What Is Wrong with Not Wanting to Associate with Certain Ethnic, Religious or Racial Groups?

Jason Y says:

No, I disagree. It’s an easy way out. We can’t just tell whole races of people to fuck off cause a few hurt us. One reason is because all races of people have punks who are going to test us. Look at South Korea’s hatred of Japan. It’s ridiculous. Thinking of other human beings as devils in this modern day of age. Give me a break.

You pick and choose who you hang around with.
There is a phrase in English called “coming back for more.” It means more or less coming back for more abuse after you have already been abused to Hell and back.
A sensible person has X number of bad experiences with some group and then they just say, “Ok, enough is enough. I am done with these people. I’ve met one too many of them for one lifetime. If I ever see another [person of X group] again, it will be too soon.”
Life is about harm avoidance, not repeatedly leaping into sizzling frying pans after you have done it over and over and got burned every time.
Do you know how many times West Africans have tried to rip off, cheat, scam or just plain act bad with my friends and me? You have no idea.
I would never go to West African countries. I have friends that have gone there, and almost in the case of everyone I know who went there, the Africans had tried to rip them off. One woman went there alone, and it was an utterly Hellish nightmare. These places are all hellholes. You have to be out of your head to go there.
We had a Yahoo group, and we had so many awful experiences with these terrible West African people. They stole and tried to steal from group members, tried to scam or did scam members, engaged in a behavior we called “wife scamming” and acted horrible to the women in the group chats we had, where almost all of them would get on cam, ask to chat with the women and right away whip their cocks out and start jacking off at the women. Some women were really upset by that, almost traumatized.
This happened so many times that we made a totally racist rule – No Black Africans Allowed in the Group. I am very proud that we made that rule, and I would make it again. A huge number of members screamed, “Racism!” and left the group. Some went off to form new groups where they let West Africans in. And women in those new groups kept getting fucked over, used and ripped off by these West African monsters.
We also heard a number of stories about women who had married West African men, often Nigerians. In 100% of the cases, the marriage was a total catastrophe.
98% of the West Africans I met on the Net were simply predators in one form or another. They were all out to scam something – money, a wife, you name it.
We continued to allow Black Americans into the group though. We did not have a lot of problems with them, and many of them were very good people, in fact, a number were victims of the West Africans.
However, I had a Nigerian PA a while back, and I liked him a lot, but even he admitted that his country was full of scumbags – liars, cheaters and thieves. I also had a friend from a place called Togo, and he was a really good person. Haven’t talked to him in a long time though.
I can usually figure out if someone is a good person or not. If I meet a West African and they are a good person, then I would be ok with them.
As far as Gypsies, 5 for 5. I met four, and they all tried to steal from me. The 5th one I met just got out of jail. They all talked in this sleazy version of Ebonics ghetto nigger language. Fuck Gypsies. I have met enough Gypsies for one lifetime.
I recently met a woman who was an Assyrian Christian from Iran.
She said, “You know, I hate to say this, but I hate Arabs.”
She also said she hated Yazidis and Kurds. What it boiled down was the whole time she was in Iran, the Arabs, Iranians, Yazidis and Kurds treated her and the other Christians like complete dirt. Also she knew that in the history of her people, Arabs, Kurds and Turks had massacred her people over and over. In fact, Arabs are massacring Assyrian Christians in Syria and Iraq right now. All of these persecuting groups were Muslims, and Near Eastern Muslims had abused her and her people so many times that she had had it with them.
Is she a racist? No idea. But if she is, I say, “Good for her!” She and her ancestors had had one too many bad experiences with these Muslims, and it didn’t look like these Mohammadens were going to change in the future. In fact, they seem to be getting even worse. She had gotten smart, wised up, and said “I’m out of here,” with regard to all of those Near Eastern Muslims.
After a certain number of bad experiences with a racial or ethnic group, it makes a Helluva lot of sense not to want to have anything to do with them anymore.
It’s beyond me why this is considered racism.

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0 thoughts on “What Is Wrong with Not Wanting to Associate with Certain Ethnic, Religious or Racial Groups?”

  1. Life is full of pain and mean people. You can’t escape them. Obviously going to some places, say Afghanistan (unless your armed and trained) is foolish. Nonetheless people need some exposure to the real world in order to develop. Even though it may make them whiny and annoying for a certain period (always whining about all hurt experiences and whatnot).
    Dismissing whole groups of people is childish. Say somebody fights against Asians, and then he begins to hate all Asians. Can he honestly say that ALL Asians are bad, even if they crippled him or killed his comrades? What about all the bombs that killed Asians? Can’t he see both sides of the story? I’m sure his nation, if it were a 1st world one, killed far more of them, then they did of his people. Of course, I’m giving an extreme example. A lot of people hate Asians for far less than that.
    Yes, of course, as Robert said, I wouldn’t venture into bad parts of West Africa, but it would be very closed minded to stay away from it totally, if you had the money to go. There are also a lot of scammers in the Philippines, and I was even ripped off by a tour guide on the 1st trip, but I don’t regret going by any means.
    Danger cannot be avoided to a certain extent. It must be embraced in order to experience life to its fullest.

    1. People want to go to places where they are always safe, and where everybody loves them. However, it retards their development, because they never see other cultures, and they never see real criticism of their own culture.

    2. Bad parts of West Africa? The bad parts of West Africa are ALL OF IT. I know, my friends went there. I guess you could go on a safari, but my friend went on one, and an African tried to rip him off on the trip.
      I must be a very childish person then.
      I am proud to be a very closed minded person too. NO ONE should go to West Africa IMHO. You might to try to go with a guided tour, perhaps on a safari, but really, the whole place is nothing but a gigantic, horrific shithole.

      1. You gotta get a good tour guide, and don’t talk to strangers. Same rule goes in the Philippines, or any other 3rd world place. Backtracking on what I said, I might avoid Muslim nations, but not because of the threat of crime.

        1. I would be afraid of AIDS. That would be the biggest threat. Lots of women, but you don’t know if one has it. That would be far scarier than losing money. That still wouldn’t deter me from going, though.

      2. Dear Robert
        I have a niece who spent a year in an orphanage in Chad, one of the poorest countries in Africa. She has no bad experiences to report. A brother of mine has a partner from Uganda. He visited the country 3 times, and enjoyed his experiences. A retired Dutch friend of mine now lives in Kaapstad. He has been there for 3 years, and he likes it there.
        Regards. James

  2. A little closer to home I went to Charleston SC one time, and it was another culture, as much as going to China. It was dangerous to go there. But I knew the precautions. You watch who you talk to, and don’t go out at night. I’m sure the same deal works in West Africa. Anyhow, the trip there was challenging because I was in a place where the locals are not going to kiss my ass (due to the black loathing of white), but most were nice anyways.

    1. Nope. In West Africa they steal from you all the time, night and day. I know a woman who went to Nigeria, and no sooner had she gotten off the plane in Laos and was in the bathroom cleaning up that a Nigerian women knocked her purse over making all the stuff fall out and then scrambled around trying to steal from her.
      AS SOON AS SHE STEPPED OFF THE PLANE, a Nigerian tried to steal from her.
      Also she said that as soon as the plane landed, the smell was overwhelming. The whole city smelled like garbage, rotting garbage, the whole time she was there.
      You would probably be ok if you went to some little village, even in Nigeria, but that would be hard to do.
      Nigeria is a NATION OF THIEVES.

      1. There has to be some order in Nigeria, or the place would fall apart. How do Nigerians keep order among themselves?

        1. Abuja is in the Muslim North and most of the people are Muslims. Although there is a lot of terrorism now, it was not always this way. The Muslims in the north commit almost no crime, and there is little corruption. The Christian and animist South is another story!

        1. Not feeling bitter at all. I have felt this way for a very long time now. I am just writing about it now. I have been feeling this way for about six years now. Smartest six years in my whole life.

  3. Choosing not to hangout with any particular ethnic group is an example of xenophobia and not racism. Technically speaking, racism is an ideology that ranks groups by worth and their worth is a function of their race. Strictly speaking, racism is pretty much dead in the West, especially North America. Xenophobia is certainly on the rise, but that’s not surprising given that Multiculturalism is stuffed down everybody’s throat.
    The lamestream media deliberately conflates xenophobia with racism so that the cultural Marxist left can continue manufacturing white guilt.

    1. Well, in some cases, xenophobia isn’t bad. For instance, a lot of times it’s justified to distrust Muslims, because they’re Muslims. Muslim extremists have stated they want a Jihad against the US. Therefore, it’s only good sense to protect the US people.

    2. If you think racism is all but dead in America, you need to get out more or turn on yout tv. Go to Mississippi, spend two weeks travelling the state and “getting to know” folks there, and you’ll feel like you need a shower. And yes, it will be because of racism, not xenophobia. Xenophobia is fear of people from other countries. The white Americans that we’re talking about, with their view of African Americans, is not an example of that.

  4. QUOTE”I am proud to be a very closed minded person too. NO ONE should go to West Africa IMHO. You might to try to go with a guided tour, perhaps on a safari, but really, the whole place is nothing but a gigantic, horrific shithole.”
    Right, you shouldn’t go alone. Nonetheless, I’m sure it’s easy to research safe tour guides on the internet.
    However, in the Philippines, or other places, the locals have a strong desire to cater to the tourist, cause he’s their source of money. Many will let you stay at their home. I don’t think all of them would scam you, but you are taking a chance.

  5. QUOTE”What Is Wrong with Not Wanting to Associate with Certain Ethnic, Religious or Racial Groups?”
    Well, in the days of Jim Crow, the same argument was used. Blacks were considered violent, diseased, and prone to crime, so segregation was used to protect whites. Does anyone want to defend Jim Crow, or was it cruel and mean spirited? Nowadays, it seems barbaric, but back then nobody thought it was a big deal.

    1. I am opposed to any and all forms of legal segregation. But individuals should be free to associate with whomever they like. However, if you run a business or rent or sell homes, you can’t discriminate in hiring, customers, renters or buyers.

      1. If you think troublemakers are around. It’s easy to get rid of them by looking at criminal records. Let’s not make assumptions about people due to their race in regards to housing or employment. Anyhow, criminal records already keep a huge amount of blacks from voting, getting employment, and owning weapons anyways.

  6. Getting ripped off is just part of being in a poor foreign country. It has nothing to do with race. If you are an obvious Westerner, they assume you are rich and everybody is out to make money off you. Maybe not violently rob you necessarily, but they will try to charge you more for shit at the very least. C’est la vie, it is what it is. I almost got jumped in Chile by a group of guys that wanted my laptop. I’ve been ripped off by cab drivers in Mexico, I went to wilderness park in Thailand with a Thai friend of mine. They charged him the regular entrance price because he is Thai, they refused to let me in unless I paid the farong(foreigner) price even though I contested. Try leaving anything on a beach in Brazil and see if it’s there when you get back. Anywhere you go in poor countries people are going to rip you off in one way or another if you aren’t on guard. Just the way it is. Nothing to do with race. Despite all that, the positive experiences FAR outweighed any negative. Even then a lot of the people trying to rip you off are probably cool people outside of that, but they’re doing what they gotta do to survive in shitty circumstances. A bit of street smarts will take you far in these places. If they know that you are aren’t some naive tourist, they usually leave you alone.
    The only Nigerians I’ve met have been just normal people. I recall you saying you were in some group that fought Nigerial email scammers. Well yeah, obviously if you focused on that, you’re going to walk around with a bad impression of them. But I guarantee you that the entire nation of 170 million people isn’t sitting around writing email scams. You’re way too smart to be acting this prejudiced and irrational.

    1. Forgot to mention, can’t let whites off the hook either. While ripoffs and scams are no major worry in the Anglo/Scandic/Germanic parts of Europe(as well as the Anglosphere countries outside Europe), the Mediterranean countries are a whole different thing. As well as the Slavic countries. Scams and ripoffs are commonplace in Southern and Eastern Europe. In Italy, you never put your wallet in your back pocket. Argentina has its share of pick pockets and petty thieves as well.

    2. Not only that Tulio, but we had LOTS of Nigerians coming to our group saying they wanted “to help fight the scammers.” Almost ALL of them tried to cheat us or rip us off in one way or another. None via the 411 thing too. It’s just that as a race, they seem to be thieves. And many others were trying to be “marriage scammers” with the women. And ALL of them flashed women on their cams and started jacking their big Black dicks. Totally uncivilized human beings. We also got some folks from Sierra Leone and Ghana, and they all tried to scam us in one way another too.
      I had a US Black friend who went over to West Africa to try to build or invest in factories in some of those countries. He was Black but he utterly HATED West Africans. He said all those countries were scary as Hell, and after a while, he traveled with an armed guard in his vehicle at all times. Also all of the police are corrupt and try to get bribes just to let you pass through. I asked him about Ghana, and he was apoplectic. He said most of then there looked like they just out of a high security prison.
      Just a real garbage race of people over there.

      1. There is a big difference in visiting Nigeria, and contacting Nigerians online.
        QUOTE”I had a US Black friend who went over to West Africa to try to build or invest in factories in some of those countries. He was Black but he utterly HATED West Africans. He said all those countries were scary as Hell, and after a while, he traveled with an armed guard in his vehicle at all times. Also all of the police are corrupt and try to get bribes just to let you pass through. I asked him about Ghana, and he was apoplectic. He said most of then there looked like they just out of a high security prison.”
        The whole third world is like that, and as Tulio said, we don’t want to leave out southern and eastern Europe. I know that in the Philippines, bribes were just part of life.
        QUOTE” He said most of then there looked like they just out of a high security prison.”
        Who are them? The police? The locals?

        1. He said the regular men walking up and down the street. He said they looked like criminals in a maximum security prison. He was an attorney and he did a lot of criminal cases as a defense attorney.
          If I go to Italy, I have to travel with a BODYGUARD? Everywhere I go in Greece, the cops will stop me at some arbitrary checkpoint and ask for a bribe?
          In Eastern Europe, most of the men look like they just walked out of a high security prison?

    3. Dear Tulio
      You are making a good point. Tourists are often singled out in poor countries. I have been in Berlin 3 times, and each time I was addressed by a Gypsy woman in English. When I replied in German, a language I speak with modest fluency, she wouldn’t even let me finish before she walked away.
      Regards. James

  7. Any race would be a race of thieves if confronted with poverty. Unless of course, they happen to be religious or something, but we know most people aren’t religious, in the strict sense.

    1. Moldova, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Georgia and Yemen are all very poor countries, some of the poorest on Earth. My understanding is that there is not much street crime or violent crime in these places.

      1. I’ll backtrack. Some of those nations aren’t authoritarian, yet have low crime. Probably the low crime in the non-authoritarian ones, is due to lack of exposure to western culture.

  8. The third world kicks ass! There are lots of beautiful women, or even guys (if you swing that way), and your treated like a king. Why do people complain about the third world?

    1. Third world is fine, it’s the fourth world you have to avoid. Even in third world countries, you can still live a pretty Western life if you choose wealthy part of the city. A place like Bangkok has world class hospitals, brand new high rise luxury apartments, some of the greatest shopping centers in the world and fine dining. It also has millions living in slum conditions. But you could live a really good life style in a third world city on a fraction of what that same lifestyle would cost you in London or NYC.

        1. 4th world are places that are basically lawless. Think Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Sierra Leone during the civil war, places like that. The Philippines, definitely 3rd world.

      1. The third world is all the same. I mean, there may be some differences due to race, but overall no difference. That’s assuming the 3rd world nation is not at war.

  9. You prevent stealing by paying people to protect your money. That’s how the rich do it. That’s why I said that choosing a trustworthy tour guide is such a big deal.

  10. Robert is 100% right about Nigeria and Nigerians, and anyone who doesn’t agree with him hasn’t had sufficent exposure and study of it and them. He’s not racist, he’s profiling, and the two are not the same. Theirs is an institutionalized culture of depravity, and this whole issue has nothing to do with race.

    1. You buy people off. You pay for security, and people to protect your money. That’s how the rich always do things. It works everywhere.

      1. No, I meant to say “You suck people off”. That’s how you do it in Nigeria. Nah, just kidding, No, “You jack people off” LOL

      2. “You buy people off. You pay for security, and people to protect your money. That’s how the rich always do things. It works everywhere.”
        Who is “you”, Jason? Last I checked, the .1 percent of 1 percent of America’s most wealthy, do not frequent this blog.

        1. Even average Americans are rich in the 3rd world. If your in the 3rd world, you have to copy the rich way of dealing with money. Otherwise, you’ll get robbed, killed, or beaten up.

    2. This concept is one reason a US prison is so scary. Unlike in the 3rd world, you can’t buy people off there. So you have to be somebody’s bitch, or fight people etc..

  11. Unsurprisingly, life is full of betrayals and hurt and discrimination becomes the survival mode for most people because at the end of the day, it costs you a lot of time and money recovering from the damage that you felt has been caused by a certain group of people. After that, it’s really like “never again”.
    I’m myself guilty of discriminating against whole ethnic groups because as you put it, there’s no point in repeatedly jumping from one frying pan to another. I applaud the decision taken by that Assyrian Christian woman: these near Eastern Muslims are savage monsters and it’s good that she has wisened up through bitter experience.
    However, as Christians, we should find comfort in knowing that our Creator himself struggled with the downside of being human. We should not expect a trouble-free life: growing in faith is all about taking up the cross each day, willing to suffer. If we wish to share in Jesus’ eternal life, we must WILLINGLY share in his life of suffering. Perhaps, that produces sympathy for all the people you despise: it’s important that we pray for their misguided souls. Having dealt with absolutely crappy people so many times, I have observed that if I treated them like just another human being with all sincerity, my troubles would quickly come to an end and it’s even possible to bring a change in heart.
    (p.s. – Yes, you don’t have to deal with nasty people the instant they move away from your lives. Your association should have only been for so long). Forgive and forget works best.

    1. Christian arabs are a great bunch. I think putting all arabs in one camp is short sighted for anyone, but I do see that from time to time on this blog as a whole, so it is worth repeating.
      Thanx to Tulio for the video. Good to see the other side of the debate. The west Africans I have met have been great. Indeed a guy from Ghana became one of my closest friends.
      However, I take on board some of the other comments about travelling to these places.
      As a rule no white woman should go any where outside of the white world.
      White men need to go often on business ventures so they do these things on their own risk. These are risky things! Doing business on the internet is risky as we’ll, so again keep clear of the scammers. Keep safe men! White women do not even think of going to any part of the third or fourth world.

  12. We Greeks hate Turks and Turks probably hate us back. Robert, its because history is a sensitive topic, which is why there is hate and confusion. Look at Korea and Japan. Both have genetic affinities to one another, but hate each other. History has created divide between us.

    1. Actually no.
      I dont hate the turks and am pretty sure a lot of greeks dont if not the most.Why should we hate them?
      Just because their ancestors screwd ours?
      Infact I think we share a lost bond.Most turks are actually turkified anatolians and not related to Ottomans who came from central asia.Where does the famous legend of troy originate?
      Youre too prejuduced against turks Historia and considering you have turkish blood yourself.I dont see any good reason why you shoild hate them unless theyve done something personally wrong with you.I have many turkish friends and we get along quite well.Sure a few can be douches but doesnt mean you generalise like Robert does.It really makes little sense.We live in a modern world and history holds no real importance.Why not shun it and create new and a better future?

    2. Oh i want to Join too and spit who i hate, on average i dislike so much Mexicans, and by the way i am not an ethnic of them, gosh nope.

  13. Never had any encounters with Nigerians, but gypsies on the other hand…It seems like their whole culture is scamming, begging, and stealing. They even train their kids to pick pockets–it’s like an ordinary profession to them that they take pridein. Ask anyone in Europe, even the most liberal person will not have anything good to say about gypsies. Y’know why they’re called gypsies? Because when they first arrived in Europe they told everyone they were Egyptians. So the very first thing they did was scam!! They are the only group that I am entirely prejudiced again. Met plenty of pleasant blacks, Muslims, Asians etc. but never a pleasant gypsy. I mean, for all the groups you can criticise they all have positive aspects–like you can say blacks produce great music and are often down to earth and friendly, Jews value education and business acumen, Muslims are charitable, but I can’t think of anything positive to say about gypsies.

    1. A gypsy would probably have to give a baby of theirs up for adoption, for the gypsy to grow up and turn out like anyone else. Again, I don’t see this as racism – it’s cultural profiling. Racism is seeing someone of different skin, and thinking they are less human for their race alone. No one wants to be around a bad group of people. If that group turns out to be a race or culture of people, that doesn’t change the principle of avoidance or judgment. They are just a bad group of people, by their behavior and values. I don’t know why this is so hard for so many to understand.

      1. I tend to view and judge people of different cultures by the way they act collectively. From an early age, I myself and everyone else have been taught that everyone is supposed to be the same despite culture, race, language and heritage, well I hate to say it but that’s a lot of bullshit, I used to believe this stuff but experience and observation has taught me otherwise. I’ve never had any problem being around and becoming friends with people of different ethnicities, if they come from cultures that share the same kind of morals and values that I have then no problem what so ever, but there are some cultures that are just plain awful and toxic and I’ll avoid these ones for very good reasons, hell I’ll stay as far away as I can from white trash for many of the same reasons, I just don’t like being around people who give me bad vibes and put me on edge.

        1. I’ve never known any gypsies, but according to everything I’ve read about them, and from what I’ve seen from all those stupid gypsy shows on tv, well they are very low in my opinion, lower than the lowest scum. They don’t even frown upon cousins getting married, I think they actually even encourage it, and they dare have the nerve to think non-gypsies( or gorchers as they like to call us) are inferior scum!

        2. @GfM – Most if not all of the “gypsies” you’ve seen on TV aren’t really gypsies, whether you’ve see them on a scripted tv show or documentary/reality tv. Everyone I’ve ever met who claims to be part gypsy (or “Roma,” as they usually say quite dramatically–a word I refuse to use) is delusional. All the gypsies I’ve come across across in Europe have been small, dark, shifty creatures. There’s nothing romantic about them. They are trained to steal practically before they can walk. Don’t ever let one get within ten feet of you.

    2. In America, they tend to have a romantic view of gypsies (glamorized in song lyrics), not so in Europe.

  14. Not trying to be a smart-ass, and don’t want to be banned. However, what nations has Robert visited (asking in a polite way)?

    1. I have hardly been anywhere. Mexico and Canada and that’s it. I’ve never had the money to travel. Most Americans I know who live around here have only been to Mexico and Canada, if that.
      I do not think my opinion of these shitholes is going to change if I go to them. I will probably hate them more than ever. As is, I have never been to these places so there is a certain unreality about them. Experiencing a shithole in reality must be many times worse than just reading about one.

        1. Not in good enough health to work full-time. That is why I live off a trust fund and work at odd jobs that are not regular type, 9-5, 40 hour week jobs. I cannot work at a job like that, and I probably can’t work at any job that has regular hours for anyone but a good friend or a relative. No way can I work for a stranger.

      1. “Experiencing a shithole in reality must be many times worse than just reading about one.”
        Yeah, it’s pretty shocking. Imagine, a whole line of beggars outside your Motel. People wanting to sell you things (usually at traffic stops), and if you don’t buy, they insult you. You feel bad, cause you feel like a dirty Jew. Obviously, though you can’t buy from everyone. Also, you have to act like a tough guy, even though surrounded by a “shithole”.

        1. I meant to say “Imagine, a whole line of niggers outside your hotel.” Nah, just joking. HA HA, LOL You know me. Trying to get a laugh.

  15. I met some Nigerians in Seoul, South Korea. They seemed to be a good bunch, but then again, they were Christians. One lady would always beg me for money, but it wasn’t a big deal. Well, you know, I was making a lot of money over there. I could literally just give away money, considering I was single, and not saving anything.

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