Brian Hyland, "Sealed with a Kiss"

I always loved this song, but I never knew the name of it, who the artist was or when it was published. Well, now I just found out. Brian Hyland released this all-time great in 1962! Early days of rock! I cannot help but think the Sex Pistols were referencing this song in the New York Dolls send-up, New York:

Sealed with a kissssssssssss! Sealed with a kissssssssssss! Sealed with a kissssssssssss! Oh! Kiss this! Sex Pistols, New York (1977)

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  1. Ah yes, this too! I’m not going to say “why don’t they make great music like this anymore!” because the truth is there’s plenty of awesome new music out there(that you won’t hear on commercial radio), but these old songs, they just capture a certain directness of emotion and a simpler way of being. I don’t know how to describe it. But I absolutely love oldies!

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