Collapse of Industrial Civilization

Collapse of Industrial Civilization – Finding the Truth Beyond the American Holocaust. Fantastic site written by xraymike79, who is a fine writer. The site is more or less leftwing without being crazy leftwing, which is hard to find nowadays. Optimists will not be happy here – the site is quite pessimistic and unfortunately for good reason. The commenters here are also great – more or less Lefties yet more or less sane at the same time. Both Mike and his commenters are very bright and they link to all sorts of great stuff all over the Net. Truly a great find. Pay Mike a visit if you wish. I do not think you will be sorry.  

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  1. Right, and some commenters were saying that free trade didn’t significantly promote immigration.
    QUOTE”Now consider the trade deals of NAFTA, CAFTA, and other “free trade” globalization schemes which have flooded our southern neighbors with cheap, subsidized produce from U.S. Big AG, decimating small farms and pushing millions off their land and into extreme destitution:”

    1. QUOTE”Meanwhile, right-wing politicians fan the flames of racism and xenophobia with calls for militarizing the border to stop the hoards of swarthy barbarians at America’s doorstep. In reality, the current deteriorating social conditions in Central and South America are a direct result of the American corporatocracy and its rapacious economic system as well as anthropogenic climate disruption. The child migrants flooding across America’s border are, to a great degree, victims of U.S. foreign policy and climate change.”

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