Lynn Anderson, "Rose Garden"

This topped the country charts in 1970. It’s a great song.
Country music! The only real pure American music is country music.

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0 thoughts on “Lynn Anderson, "Rose Garden"”

  1. Rooted in Celtic string band music through Appalachia, then a big dollop of the blues and a dash of jazz from the black folks, some Mexican, some rock & roll…
    I once heard a story about a WWII veteran who couldn’t stand Rose Garden. The reason was, when he was in France he had an affair with a local girl who gave him the clap. Their love nest was a small hotel called the Rose Garden.

  2. Oh this song brings back memories of family road trips to South Carolina in the 70’s, it would often play on the radio in my dad’s big ass Ford LTD, I think My uncle even had this in his 8-track tape collection, say Robert as a big music lover I assume you must have a decent stereo?

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