adha or Al-Fitr prayer. Then he passed by the women and said, “O women! Give alms, as I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women).” They asked, “Why is it so, O Allah’s Apostle ?” He replied, “You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.” The women asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?” He said, “Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?” They replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?” The women replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her religion.” – Sahih Bukhari 1:6:301
          Muhammad clearly believes women are deficient in intelligence and religion. He was a male chauvinist in the highest degree. And a primitive, savage neanderthal. What did Jesus say? “Beware of false prophets. They come in sheep’s clothing but inwardly, they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.”

  21. We can’t change any of these cultural differences, say “immigrants who think they own, and can rape women”, and the majority of citizens cannot stop immigration (because it’s being supported by big business). There really is no way to stop this situation. However, it is sad though when a few “good” get blamed for the “bad” of many (in reference to immigrants).
    I’d say the solution would be to stay away from areas where you know they are gangs. However, it doesn’t justify bullying people of different races who come into your neighborhood, unless you know they’re bad. That situation happened where I live once (in Tennessee). Cause of course, there is no reason to fear blacks here, cause there aren’t many of them, and they’re scared of white people. It would be like if a white person went to a black area, he would be on his best behavior.

    1. Fundamentally, I don’t think races are different, but cultures are different. I don’t think genetics causes the culture. Anyhow, cultural differences explain why certain groups cannot live together well. However, I wouldn’t say that all groups can’t live together, and even in some groups, say blacks, some are sociopaths, and others are not.
      Perhaps the influence of the overall culture would lessen the effect of evil. For instance, as was stated in the “Kerner Commision” during LBJ’s term, blacks living in the south did not riot (during the 60s), despite being in worse conditions economically. However, maybe economics is not what is angering blacks. Perhaps something is missing in the north, that is present in the south.

      1. Perhaps, as Robert explained once (in a different way), blacks in the north were competing for riches, while those in the south are content. So maybe the riots were because of anger, because living in the north wasn’t all they thought it would be.
        Again, we see the destruction of traditional culture, which explains the unrest in most parts of the world, as they become more urbanized.

  22. QUOTE”IIf you see mulatto kids you will notice how easily Caucasian features will disappear just in one generation of out-breeding,”
    And, of course, that’s bad, right? (sarcasm) Surely, mulatto kids aren’t as smart or beautiful as the pure ones?
    The fall of India, or anywhere else, had nothing to with so called “out-breeding” Myself, I’ve met plenty of mulattoes, and I’ve not seen any evidence that they’re stupid, or can’t hold up a civilization.

    1. Look at China, they’ve always been “pure-bred”, but up until recently, they weren’t anything. The same goes for Korea and Japan. I mean, they had their past glory, but were overtaken by the West.

      1. Yup but they can at least enjoy homogeneity. Civilizations like the Indus Valley, Persia, Mesopotamia and Egypt all fell due to racial admixture. The pure Dravidians and Pure Aryans produced some of the finest architecture I’ve seen. However, their mixed offspring cannot replicate this. Likewise, in Egypt, once sub-Saharan blood was introduced, everything fell. Persia fell when Semites were pardoned by Cyrus the Great and welcomed into Persian society. They began race mixing and that lead to the slow demise of Persian civilization. Even in the West, race mixing is destroying our society.
        Mulattoes aren’t dumb, but aren’t as great as their pure counterpart. I’d prefer if mixed children continued to mix with other mixed children. The white race is already near extinction, because immigration is destroying us at all sides.

        1. QUOTE”Civilizations like the Indus Valley, Persia, Mesopotamia and Egypt all fell due to racial admixture.”
          White nationalist mythology.
          QUOTE”Even in the West, race mixing is destroying our society.”
          How? Anyhow, I don’t know anyone that does, except big beautiful women, whose beauty is turned down by western society.
          QUOTE”Mulattoes aren’t dumb, but aren’t as great as their pure counterpart.”
          More mythology. More excuses to bully mixed children.
          QUOTE”I’d prefer if mixed children continued to mix with other mixed children. The white race is already near extinction, because immigration is destroying us at all sides.”
          Immigration is destroying the white population in the west, not racial inter-marriage. In my hometown, I don’t know anybody who dates outside their race, except larger women, and a small group of people who like other races and cultures. It’s not the norm, even though TV and movies show some examples of inter-racial marriage.

        2. QUOTE”Yup but they can at least enjoy homogeneity. (in reference to Northeast Asia of the past)”
          So what? The argument is that you think race mixing destroys society. But it’s a fact, northeast Asia was poor until recently. Also, the Amerindians were pure, but they fell to conquerors. Europe was pure at one time, but lived in the dark ages anyways.
          It would be interesting to do an unbiased study of the fall of various civilizations, and see how they really fell. Perhaps they fell cause of over expansion, among other things. That was definitely the way Rome went.

        3. A study of India would be extremely interesting, and you’d find it’s fall from greatness had nothing to do with race. It simply fell behind, much like the rest of Asia.

        4. Jason you are kididng right? the poor China of the opium wars was preceded by a powerful Chinese empire of thousands of years, are you serious???????? you don’t know the glory of the Song or Ming dinasties ? that was just a fraction of Chinese history, China is powerful AGAIN, not just recently

  23. Yep, Europe in the middle ages is good example of homogeneity. Really pure people, superior genes, but somehow, really stupid ass people (sarcasm). Shouldn’t the genes have prompted them to get up and do something? I mean come on, they even hated Jews, and got rid of them in many places, but still no progress (sarcasm).

    1. If middle age Europeans had superior genes, the I want my money back, LOL What a rip off. Where is the master race? What a bad show! Time to throw some eggs.

    QUOTE”The Mughals failed because they made little, if any, effort to drag India out of the Middle Ages. The Mughal empire, writes Abraham Eraly, “lagged way behind Europe, behind even China, Japan and Persia. There was hardly any vigour in the economy, scant spirit of enterprise among the people. In agriculture, industry and trade, Indian practices were archaic. There was no ferment of ideas…” The Mughals were formidable conquerors but inept governors. They did nothing to cure the endemic weaknesses of Indian society and added fresh economic burdens through the profligacy of their courts and the cost of their military campaigns.”
    More military campaigns. Sounds like what also hurt Rome. Don’t see any racist stuff in this.

    1. Guess dey Indians be doo busy at da KFC and chomping watermelon. Ya’ll. Big white man come on da boat and offer big deal. LOL

  25. “A study of India would be extremely interesting, and you’d find it’s fall from greatness had nothing to do with race. It simply fell behind, much like the rest of Asia”.
    What do you mean by the rest of Asia?They are progessing like hell and are way ahead of Indians.I dont know why you never ackknowledge the east asian ingeniuty Jason.India never had any considerable civilisation,The Indus valley civilisation was not INDIAN it was by the native people of that area.The credibilty of the Vedic civilisation is still in question as its just the Hinbdus that inflate its glory.Indians are a failed race its been shown from time to time.They only thing they can do at best is to kiss Zionist and white asses and be our pawns.

      1. Religion has lot to do with race, Different races have different moral code of conduct and Religion actually espouses these moral codes in a sublime fashion,
        Arab religion Islam evolved in desert, you have to be quite hard to survive in desert and surviving in desert, adopting to environment creates needs some specific skill set, the ones who are able continue their genes have built a social code of conduct in a tribe which later became the Religious code of conduct ..
        Same with India and people of India, In order to survive and successfully reproduce and carry your genetic legacy you need specific skills in Indian subcontinent, Much of India has seen repeated Invasions, if your forefathers are violent or revolting they would be killed and their genetic legacy would have ended long back,
        Most of Indians are not structurally developed or martial race,they devised a new way to prolong their genetic legacy, Skills like cunningness, backstabbing, lying, cheating, treachery, corrupting are pretty useful if you are not genetically well nourished to fight,
        This is why you see Indians hunt in packs or start a riot in packs, if they are singled they run away, the survival instinct kicks in and they surrender
        Like a chameleon which changes its colors to escape from prey, Indians are genetically selected in this process of natural selection to be a lying, treacherous, corrupt, cunning, survivalist, minimalist, backstabbing race.
        the minimalism and non materialism that Indian preach is actually their survival mechanism for 1000’s of years, since most of people in Subcontinent were always invaded they couldn’t create wealth for themselves, When ever they have got some wealth they quickly seized it through corruption and pass it on to their next generations.
        Even today much of Indian businesses, political system, bureaucracy is a family enterprise.
        Indian loyalty is relegated to his genetic offspring’s and his immediate tribe.
        This has created the institution like CASTE, where CASTE, family bloodlines has higher precedence over the interests of Society.
        It has lot to do with race and adaptation of a race to particular Climate and the behaviorism that the race adapted to successfully carry their genetic traits determines the culture, religion and Much of tradition

    1. QUOTE”Indians are a failed race its been shown from time to time.They only thing they can do at best is to kiss Zionist and white asses and be our pawns.”
      How do you become a failed race? You mean it’s members don’t want to go school. Recently, I’ve been taking Calculus II and it’s difficult as hell. I’m thinking, if anybody passed that, or even excelled, then they couldn’t be a failure. Don’t you think the environment has discouraged many from being their best?
      School is pretty difficult, but it’s passable with enough work, but many racists are saying that certain people cannot succeed with advanced schooling.

      1. And also there is the thought, that it isn’t the environment, but choice, or a mixture of choice, and the environment, in the factors leading to failure.

      2. As a math major myself, ‘elementary’ calculus could be learned at 3 or 4 different approaches:
        1)The book ‘Teach yourself Calculus’ is the easiest
        2)Ever read ‘Calculus’ by Spivak or ‘Caluclus and Analysis’ by Currant? Both are great classics
        3)’Principle of mathematical Analysis’ by Rudin
        4)’Foundation of Modern Analysis’ by Dieudonne.
        The last 2, though difficult, start with basic operation of numbers like addition and multiplication

    2. There is no Vedic civilization and the people who built indus civilization are not actually modern day indian , Mohenjadaro,Harappa are located in Modern day pakistan, Pakistanis are so stupid to recognize that their predecessors have built a great society, they are brainwashed to believe that no great society ever existed before islam.
      Indus civilization is not that great, Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Greeco-Roman civilizations are far greater than Indus.
      Indians have no monolithic culture nor most of them had any history, they are trying to reinvent the history to over glorify their minuscule Accomplishments
      Indians are status obsessed people, in their mind Equality doesnt exist, they see the world differently, for them its either you are inferior or superior if you are inferior you will be belittled and broken down by indians. if you are superior indians will be your lackeys as long as you hold onto power, Once you lose that power and money, you indian friend will not hesitate a second to stab you and change his loyalty to some one who is more powerful than you.
      Indians have completely different moral code of conduct compared Europeans, Indians are cannot build any thing, they can create fairy tales and indulge in self glorification, but they cant accomplish anything on their own

      1. Whatever your opinion of Indus Valley, it is Dravidian. Not “Pakistani” or “Indian”.
        I agree with your assessment of Indians. However, Indians are NOT Dravidians. They are two seperate races. I am a Dravidian, not an Indian. We are Dravidians are a moral people.

        1. Certainly its not dravidian, your ancestors would have been as dumb as you. Even if some of India was involved in it. it was certainly not anywhere close to your progenitors. so stop dreaming that you had a great civilization and get real punk ass bitch. and also stop your comedy that you are moral people. people will spit on your face if you keep peddling this lie. just see around the scams happening all over there, there’s no question of morality when it comes to india, whole of india is the same with bad morals

        2. There is no such thing as India. This is an artificial successor to the British Empire. The IVC was the crown glory of Dravidian achievement, before it was destroyed by Indo-Aryan foreign barbarians.
          Dravidian morality is a Dravidian problem. It’s not the business of foreigners.

        3. Moral problems are the same everywhere. Aren’t people feeling for Palestine down here? why should they? What connection they’ve got?

  26. Sorry ILOR I meant Pakistani for the Indus Civilization and Gandharan civilization. I can only attribute Vedic Civilization, and Era of Enlightenment ( Centuries of Buddhism), Gupta, Chola, Pandaya, etc were accredited to India. But the point is, the great civilizations of the Mediterranean, North Africa, West Asia, Central and South Asia all fell to many things, but race mixing was the greatest threat.
    ILOR, Punjabis and other northerns seem more violent and martial like, then their other counterparts. Also Jason, East Asia was quite advanced. Racial homogeneity kept them at the top of the world.
    South and West Asia was considered the cultural centres of Asia a long time ago (Buddhism) and (Early Polytheism), but now China will take that title. The Chinese are working hard to build up a powerful society.

    1. I guess blood from various invaders have fortified North Indian blood. Technically the pure ones left in Northern India are foreigners. The Scythians, Mughals, Saka, etc.
      But ILOR I’ve noticed in countries in the Americas, South East Asia and Indian subcontinent tend to have that survivalist mentality. I’ve been to Peru and everyone there is literally a snake. In India, when I travelled, as I’ve mentioned in other places of this blog, many were nice, but men in the North West were quite cunning and perverse. In Kerala and Goa, I found some refuge from perverseness. I didn’t fully explore Tamil Nadu(?). This survivalist mentality comes from years of racial admixture. In Indonesia everyone is quite mixed, having Indian blood, Arab, Chinese and Australoid. Same with the Philippines. Many Filipinos are quite opportunistic and greedy, due to years of colonialism. India as well and the Americas.

      1. You are right that south indians are much better than north indians. They are less cunning, violent, corrupt… Kerala has a 95% literacy rate while U.P. and bihar have 50-60% literacy rate, whenever you hear about indian rape it’s always those two states.. Haryana is one of the most violent, backward states for women. South india is developing fast and north indians have been coming into bangalore, bringing their disease with them; the recent rape case of a 6 year old girl in bangalore was actually a man from bihar. Corrupt indian politics are 90% north indians and the gandhis were hindi
        I wonder why it is like this?

      2. Why?
        They are the descendants of primitive Aryan barbarian invaders. What do you expect from barbarians?
        My question is: why are the four Dravidian areas still under Indian occupation? Why aren’t any Dravidians fighting against this despicable Indian government for full fledged Independence?
        Enough whining about North Indians. Don’t whine here and then do nothing about it. When we have our independence, that will be it for the North Indians. They will have to return to North India, there is no place for them in a newly independent Dravida Nadu. Dravidians, wake up and demand freedom from Modi and Bharat’s rule!

        1. You are not tthe authority to decide whho should stay or who should not so just try to adapt and live or shut your fucking ass up and live. Crime and corruption is rampant through out india, You will get spit on your face when you say south indian politicians are less corrupt than the northern counterparts. try to spin your stories elsewhere

        2. The Dravidian people are the authority of who gets to live in their lands. Dravida Nadu belongs to the Dravidians. It does NOT belong to the Indians. North Indians who invade our territory and support foreign Hindian rule are going to be taught a very serious lesson. Kerala belongs to Dravida Nadu, not India.

      3. “This survivalist mentality comes from years of racial admixture.”
        Equating the behavior of populations with genetics is ridiculous, especially at this level. What do you mean “survivalist mentality”?

  27. A lot of places are barbaric, cause the population is all into superstition. Whether it be Hinduism, or Haitian Voodoo, it tears down a civilization. Also, the genetics didn’t cause the religion. There are plenty of South Asians and Blacks who follow a modern way of thinking. There plenty of black nations that are far better than Haiti.

      1. China is marching ahead of India by centuries and you remain teh same finding fault with others to justify your incompetence. Hmm You had a great civilization in;t ir?

        1. Only if a lot of people felt so. People hardly seem to care about these stuffs. Sorry to burst your bubble. The last secessionist movement ended way back in 60s and also when a swine movement TNLA tried to reorganize it, four swines of them who tried to loot a bank were lynched by village people. Thats the end fyi. LOL

        2. A lot of people do feel so, Siron. And it’s not just the Dravidians. Many ethnic groups under Indian occupation want independence and freedom. From not celebrating Republic day, to refusing to fly the Indian flag, to refusing to speak Hindi, to refusing to fly Air India (North Indian), to rejecting the BJP, to not singing the Indian anthem…’s becoming more and more apparent that the Dravidian peoples are rejecting India. It’s not a question of if, but when, a new independent Dravida Nadu is born.

        3. Nobody is interested in such things. you’re exagerrrating a lot and your rhetoric are staright up in 60s that too only in Tamil Nadu.

          This is your beloved Dravidian leader during the independecnce day celebration. I can show thousands of instants of your leaders participating in such events. Every single school in the four dravidian states hoists the national flag and proudly sings national anthem. Every local community does the same and air india??? Why should people use air india when it’s not maintained up to the level of the private airlines? When do you nationalism for choosing an airline. Every other foreigner might opt for a private airline than the one operated by t5he country for sheer comfort? Does that mean all hate their country and want to secede? if people rejected BJP outright, there could never brought parties like TDP back to power and also the politicians in states like tamil nadu would’n have had any electoral alliance with parties like bjp and COngress. also if people rejected anything national how could parties like COngress rule in the states of karnataka and kerala. Its pretty clear you are an antinational hiding in a foreign state and spilling your verbal diarrhoea all over. SO game over kid, your feigned imaginations could never ever come to rality accept it and try to live.

        4. Showing me videos of POLITICIANS (not leaders) is going to do what exactly? Politicians who are too cowardly and scared to stand up to the foreign alien government in New Delhi.
          Dravidians have NO loyalty to the Indian flag. They do not “proudly” sing the Indian National Anthem. They simply fear the repurcussions, that’s all. When that fear is overcome, they will kiss India goodbye. I will personally never speak Hindi, never sing the national anthem, step on or burn the Indian flag, and never celebrate Republic Day. Keep denying the obvious truth. We Dravidians are NOT Indians and we will fight for a seperate homeland that keeps all foreign Indian influence out.

        5. You obviously dont live in the south, you’re living in a foreign country. Its all pretty clear from the way you’re cooking up stories and others are pointing your hypocrisy. Sorry the people in your video are your elected representatives and obviously echoing the views of your people. If dravidians are as so you describe, they wouldn’t even have been elected repeatedly. Keep building up stories, a few might be fooled by repeated and incessant rhetoric and elevate you to the status of an intellect. but you will always remain as a lone dog barking. You cant even pull a crowd from your street in your state with this ideology. You spammed repeatedly about separation nonsense, but you’re yet to provide one solid evidence to substantiate your claim. Show me one authentic site that demands independence or any major party advocating the same. Dont bother linking meaningless crap like tamil tribune or TNLA. Obviously those pigs have been shown the door long back by their own people. For someone who’s cribbing about independence and spamming endlessly, how did a national party has been ruling 3 states in the south.(now AP is an exception). You have had plenty of elections, you could have brought about the change you wished. Truth is none of what u say is truth. As other commenters mentioned, you’re just cooking sh** up. You’re living in a bubble and expect everybody to think the same. Sorry son, wont happen!!!
          Seriously you must get your head throughly examined because you are deluding a lot.

        6. siron,
          It’s probably time to shut your mouth. Who are all these “others”? North Indians and the few Dravidian traitors and lapdogs who always suck up to people with power. The politicians in the Dravidian territories are clearly corrupt sellouts who are willing to sell their own people down the river for status, wealth, and power. If they didn’t sell out to North Indian Hindi politicians, Dravida Nadu would’ve been an independent country.
          I’m a lone dog barking? Who the hell are you? Are you from South or North? You asked for “evidence” for the seperation demand, yet in the same sentence you discount Tamil Tribune. I support Tamil Tribune, and they are absolutely on point on the need for independence from India. I support Kashmiri independence. If you aren’t a Dravidian, then who are you talk about whether freedom fighters from India are rejected by their own people. Don ‘t you dare call Tamil freedom fighters pigs, you piece of trash.
          Read Tamil Tribune. India doesn’t honor demands for independence. They have resorted to threats against Tamil Freedom Fighters, and the cowardly Tamil political parties caved in spinelessly when India made “secession demands” illegal. Not only that, these same corrupt, weak Tamil parties wanted to support India against China in the 1962 war. The truth is that India is a foreign country who is occupying Kerala and the other Dravidian nations, and they need to be kicked out! It’s time for Dravidian unity, and it’s time for Dravidian independence!

  28. @ILOR – Yes great point, however I think Americas & to some Extent Europes future (If things don’t change fairly soon) will be not quite India, but more like Latin Americas Future…… Whites and Near Whites on Top, then Light Skinned People – Castizos, Olive Skinned, East Asians, then Mestizos, Mulattoes and Brown people and Finally Blacks at the Bottom.

    1. @ILOR – Also the (Fake Atheistic European Jews), real Jews are Sherpedic/Arab Jews, they think Multi-Culti is great, however ultimately it will destroy them….. If they ever get a chance to Emigrate En-Mass to China or Somewhere else EVENTUALLY they will also open the Flood Gates to Low IQ Races (Tropical Races), which will destroy China, or wherever.
      Throughout the 4000 years of Jewish History, they have ALWAYS and EVENTUALLY been kicked out or a major pogrom in every country they have been to, simply because they decide to fuck up the original culture of that country through Multi-Culti and other sick Endeavours (porn / homos etc…). The bulk of the 1960’s Cultural Marxism was instigated by the Jewry. Now that said there are a great many “regular/street jews” that see and I have spoken to them, realize what their “Elite Leaders” are doing, and sadly its mostly for Money and Control, a “hodge-podge” nation is Easier to Control than a Homogenous and United Nation. Like I have said many times DIVERSITY (Racial and Cultural) IS NOT A STRENGTH!

      1. Dr. Robert Lindsay:
        You’re right that some Hindus can be arrogant & narcissist. There are Hindus though who are thankful and not representative of Hindutva. My parents came from mostly Hindu India but I no longer practice Hinduism as I’m not religious anymore. I am now a secular person. Other than now being a vegetarian (I have no problem with food hunting as long as the animal hunted is humanely and swiftly killed and there is no poaching, etc. & I have a friend who has hunted), I do not follow that much what happens in India-have not been there since 2002 and as an American, care more for what happens here.I have thought of converting to Christianity but didn’t do so. I did go to Catholic schools as a kid.
        I went to Christian schools when I was a kid here in the U.S. & I have defended Christians by saying it’s wrong for Hindus to send their kids to Christian schools and then turn around and say how evil the Christians are-I have seen Hindus do that on another website and I said that this is wrong. It’s 1 thing to believe your religion is right. Christians believe that they are right and other faiths are wrong, Hindus will believe their faith is right and others are wrong, atheists believe there is no God. There’s nothing wrong with believing your religion is right because somebody is right and somebody is wrong. But to call a group evil and then take help from them is wrong. It’s wrong to ask White Christians for help such as education, jobs and then to turn around and say how bad they are.

      2. You go, Robert. Nothing feels better than waking up to the first coffee in the morning and you dishing out “HAND” bans. 🙂 Statistically, are them mostly Indians? It’s sadly becoming a cliche that my countrymen are the worst behaved in bars, brothels and airplanes.
        Here’s an interesting article with over 400 comments
        I visit bars every weekend and it looks like Westerners happen to drink more but can handle their alcohol better. Indians on the other hand, after just two or three rounds, can’t resist acting the fool. They’re also more sleazy with female bartenders.
        During my mid 20s, I used to frequent the nightlife scene in Bangkok, Thailand. At most of the high end bars, the girls would flatly refuse to entertain Indian males which means the only options were shady massage parlors and herpes. infested freelancers. In order to score at the non-seedy places, I was forced to lie about my nationality.

  29. Oh my, what a lot of heat, but so little light.
    To back up a bit you simply cannot get away from the impact of the British on Indian society, legal structures, economy and political structures. They ruled the place for over 200 years after all.
    Sadly, for the ‘European’ boosters, the British were not on a mission to improve India, the ruled it for profit. And no one was more ruthless than the British, you don’t get the biggest empire in the world by being ‘nice’. Given the competition from other European states for empires, the British won by being more ruthless and more duplicitous than anyone else.
    I love the trade with China thing. The British had a trade deficit with them, solution send opium to them…and send troops in when the Chinese Govt tried to stop it. Yes, the British empire was the biggest drug dealer and pusher in the world.
    Bringing out the old ’there wasn’t India until the British took over’ canard. That is true. But it has existed longer than (say) German or Italy as a contiguous state. So from that point of view, Indians are more ‘Indian’ than Germans are ‘German.’.
    The problem was the British were extractive, estimates are that Indian GDP didn’t rise for about 200 years, their entire economic surplus was taken from them. Take one example, from being the biggest textile producers in the world, they were reduced to importing British ones, after sending the raw material to the UK for a song. Indian industry was suppressed, because it was a market for British industry.
    The British legal system was introduced over and above local systems. An example; the Indian ban on homosexuality comes from British law that was imposed on them.
    The political system was simply satrap usage, totally subservient to British rule. The British class system was imposed over and above existing caste/class/etc systems. Creating the mish mash you see now, which will take further generations for them to get over.
    Let’s kill another myth along the way …the railroads. They had nothing whatsoever to do with ’development’, they were primarily created to be able to move troops around quickly to quell dissent. Secondly to move agricultural outputs to ports for shipping to Britain.
    So any form of natural development of legal, political, infrastructure and economic systems were suppressed to benefit the British. Who basically extracted every cent they possibly could.
    So since independence they have had a long hard road, still hampered by far too many British ‘institutions’ and sadly attitudes, which were not created to benefit Indians at all.

    1. Lisa, you are right that the British colonization of India was to do things for & British Empire was as big as it was because they had a powerful military and sometimes they were ruthless-but that is past. There is no need for the Portuguese, British and other Europeans to apologize for colonizing India because 1947 Independence (India), 1954 Pondicherry and 1961 Goa makes all disputes a moot point. Let the British honor Queen Victoria and let the Portuguese honor St. Francis Xavier and Vasco da Gama. They are not disputes anymore. My parents came from mostly Hindu India but I no longer practice Hinduism as I’m not religious anymore. I am now a secular person. Other than now being a vegetarian (I have no problem with food hunting as long as the animal hunted is humanely and swiftly killed and there is no poaching, etc. & I have a friend who has hunted), I do not follow that much what happens in India-have not been there since 2002 and as an American, care more for what happens here.
      Yes, the British, Portuguese did what they wanted to for their own benefit. But that is history and not happening now. Rather than complain about how life was during colonialism, it’s best to enjoy the independence 1 has. Now I can understand the conflicts between Indian Hindus and Muslims because that has happened for hundreds of years and still happening, though I don’t go to extreme. I can understand the India-China dispute (though again not to extreme as Chinese people are fine though the politics is wrong), but it is useless to complain about something once a dispute is over. It is wrong to bash Whites yet have no problem sending Hindu kids to Christian schools to be educated by Christian whites. I went to a British school when I was 11 to 14 years old (almost 2.5 years) from 1981 to 1984 when I lived in Madrid Spain-King’s College. King’s College’s an excellent school. I’ve also been to the U.K. or Great Britain 7 times-1978,1981,1984,1999,2001,2003 & 2005.
      Hinduism is officially neutral on homosexuality. My reasons for being against homosexuals and transexuals (mutilated homosexuals/lesbians) is unrelated to religion so 1 can be secular and then see the dangers of homosexuality and the queero worship pushed by homosexuals on Methew Wayne Shepard and Harvey B. Milk.

    2. Lisa,
      I want to address this statement.
      “Bringing out the old ’there wasn’t India until the British took over’ canard. That is true. But it has existed longer than (say) German or Italy as a contiguous state. So from that point of view, Indians are more ‘Indian’ than Germans are ‘German.’.”
      There might not have been a unified German state, but there was a definite German nation (same race, language, and maybe culture). In fact, the Germanic race is common throughout much of Northern Europe. A “Dutchman”, a “Swede”, a “German”, and an “Englishman” are all members of the Germanic race.
      Italy might be more complex, but I’ve always suspected that Northern Italy was Germanic. When I think Northern Italian, I think Giarda Laurentiis from Food Network. Southern Italy contains the Latin/Mediterranean race, which is also the race of the commoners of Southern European countries like Spain, Portugal, and Greece. Yet Northern and Southern Italy are predominately White Caucasoid (Germanic and Latin).
      This is not the case in “India” (notice I always use it in quotes). “India” is not a race or a nation, Lisa. It’s an artificial state created by the British. The blood purity was lost, therefore what we see is a dead nation. What’s left is ruins, because the original peoples who built those monuments have long since disappeared by mixing. There is no “Indianness”. The culture and languages are all relics of past foreign conquerors. “India” is a teeming, stinking cesspit of mixed race people with no real sense of identity or belonging. Because of that, there is no real unity, no sense of ‘being accepted’. Although it’s something they desire greatly, as is evidenced by “Hindu Nationalism”, which seeks to create this common sense of “Hinduness”, and trying to create an identity by forcing everyone to learn Hindi.
      “India” must come to terms with it’s greatest weakness: it’s lack of identity, unity or sense of kinship among it’s many diverse peoples. Do you really think the British could maintain an iron grip for 200 years on a country like Russia? Think how far away Great Britain was from India, and how easily they were able to control it. That alone should show you just how weak India really is. That was in the 19th Century. Think the UK pull the same thing with the Soviet Union? No, Russians are solidly united and have a strong sense of nationhood. Russians would fight to the death to expel foreign British invaders. So Lisa, there was never any true sense of ‘Indianness’, in the same way highly nationalistic (and powerful) nations like the Japanese, Russians, or even the Americans have.

  30. India is its own biggest threat. The way Indians hate each other in the name of caste and community is not only shocking and inhuman, its killing its own roots. It is a country which only knows how to hate others, be it fellow Indians and foreigners. Seeing the level of mental and physical harassment of lower castes and poor people, no wonder Indians are the most racist and sexist people on this planet. Anybody who wants to know this whole system of prejudice, power and superiority, and how they have loved to rob their own country, should read this:
    It exposes the double standards of this country and why it is hated in the whole world. Indian and Indians need bashing, a lot of it. White people didnt fuck this country, it was already fucked. And after independence, its been fucked more than ever. All its modern thinking, is wrapped in double standards. All patriotism is fake and shallow.

  31. “India_LandofRapes” – Stop using profane language against India. “Land of Rape”!!! India will rule the world! Armageddon is for the hate mongering rabid Semitic creeds. The problem with some Westerners and many neoconverted Hindus to Christianity is that they are unable to comprehend the immensity of Hinduism “for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh” – Luke 6:45.

  32. Wow! All I know is that you are all very complicated, and it almost seems as if the history of your people have had a great imp act on your daily behaviors exhibited here in the US, especially the Bay Area. I am a native Californian, and am trying to understand why some of the Indian people are unfriendly towards anyone who is not their kind. There are some that have been able to assimilate, but it is not what America stands for. It takes great social intelligence not just theoretical intelligence which Indians feel they are masters of, to know that connecting with people is what will open up their world more. They came here, we did not go to India, so it would be great if they can tap into this social intelligence to understand that we are a divertse society, and we like to keep it that way. Assimilation is not so difficult, but you have to be able to balance keeping your culture, and mixing in and being part of the fabric of society. I believe Indians hang on to the past a bit too much. You should never dismiss your history, but do not let anger become part of how you treat people. Where is Gandhi in all of this? Was his goodness dismissed as well? Did he speak for no one other than himself? What did people learn from his goodness? What bothers me the most, is that I admire that they are peaceful people in their day to day doings, but as bosses, they want to work you and make every cent they can off your back, with no regard for employees as humans with a life. Balance goes a long way. I do not know much about your history, but it is too detailed to matter to me. I get the big picture. Would you kindly explain what is going on?

  33. The degrees of Prime Minister Modi of India are likely fake:
    “Huge discrepancy in Modi’s MA degree, claims ex-Gujarat University professor
    A former political science professor of Gujarat University has claimed that the subjects mentioned in PM Modi’s degree were not offered by the university at that time. ….”

  34. Check this out Al Beruni was a Persian scholar who wrote a great book on India and already the solipsism and self centeredness in Indians can be seen. Janardhan was right.
    Al-Beruni (973-1048; another was Firdausi), “commissioned” by Mahmud of Ghazni to produce his monumental commentary on Indian philosophy and culture — Kitab fi tahqiq ma li’l-hind. “In his search for pure knowledge he is undoubtedly one of the greatest minds in Islamic history.” ♣ Romila Thapar calls him “perhaps the finest intellect of central Asia … His observations on Indian conditions, systems of knowledge, social norms, religion … are probably the most incisive made by any visitor to India.”
    “The Hindus believe that there is no country but theirs, no nation like theirs, no kings like theirs, no religion like theirs, no science like theirs.They are haughty, foolishly vain, self-conceited, and stolid. They are by nature niggardly in communicating that which they know, and they take the greatest possible care to withhold it from men of another caste among their own people, still much more, of course, from any foreigner … Their haughtiness is such that, if you tell them of any science or scholar in Khorasan and Persis, they will think you to be both an ignoramus and a liar. If they traveled and mixed with other nations, they would soon change their mind, for their ancestors were not as narrow-minded as the present generation is.”
    MY NOTE : You will observe how objective Al beruni is in his description of an alien civilisation and this is something I always suspected about Persians. They are very different from Arabs, Indians and Jews around them, they have very strong European tendencies. There is something European about Persian people, such objective thinking is not common in the Middle East/North Africa/Indian Subcontinent region. He does not approach the subject with any prejudices to belittle India (nor to magnify it), something an Indian would have done to describe say Persia, he just wrote what he observed.
    “Not only the language, the Hindus totally differ from us (Muslims) in religion, as “we believe in nothing in which they believe” and vice versa. He goes on to observe that on theological topics “at the utmost they fight with words, but they will never stake their soul or body or their property on religious controversy.” (Sachau:19) Instead, he noted, all their fanaticism is directed against foreigners whom they call mlecchas i.e. impure and forbid any connection with them (Sachau:19). The Hindus have concepts of pollution and never desire that once thing is polluted, it should be purified and thus recovered. They are not allowed receive anybody who does not belong to them, even if he wished to be inclined to their religion (Sachau:20), he went on to write.
    He found Hindus to be very proud of their country, their kings, their religion, their sciences to the extent that he thought them to be “haughty, foolishly vain, self-conceited and stolid.” (Sachau:22)”
    You can read the entire works here

  35. Being a Dravidan, I can truly say I love India. Our diversity and culture is what makes us beautiful. Yes, I agree there are bad things in Hinduism and rapes in North India. But don’t forget, America is a Christian state and it has more rapes than India despite having a 1/4 of the population, and Christianity has its fair share of bad things too. Anyway, we’re all human and we shouldn’t discriminate based on stupid things like this. So, Mr. Dravidan be mindful of your words because if we have people like you in this country not only will Dravidu Nadu be formed, but Hindu Nadu and Christian Nadu will be formed as well. Sorry, if I offended anyone.

  36. I am an Indian Hindu Female.
    I would have to agree with you a 100%.
    Personally I feel having a superiority complex is just an inferiority complex turned inside out.
    Being in the medical line has made me realize this fact over the years dealing with human behavior.
    Being a Indian Hindu myself..I always wondered why majority of us do not practice what we preach.
    Sanathana Dharma is all about the shedding of Ahankar(loosely called Ego..I am the Doer Ship feeling) but yet many of us are stuck in the past and speak non stop of the glorious past and family heritage totally oblivious to the current state of affairs.
    Its a very dangerous mind set to have a combination of superiority and inferiority complex because one does not grow in any direction.
    One ceases to acknowledge the capability of others and ends up stunting self growth.
    The strange thing is..there is a saying in Sanskrit that goes
    The thought that this is mine and that is someone else’s is for the small minded.
    For the large hearted the whole world is one family.
    Yet majority of us Hindus feel only the Indian civilzation mattered.

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