The Attitude Towards Fraud Shows the Difference Between a Civilized Country and a Shithole

Actually that kind of sociopathy where locals make fun of idiots is common everywhere. People will cock off to you saying the most rude things, and nobody cares about your side of the story. Certainly there are many Americans who will ridicule anyone who gets caught in a scam. As a rule, these folks are simply potential victims who have not yet been nailed! In our anti-scammer group, it is more or less a rule that if the person had not been scammed themselves, their attitude was, “How could these people be so stupid?” There were almost no exceptions to this rule. Almost no one who had never been scammed a lot of sympathy for victims. It got to be a real problem in the group that we started making rules saying no attacking victims, etc. The only people who really showed any sympathy for victims were people who had been nailed themselves. I think this is a basic rule of human nature. I also met quite a few people outside the group who had zero sympathy for the victims, but it was not universal. And that really is the difference between civilized people and uncivilized barbarians and animals. The difference between a civilized country full of civilized people and a Turd World shithole full of animals and scumbags is in part due to the feeling people have about scams and fraud. For instance, the US is very civilized, mostly because its culture is Western and Northern European culture which is extremely hostile to scammers and fraudsters. US prosecutors go after scammers and fraudsters very aggressively. Most DA’s are aggressive in pursuing fraudulent businessmen. They throw these people in jail and prison where they belong all the time. Also, many Americans think scammers and fraudsters are bottom of the barrel garbage scum. I found that in Nigeria, that attitude was very uncommon. Very few people thought that scammers and fraudsters were scum, and most of them thought they were very admirable people. This is why I think you have whole nations of sociopaths in some parts of the world – their biggest heroes are dirty criminals. If you go to police in the US as a victim of a fraud or a scam, the officer is not supposed to laugh you out of his office. In fact, most large police departments have specific, well-staffed offices devoted exclusively to fraud. If they laughed all the victims out of the office, they wouldn’t have any work to do.

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4 thoughts on “The Attitude Towards Fraud Shows the Difference Between a Civilized Country and a Shithole”

  1. Add countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt to you comprehensive list of shitholes. It’s not as if you won’t find corruption in Western countries but at least there is an open revulsion to scandals by public officials: step out of the transparency line and your career will be destroyed: Richard Nixon was forced to resign over the Watergate scandal, Bill Clinton was almost impeached over a sexual affair with an intern; in India people in positions of absolute power consider it their manifest right to sexually abuse young women working for them. I remember in the 90s, when news of Bill Clinton’s impeachment was all over air, Indian politicians were like “WTF! He only had sex with an intern – what’s the big deal. After all he’s the most POWERFUL president. So what if he cheated on his wife?”
    Indian public officials don’t really understand that their counterparts in Western countries have to follow accountability standards, avoid going on a power trip and that taking bribe in these countries is viewed as seriously as murder.
    Speaking of India, the culture here is not really hostile to fraudsters and scammers. While most politicians, news media and concerned citizens will publicly denounce corruption, In fact, they are looked at as Robin Hood-esque heroes and are applauded for their success and material wealth. Not all is bad though: it has to be observed that in some areas of Indian governance, corruption has been stamped out completely due to massive public outrage over the last 10 years. You no longer need to bribe anyone to get a gas connection, acquire a passport, get a bank loan or get almost anything done where the government is involved.
    However, in some areas, corruption is still the ruling norm. Private schools in India take massive bribes in the form of donations and parents are expected to fork over huge sums of money to have their kids educated in a decent school with proper infrastructure and English learning. Donations in private schools can vary from $500 to as much as $10-15K per year. Government schools in India are absolutely understaffed and teachers rarely show up. Despite paying so much money, the quality of learning can be poor with many teachers expecting students to attend private tuitions. It’s all out in the open and no-one is bothered. Another area where corruption is rife in India is in the real estate market: due to massive speculation and absolute disregard of rules, it’s almost impossible for people to own a home. In some parts of India, you still need to bribe someone to get a decent job.
    It should be noted though that even within the Western world, countries like Italy and Greece have much greater tolerance of nepotism and bribery compared to US & Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Nordic countries, Germany or United Kingdom.
    Russia and the “Stans” are also highly corrupt cultures although several notches above India and Pakistan. Bribing a cop when he pulls you over is routine just as in India. Most Russian oligarchs are guilty of stealing money from Russians and depositing it in overseas bank accounts same as corrupt Indian oligarchs like Ambani, LN Mittal, the Birlas and Adani.

  2. Let’s use an analogy (or whatever it’s called). The attitude in South Korea was that white foreigners were monkeys. If they liked you, you were a good monkey, and if they don’t then a bad one. In the latter case, everybody in the town mocks you, and feels no guilt.
    I think in Nigeria and in many other places, foreigners are viewed as less than human, cause there not from there. Therefore, they’re moving targets for fraud and whatnot. Even my Dad, who was in the Army in South Korea, mentioned that South Koreans would gladly steal from Americans in his day. Of course Korea was poor then, but apparently scamming people isn’t solely an African phenomenon.
    So I think racism (on the part of the scammer) plays a huge role in targeting white people.

  3. I have to disagree here, in the US it depends upon who is committing the fraud. If the events of the past 6 years does not demonstrate that people do and get away with fraud in America you are very wrong Rob.
    Look at the financial crisis, which was started by Wall Street, and has left the US economy a shadow of itself. We keep reading about a so-called recovery but the economy has not come back to its pre-2008 self, and many of the so called new jobs created have only been part time and low paying employment.
    The only person who got into trouble was Bernie Madoff, and mostly because he was a Jew who scammed fellow Jews. That was the only reason he was put behind bars. The big shots such as Lloyd Blankfein and Goldman Sachs continue with business as usual.
    The big banks continue to fraud and steal each and everyday.

    1. Go live in a Turd World shithole and then come back and talk to me. I have friends who live in those places who are amazed that DA’s prioritize fraud prosecutions. Where they live (India) no one ever goes to jail for such things.
      I agree with you that due to the victory of neoliberalism and its support by both corporate parties, we are becoming increasingly a Turd World country, but we are not nearly as their levels yet.

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