The Burning of the Reichstag

James Schipper wrote:

The fire in the Reichstag was NOT a false-flag operation, although the Nazis exploited it as much as they could.

No, the Nazis knew that the Communist was going to try to burn down the Reichstag and they let him do it. They saw him go in a set a number of little fires all around the inside of the building. Then the Nazis arrested him and went in with extremely flammable materials like some sort of kerosene, sprayed it around the place and created an inferno. The multiple small fires set by the Communist would have caused only trivial damage to the building.
Some sort of accelerant had been used in very large quantities, and the Communist did not bring any accelerant with him and did not use to set his fires.
The Communist was taken away, tortured, imprisoned and quickly executed.

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6 thoughts on “The Burning of the Reichstag”

  1. Speaking of communists, did you know that Fidel Castro has reportedly had sex with 35,000, presumably largely due to implied or outright threat via his power. This would probably make him the most promiscuous living man, and even perhaps the most promiscuous man who ever lived.

  2. Probably Rush Limbaugh would dismiss the fire as some college kids letting off steam, LOL. You know, it’s rough before finals.

  3. Dear Robert
    The fire was set by a half-crazy young Dutchman, Marinus van der Lubbe. He was not executed right away. He was put on trial together with the parliamentary leader of the Communist Party, Ernst Torgler, and 3 Bulgarians. All were acquitted, except van der Lubbe. Van der Lubbe could be executed only because during the trial a law was adopted which made the imposition of the death penalty for arson possible.
    One of the Bulgarians, Georgi Dimitrov, was rhetorically brilliant and became something of a star. Van der Lubbe became depressed during the trial. The fire was his doing, but the Nazis wanted to believe that the Communists had done it, and the Communists wanted to believe that the Nazis had done. He felt deprived of glory.
    Ernst Torgler was put on trial because he was the last person to leave the Reichstag building. He was expelled from the Communist Party because, unlike Dimitrov, he didn’t use the trial to make propaganda for Communism. He made a purely technical defense, which was successful.
    Regards. James

  4. If Castro really supported fairness, which is what commies are supposed to be about, he would not have used his power to get so many girls. He’s also a wealthy man, btw, what an asshole.

    1. Castro is not very wealthy. He doesn’t have or spend a lot of money on himself; he never has. He tends to live pretty frugally.
      I don’t think it matters how many women he fucked. And if you told most Cubans he screwed 35,000 women, most would start laughing their heads off and would say, “Que machista!” In that sort of society, male sexual prowess is valued by both sexes.

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