Does the Pakistan-Peruvian Axis Include the Philippines?

A while back, I theorized that there was an axis called the Pakistan-Peruvian Axis that was characterized, frankly, by populations that were similar in that they were actually Arabized cultures to some extent. This cultural axis includes Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Mesopotamia, Arabia, the Levant, the Maghreb, Turkey, Greece, Southern France, Portugal and Spain. It also extends overseas to most of Hispanicized Latin America with the possible exception of Haiti which is French-influenced, some other Caribbean islands which are more Black-cultural than anything else, and Belize which is British-cultural. Almost all, if not all, of South America is included in this Axis and all of Mesoamerica is also, leaving aside the Philippines.
Here a very bright Filipina argues that the Philippines should be included in this Axis because in many ways it is similar to a Latin American country.

Hi! Can the Philippines be included in the Pakistani-Peruvian axis? We are a former Spanish colony where backwardness still prevails despite Western and East Asian influences. Also Mindanao is Muslim. Most men here are no more different than Latinos and Arabs, too macho, narcissistic killers, and womanizers, who can’t afford to lose.
That’s why until now, there’s no divorce here, birth control is not free (the newly passed reproductive health law is not implemented yet), and politicians here act like wild animals while Church officials are actually two-faced, pretending to be compassionate to the masses, but actually biased to the rich. Also, most people here tell that we have superior moralistic values but actually barbaric. And most of all, don’t offend the Filipino male because he will make you a punching bag.
Although in Manila there are cultured, educated, Westernized men, they are outnumbered by the chauvinistic men. They are usually lazy, irresponsible, undisciplined, and hot-headed and will fight you to death if you criticize them. Do you want a sample? Say something bad about my country, and be ready to be bashed by my fellowmen.
Extrajudicial killings are common here because of their violence, as well as road rage and election protests. And the worst is they love to sire children with different women and flirt with prostitutes, yet they demand the women be virgins. Unfortunately, my father is included in these hogs. This is also the reason why I don’t date most Filipino men and dreaming of dating Western men instead.

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0 thoughts on “Does the Pakistan-Peruvian Axis Include the Philippines?”

  1. Not all backward cultures are “arabized.” Some are just backward. For example, I don’t think traditional Islamic/Arab culture is particularly plutocratic, as are Latin/Latin American cultures.

  2. Still there are differences in terms of culture between the philippines when compared to pakistan and MENA(middle east and north african countries).First honour killing does not exist in the philippines.Secondly the dating scene because most marriages in pakistan and MENA countries are arranged marriage unlike in the philippines.Thirdly it is very hard to have interracial relationship in Pakistan and Mena countries(just like India too).btw sorry for my terrible english

      1. I strongly feel that Culture is nothing more than Imitated human behaviorism which is espoused by an ethnic group; this imitation would have benefited the evolution of the Ethnic group (in a Particular climatic Zone)
        there is nothing great about Culture, and nothing unique about it either, its just a Behavioral process which evolves slowly in evolutionary time point and is mimicked by large majority of people in a tribe or Closely knitted ethnic group
        However, culture dissolves when different ethnic groups meet or forced to cooperate for trade or commerce .

  3. Well Phillipines has been culturally influenced by South Asia, East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. So, this blend of cultural norms creates confusion. I have seen Hindu and Buddhist Filipinos, but majority are Catholics, followed by Muslim. When culture is fully homogeneous, one doesn’t have to worry. Look at Maldives or Sri Lanka or Thailand. Quite successful.

  4. Womanizers, hay. My former english teacher said that at titules such as cheating were more common in united states than México, she said people there aré like whatever when that happens, While i dont know Filippinas, men in the manosphere talk about how Filipinas aré better women than Anglos, so

  5. The Philippines is definitely a Latin American country, as it was ruled by Spain for a huge chunk of time.
    The author mentions that Filipino men will kill you if you criticize their nation. By why in the hell would anybody want to do that? Most westerners (the only one who have the cash to visit) love the place.
    If you look at Asia. Nearly all Northeast Asian nations, as well as the Southeast Asian ones are very nationalistic, and can tolerate little outside criticism of their nation. The main attitude is “if you don’t like it cunt, then leave.” Well, I have to say that’s the attitude in my hometown also. Even though snobs in Europe don’t care about my place, and would rather go to New York or LA.

  6. The violence of the Filipino male is totally overstated by this woman. White UCLA college kids are more violent. I will agree with the Chauvanistic and cheating part though. Even though I’ve met many poorer Filipinos who treat their wives with much love.

    1. Well got to agree with you on that part.most filipino guys are great from my observation.but it is completely a different story about south asian and arab males.

  7. I think it goes back to the idea that certain men believe they are owed something for nothing. If you go on Asian nationalist forums (Asia Finest, for example) you see incredibly angry males. They hate foreigners, cause their women prefer whites and blacks over Asians (usually because they are exotic, nicer to them, and have bigger bodies and penises). Of course, some hatred against foreigners is justified, but a lot of it, is simply sexual and economic jealousy.
    Of course, some say the next step is for these angry males, which would include incels in the west, to start murder sprees out of rage. Well, how childish and wimpy! However, these males think they are king, and long for the day when women bow to them, and more attractive foreigners would disappear.
    As a side note, I don’t think Asian men are lazy, but definitely think they have certain special rights.

    1. Sorry, meant to say “As a side note, I don’t think Asian men are lazy, but definitely think they demand, unjustified special rights.”

    2. Filipino men let foreigners join in on the fun (not saying it’s fun, but you know what I mean). However, Korean and Japanese men, will allow foreigners to drink, but hate inter-racial dating, fornication, and marriage. Obviously, economics plays a role in the Filipino attitude, but overall the northeastern racist attitude has nothing to do with money.

    3. Korean and Japanese men travel to the Philippines and other places, assuming they can afford it, and screw everything in sight (often with no birth control). However, they won’t allow white foreigners to do the same to their women. Again, they think they are king and, have special rights.

      1. Still korean and japanese men are way better compared to south asian and arab men.imagine dating a south asian or an arab’svery risky because well you know honor killing thing that they had

    4. Filipino men might be lazy in the sense, no offense to them, they drink and smoke, but they won’t lift weights. They think that’s all they need to be a man, and then they go and boss a woman, as their culture demands.
      Nothing wrong with being macho, but it’s overkill, and isn’t justified cause a lot of them are only strong enough to overpower a woman, or another “out of physical shape” Filipino.

      1. Jason you have to look at where South East Asians live. They live in a warm climate area, with spacious land and plentiful food and resources. There was very little genetic pressure for these people to succeed. The reason why they are staying afloat is because many Chinese have been kind enough to help them propel their economy forward. The sad thing is they still cling on to Hinduism and other tribal rituals. If they let go and embrace the Chinese way of life, they will succeed.

        1. That’s not true. There are lots of scrawny guys even in my hometown, who put on a macho front, but really are weak.
          Also, the Philippines has top notch boxers. It’s not about the climate, but about the attitude of some Filipino men, who think they have special rights, like getting women for nothing.

        2. Well, really why should Filipinos want to succeed? Fuck it. Go enjoy the beach. Actually, I envy a place where everyone isn’t so materialistic, and in a rat race.
          However, I do think though, when it comes to women, they could make some effort at physical improvement.

        3. One huge error in White nationalist thinking, is they think everything is easy in the third world. They say “Oh look, they have plentiful food and resources”. Well, if that’s true, then why are they so poor, and so many are so hungry. Yeah, right. If anything, there is a HUGE Darwinian survival of the fittest going on in the third world, much more than in the 1st world, where there is so much social welfare.

      2. Haha funny that you mention that cause most native south east asian men are like that.the malays,indonesian and thai also behave that way.while they are rather laidback they are really friendly

        1. They are friendly people, but very lazy. Have had some group projects with MANY of them and majority prefer to do the talking, rather than writing. They are not aggressive, so that is a good thing. However, their laziness is quite frustrating.
          Jason many South East Asians and Sub Saharan Africans could not have discovered the wheel or comprehend mathematics if it were not for Caucasians of Europe, Caucasians of Asia (Persia, North and South India, Afghanistan), and the East Asians( Chinese, Japanese, Korean) who helped these people.

  8. Hi again. Thank you so much for appreciating my comment and for all those who replied to my comment. I am wondering why you exclude the Philippines from the Pakistani-Peruvian axis. Is it because we don’t have honor killings or bull fights or we have also Western and East Asian cultures? But I think still my country has some elements of it like lack of concern to the environment (i.e., garbage disposal on the streets), inferior status of manual labor, lack of discipline, defensiveness among some politicians when in error, political corruption including cronyism and nepotism, and failure of the state to lift up my fellowmen from poverty instead, they enrich themselves on our expense. Correct me if I’m wrong, but does my country have sort of “Asian Despotism” rather than the “Arabic Outlook” part of the axis? I just read “Tragedy and Hope” by the late Carroll Quigley and I found out why most Latin American countries (except Southern Cone perhaps) are failed states, which is way similar to the Philippines compared to other Asian countries (i.e., Singapore, Malaysia). Maybe I just compared my country to LatAm because of the same colonial past. But why Philippines is not really included in the axis? I will kindly appreciate your answer.

  9. I am glad that I am not the only one who has noticed this. However I do not think that it is only do to Arab culture(But I will not deny that it does have massive influence). If you look at a map of Alexander the Great’s empire and the Roman Empire then it matches pretty well also, but I think that the reason why this “axis” exists is because the different peoples of the Mediterranean, Near East, the Iranian plateau and to some degree India, have been influencing each other for centuries in a way which Iranians and let us say Finns could not, why?
    I think the answers lies in geography, there are certain geographic factors which allow certain peoples and their ideas to influence each other. A great example would be the Eurasian axis, the current big player in this huge Eurasian geographic and consequently geopolitical space is Russia before them it was the Mongols and even before the Mongols there was Attila the Hun. So rather than these “axes” existing because of a certain people, they exist because of geography. For some reason geography allows certain peoples to interact with each other more intensively than they would with others, as I showed with the Iranians and the Finns.
    Best regards.

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