Experiences with Nigerians and Other West Africans on the Internet

Tulio writes:

The only Nigerians I’ve met have been just normal people. I recall you saying you were in some group that fought Nigerian email scammers. Well yeah, obviously if you focused on that, you’re going to walk around with a bad impression of them. But I guarantee you that the entire nation of 170 million people isn’t sitting around writing email scams. You’re way too smart to be acting this prejudiced and irrational.

About those normal, regular Nigerians. We heard many stories about US and Canadian women (always White) who married West Africans, almost all Nigerians. They may have been what we called “marriage scammers.” In almost 10 The guys refused to work and opted to live off the woman (Sound familiar?). They cheated compulsively and continuously (Sound familiar?). Instead of looking for work, most of them would spend all their time scamming or involved in crime of some sort while the woman was off at work (Sound familiar?). They were extremely possessive, aggressive, controlling and even violent (Sound familiar?), demanded to control all aspects of the women’s lives and granted them essentially zero rights. I knew a regular Nigerian. He had an advanced degree, worked as a Physician’s Assistant and was very smart. I also think he was a good man. I talked to him one day and said something like, “You know seem like a good guy, but why is your country full of liars, thieves, scammers and human scum?” Not in those words of course, and I said it very nicely in this querying, confused and mystified way like someone who just got hit over the head and was wondering what hit him. The guy admitted that his country was the worst shithole on Earth, and he seemed depressed about it. He also said that back in ~1960, Nigeria was actually a decent and functional place with a village tribal society. This village he came from had almost no crime, but they also punished crime very severely. With urbanization, traditional village and tribal life and mores had utterly collapsed, and an anarchic holocaust of a Hell had taken over. He had gone back to Nigeria some time ago and tried to do business. He and a partner invested in a medical office building or some such, possibly to run a medical clinic. He went back to the US for a while, and when he went back to Nigeria, the supposedly real brick and mortar medical clinic with monthly income reports didn’t even exist, and his partner who he thought he knew really well had cleaned him out totally and vanished. He had lost tens of thousands of dollars. He acted like Nigeria was beyond hopeless. We were not fighting email scammers in that group. We were fighting mostly Nigerian romance scammers. A lot of people got taken because while people had heard of Nigerian email scammers, no one had heard of the romance scamming until years after they started. The Nigerians are always changing their scams, so it is really hard to be aware of the latest one, but a good rule of thumb is that if you come across anyone with any kind of a West African connection who is talking about anything related to money, drop whatever you are doing and start running away. Most of these criminals are now pretending to be from other places like England and the US. Not sure how they are doing it, but they are routing calls out of Nigeria to make you think the call is coming from UK or wherever. As soon as you meet anyone on the Net who has a West African connection and you don’t know them well, stop talking to them right away, block them and never talk to them again. Do not order anything from this part of the world. You should not have anything shipped from this part of the world either. I would be very wary about doing any sort of business with people from that part of the world. It sounds like a very bad idea. If I am prejudiced and irrational, then that is just fine! I am ok with that. Worse, I am proud! People act like there is a difference between “a few Nigerian scammers” and “the vast majority of the good Nigerian people.” As far as I can tell, most of the people in that part of the world are liars, thieves, scammers, criminals and morally depraved lowlifes. “West African scammer” just means “normal West African person.” We heard that the romance scammers told everyone they knew what they were doing – parents, siblings, relatives, friends – and everyone supported their being criminals. An 18 year old boy stole from a woman in the group (she actually got him arrested and thrown in prison), and he went out and bought an expensive car and told everyone how he got it. There was a huge crowd of fellow students, male and female, swarming around the car and treating him like a hero. The girls were treating him like he was Stud of the Year. They either didn’t care that he was a criminal, or they thought he was cool. The overwhelming attitude of West Africans was that any money you could make by scamming was a good thing and a source of laughter. This is because almost all West Africans have this attitude that anyone who gets taken in any scam is an idiot who deserves to get ripped off. This is why the police never investigate these crimes either. Even the cops think it is acceptable to “rip off idiots.” You might laugh at that rationale, but that is exactly the rationale that sociopaths have. Sociopaths think that the rest of are stupid, and we deserve to get taken for being idiots. It’s not really a crime to con people because victims deserve what they get. So what you see here is that most West Africans have a moral structure that resembles the morality of a sociopath. And you have a whole part of the world where much of the population seems at least somewhat sociopathic. So really, if they are not stealing from you, they are cheering on and laughing about those who do, which means almost all of them are scumbags if you ask me. We also ran across stories about West Africans, mostly Nigerians, who were living in all parts of the world – the Arab world, North Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and especially Europe. Everywhere where there were a significant number of these people, they were involved in cons and crime to a high degree. It’s as if crime in the national sport. We also had a few decent Nigerians who lived in these countries, and they told us that just about everyone they knew was trying to scam Americans on the Internet. One very good Nigerian who worked with us said you would walk into an Internet cafe, and out of 40 people, 37 of them would be sitting there for hours on end trying to scam Americans in all sorts of fancy ways. One time he went into a typical cafe where 9 And it’s not just “email scams” either. There is every ripoff and scam in the world coming out of that place. Many ships coming into Lagos Harbor are have a significant load of stolen goods. A number of online stores used to accept purchases from Nigeria, but most online stores now ban 10 One businessman said out of 1,000 Nigerian customers on his online stores, 999 of them were criminals using stolen credit cards. There are also many mail order scams coming out of that place, including from nearby countries. I was on a beetle forum once, and a whole lot of people had been ripped off buying beetles from Africa. They have many cool beetles (other for the West Africans themselves, who in my opinion are nothing but stinkbugs) over there in Africa, and there is a lot of demand for them. Well, these African sellers were selling all of these rare and exotic beetles. The sellers were out of Cameroon. Not sure if they were Nigerians or not, but Cameroon is right next to Nigeria. Well, they stole a ton of money from these collectors. I also met some Africans from other parts of the continent, including Black South Africans. A Black South African told me that Nigerians are regarded as lying, cheating, thieving crooks all over Black Africa and they are widely hated by their fellow African Blacks, with some countries even trying to keep them from immigrating to the country. Ebay was nearly destroyed by fake Nigerian and Gypsy sellers selling nonexistent products. Nearly 10 Many social networking sites have been overwhelmed by Nigerian scammers, and they have been all but destroyed. For instance, Badoo has been completely nuked by Nigerian human locusts. Almost all of the online dating sites are seriously ruined or completely destroyed by Nigerian and to a lesser extent Russian romance scammers. There was a vast amount of rental scamming going on recently. Not sure exactly how it works. They either pretend to rent a place or pretend to be renting some place out. The room, apartment or house doesn’t even exist, and the whole thing is a ruse to drain your bank account. Law enforcement is worthless in that part of the world. A lot of people in our group tried to get cops involved, but the police departments appeared dysfunctional, nonoperative, or run by criminals themselves. Up to the north around Sierra Leone or wherever the gold mining is going on now, there are a lot of people selling gold coins, nuggets, and bars. They advertise overseas. Almost 10 I honestly think that 5

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51 thoughts on “Experiences with Nigerians and Other West Africans on the Internet”

  1. I’ve come across quite a very Nigerians in Tokyo, usually they hang out side hostess/strip clubs and approach people in an aggressive manner. I understand there is a big hip-hop scene in Japan at the moment, so these Nigerians pretend to be African-American to gain status, but the Japs rarely fall for it.

    1. In India people think in same manner as Nigerians, India produces more spam artists and Ripoff Credit card thief’s than any other nation
      If any one is wondering why indians are so arrogant and abusive , and often come up with unsubstantiated theories , you have to ask indian education system which produces more ripoff scammers, empty braggers and low life thiefs than any other system on earth
      Just listen to the nonsense than exists in Indian text books
      This is how indian educational system to geared towards blindly following Spiritual Scam artists and fraudsters, and to make matters worse,This kind of curriculum Imposed on purpose right from primary schooling..
      Entire Education system is geared towards instilling fake Pride and Fake Glory to Ancient india

      1. Yeah pseudo science. I heard of Buddhist and Hindu fanatics both in the East and West who claim that the Maharabrata and Ramayana and Buddhist sutras contain lost scientific thought. Lol some Western hippies and Indomaniacs believe in this nonsense. How can a school take pride in pseudoscience?!

        1. How can a school take pride in pseudoscience?!
          Too much of insecurity, Inherent hatred, Envy, Incompetence, inflated ego results in construction of fake pride…

    1. ILOR are North Easterners a mix of Aryan and Mongoloid or are they pure Mongoloid? I think Pakistan and Afghanistan also have similar people, called Hazaras. Are Hazaras genetically similar to North Easterns? If possible, could you reply. Thanks 🙂

      1. Historia Nerd,
        Hazaras are descended from genghis khans mongolian army that invaded afghanistan.In pashtun,Hazara is deruved from the word ‘Hazar’ meaning thousand it could possibly mean the 1000 mongolian soldiers that got left over and intermarried local pashtun women.I dont understand why they are Shiites though since the whole of afghanistan is pretty sunni

        1. Actually the Hazara Mongol theory has been disproven since there are Hazara accounts predating the Mongol invasions. They were mainly Turkics that were transplanted there via merchants and movements. The only way that Mongols could have gotten those women was by force and even there off-spring were strongly profiled and isolated…..

        2. That’s interesting, Batterytrain, Hazara sounds suspiciously similar to Khazar, who were Turkic peoples with an empire based on trade in the Caucasus region around the ninth – tenth centuries. Many of them converted to Judaism, forming the core ethnicity of Ashkenazi Jews.

    2. Turns out in India, housing discrimination might be a good thing.
      Take a look at this article.
      This caught my attention:
      “Muslim children in India are 17 percent more likely to survive infancy than Hindus, even though Muslims are generally poorer and less educated. This enormous difference in infant mortality is explained by the fact that Muslims are far more likely to use latrines and live next to others also using latrines, a recent analysis found.
      So widespread housing discrimination that confines many Muslims to separate slums may protect their children from increased exposure to the higher levels of waste in Hindu communities and, as a result, save thousands of Indian Muslim babies from death each year. “

  2. Robert, to have a preconceived notion that West Africans as a group are criminals and cons through multiple negative experiences with them, is not only normal and logical, it is the ONLY RIGHT AND SANE WAY to look at it! So many otherwise intelligent people get hung up on this ” you can’t judge the entire group by the actions of some” ideal…. Of course you are not stating or believing every single West African to be immoral and out to get you, because, as you have stated, you have met one of the decent very few! But we know there are definitely enough of them to brand the group with that characteristic. By doing so, you are just seeing the true picture of that groups character.
    Robert, it It is definitely not wrong to have preconceptions about an individual that belongs to a group that is known for an unfavorable negative trait. Unfortunately for that ‘good individual’ from a bad group, he or she MUST BE SEEN as guilty by association until he PROVES themselves innocent to those outside of his ‘bad group’. So we can say that It is not fair to that ‘good individual’ to be judged guilty until proven innocent,…. but it is even more unfair (and down right ludicrous), to expect people outside of the ‘bad group’ to not judge an individual from that group to be a ‘bad individual’ until he/she proves otherwise. This is logical thinking from a sound mind. I believe the supreme edict to not judge groups is actually one of the biggest problems in Western society today. We all know there are characteristics of groups that are factual. The noble efforts among members of Western Caucasians to conform ones mind into “not being racist” are causing them to be stupid and override logic- very much to their own peril.

    1. I suppose it’s natural for people to pre-judge individuals in the way you’re describing, but I don’t see how it’s necessarily logical thinking from a sound mind.

  3. Well Alpha, I agree it is quite a jump from stating that having group preconceptions is a natural function of the human mind, to saying that it is ‘logical thinking’. I don’t think it is that hard to establish that this is a perfectly normal and natural function of the human mind, and it is also normal for the mind to make immediate assumptions about an individual that one has never met by the immediate visual/ sensory information of their group/ groups membership. The mind needs to have something immediately to go on to make an immediate judgement and this may be a natural self preservation function that could allow, at the very least, cues on how to act if possibly immediate action is needed. This prejudice toward an individual based on ones perceptions of the group membership could be used immediate ‘friend or foe’ decision so as the allow the lifesaving ‘fight or flight’ function to kick in. I believe this in built in to all animal’s brain function, certainly human beings, also.
    But because this prejudice of an individual due to his/her group membership is such a primal thing in origin does not mean that it should automatically discounted and suppressed. (And of course I am not saying one should not suppress certain ACTIONS in regards to individual members of the ‘bad group’ -such as punching the member of the ‘bad group’ upon first meeting them!). Much more importantly – the natural human prejudice about – not so much a member of a group, but of the group as a whole, is there for self preservation and protection, also. And we have gone so far in the traditionally white, Western world to suppressing these group prejudices that we have situations such as Birmingham, England having a Muslim majority. With these types of “we can’t make judgements about groups” attitudes so prevalent in the West, We have the entire free thinking world’s existence placed in jeopardy, as it is shameful or unlawful to even discuss the negative group characteristics of another group, such as the growing number of Muslims in the West that want to actively destroy the West from within. induce Sharia law, etc. I certainly believe that good critical thinking,… that higher logical thinking,…. should not necessarily exclude our knowledge of group characteristics and what they mean.and the effects there of. Ignoring such truths about groups lead to peril.

  4. Anyhow, what kind of retard is going to fall for these scams anyways? Yes, idiots do deserve to get ripped off. It’s the third world! As I said on comment (on the last post), you have play the “rich man” role when your in the 3rd world. Otherwise, you’ll get screwed.
    I don’t think many real mentally disabled people can afford tickets to the third world. If your in the 3rd world, it’s assumed you have some brains on you, so any losses just means you played the fool.

    1. Plus scamming is a world wide phenomenon, not limited to Nigeria. Of course, Nigerians might be more into one variety, “internet scams”, but rest assured, all thru the third world, people want your money.

    2. I’ll backtrack. In regards, to internet scams, I feel some sympathy for old people who might get ripped off by Nigerians, but younger people should have more sense. In regards, to actually traveling to the third world, what I said above stands. You have to play the rich man role, or you should stay away. If you don’t follow this advice, you’ll get played for a fool.

    3. If scammers only victimized idiots, they would not be very successful because most folks are not stupid. They are successful because they also prey on normal, wary and even paranoid people who nevertheless get taken anyway. In doing any sort of monetary or business interaction, a certain amount of trust is mandatory. I recently gave an employer in what you might all a 3rd world country (Turkey) access to my bank account. They could easily use that to drain my account, and in fact, some folks were ordering me not to do it.
      Money up front is often required for many business deals. In fact, in my counseling business, I always require money up front. People pay me over the Internet with no knowledge of whether I will follow through on it.
      By saying that only fools get taken and they deserve it you have shown yourself to have the morals of a psychopath. Congratulations!

      1. Turkey is Def not a third world country, it was good enough to be considered good for E.U membership. It’s more like a second world country…

  5. Generalizing whole nations as garbage dumps, is incredibly insensitive and irrational. People react to their environment. People in the 1st world don’t scam and rip off people, cause they don’t have to.
    However, haven’t you ever considered that the wealth of the west (in general) was stolen? So all in all, all wealth in the world is stolen, whether it be by some 3rd world rip off artist, or some Wall Street investor.
    The west rips off Africa, and then the African rips off a tourist. Is that a fair trade?

    1. But in this case we have tangled judgements about individuals and groups again…..
      Just as it is a dilemma of “Should a West African be kept out of the U.S. because most West Africans are criminals, but this individual isn’t?” …. ……So also is it a dilemma if we say , “Should it be considered just for an American who never personally ripped off anyone be stripped of his life savings he worked to hard for, just because America had taken some part in colonization / exploitation, etc.? ”
      Of course it is not right for individuals to have to pay the price for actions or perceived actions of the group that he/she is a member of but it happens all the time in the rest of the world everywhere! My point is that it is not always necessarily wrong to make judgements about groups if the perceived characteristics are indeed real characteristics of said group The West has— because of it’s collective guilt of past injustices and love for individual fairness— thought it to be an elevated thought process to discount rational prejudices against groups. Doing such has been to it’s own disservice and possible destruction.
      Again, It is not fair to individuals to be judged as ‘garbage people’ for coming from a nation declared a garbage dump, and it may in some ways be unfair to deem a whole nation of people a garbage dump if there is , for example, a huge effort to correct the criminal culture inside of such a nation.
      But it is wrong on a global scale, and it is an even greater wrong and injustice to make no judgements of groups,… (and at least initial judgements based on group membership for individual members),….. when it leads to your own group’s detriment destruction by not having these cautionary prejudices.

      1. Dave in fact our State Department is much more sane than our general PC population. The State Department rejects PC entirely and they engage in massive PROFILING. My understanding is that 99.5% of Nigerians and possibly other nearby Sub-Saharan states are rejected outright.

        1. If you really believed his then you should see the mile long que outside the US Embassy in Abuja 5 days a week, must be 2-300 Nigerians a day for the last 2 years! There still getting in by sheer volume of applications.

      2. How about a West African be kept out of the U.S. because he’s West African and his country is West Africa and not America.
        Dave M. said,”…America had taken some part in colonization / exploitation…”
        Please explain exactly the exploitation of Africa that Americans are supposedly responsible for. Slavery doesn’t count. Slaves were captives from African wars. They would have died if they had not been sold. Probably eaten or worked to death. So the people left in Africa were not exploited, they were paid. The people sold to the West have, in case you haven’t noticed, multiplied greatly. Left in Africa they would be dead.
        Just more anti-White trivialism. People who attack White people for everything under the Sun just sound stupid, brainwashed or maybe evil. Eventually White people will believe nothing that anyone says that’s an attack on White people. Even if it’s true.

        1. My apologies to Dave M. I read what you said then later rolled back up the page and only saw the quote. It annoyed me a bit but it was taken out of context of the whole post. Sorry.

        2. The white race isn’t right about everything, anymore than the black, Jewish, or Asian race is right about everything.

      3. North America belongs to Europeans and Europeans only, the other races don’t which is a fact. Even new fossil evidence is proving that Europeans were in North America before the Amerindians.

    2. Cool, I am proud to be a very insensitive and irrational person then because there are indeed whole nations that are nothing but trash dumps if you ask me.
      I completely reject the argument that some African POS has the right to rip me off for what my ancestors may or may not have done to him.

    3. Jason Y,”…However, haven’t you ever considered that the wealth of the west (in general) was stolen? So all in all, all wealth in the world is stolen, whether it be by some 3rd world rip off artist, or some Wall Street investor…”
      More Jewish type arguments. It just goes on and on. Never stops. This time you can’t call a nation of scammers because, SHAZAM, you stole all their stuff first.
      What putrid nonsense. I’ve actually read about the early explorers of Africa. The whole place was a cannibalizm, slaving, death camp. All the African tribes were in constant warfare with each other, hence the great amount of slaves.
      I guess you forgot to mention the people who had almost a monopoly on slave trading to the new world. Jews! Aghast ye all.
      A large amount of colonialism was people coming in and making plantations of various crops that grew well in the tropical climate. They, being a very rough sort, didn’t continence anyone screwing with their crops. Any one that got in their way got whacked. They were hardly any worse than the local whackers they just had better guns.
      An exception may be made for the King of Belgium. Supposedly he had peoples arms cut off if they did not gather enough rubber sap. I’m inclined to disbelieve the whole arm rubber whacking story because of the mass of lies told by the “chosen ones” to lower the esteem of Whites. Just like the whole “you stole all their stuff first story”. Another direct attack on White people.
      The true story of this post is not that Whites are evil but what Robert posted,”…Sociopaths think that the rest of are stupid and we deserve to get taken for being idiots. It’s not really a crime to con people because victims deserve what they get…”
      I’ve heard enough criticism of Whites to last my whole life. The rise of populations of the Earth are directly due to the medical and technological advancements of Whites. What are they going to do for me?

      1. White nationalism makes no sense, considering whites have fought each other all thru history, just like everyone else has. There is/was no real white brotherhood, anymore than there was among Amerindians.

      2. QUOTE”An exception may be made for the King of Belgium. Supposedly he had peoples arms cut off if they did not gather enough rubber sap. I’m inclined to disbelieve the whole arm rubber whacking story because of the mass of lies told by the “chosen ones” to lower the esteem of Whites. Just like the whole “you stole all their stuff first story”. Another direct attack on White people.”
        Is the white race ever wrong? Such an opinion is just as arrogant as some black guy who blames whitey.

  6. I can’t get behind this thinking Robert. West Africa is a region with around 20 countries. 20 countries that I’ve never even been to. I cannot bring myself to form such strong opinions about places I’ve never set foot in. There’s everything from Scammers in Lagos to the Dogon tribe of Mali. They aren’t all the same in my mind.

    1. I am not including the Sahel. In the group we thought it was only Nigerians so folks started getting involved with Ghanians and a lot of ripoffs started being recorded out of Ghana. Then we heard that the Nigerians realized that the Nigeria name was toxic so they started moving to Ghana to do their crimes in a country with a good name. And we started getting reports from visitors about whole Internet cafes in Ghana being full of people stealing from Americans.
      Later we found out that a lot of native Ghanians seemed to be getting on it themselves. And we had some Ghanians join our group to “fight the scammers” and we ended up throwing them out as suspected scammers themselves. We had a woman from Sierra Leone who everyone thought was so nice with all her sob stories. She was there to “fight the scammers” too. Later we had to toss her too as a suspected scammer. Also the beetle scams were all out of Cameroon, which is right next to Nigeria.
      Muslim West Africa is probably ok except for the Al Qaedas.

  7. It’s difficult to make opinions about places you’ve never been. Take the Islamic world. I’ve never been there, so I can only say so much about the place. I do know that it’s incredibly oppressive. Nonetheless, I have no first hand experience there.

    1. “…It’s difficult to make opinions about places you’ve never been…”
      For you maybe. I have a local library. Many times a good general idea of a place can be obtained by reading books in the library. Of course that didn’t stop you from saying the Islamic World was incredibly oppressive.

  8. The entire 3rd world being a garbage dump is old news. That’s why leftists are outraged about the condition of it. Of course, to an extent, the locals have made the place bad. However, imperialism has done major damage there. Again we see the nature vs nurture argument in play. With an environment so bad, how can we blame the people?

  9. QUOTE”With urbanization, traditional village and tribal life and mores had utterly collapsed, and an anarchic holocaust of a Hell had taken over. ”
    Same thing has happened in the USA, and everywhere else.

  10. Being psychopathic is just the way things are in the third world. If you go there you have to go a long with it, or face harsh consequences. There is no justice to be found. But what do you expect? Most people are poor, and unless they are religious or something, then they will act according to their base nature. In other words, they will survive at all costs, morality aside.

    1. Great. Just the place I want to visit. A country full of psychopaths. And the Left jumps all over us and all but tries to kill us if we talk about the Turd World or say the 3rd World is a shithole or a Hellhole. Apparently 1st Worlders have some extremely good reasons to call these places shitholes.
      Why would anyone want to visit a country full of psychopaths?

  11. QUOTE “The overwhelming attitude of West Africans was that any money you could make by scamming was a good thing and a source of laughter. This is because almost all West Africans have this attitude that anyone who gets taken in any scam is an idiot who deserves to get ripped off. This is why the police never investigate these crimes either. Even the cops think it is acceptable to “rip off idiots.”
    I used to like “get rich schemes” and would search magazines for biz opportunities. Nonetheless, I have to admit my choices weren’t all that wise, cause “If something is too good to be true, then it probably is.”
    Of course, you would never see me posts scams in home biz magazines, or lie to people. Because I know what it’s like to be on the other end going “Wow!” and falling for scams.

    1. In West Africa, not all of the scams are “too good to be true.” The guys selling beetles or gold or this or that or whatever seem like regular ordinary businessmen. The rental scams and the Ebay scams were not too good to be true either. The rentals were priced according to market level and the Ebay scams carried normal market prices. Nothing too good to be true about them. The fact is that in that place most of what we would regard as regular ordinary business are often scams. It is not like you can figure out what is a scam and what is not very easily!

        1. Well, obviously, the BBB doesn’t exist in West Africa. However, I’m sure their is a way to research reputable tourist agencies. However, I still feel for the scammed though.
          QUOTE”People who rent rental units join the Better Business Bureau?”
          I don’t know much about suits. I’m sure a few scammers are accredited. Therefore, you want to do more research.

  12. Actually that kind of sociopathy where locals make fun of idiots is common everywhere. People will cock off to you saying the most rude things, and nobody cares about your side of the story.

  13. ‘People act like there is a difference between “a few Nigerian scammers” and “the vast majority of the good Nigerian people.” As far as I can tell, most of the people in that part of the world are liars, thieves, scammers, criminals and morally depraved lowlifes. “West African scammer” just means “normal West African person.”’
    I’m willing to believe the truth is somewhere in between but this last statement can’t be true. There’s no way the norm is to be engaged in scamming. I don’t believe it.
    I’d love to see you travel to Nigeria and India and spend some time there and see if your opinion changes.

    1. Steven’s opinion of West Africa sounds reasonable. Of course, I have no interest in saying “white people deserve to be fucked”. I don’t believe that, but I also can’t generalize West Africans as being rats.

  14. there are many nigerians in malaysia who come here on the pretext of furthering their studies in which they are given a student visa.however plenty of them never even showed up at the college.they use malaysia as a base to conduct scams and trafficking drugs usually methamphetamine.i think they are probably the most intelligent scammers this country has ever seen.first it was the black money scam then 419 scam and the typical romance scam.now there’s a new type of romance scam using webcam and asian girls where they blackmail the guy.below are some links from malaysian news portal about crimes committed by west african crime syndicate in malaysia

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