False Flags Operations – How They Work

I actually hate to believe in conspiracy theories because I think most of them are nonsense. But sometimes, they are just true. This is particularly true in geopolitics, politics and war when conspiracies are hatched continuously and dishonestly is the order of the day. During wartime, one thing you see a fair amount of is something called false flag operations. They do not happen nearly as often as conspiracy nuts say they do, but false flag operations definitely occur some of the time during warfare. This is considered to be an exceptionally dirty way of fighting, and only the dirtiest nations of all utilize the malign false flag operation. In a false flag operation, the perpetrator either kills their own people or kills innocent people. The attack is structured in such a way as to blame the opposition for killing the perpetrator’s supporters or innocent people. In this way, the enemy is framed and convicted of committing a grave crime during wartime. There is quite a history of such things. The Gulf of Tonkin incident has now been shown to be a complete frame-up. In fact, the recordings that were used to frame the North Vietnamese were recorded by the US one day before the incident even happened. This incident was then used as a casus belli for the US to enter the war with the justification that “North Vietnam attacked us!” Hitler used false flags regularly. The invasion of Poland was preceded by a false flag operation in which Nazis dressed up like Polish forces attacked their own troops and then blamed Poland for the attack. This was used as justification for Germany to invade Poland. The burning of the Reichstag was another false flag. An amateur, bumbling Communist was framed with setting the Reichstag on fire when in fact the Nazis set fire to their own building in order to have justification to institute martial law. Israel has done a number of false flag operations. After the 1948 War, most of the Iraqi Jews stayed in Iraq and refused to go to Israel. There were hundreds of thousands of Jews in Iraq. Israeli agents went to Iraq and did things like throw grenades into meetings of Iraqi Jews. A number of Iraqi Jews were killed and wounded in this way. Israel then blamed the Arab Iraqi government and began an international campaign agitating for the Iraqi Jews to leave Iraq and come to the US. Almost all of the Iraqi Jews fled Iraq and headed to Israel. Later, in 1954, Israeli agents ran around Cairo bombing movie theaters and American institutions and blamed the attacks on the Egyptian government. The attempt here was to show that the Egyptian government was depraved and to drive a wedge between the US and Egypt. Later in the 1973 War, the Israelis deliberately attacked a US vessel called the USS Liberty that was offshore of Israel. The Israelis claimed it was a terrible accident but actually it was deliberate. The reason was because the ship was spying on the war between the Egyptians and Israel and US sig intel had picked up signals that Israel was getting ready to murder 6,000 Egyptian POW’s in the Sinai Desert. Israel did indeed kill all those POW’s, and they did not have a good excuse for it. The Jewish-controlled US have never properly investigated the incident and the US government has basically said it is cool for Israel to kill Americans or US troops any time they feel like it. We covered up for them. After the bombing of a US army dance in Berlin that casualties among US forces, Israel placed a receiver on the coastline of Libya with recordings that were used as evidence that Libya set the bomb. Libya may indeed have set off that bomb, and on the other hand, maybe they did not. Know one knows. But the recordings were fake. The downing of the Lockerbie flight over Scotland resulted in two competing theories. One said that Libya did it as revenge for trying to kill Qaddafi. The other said that Iran did it via their ally Syria. There was as much evidence for one as for the other, in fact, promoters of the Iran-Syria theory say there was never any evidence of Libyan involvement. Nevertheless, Libya was tried and convicted of a crime they may not have committed, a vast monetary settlement was extorted from Libya and the crime was used as an excuse to overthrow the Qaddafi government with Al Qaeda type Islamists who then murdered Qaddafi after they captured him. During the Years of Lead in Italy, the Italian state, possibly with CIA assistance, used fascist agents to set off numerous bombs in crowded public places which killed a number of Italian civilians. The state then blamed these attacks on the Italian Left in an attempt to destroy them. In 1980, a deranged Turkish gunman named Agta tried to assassinate the Pope in Bulgaria. For a very long time, the Deep State and their controlled media tried to frame the KGB of the USSR for this crime. In fact, they were utterly innocent of this crime and all of the US evidence was simply fabricated. Right before the first Iraq War, part of the propaganda for the war was the false flag lie that Iraq was killing Kuwaiti babies by unplugging their incubators. This was proven to be a lie, but it helped set off a war. Later, before the 2003 War, the US did it again by concocting with deep Israeli assistance an elaborate lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction when a cursory look at the evidence showed that he did not. This fake evidence was used to launch a huge war. A British special forces unit was caught with a bomb-rigged car that they were apparently driving somewhere to set off. Although they were let go, it was never adequately explained what they were doing with a bomb car, where they were going to blow it up, who were they trying to kill and for what purpose. There are interesting accusations that the blowing up of the Al Askari Mosque in Iraq in 2006 was the work of Iraqi security forces in league with US special forces. The purpose was supposedly to set off civil war to take the heat off US casualties during a hot political season by redirecting the war from Iraqis kill Americans to Iraqis killing Iraqis. It is an interesting theory, but I regard it as unproven. Turkish intelligence was recently caught planning a huge terrorist attack at the Turkish-Syrian border that killed Turks and Syrians, mostly civilians, as a plot to frame Syria in order to use that as a casus belli for Turkish entry into the war. There were many accusations of false flag attacks during the Algerian Civil War. The government seemed to be allowing terrorists to invade the villages of their own supporters and massacre them in horrible ways. Military bases were often close by, many calls for help were made to them, but the soldiers never moved from their barracks. They sat back and watched while the terrorists massacred their own people. During the US-planned Venezuelan coup of 2002, the coup forces opened fire on both Chavez supporters and their own people in an attempt to blame Chavez’ police for a depraved crime. They were caught, but the false flag was wildly played up in the corrupt US media. False flag attacks are very dirty and most governments who do these attacks are fascist or fascist like states or imperialist states with deep fascist sympathies. False flag attacks are pretty much a part of the fascist playbook. For example, Nazi Germany and Israel were both fascist states, the Venezuelan opposition is a fascist movement, the Italian state in the 1970’s was ruled by rightwing governments, and the Algerian and Kuwait states were deeply authoritarian governments. The justification for false flags is the greater good. If we blow an airplane full of innocent people out of the air and it helps us to get the world against Russia and evaporate support for our rebel enemies, then the false flag was the lesser of two evils. False flag attacks operate on an ends justifies the means basis. There have been many accusations that the 911 attacks were false flag attacks by the US, Israelis or both. Despite quite a bit of evidence being offered, I have not seen any convincing evidence that any group other than Al Qaeda was involved. However, I do believe that there were deep Saudi links to this attack both at the private and state levels. Many assassinations and “accidents” are in a sense false flags. A helicopter crashes with the head of state of Panama, Trujillo, on board. It was just an accident! No it wasn’t. The CIA rigged his copter to crash. The CIA has been involved in a number of killings made to look like accidents. Plane and car crashes are especially popular. The US Deep State often kills people and makes it look like a suicide. The Mossad engages in these “fake suicides” also. In a case associated with the Kennedy Assassination, three prominent witnesses all “committed suicide” by carbon monoxide poisoning in their vehicles at around the same time. The best conclusion is that the National Security Establishment (The Deep State) killed these men. We will probably never know the truth about the Kennedy Assassination, but he was probably killed by the Deep State with a major role for the CIA because he angered the National Security Establishment. The lone gunman theory appears to be a ruse and if anything, Oswald was used as a convincing fall guy. Oswald may indeed have killed Kennedy, but that does not prove that he acted alone. Oswald could have killed Kennedy as part of a Deep State plot. Karen Silkwood was murdered by US law enforcement by putting plutonium in her food. This was then made to look like an accident because she worked with such material, it was assumed she brought it home with her. This was to stop her from blowing the whistle on the nuclear power industry to make her serve as a warning to others who may think of doing something similar. A number of cases of “single car accidents” where the vehicle veers off the road into a ditch killing the driver are actually Deep State or law enforcement homicides. These vehicles are probably run off the road. The best false flags use a controlled media and a corrupted state and intelligence service in order to create a huge propaganda event to further geopolitical goals, often during armed conflicts. Right around the time of the Kennedy Assassination, the CIA waged a massive campaign centered around “conspiracy theory.” They planted the idea in Americans’ minds that conspiracies and false flags never occur, that murders are never made to look like accidents or suicides and that anyone who suggests such a thing is an unhinged lunatic. The controlled media was 100 However, it was very successful. Most Americans refuse to believe that any deadly state conspiracies of any kind ever occur anywhere at any time, and that everyone who suggests this is a mental case, a crank or a kook. A ranting, raving, unstable nutball who should be either laughed at or ignored. Once the American people were convinced that deadly state conspiracies never occur, they and their fascist allies were then free to conduct all of the conspiracy theories that they wanted to with no consequences whatsoever! You see how that works? The problem with false flag theories is that for every 50 false flag cases the conspiracy crowd claims to uncover, perhaps one of them is a real false flag and the rest are either demonstrably not false flags or are lacking in probative evidence and hence cannot be proven one way or the other. Now that we know what false flags are, it will be much easier to imagine that the Ukrainian government may have committed a false flag attack when it deliberately shot down Malaysian Air Lines Flight 17 recently in Ukraine. I believe that the odds are that this is the best explanation for the attack. And following the theory laid out above, the framers of the Russians and Novorussians are accusing those who blew the whistle on the false flag of “conspiracy theory”, opening them to ridicule and dismissal. A completely captive and controlled media has gone along with all of the US and Ukie lies being used to frame innocent Russia and Novorussia with scarcely a single voice in dissent to be heard. The Modern Era is a field day for the conspirator. Modern Man likes to fashion himself as scientific, logical, and sane. He is someone who will not believe wild theories easily. This is useful, but the vast majority of folks playing the Scientific Logical Sane Secular Role are dupes because they refuse to believe that deadly conspiracies ever occur. Hence conspirators can operate with free reign and few hindrances in hatching and carrying out their conspiracies. They also know they will never get caught and their conspiracies will never be proven because they are committing acts which have been proven to never exist. In such an environment, all things are possible.

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45 thoughts on “False Flags Operations – How They Work”

  1. The Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy. You had a pro-third world president and an angry mafia (because of losses in Cuba (casinos etc..)). Not sure about the other stuff. However, 9/11 seemed suspicious, because the neo-cons were pushing for more control over the middle east at about that time. They wanted to go in and do something big, but needed an excuse.

  2. http://www.destroyzionism.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/cufi.jpg
    Christian children are teached to worship jews and israel from a early age, I was raised Catholic but I always felt that there was something phony about Christianity from a early age.
    Christianity, Islam, Usury, Banksterism, Marxism, Trotskyism, Neocons, Freudianism, Hollywood, super-hero comics,… Jews have effectively destroyed “Western” culture in a Cultural War that been waged for the last 2.000 years or more.

  3. The Kennedy assassination has become as relevant as ever, and is crucial to understanding how the world works today. There is indeed a “Deep State”, a national security establishment.
    “We will probably never know the truth about the Kennedy Assassination …”
    You’d be surprised how much we know, but you can thank your Deep State for remaining in the dark about it.

  4. The Kennedy assassination was a false flag attack engineered to implicate Cuba and maybe the Soviet Union. That’s what made Oswald’s associations useful. To keep that cover it was absolutely essential that he be silenced. The conspiracy buzz in the following months was that Cuba and/or the Soviet Union were involved. The Warren Commission was all about quelling that buzz to keep another 1914 situation from happening. There’s plenty of room for debate over the morality of the Warren Commission’s deception towards that end.
    There’s evidence for conspiracy involving the mob and low-level CIA jobbers, but not for involvement of higher levels of government agencies. The elaborate narratives spun by the likes of Oliver Stone are a disservice. Josiah Thompson remains the standard for sticking close to the facts.
    James Files’ “confession” to being the fence line shooter is bunk, but contains enough factually corroborated detail to indicate inside knowledge of the assassination. Those details were most likely related to him by Charles Nicoletti, for whom he served as a bodyguard and driver.

    1. “The Kennedy assassination was a false flag attack engineered to implicate Cuba and maybe the Soviet Union.”
      Agreed, but this is not the only reason it was engineered.

      1. The Cuban missile crisis was just a year in the past. With nuclear annihilation just avoided it’s hard to believe anyone would want to implicate both Cuba and the Soviet Union in the assassination of the President.

  5. Dear Robert
    The fire in the Reichstag was NOT a false-flag operation, although the Nazis exploited it as much as they could.
    Another false-flag operation was the shelling of the market in Sarajevo, which was done by the Muslims themselves in order to create animosity against the Serbs and to get foreigners into the war on the Muslim side.

      1. Dear Robert
        It came from a German book about misleading or downright false stories in the German and other Western media. I don’t remember the title. The author made a very convincing case. He also argued that the Serbian rape camps never existed.
        Western human rights imperialists like to believe that wars are between good guys and bad guys, and that makes them eager to believe atrocity propaganda about the presumed bad guys. That makes intervention easier to justify. If both sides are grey, then intervention becomes more problematic.
        Regards. James (didn’t forget it this time)

        1. I am quite certain that the rape camps were real. I believe a lot of the female victims testified to that. A lot of the Serb supporters dismissed all of those charges as Western lies.

  6. The Kennedy assassination was by mossad, FBI and the CIA. Johnson, likely Jewish, covered it up just like he covered up the Liberty attack. I left a link earlier to the documentary “Evidence of Revision”. It’s profoundly good. A lone individual collected thousands of hours of primary video on the assassination and the deep state. He only shows video from the news. Easy to find. Six parts. Internet archive has it. You will not be disappointed if you watch it.
    The British SAS were only let go when the British brought in armored fighting vehicles and threatened to kill everyone in the police station that were holding them. They were caught red handed leaving a car bomb dressed as Arabs.
    More info on the plane down in Malaysia.
    Here they mention that the missile system is the older model as I speculated.
    This really scary. All the other countries in the world know we’re lying about this. Russia and China have enough nukes to kill everyone in all large sized cities in the US. It may be rational on their part if our psychopathic Jewish rulers keep on to “first strike” the US. I’ve even heard people speculate that the Jews want this because so many people know about 9-11.
    I don’t see how anyone can believe that 9-11 was not an inside job. I cannot stress the importance of Building#7. It was the third building that fell that day. It was NOT hit by a plane and had few fires at the time it fell. Here’s the kicker. Here’s what the problem is. It fell for 108 feet at the same speed as a bowling ball dropped in the air beside it. This is impossible. Someone screwed up. I think it was supposed to fall earlier when the other buildings fell. Here’s Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
    They extensively cover why this is impossible. Understand, melted steel cannot make a building fall faster. All things fall in gravity at a certain speed. Any resistance would slow the buildings fall. Even melted beams. If the floors of building #7 were suspended in air and marshmallows were placed in between them and then the floors were let go it would still fall slower than the building fell in real life. It’s impossible. Not unlikely, not improbable. Impossible.
    The best book on 9-11 is by Christopher Bollyn.Here’s his site.
    His book,
    Bollyn is an excellent investigative reporter. He has done a vast amount of work. You should read this if you want the facts.

  7. http://chrisspivey.org/taking-the-micks/
    Check out Chris Spiveys site.He’s a tattooist from Rochford ,Essex,United Kingdom.I read a few artictles regarding the soldier who was “beheaded” in Woolwich UK last year and Chris makes more than a few valid points.
    The rest of the site is pretty good too if you don’t mind bad language,check him out
    P.S I came across your website by accident and from what i’ve read so far it’s pretty good mate
    Onwards & upwards!
    W.D ,Manchester U.K

  8. Sorry ,i forgot to mention the reason for posting the link above.There is quite a lot of information regarding false flags and a lot of other articles.The UK security services (SS) don’t like a lot of what CS writes and have attacked his site many times
    .I hope you like it

  9. There is a good case for the Ukrainians doing this.
    They have lots of SA-11 systems in the local area. Ivan Rebel won’t have any. If a Russian unit covertly deployed there and launched a missile there would be a video out by now with the radar signature and heat signature of the missile. There would also be a satellite image of the launch site. There’s no way the Russians would give the Rebs a launcher. It’s either Ukraine or Russia. Both governments are plausibly to blame.

  10. Thanks to Alex Jones I wince every time I hear the word “false flag”. Unfortunately so many tinfoil hat wackos are so quick to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon that it makes a real conspiracy fade into the background noise. That is why I extremely annoyed with conspiracy theorists. If you’ve ever known any knee-jerk conspiracy theorists, you’ll notice that there is a lot of ego behind their support. If you don’t buy it, they actually take it personally and become angry as if you insulted their very being. I think they enjoy feeling like they are smarter and more insightful than the alleged slumbering sheep all around them.
    I’m perfectly comfortable saying I don’t know if something is a conspiracy or not when there’s a lack of case-closed evidence. It’s okay to just be agnostic about things and not sing your ego into it. Conspiracy theorists are like religious zealots. When they start going off I feel like I’m listening to evangelicals cramming down my throat what they think I should know.

    1. Well 98% of the stuff that’s claimed to be false flags are probably not, probably nothing to it. To conspiracy kooks, everything is a false flag. They’re basically insane.
      However, ~2% of the time, false flags are real. They are definitely used from time to time, especially by your more evil minded states. Fascists and fascist states specialize in this sort of thing.
      The Gulf of Tonkin incident that started the Vietnam War was a false flag, you know that, right?

      1. Many political ones are probably real. Nonetheless, the people who espouse conspiracy theories are usually racist/religious fanatics. Therefore, they take the conspiracy too far, to the point it becomes ridiculous.
        For instance, one commenter said the JFK thing was a conspiracy, OK, fine with that. However, then he adds that LBJ was a crypto Jew.

  11. I farted. But was it actually a bullfrog? Conspiracy theorists want to know.
    As a side note, I am against forced sterilization, except for conspiracy theorists, LOL.

  12. QUOTE” I think they enjoy feeling like they are smarter and more insightful than the alleged slumbering sheep all around them.”
    But the ultimate joke comes in finding out they aren’t, LOL. I say blessed are the meek who don’t believe in this nonsense.
    Also these conspiracy theorists can’t do shit about the future. Do you think they can really fight the government, or maybe they prevent World War III, or a major earthquake? Gimme a break.

    1. They never find out they are wrong. In their eyes, the government covers up all the evidence that would vindicate them. It’s not different than religion. God needs no evidence because that’s the nature of God.
      I’ve had debates with 9/11 truthers and all through all this crap about demolition bombs in the Twin Towers. I ask them why is there no evidence of demolition chemical residue.
      “Well of course the government is going to clean the evidence!! Why do you put so much faith in the word of the government!”

    2. Let Bin Laden confess to committing 9/11 and they claim he’s just an perative working in cahoots with the government, or he is a double planted by the CIA, afterall Saddam was known to use doubles, why can’t the OBL in the videos be a double as well?
      “They never killed him! Yeah right, they threw the body into the ocean and showed no photographic evidence, we can never prove he’s dead if he was thrown in the ocean, how stupid can people be!!”
      I have no patience for this type of shit.

      1. Yeah, the lack of evidence there points to a conspiracy. However, Obama didn’t want to expand Bin Laden’s “folk hero” status, so he didn’t publicly humiliate him. You know, so it don’t turn into some ending scene on “Braveheart”, for all those Islamic fundies out there. FREEDOM, LOL

    3. “…Do you think they can really fight the government…”
      The Vietnamese, the Iraqi’s and Afghan’s did.
      Israel got their ass kicked by Hezbollah. Their pounding Hamas but that means nothing.
      You Jews need to tell your leaders that every day you drive the US into the dumpster just creates more and more hatred towards the Jews. What are you going to do when every one hates you?
      You think you’re going to take over the US with force? There are more registered deer hunters in just Pennsylvania than people in the entire US Army. Getting the army to fight for you is going to be quite a feat.

  13. Bin Laden did what he did in 9/11 because he knew the US would never go for him, but use the attack as a ruse to go after Saddam Hussein,who may or may not have had WMDs in the 1st place. But whatever he had or didn’t have, 1 thing was for sure, he was sitting atop of a trillion dollars worth of oil. He was the middle link in the chain of Israel’s enemies,stretching from Damascus to Islamabad. Take Saddam out, then the whole complex is all of a suddenly dismembered.

    1. Perhaps both sides saw 9/11 as a go ahead to get what they want. The Muslims wanted to kick the foreigners out, and the Americans wanted more intrusion. Being at peace would accomplish neither scenario.

  14. False flag or not, the “official” 9/11 narrative contains too many contradictions, absurdities, and outright impossibilities to be true.

  15. I agree that the 911 was a false flag operation consented to by the US higher spheres, and also foreknown somewhat by the Israeli special forces who took advantage of some details of it (and many other agencies throughout the world, including China), but it was not an Israeli operation at all. It was the Saudi’s handiwork through and through, and their greatest success is having managed the public relations related aspect of it so well as to have never been among the standard suspects by the mainstream even among conspiracy theories. Saudi Arabia participates in at least twice as much dirty operations regarding the Middle East than Israel, and manage never to be held responsible for long : at worst they prefer to pass as dumb traitors to the Arabic-Muslim cause, not as the most adroit, first-class plotters they are, in that way they have had more success than Israel in making war through deception, even though Israel also deliberately and dearly sells its image of an invincible, mythical schemer to protect and cover up other interests.
    From the strict point of view of religious power politics, the 911 was a big success for Islam in America, the event, believe it or not, acted as a trigger point for a runaway conversion movement to it, now Islam is hoped and feared for as the next dominant religion in America as well as in Europe. Though still a minority religion subject to suspicion by the dominant media, they now enjoy the prestige of the most important oriental religion, both seducing and threatening the Western culture, gone are the days when Hindu or Buddhist Asia was the main adversary Christianity had to contend with in America. It might sound ludicrous, but the 911 was the big event that ousted the neo-hindu hippie religion as a respectable discussion partner in America, to the old hippies’ greatest distress. That was well done by the Saudis : they have never hidden their intention to make us pay for the oil we burn in exchange of our souls. Their intention is to do away with all the humanistic and progressive endeavours having characterized the west from the 18th century onwards and bring it back under the purview of a culture allowing for no free thought, a hope also entertained by a greater part of the Western elites.
    Practically speaking, most of the handiwork proper was done by the Ben Laden family company : they are the main expert builders, maintainers and demolishers of oil derricks and like structures in the whole world, not only along the Gulf, the necessary matchless expertise they had to acquire about instant remote-controlled demolition of oil extraction installations (especially in case of wildfire or takeover by revolutionaries) was also sold for scores of business as well as industrial buildings throughout the World, like the WTC, the maintenance of which they had always been entrusted with. The Ben Laden family and the Bush family, who are among the main owners of oil fields among the world, have happened to be very intimately and intricately connected by numerous marriages as well as by business contacts, there had been no big party or vacation of the Bush family without inviting at least some of the Ben Ladens (a very big polygamous family) and vice versa, the Ben Laden who went quite often rampaging in the European hotels in droves always included some Bushes. Contrary to what is repeated as his being the black sheep of the family, Usama was never excluded from the partying droves, the vacation photographs taken before and just after the 911 never fail to miss to show him rearing his head, though not in the foreground. In such conditions, such an operation as the 911 was just too easy and cheap not to be set up, without even to have to ask for the various secret services implied to collaborate.

    1. Good luck, porn is a billion dollar industry. Any thought of turning the US into Saudi Arabia, isn’t possible by any form of probability. All this war is making people more patriotic, but not more moral, or so called “Christian”.

    2. Typical Jewish smoke and mirrors. A Jew bought the whole complex. Fired the security and put in his own. Jews also were responsible for the security at the airports the planes left from.
      It’s getting more and more difficult for the Jews to lie. The internet, though filled with crap, allows one to eventually get to the truth. Always a sore point with the psychopathic Jews. It’s going to get worse for them as time goes on. Younger people don’t watch TV. Maybe because they see the same old lies over and over. The Jews have counted on moving somewhere else when they sucked the life out of a country. I think this strategy is rapidly coming to an end.

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