Aversive Racism Versus Dehumanizing Racism

Stealth writes:

Black people closer to apes? How’s that? I All races have ape-like features. Caucasians, for instance, tend to have heavier brow ridges than other races.

Again we come to racism. As I’ve pointed out before, the word means whatever its user wants it to mean. Most of the time, “racist” is simply a term applied to people we want to discredit, and discrediting people is very important in politics and other areas. It means “bad.” It is NEVER defined in any way that would make the user him/herself look racist.

Although I think we should just scrap the word altogether for the simple fact that race is a far more complicated issue than people give it credit for, I believe there are two types of “racism.” The first kind of racism is dehumanizing. This is the racism that seems to be purely evil. They believe that blacks are scum who really don’t deserve to live except to the extent that they’re useful to white people. Although remnants of this racism live on, full blown racists of this type are limited mostly to really old people who came of age when blacks were exploited for manual labor.

The other type of racism isn’t even distantly related to the first. In a nutshell, it is the avoidance of blacks or some other racial group. I only call this racism because that’s what liberals call it. Most white people, including liberals who pat themselves on the back for embracing black people, are avoidant racists to some degree.

Avoidant racists do not believe that black people are subhuman; they just don’t desire to socialize with them or live in areas with “too many” black people. The only white people I’ve seen who are free of this particular variety of racism are the ones who were actually raised in black neighborhoods and adopted the culture, the ones that used to be called wiggers.

Conservative avoidant racists tend to be a little more open in their criticism of black people. Liberals can also be openly critical of black people, but their definitions of racism exonerate them, and they don’t bring it into the political realm.

It is called Aversive Racism, I believe. I and most other liberals are guilty of this. I am definitely an Aversive Racist, 100%, and I am very proud to be one. It’s just common sense and they can call me racist until they are blue in the face but I will continue to avoid, be wary, distrusting, on the lookout, and keep my distance.

It is way more cool here in California to be openly racist if you are a White conservative. They act like it is a sort of guilty little secret they have.

I remember once at this coffee shop I used to hang out with in this all-White town, one time at 7:30 PM shortly before closing, we were out on the sidewalk in our chairs. It was just me and this guy named Dave, this aging hippie who always votes Republican and once told me in a whisper that he supports “White rights”.

This other guy named Darrell came out there. Darrell is a “Creole” born and raised in Louisiana, a redneck and a real hardcore biker, tattoos all over himself, who spent 20 years in San Quintin for thievery back when he was a heroin addict. He is a real tough guy and you do not mess with him at all, but he is actually pretty nice and fair.

He came out, sat down with us, and quickly started telling nigger jokes in this sort of lowered voice like he was talking about something taboo. I forget the jokes or even if they were any good. Darrell and Dave started laughing their asses off with each joke, and it was like they were letting out some pent-up rage or getting something out of their system. Telling these jokes seemed to calm them down and make them feel relaxed and relieved the way a purgative might.

I started laughing, even though I could barely understand the jokes and some of them didn’t even seem like they funny, just stupid. Plus he was talking in his worst Creole, and it can be hard to understand.

In that sort of situation, a lot of liberals will just laugh and go along. It would be extremely rude to call those guys on their shit for telling nigger jokes, and plus I would probably lose my best friend Dave. Even if you don’t laugh, it is quite rude, and it would make them uncomfortable. If I don’t laugh, I am insulting them.

So really best to just go along rather than do the high and mighty PC liberal thing and get offended. Also those guys were 45-50 years old, and neither of them was going to change. Even if you told them, “Hey, nigger jokes are wrong!” it would be worthless as, they seemed to know they were wrong and were going to do it anyway like kids with a guilty secret.

Among White liberals in California, anti-Black racism is just taboo.

I remember we were having dinner with this guy and we got to talking about the Black ghetto and he said he taught for a while in Watts or Compton or some Black hellhole like that. He said they used to send the audio visual materials to the classroom and a lot of the time, it used to get stolen along the way. He was laughing as he talked about it.

Then he said, “Ah yes, the Blacks. They sure are interesting.”

Then the rest of us chimed in with lighthearted, charming, cutesy talk about really bad ghetto behavior we had witnessed. We were all talking about it in a completely non-hostile way like we were talking about going to some tropical island and describing the odd cultural habits of the people there. There was not the slightest hint of hostility, anger, hate or aggression in that talk, but we were talking about some pretty bad Black behavior.

This is a rather common way for White liberals to talk about the down side of Blacks.

That is pretty much typical for a lot of liberals.

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